Movistar: no plans to exit Venezuela
CANTV rolls out fibre network in Falcon State
Movistar reaches one million 4G subscribers in Venezuela
Movilnet 4G network now boasts 280 BTS; CDMA shutdown earmarked for Dec-18
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Movilnet says becoming ILD operator to combat grey market this quarter
Venezuela's Movilnet switches on LTE network
Movilnet optimistic over 2017 LTE launch
Venezuelan operators ordered to reimburse users as price hikes suspended
CANTV/Movilnet renew focus on SMEs
Movilnet commercial 4G will arrive a year late
Venezuela’s Digitel joins Movistar in suspending international services due to forex crisis
CANTV expanding limited Caracas IPTV service
Venezuelan regulator forces Movistar to back down over rates
DirecTV Venezuela to postpone TD-LTE launch?
Venezuela’s Digitel trumpets LTE, 3G expansion
Government supporters oppose CANTV privatisation proposals
Movilnet’s 4G rollout goes to plan
CANTV/Movilnet to double fixed, mobile internet speeds, says minister
Movistar launches LTE in Caracas, Puerto La Cruz
Venezuela asset write-down costs Telefonica EUR2.84bn
Consultations launched on spectrum agenda, national telephony services
ZTE onboard 4G development in Venezuela
DirecTV focusing on fixed LTE initially
Movilnet, Movistar reveal LTE deployment schedules
Movilnet, Movistar, DirecTV buy LTE licences for USD729m
CANTV deploys over 2,900 free Wi-Fi sites
Three-way infrastructure sharing initiated by Venezuelan cellcos
Four prequalified for 4G spectrum awards; licensing within two weeks
Movistar 'aiming for 1Q15 LTE launch'
4G AWS, 2600MHz auction relaunched
Brazilian antitrust agency Cade approves AT&T's acquisition of DirecTV ‘without restrictions’
Digitel has around 100,000 LTE subscribers, 900 base stations
CANTV launches IPTV, higher speed packages
AT&T agrees purchase of DirecTV; deal worth USD67.1bn in cash, stock and debt
Movistar Venezuela pulls plug on CDMA
CANTV doubles annual profit
Over 70% of national fibre network completed
Telecoms investment in 2013 met only ‘60% of demand’, report claims; handset sales down by ‘over 40%’
Conatel moves to Ministry of Communication
Conatel launches 4G auction in the AWS, 2600MHz bands
Conatel reports pay-TV reaches 54% of homes; fixed telephony drops slightly
Movistar Venezuela outlines investment plans for the rest of the year
Movistar plans 1,000 Wi-Fi hotspots by 2016
Movistar’s tariff increases opposed by consumer agency
Movistar upgrading Eastern Region networks
Digitel announces full commercial LTE launch for pre- and post-paid users
Digitel has spent USD400m on mobile broadband network since late-2011; set to face LTE competition
NetUno looks to boost TV coverage with the launch of DTH
Digitel offers first LTE service in country; one 4G BlackBerry so far
CANTV finishes nationwide DSL speed upgrade programme
NetUno expands pay-TV coverage using Media Networks' satellite services
Telefonica to raise spending budget once again following hints of further devaluation
Digitel poised to initiate LTE pilot in Caracas
Jamaica branch of Cuba-Venezuela cable goes live
Movistar ups rate of 3G site expansion; aims to migrate CDMA users; hopes to repatriate profits
Telefonica’s Venezuelan investment ramped up
CANTV doubling broadband speeds to 1Mbps-4Mbps
Conatel kicks off 2.5GHz-2.6GHz 4G consultation
Movilnet launching mobile devices with DTT
Telefonica exposed to Venezuelan devaluation
Telefonica’s Venezuelan CAPEX to rise 47%
Cuba’s first submarine cable shows signs of activity
CANTV announces end of year stats
Digitel’s CAPEX to rise 70% next year
Digitel sets December LTE launch date following 1800MHz award
Conatel awards additional spectrum
Movistar wins extra 1900MHz spectrum, ups investment to USD535m, delays LTE to 2014
Movistar ‘in second 4G pilot phase’; expands eastern HSPA capacity
CANTV doubles minimum DSL speeds, sees end in sight for fibre backbone rollout
Movistar expanding HSPA coverage in central region
Movistar, Movilnet, Digitel place bids for 1700MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz frequencies
Venezuela Zon’s next pay-TV target?
