Local Access Pricing Service

TeleGeography’s Local Access Pricing Service provides in-depth local access price benchmarks and trend analysis for hundreds of metro areas in 146 countries around the world. Data reflect more than 100,000 actual transaction prices, updated twice annually.

Service Highlights

  • Prices paid by carriers for Ethernet and leased line local access circuits in hundreds of metro areas globally
  • Pre-defined data analysis tools allow easy analysis of metro area local access prices by city, country, sub-region, region, circuit type, capacity, and loop length (0-5 km, 6-15 km, 16-50 km, 51-100 km, 101-250 km, 251-500 km, >500 km)
  • Data analysis tools also include long-haul access lines connecting a customer site to a carrier PoP in a different metro area or country, searchable by city pair, country pair, PoP region, circuit type, and capacity
  • Geographic purchasing patterns and circuit mix by circuit type (Ethernet or leased line) and capacity
  • Semi-annual Local Access Pricing Report provides market trend analysis and insight
  • Subscriptions include analyst time for guidance on local access data

Pricing Database

The Local Access Pricing Service includes a searchable database of over 500,000 transactional prices for local access circuits, dating from 2012 to the present. All prices are converted from local currency to USD for comparison across geographies. Users can query individual transactions directly, or view aggregate statistical summary rates by metro area, circuit, and length of the local loop. Charting tools allow for trend analysis over time and comparison across distance bands. All database queries may also be exported and downloaded locally for further analysis.

Local Access Pricing Database

 LAPS Workbook

Local Access Pricing Workbook

Local access pricing data are also available in downloadable Excel workbooks. The workbook each contain the most recent 6-months of access data, and provide an extensive set of pre-defined comparisons and data analysis and charting tools, including:

  • Statistical summary prices by city, country, region, circuit type and capacity, and distance
  • Annual and monthly price ranges by city, country, region, circuit type and capacity, and distance
  • Charting tools to compare prices by city, circuit type and capacity, and local loop length
  • Charting tools to compare the mix of circuits purchased by city, country, and region

Local Access Pricing Report

Subscribers receive a semi-annual Local Access Pricing Report, which analyzes and compares trends in local access service pricing, competition, and purchasing patterns. Topics include:

  • Comparisons of price ranges by city, country, and region
  • Impact of local loop distance on pricing
  • Analysis of most common circuits purchased, by circuit type and capacity

Hong Kong Monthly Recurring Charge, 10 Mbps, 6-15 km

Annual Price Ranges

Market Coverage

Geographic coverage

Pricing data cover several hundred cities in 146 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. A full list of cities is available as an Excel download (see Download Samples).

Circuit types

TeleGeography’s data encompass a wide range of leased line and Ethernet circuits, including very low and high capacity circuits where available.

Leased line: 64 Kbps through STM-16/OC48 (2,500 Mbps)

Ethernet: 1 Mbps through 10 GigE