Global Internet Geography

TeleGeography’s Global Internet Geography is the world’s most comprehensive source of data and analysis about international Internet capacity, traffic, service providers, ASN connectivity, and pricing.

Content Highlights  

  • Comprehensive analysis of Internet capacity, traffic, and IP transit pricing
  • Profiles of 121 Internet backbone operators
  • International Internet traffic data for 38 major countries and capacity and detailed indicator data for 79 countries
  • In-depth analysis of global and regional wholesale Internet pricing trends
  • Autonomous System Number (ASN) connectivity analysis and rankings of backbone operators’ downstream IP address connectivity by region, country, and ISP

Network Capacity and Traffic

Global Internet Geography provides expert analysis of international Internet backbone capacity and traffic growth, and details the growth of the Internet by country, by route, and by city with detailed regional analysis.

Market Structure

  • Overview of network interconnection and peering trends
  • Analysis of concentration of international Internet capacity by carrier

Capacity Data

  • International Internet bandwidth metrics for 171 countries, 2007-2016
  • Current and historical country-to-country Internet bandwidth for 75 countries
  • Current and historical international Internet bandwidth by region, by route and by city
  • International Internet capacity growth by region, 2012-2016
  • 50 highest-capacity country-to-country international Internet routes, 2012-2016

International Internet Bandwidth Growth by Region, 2012-2016

Capacity Data


  • Peak and average international Internet traffic and network utilization for 50 city-to-city routes, 50 cities, and 38 countries
  • Analysis of network utilization trends and network upgrade policies
  • Analysis of broadband subscriber growth and traffic by application

IP Transit Service Pricing

Global Internet Geography provides extensive IP transit pricing data and in-depth analysis of wholesale pricing trends.

  • Current and historical prices in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, North America, and Oceania
  • Analysis of pricing trends by city, by service provider, by port speed, and by committed data rate (CDR)

Median 10 GigE IP Transit Prices in Major Cities, Q2 2013-Q2 2016

IP Transit Service Pricing

ISP Connectivity Analysis and Rankings

Global Internet Geography now includes in-depth analysis of how the world’s networks connect to one another, based on the BGP routing tables that are used to direct traffic across the thousands of networks that are identified by Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs). Our analysis of ASN connectivity includes:

  • Detailed rankings of backbone operators’ downstream IP address connectivity by region, country, and ISP
  • Analysis of regional connectivity trends, including dependence on transit and upstream provider shares
  • Analysis and rankings of largest providers to Fortune 500 companies and by industry vertical

Country and Provider Data

Global Internet Geography provides in-depth profiles of 79 key countries and 121 major Internet backbone operators.

Country profiles detail Internet backbone capacity and usage metrics for 79 countries. Data include:

  • International Internet backbone capacity and top international routes for 79 countries
  • International Internet traffic and peak and average capacity utilization levels for 38 countries
  • Current and historical broadband subscriber and broadband market penetration data for 79 countries

Country ASN profiles detail which international backbone operators provide upstream connectivity to 191 countries and their broadband ISPs. Data include:

  • Ranking of the top upstream providers by IP addresses reached
  • Ranking of top upstream providers by broadband ISPs

Provider profiles provide in-depth data about 121 major Internet backbone operators. Profiles include:

  • Company overview
  • Internet network maps
  • Descriptions of network and service offerings
  • Key contact details
  • ASN connectivity showing customers by region and industry sector

Bandwidth by country provides a downloadable set of international Internet bandwidth data for 171 countries from 2007 to 2016.