TeleGeography Report & Database

The TeleGeography Report is our benchmark research service for the international long-distance industry. Our annual study of the international long-distance market has been published continuously since 1989, and is the most comprehensive source of data on the international long-distance market available anywhere.

Content Highlights

  • New coverage of the OTT market, who’s who, and how big the market is overall
  • Expanded coverage of mobile operator and country wholesale rates
  • International traffic and revenue projections to 2021
  • International voice traffic data for 72 countries and over 1,000 routes
  • Analysis of retail and wholesale international voice traffic, price, and revenue trends
  • Downloadable Excel workbooks of fixed and mobile interconnection costs, wholesale rates, and retail fixed and mobile international rates

International Carrier and OTT Traffic, 2004-2016

TeleGeography Report & Database

International Telephone Traffic

  • International voice traffic by route for 72 countries and over 1,000 routes
  • Global TDM and VoIP traffic and revenue trends, with projections to 2021
  • Rankings of the 40 largest originating countries and destinations for TDM and VoIP traffic
  • Rankings of the 30 fastest growing countries by inbound and outbound voice traffic
  • Rankings of the 50 largest international calling routes
  • Analysis of factors shaping international call volumes
  • Comparison of top international carrier traffic volumes

International Call Volumes and Growth Rates

TeleGeography Report & Database

Traffic Volumes of Top Carriers

TeleGeography Report & Database

Prices, Costs, and Revenues

  • Analysis of trends in retail and wholesale prices and revenues
  • Local, regional, and national interconnection rates for 59 countries.
  • Retail pricing metrics detailing international call ratios to and from fixed and mobile phones in dozens of countries and thousands of route pairs
  • International roaming rates for 27 service providers in 48 countries

International Wholesale Services

  • Analysis of international wholesale market trends—traffic, prices, and operator revenues
  • International wholesale rates to fixed and mobile lines in 153 countries, 2011-2015
  • Rankings of the top 50 international wholesale destinations
  • Wholesale revenue and traffic by destination region

Wholesale Price per Minute, 2003-2016

TeleGeography Report & Database

Impact of Mobile Telephony on International Calling

  • Volume of mobile originated traffic by region
  • Volume of mobile terminated traffic by country and region
  • Wholesale rates to mobile operators in 170 countries
  • Cost of wholesale mobile termination to over 54 countries

National Telecommunications Statistics

  • TDM and VoIP originated and terminated traffic by country for 155 countries
  • Fixed and mobile originated and terminated traffic by country for 155 countries
  • GDP, population, fixed-line and mobile subscribers, and incoming and outgoing international traffic data for 150 countries
  • Maps and directories of international dialing codes

International Networks Data

The TeleGeography study includes exclusive data excerpted from our Global Internet Geography and Global Bandwidth Research Services.

TeleGeography‘s International Traffic Database

Search, Sort and Export 19 Years of Data

Upgrade your subscription by adding TeleGeography‘s “International Traffic Database.” The Traffic Database extends the functionality of the TeleGeography Report by allowing users to structure custom queries of inbound and outbound traffic by country, by route, and over time.

The Traffic Database contains:

  • Originating and terminating TDM and VoIP traffic by country, 2004-2015; originating and terminating TDM traffic by country, 1996-2003
  • TDM and VoIP traffic by route, 2004-2015; TDM traffic by route, 1996-2003

Traffic Database Country Search Interface

TeleGeography Report & Database