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Recent Insider Postings

Webinar: How WAN Prices Will Change Over the Life of a Contract

March 26, 2015


The first webinar in TeleGeography and SourceConnect’s WAN price benchmarking webinar series, this presentation examines how much buyers can expect WAN service prices to change over the life of their contract. Topics covered include trends in enterprise network pricing and steps that service buyers can take to manage WAN costs.

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Presentation: PTC 15 International Market Trends Workshop

January 18, 2015


This presentation by TeleGeography analysts Tim Stronge, Jon Hjembo, Erik Kreifeldt and Stephan Beckert highlights TeleGeography’s latest findings on the global wholesale and enterprise networks market.

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PaleoTeleGeography: Statistics of Telegraphy

October 14, 2014


This text, first published in 1872, provides a compilation of detailed statistics on telegraphy costs and traffic, including information on international and interior telegraphy traffic, effects of telegraphy tariffs, and the development of telegraphy and submarine cables laid since 1850.

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Article: Ethernet’s Price Advantage Over SDH Increases with Capacity

February 13, 2014


Ethernet private lines provide a flexible, cost-effective alternative to legacy SDH/SONET technologies. Although SDH has endured for quite some time, comparing service prices suggests a distinct advantage for Ethernet, particularly at higher capacities.

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