Ukrtelecom ownership under scrutiny once again in Supreme Court
Game of chicken Kiev? Bank threatens to auction Ukrtelecom unless debt is paid
MTS’ Q2 revenue grows 9.4% in ruble terms
Ukrainian operators reach in-principle agreement on 900MHz redistribution
Ukrtelecom grows internet revenues 8.2%; ordered to pay bank debt
Azercell denies Vodafone Ukraine takeover rumour
Azercell conducts due diligence on Vodafone Ukraine
Presidential decree calls for rapid 800MHz/900MHz redistribution
Court allows FreshTel to keep 5G-suitable frequencies; regulator appeals
Ukrtelecom village GPON rollout picks up speed
Ukrtelecom/TriMob fixed-mobile convergence goes commercial; all telcos permitted to launch same
Kyivstar aims for 75% LTE coverage this year
900MHz, 800MHz redistribution: Kyivstar, Intertelecom given a month to submit info
Lifecell tests 28GHz 5G with Ericsson
Vodafone Ukraine buying fixed telco Vega?
Ukrainian president signs ‘2020’ 5G decree
Ukrainian minister reckons 5G spectrum to be auctioned in 2020
Ukrtelecom, Lifecell introduce fixed/mobile discount offer
MNP launches on schedule
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Lifecell tests 32x32 Massive MIMO
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Vega permitted mobile numbering code alongside Ukrtelecom for convergence
Ukrtelecom embarking on GPON expansion across smaller settlements with Iskratel
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
SCM wins appeal decision over Ukrtelecom ownership
Kyivstar completes 4G spectrum refarming project with Innovile
Ukraine’s regulator commits to 2300MHz 4G licence tender
Ukrtelecom’s telecoms services revenues fall 3.6% in FY18
Regulator reclaims 5G-suitable spectrum after FreshTel goes stale
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Ukraine's Lifecell deploying NB-IoT
Giraffe has high hopes for 4G
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Aero Telecom’s 5G-suitable spectrum renewed to 2025
Vega launches fixed/mobile internet bundle with Lifecell
Court rejects state claim on Ukrtelecom ownership
Lifecell lines up Lanet as third ISP partner for fixed/mobile bundling
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Telesystems' assets seized by bank
Supreme Court rules Ukrtelecom does not have to pay UkrEximbank UAH1.1bn
Vodafone Ukraine LTE reaches all regions, 43% of population
Ukrtelecom’s internet revenues climb 9%; total telecoms turnover stagnates
Lifecell LTE reaches 52% of population
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Comptroller finds Kyivstar, Vodafone Ukraine not guilty of collusion
Vodafone Ukraine covers over a third of population with LTE
Lifecell/Vega fixed/mobile packages to follow Lifecell/Volia bundling
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Lifecell deploys virtualised LTE core with Odine Solutions and Affirmed Networks
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Kyivstar LTE covers 13 million people
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Ukrtelecom piloting fixed-wireless telephony over TriMob’s cellular network
Ukrtelecom renationalisation case to restart in Supreme Court
Three Ukrainian cellcos launch LTE-1800
Ukraine sets May 2019 date for MNP
Lifecell, Vodafone Ukraine announce LTE-1800 launch areas
Ukraine sets final digital TV switchover date of 1 September
Ukrtelecom parent's asset freeze revoked in Cyprus court, but legal battles continue
Giraffe stake off the menu for Litovchenko
Ukrtelecom announces digital divide project to connect 8,000 villages to broadband
Slim picks Volia as takeover target, sources say
SCM loses UK appeal over USD760m Ukrtelecom payment, but continues legal battle
Vodafone Ukraine services partially restored in Donetsk
Court removes block on Ukrtelecom shares related to political investigation
Vodafone Ukraine shutting CDMA network in June ahead of LTE-1800 launch
