Global Bandwidth Research Service

TeleGeography’s Global Bandwidth Research Service is the world’s most comprehensive and authoritative source of data and analysis for long-haul networks and the undersea cable market.

Content Highlights

  • In-depth analysis of network operators, supply, demand, costs, and wholesale prices
  • 346 carrier network profiles
  • 277 submarine system profiles
  • Quarterly updates on network deployments, upgrades, acquisitions, and planned submarine cables
  • Searchable database of carrier networks and undersea cables
  • Interactive submarine cable map searchable by system owner, location, and operational date; search results link directly to system profiles

Supply & Demand

The Global Bandwidth Research Service provides expert analysis of supply and demand for long-haul network capacity and services. TeleGeography’s analysis encompasses:

  • Supply–bandwidth by route and region
  • International bandwidth usage from 2002 to 2013 for 171 countries
  • Effect of network upgrades and new cable construction on supply, competition, and pricing
  • Implications of network evolution on long-haul bandwidth demand
  • Summary table of planned submarine cables, including cable name, route, ownership, projected capacity and construction cost, landing stations, and ready-for-service dates

Worldwide International Bandwidth Growth, 2009-2013

Worldwide International Bandwidth Growth, 2009-2013


  • Undersea cable construction, upgrade, operating, and unit costs
  • Terrestrial network construction, upgrade, and operating costs

Construction Cost of New Submarine Cables Entering Service by Region, 2012-2015

Construction Cost of New Submarine Cables Entering Service by Region, 2012-2015


  • Regional pricing analysis covering developments in North America, Europe, Asia, trans-Atlantic, trans-Pacific, Latin America, Europe-Asia, Australia, Middle East, and Africa routes and regions
  • Price trends for SONET/SDH circuits and 10 Gbps wavelengths

Median 10 Gbps Wavelength Price Declines on Major Routes, Q4 2010-Q4 2013

Median 10 Gbps Wavelength Price Declines on Major Routes, Q4 2010-Q4 2013

Latency Statistics by Network

Global Bandwidth provides round-trip delay latency from network operators for more than two thousand long-haul terrestrial network and submarine cable routes. These statistics can be viewed by route using an interactive tool, or downloaded as a complete data set.

Network Latency Spreadsheet

Network Latency Spreadsheet

Network Operator and Undersea Cable Profiles

TeleGeography’s Global Bandwidth Research Service profiles 346 long-haul network operators and 277 undersea cables.

Network operator profiles include network maps, a summary of cities covered, and undersea cable holdings. The profiles document carrier’s service offerings, purchase options, contact information, and company background.

Submarine cable profiles include cable maps, landing points, lit and potential capacity (by segment, where applicable), service offerings, contact information, and cable ownership information.

Networks Database

The Global Bandwidth Networks Database is a valuable online tool for understanding network geography and quickly identifying potential partners and rivals. Use the database to quickly answer such questions as:

Which carriers connect to Milan and Oslo?

AT&T, BSO Network Solutions, BT Global Services, Cogent Communications, Colt, Deutsche Telekom, FiberRing, Interoute, KPN, Level 3, NTT, Sprint, Telefonica, TeliaSonera, Verizon Business

What undersea cables land in India?

The Bharat Lanka Cable System, Europe India Gateway, FLAG Europe-Asia (FEA), FLAG FALCON, Gulf Bridge International Cable System, i2i Cable Network (i2icn), IMEWE, SAFE, SEACOM/Tata TGN-Eurasia, SeaMeWe-3, SeaMeWe-4, Tata TGN-Tata Indicom, and WARF Submarine Cable.