Submarine Cable Map

TeleGeography’s Submarine Cable Map has been updated for 2016. The latest edition depicts 321 cable systems that are currently active, under construction, or expected to be fully-funded by the end of 2016.

Cable Map
See a larger version or visit the interactive version of the 2016 Submarine Cable Map.

Main Projection

The map depicts routes of 293 in-service and 28 planned undersea cables. Capital cities for each country are also provided.

Landing Stations

Inset maps detail landing station locations for Cornwall, Hawaii, Hong Kong, New York/New Jersey, Singapore, Southern Florida, Sydney and Tokyo.

Cable Map


The map’s choropleth depicts how many international submarine cable system links are connected to a country. The more submarine cable links connected to a country mean a higher level of resiliency to submarine cable faults.

Cable Map

Fiber Pairs

Inset illustrations depict actual size of optical fiber and number of fiber pairs available on Trans-Pacific, Intra-Asia, Europe-Asia, Trans-Atlantic and U.S.-Latin America routes.


Infographics detail information about changes to capacity on major global routes from 1996 to 2014. Data include submarine cable & lit capacity deployment, share of lit capacity by ownership type, share of unlit potential capacity by cable age and number of in-service cables.

Cable Map

The map is printed on Yupo, a high quality synthetic material, and measures 36” x 50” (0.9144 m x 1.27 m). The map is available flat and shipped in a tube (recommended for framing or hanging on a wall) or folded (for more convenient storage and transportation). Heat mounting is not recommended.