Kyivstar launches 4G 2600MHz service, joining rivals Lifecell, Vodafone
Lifecell, Vodafone Ukraine launch LTE; Kyivstar close behind
Ukrtelecom expanding coverage with ZTE credit
Ukraine postpones analogue-to-digital TV switch to 2019
Ukrainian cellcos: LTE-2600 launch by April, LTE-1800 in July
Kyivstar biggest winner in 1800MHz LTE auction
Ukraine’s 1800MHz LTE auction will be held 6 March
Ukrtelecom reports stable 2017 performance
Kyivstar, Lifecell, Vodafone Ukraine win 2600MHz 4G licences
1800MHz applications of Kyivstar, Vodafone Ukraine, Lifecell approved
2600MHz bids approved; auction taking place 31 January
Kyivstar, Vodafone Ukraine, Lifecell submit 2600MHz 4G applications
Vodafone Ukraine partly restores eastern network
Separatists ‘threaten takeover’ of Vodafone Ukraine network in Donetsk, Luhansk after five-day shutdown
Appeal hearing on SCM asset freeze set for 27 Feb
SCM ‘asset freeze’ ruling does not prevent Akhmetov making divestments
NKRZI to hold a tender for 1800MHz frequencies
Bad news and good news for Ukrtelecom in ownership court cases
Kyivstar mobile money venture nears launch
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Tall order: regulator converting Giraffe spectrum for 4G
Ukrainian regulator moves ahead with 1800MHz LTE conversion
Lifecell latest to show interest in Volia, sources claim
Ukraine’s 2600MHz auction set for Jan-18; regulator indicates possible earlier 1800MHz auction
Ukrtelecom owner appealing court ruling ‘overturning’ privatisation
Lozhkin targets takeover of Volia, other broadband/TV players
Regulator issues formal decision to release 2600MHz spectrum for 4G auction
It's official: Ukraine 4G auction cleared for launch in Q4
Ukraine’s relaunched MNP tender scrapped due to lack of interest
Ministry of Justice green-lights 4G auction
Ukraine’s first telecoms satellite launching ‘early 2018’
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Ukraine’s MNP tender relaunched
Ukrainian government passes resolution permitting launch of 4G 1800MHz auction
Back to square one: Ukraine’s MNP process cancelled
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Court withdraws freeze on Ukrtelecom’s TriMob shares
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Draft 1800MHz bid price presented for state approval
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Ukraine’s analogue-to-digital TV switchover delayed to July 2018
Volia gobbles up Airbites
MTS (Vodafone) Ukraine changes legal name
Banning Russian sites will be costly, warns Ukrainian internet expert
SCM ready to defend its Ukrtelecom ownership rights in court
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
State Property Fund seeking USD82m fine in court case over Ukrtelecom privatisation contract
Xinwei to install 2,300 base stations in Ukraine by 2018
PEOPLEnet CDMA coverage reduced to just two regions
Court freezes SCM’s Ukrtelecom shares; move related to historical allegations
Court suspends number portability introduction
State to take minority stake in Ukrtelecom
Kyivstar, MTS, Lifecell 1800MHz agreement should lead to licence tender this year
Ukrtelecom, Lifecell lose control of Donetsk networks to rebels
Kyivstar ‘ready to share’ 1800MHz spectrum for LTE
Ukrtelecom owner disputes findings on ‘failed’ privatisation obligations
Ukrtelecom’s annual revenues, profits fall 2%, 45%
MPs adopt law standardising telcos’ access to non-telecoms infrastructure
Vega highlights its GPON, DWDM and IP progress
Vega’s Donetsk branch occupied by gunmen
Ukraine's MNP implementation project finally underway
Kyivstar update: 3G covers 62% of Ukrainians; 7,000 BTS LTE-ready
Lifecell signs 5G cooperation agreement with Ericsson, Huawei
Ukraine moves forward with 2600MHz 4G licensing plan
MTS Ukraine pulls out of TriMob purchase; leaves Ukrtelecom in financial danger?