Conatel launches 1800MHz, 1900MHz licence tender
CANTV reports full-year financials; sales up 17.5% to USD3.8bn
Ministry says CANTV's fixed lines reach 6.3m, 14.8m mobile users with Movilnet
Digitel improving data, voice services; 1800MHz band to augment 900MHz, enable future LTE
Telefonica hopes Moviltalk pushes customers’ buttons
Mobile broadband users up 32.5% year-on-year, total cellular users down by 1.7%
Cellcos must block stolen handsets
Movistar prices investigated following consumer complaints
Digitel’s fibre expanding
CANTV launching pay-TV, but where’s the IP?
Venezuelan mobile broadband subscribers reach 868,000
Conatel holds public hearing to finalise mobile broadband auction spectrum blocks
CANTV completes fibre-optic Venezuela-Brazil link
Venezuela tightens net
Digitel expanding 3G to Caracas in 1Q11
CANTV selects Alcatel-Lucent for fibre expansion
Havana laugh? Cuba-Venezuela cable delayed until ‘July at the earliest’
Conatel reports mobile saturation as broadband marches on
CANTV outlines IPTV plans
MPs threaten lawsuit against Movistar, other cellcos
Venezuela creates new state company for ICT development
NetUno elaborates on fibre, IPTV, overseas plans
Venezuela to launch 200 public internet centres this year; reports satellite progress
Inter reveals goals to upgrade TV, broadband cable services
Conatel releases 2009 telecoms stats: broadband subscriptions up 40%
CANTV reports end of year figures, makes forecasts
Movilnet reaches 400 W-CDMA/HSPA base stations, aims for 582
Digitel expects 300,000 3G subscribers by March
Movistar to begin LTE deployment in 2H 2011
Movistar expands HSPA to Barinas
CANTV lining up IPTV and satellite TV services next year
Tres, dos, uno! Cableco NetUno launches into fibre space
Chavez celebrates Venesat’s birthday
Movilnet customers reach 13m, hits target early
Movistar switches on commercial 3.5G in Barquisimeto
Further rumours surface on Digitel sale
Movilmax to get 10,000 WiMAX consumers in city
Digitel expanding 3G network, aiming for 7m users, but Cisneros selling out?
NetUno’s FlashPhone gets shinier
Venezuela crosses 100% mobile penetration
Movilnet posts second-quarter progress
Movilnet launches 3G pilot over 80 base stations in Caracas
Digitel offers mobile broadband and laptop package
State pushes satellite, Wi-Fi projects; invites Caribbean participants
Venezuela launches satellite IT centres, but is it making full use of Venesat-1?
Is something wrong with Venezuela's satellite?
Digitel 3G expansion on hold, says analyst
Venezuelan telecoms and technology ministries converge; regulator re-housed
ZTE supports CANTV's USD400m IPTV plan
Movistar expands central 3.5G coverage
Apocalypse now for Genesis
Venezuela mops up remaining US-held CANTV shares
Movistar expands 3.5G network east
Digitel launching 900MHz 3G/3.5G in two phases; begins with HSDPA USB modems
Conatel reports end-year fixed, mobile, internet totals
State to buy up CANTV's remaining ADS, other shares in March
Movilnet bolsters regional GSM, CDMA networks
Digitel gets extra spectrum
Digitel to join 3G market this quarter
CANTV reports progress of subsidised fixed line programme
NetUno launches new VoIP service
Movilnet launches restricted commercial GSM service
CANTV to offer satellite communications next month
Movistar launches HSPA
Conatel reports third quarter growth figures
Simon in space
Movistar moving into pay-TV
CANTV launches subsidised package
Movilmax in 300 base station WiMAX expansion
Movilmax expects 2,000 WiMAX subs by year end
Movilnet reports coverage progress
China sends Chav into space
Inter touts national triple-play
Movilnet reaches eleven million users at mid-year
Digitel pushing for ‘100%’ coverage
Digitel deploys satellite GSM backhaul system
Venezuela-Cuba undersea link to be lit in 2010
CANTV signs more network maintenance deals
CANTV reports mixed set of Q1 results
Country ends March with 24.4m mobile users
