Research Services

TeleGeography’s research services deliver detailed telecom metrics alongside cogent analysis and powerful infographics. You won’t find this data anywhere else. Keep scrolling to peruse our full product catalog.

Bandwidth Pricing Database Service

A global database of point-to-point backbone telecom pricing. This database allow users to benchmark TDM services including SDH/SONET and DWDM on key global routes.

Business Broadband Research Service

An extensive database of broadband service providers, plans, and prices.

Cloud and WAN Infrastructure

This tool profiles international WAN services offered by 153 providers and analyzes trends in VPN, Ethernet, DIA, and IPL availability and pricing, as well as cloud connectivity services.

Data Center Research Service

A comprehensive online guide for understanding data centers, network storage, and the nature of interconnection.

Enterprise Pricing Service

A database of international MPLS VPN, Layer 2 EVPN, dedicated internet access, private line, and Ethernet private line price benchmarks for corporate and retail customers.

Global Bandwidth Forecast Service

Detailed forecasts of international bandwidth supply, demand, prices, and revenues, updated quarterly.

Global Bandwidth Research Service

The most complete source of data and analysis for long-haul networks and the undersea cable market.

Global Internet Geography

The most complete source of data and analysis about international internet capacity, traffic, service providers, ASN connectivity, and pricing.

GlobalComms Database Service

The most complete source of data about the wireless, broadband, and fixed-line telecom markets, covering over 215 countries and 1,850+ service providers.

GlobalComms Forecast Service

Wireless, broadband, and wireline market metrics and forecasts by country and region.

IP Transit Forecast Service

Detailed historical data and forecasts of IP transit volumes, prices, and revenues for 148 countries.

IP Transit Pricing Service

A database of wholesale internet access price quotes by port speed and committed data rate from more than 60 carriers in over 100 cities around the world.

Local Access Pricing Service

A database of global local access prices, reflecting actual transaction prices paid by carriers for leased private lines and Ethernet circuits.

Mobile User & Cost Analysis

This bespoke service takes stock of your mobile usage and spend data. Customers receive a full inventory and analysis of their mobile estate.

SD-WAN Research Service

The only product that catalogs and analyzes the SD-WAN market so you can find the right fit.

TeleGeography Report and Database

The most comprehensive source of data on international long-distance carriers, traffic, prices, and revenues.

WAN Cost Benchmark

Provides tailored end-to-end price benchmarks for enterprise wide area networks, based on the client’s specified site locations and service requirements.

WAN Manager Digest

This exclusive subscription service is for enterprise professionals who manage large corporate networks. It bundles our most popular WAN resources into one slick toolbox.

WAN Manager Survey

This special survey report is a treasure trove of analysis based on the experiences of WAN managers whose day-to-day role covers designing, sourcing, and managing U.S. national, regional, and global corporate wide area computer networks.