Custom Map Design

TeleGeography’s custom map service transforms your ideas into high-impact pieces.

Put your submarine cables, terrestrial networks, PoPs, and other telecommunication data on the map. Contact for more information.

Custom Interactive Telecom Maps

TeleGeography can help clients to develop customized interactive online maps. We will work with you to design interactive maps similar to our Submarine Cable Map that highlight submarine cable capacity ownership, terrestrial networks, PoPs, and other data that can be geocoded.

Our custom map solution currently uses Mapbox Studio for complete control of the map's design and Mapbox.js for its interactive feature set.

Pricing is dependent on project scope.

Contact for more information.

Printing Rights

We also offer custom maps with printing rights for one year.

Include your logo and contact information, highlight submarine cable segments, and sprinkle other custom elements into this one-of-a-kind project. Users manage all printing and shipping logistics; they’re allotted an unlimited amount of print runs over the course of one year.

Pricing is dependent on project scope. Clients will cover and manage all printing costs independently.

Custom Global Infrastructure Telecom Maps

We’ll distill your infrastructure data and make recommendations on how to best present your network information on a map. Our team can also review your guidelines to create maps that match your brand while maintaining the signature innovation and creativity of TeleGeography’s map portfolio.


36″×50″ (0.9×1.2m)

Typically printed on synthetic paper

Starts at $20,000


20″×33″ (51×80cm)

Typically printed on synthetic paper

Starts at $15,000


11″×17″ (28×43cm)

Typically standard paper, laminated

Starts at $10,000