CANTV launches pre-paid DSL
Movilnet GSM network 600 BTS-strong
Movistar extends fibre-optic backbone
Social club: CANTV to work with 40 cooperatives
Chavez gobbles New York stake
Movistar GSM tower investment reaches USD10 million in year-to-date
Conatel reports market data
Omnivision recruits Posdata for WiMAX campaign
CANTV profits fall 9.4%
Movilnet commits to parallel GSM, CDMA strategy to compete with Movistar
Fibre-optic networks to be joined
Movilnet expands CDMA coverage
CANTV expanded network in 14 municipalities in last quarter
Movilnet GSM network to launch in May
Public agencies to get free satellite broadband
Digitel requests 2100MHz, 900MHz spectrum
CANTV’s revenues up 19.5%, profit down 26.6%
Movistar, Movilnet win 1900MHz spectrum
Telecom Venezuela and Transbit form new company for undersea link
CANTV lays out USD4.4 billion investment plan
No surprises as existing operators pre-qualify for frequency sale
Venezuela-Cuba cable set for 2009
CANTV and ETB begin cross-border fibre link
First of CANTV and CVG’s fibre link-ups completed
Main players apply for spectrum
CANTV profits shoot up
Telecoms sector goes from strength to strength
NetUno offers new LDI service
CANTV posts solid 2Q results
New players unlikely in spectrum auction
ETB teams up with CANTV
Venezuelan government releases mobile auction details
WiMAX goes Caracas
Spectrum auction to kick off next month
CVG and Cubatel activate backbone extension
Proposal submitted for CANTV to re-launch on local stock exchange
Tele-centres boom
CANTV, Movilnet plan VEB1.14 trillion investments
New-look CANTV to cut call costs
State appoints new CANTV board
Country’s telecoms revenues up 34%
Remaining NY CANTV shares suspended
Government expands on fibre expansion
State ownership of CANTV 86.2% and counting
Government looks at plan to sell off 40% of CANTV
State announces CANTV expansion plan
CANTV profits up 36.9% on mobile and broadband revenue rises
CANTV to be under state control by 4 June; board says ADS holders get better deal
CANTV share buyout price confirmed
CANTV nationalisation update
EDC’s got the power
State takeover of CANTV imminent
CVG plans commercial fixed-wireless launch in May
CANTV’s Movilnet to join the GSM crowd
CANTV’s net profits up by 427%; offers imminent for Telefónica's, others' shares
Government offers Verizon USD572 million for CANTV stake; Slim starts selling minority shares
Mexican heavyweights give up on Venezuela
‘How much did you get for your CANTV shares?’ ‘Ssssh it’s a secret’
CANTV carries out fibre upgrades
Chávez given special powers to re-nationalise CANTV
Movilnet to be included in nationalisation; ‘expropriation’ re-enters dictionary
CVG signs Cuban cable link deal
Slim picking new LatAm targets
‘Expropriation’ not in government’s dictionary
Hugo a-go-go: Chávez says he will seek to re-nationalise CANTV
13 interested in network expansion projects
América Móvil extends CANTV purchase deadline
Intercable to launch fixed line service
Huawei assists CANTV in migrate to IP NGN
CANTV reverses last year’s losses
CVG signs USD140 million series of network deals
CVG Telecom rolls out cable link to Colombia
Conatel to invest USD100 million in infrastructure projects
América Móvil seeks extension to CANTV takeover deadline
Alloptic deploys Venezuelan FTTH network
Huawei to develop CANTV’s NGN for USD50 million
Conatel consults on spectrum
Movistar’s pre-paid users upgrade to EV-DO
Mexican stand-offish: Telmex and AM ignore Chávez's threats
Mobile subscribers up 60% year-on-year, fixed lines up 10%
Regulator to invest USD100 million in fixed line, internet infrastructure
Digitel to up investment
TEM plotting GSM rollout in Venezuela
CANTV 2Q profit falls to USD44.5 million
State plans to keep 6.6% CANTV stake; América Móvil extends purchase deadline
Impsat Venezuela to invest USD3.5 million
Movilnet hands Huawei new 3G contract
Movilnet first to launch BlackBerry in Venezuela
Telvenco outlines USD250 million spending plan for Digitel
Telvenco’s Digitel takeover approved by regulator
Venezuela’s mobile market grows 55.5%
You WiLL you WiLL you WiLL: three operators to return local loop licences
CANTV partners Huawei to build IP network
CANTV 1Q profit down 37% as mobile costs and taxes go up
CVG given ILD go-ahead
Telmex/AM to make offer for remaining shares in CANTV
Triple play on way from CVG and cablecos
America Movil buys Verizon trio
CANTV signs up 400,000 mobile users in 1Q, plans USD500 million investment
Movilnet earmarks USD260 million in 1H
NetUno to take on CANTV nationwide
NGTV bought by Interlink
Internet penetration up, but still below regional average
Unconfirmed – Telmex to buy Verizon’s stakes in CANTV and two other telcos
CANTV’s net income falls by 50% after pensions hit
Mobile users reach 12.5 million, fixed lines rise 9%
CVG wins USD16.8 million government tender ahead of CANTV
CANTV loses USD49 million case against regulator
CVG Telecom focuses investment on underserved areas
Cisneros reveals plan to merge Digitel with Infonet and Digicel
Telecom Italia sells Venezuelan mobile business for USD425 million
CVG partners government IT agency
Movistar Venezuela’s customer base swells by 39%
Conatel slaps CANTV with USD45.5 million unpaid bill
CANTV ADS target slashed
CATV operator to launch WiMAX in 3Q06
Regulator launches tender for rural telecoms concession
Movistar launches 3G in 26 cities
Movilnet to launch BlackBerry
Telecoms subscribers grow 16%
State-run start-up eyes handset market
And then there were three… PDVSA receives fixed line licence
CVG Telecom prepares for launch
China to build and launch Venezuela telecoms satellite
CANTV fails in pensions appeal
Movilnet to spend USD25 million to expand EV-DO reach
VAS accounts for 10%-12% of mobile revenues, says new body
CANTV seals broadband and mobile email deals
Chávez pushes CANTV to resolve pensions problem
Movilnet extends EV-DO to Paraguachón
Impsat launches satellite internet access in Andean region
CANTV pensions ruling will stand, says Chavez
Strong growth in 2Q boosts sector revenues 16.6%
Record quarter for mobile additions boosts penetration rate to 37.1%
CANTV profits down; could fall further on back of pension ruling
Digitel fined by tax agency
Telcel passes five million customer mark
NGTV changes hands
IT institute to expand Wi-Fi
Movilnet to upgrade pre-paid services
TIM half price sale: cellco going cheap
Telecoms sector reports 35% growth y-o-y
Mobile users to pass ten million this year, says regulator
Could Digitel be an América Móvil target?
Digitel takeover rejected by regulator
CASTEL president predicts 25% growth
USD10 million earmarked for Interlink’s VoIP project
Telecom investments set to rise to USD640 million in 2005
July VoIP launch for Intercable
CANTV gets cash from CAF
Watchdog gives 45-day deadline for ruling on CANTV/Digitel merger
2004 results up for CANTV
Movilnet unveils USD220 million investment plan
CANTV forced to wait for Digitel decision
CANTV unveils 2005 investment plans
CVG Telecom given go ahead to launch
Movilnet ups budget for next-generation services
Telefónica Móviles gets green light to acquire Telcel shares
BellSouth settles in Venezuela
Impsat expects new service to boost revenues
Edelca/CVG looking for cable
Infonet joins roaming platform
Movilnet gives CANTV figures a boost
TIM takes 100% of Digitel
Government to launch new telco
Cellcos fined over illegal long-distance charges
CANTV to upgrade network to EV-DO
TIM to up Corporacion Digitel stake
Telcel retains mobile dominance and extends presence in fixed line market
Weak economy contributes to CANTV’s Q3 loss
New state-run telco created by government
CANTV may default on debt
CVG to launch carriers’ carrier by 2004
CANTV struggles to find 1Q good news
CANTV expects high losses thanks to currency fluctuations