Ukrainian payphones become ‘freephones’ in January
MTS Q3 group turnover, profits down 1.3%, 12.8%; users up 2.5%
Cableco Triolan threatened with losing broadcast licence over ‘infringements’
Antitrust body delays approval of MTS-TriMob takeover
PEOPLEnet reduces CDMA coverage to just four regions
State Property Fund unlikely to back Ukrtelecom re-nationalisation
Horizon Capital increases Datagroup stake to above 70%
Lifecell, Huawei claim 1.5Gbps LTE-A Pro test
MTS Ukraine tests LTE with Nokia
Ukrtelecom improves H1 figures
Ukraine to get MNP ‘this year’ as court approves SI Center contract
Ukrtelecom updates progress on xDSL/GPON modernisation project
Tall story: Kyivstar founder owns Giraffe
Kyivstar’s 4G-ready upgrades also indicate move towards Chinese equipment
MTS Ukraine expands 3G network, targets 50% coverage by end-2016
Vega now controls 4G spectrum holder MMDS Ukraine; Lifecell 3G reaches 617 settlements
Ukrtelecom begins three-year modernisation project with Huawei
Ukraine’s regulator reserves 2.3GHz-2.4GHz, 2.5GHz-2.7GHz bands for 4G LTE auctions
Kyivstar 3G nears 40% of Ukraine's population
Ukrtelecom associate keeps 4G-suitable spectrum as court overrules regulator
Ukraine’s MNP tender ‘annulled’ on appeal from rejected bidders
Ukrtelecom wins court battle with regulator over licence extension
Antimonopoly Committee seeks public opinion on MTS-TriMob deal
Ukrtelecom reaches 70,000 IPTV subscribers
lifecell sells mobile towers to Ukrtower for USD52m
Ukrainian regulator extends MTS, Kyivstar GSM licences
MNP launch moves nearer with selection of database implementer
Astelit adopts lifecell brand
MTS ‘agrees to buy TriMob’ from Ukrtelecom, report claims
4G spectrum taken away from Ukrtelecom associate?
Astelit losing its smile to win corporate customers?
Volia acquires national wireless spectrum holder to support Wi-Fi strategy
3G progress: Kyivstar reaches 500 settlements, switches off TriMob roaming; MTS covers twelve main cities
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Kyivstar’s IPTV goes national
MTS Ukraine launching Vodafone brand, expanding 3G across Kiev
MNP bidding restarted in Ukraine; Mar-16 launch unlikely
3.9m used Kyivstar 3G; over 1.1m regular users
Revenues stabilise at Ukrtelecom, drop at Vega; Kyivstar joins them in IPTV market
Vodafone brand launching in Ukraine via MTS 3G partnership
Kyivstar to launch TV for fixed broadband users in partnership with Viasat by end-2015
Final analogue switch-off set for June 2018
MTS Ukraine launches HSPA services in Odessa
Ukrtelecom renationalisation proposed by parliamentary commission
MNP to launch in March 2016 as UCRF launches central database tender
Kyivstar develops IP telephony for SMEs
MTS reports 2.1% drop in Q2 EBITDA
NCCIR approves 4G implementation plan
PEOPLEnet shuts down mobile services in 18 out of 25 regions
Vimpelcom aims to deliver USD750m cash flow increase on annual basis
Kyivstar hands five-year deal to Nokia; 3G reaches ten regions, 200 towns
President signs decree on 4G introduction in 2017
Intertelecom sells Crimean assets; namesake Russian firm installing new equipment
MTS Ukraine linked with Vodafone branding deal
Kyivstar 3G reaches 110 cities/towns; testing in 90
Turkcell takes 100% of Astelit for USD100m
Turkcell negotiating to buy out Ukrainian partner in Astelit
PEOPLEnet appeals bankruptcy lawsuit; suspends investment
Kyivstar launches commercial 3G on schedule; life:), MTS give 3G updates
Kyivstar's 3G network going commercial on 8 June
Kyivstar publishes new 3G tariffs ahead of launch
Donetsk People's Republic testing new network
LTE licensing in 2017, says Ukrainian regulator
Astelit announces strategic partnership with Ericsson, Huawei
Astelit launches commercial 3G services in Lviv
Astelit opens 3G test zones in six cities; Kyivstar expands its 3G testing
Ukrtelecom’s revenue virtually flat in 2014; gains offset by Crimea, eastern losses
NCCIR approved new draft MNP document following consultation
Kyivstar launching first 3G user tests
Ukrtelecom ramps up VoIP promotion for SMEs
Cellcos sign contracts paying off military for 3G frequencies
3G licensees near final hurdle: frequency conversions approved
Unregistered SIM usage to end six months after latest decree is implemented
Sources say Turkcell conducted due diligence on TriMob
CFO: MTS likely to borrow this year to aid expansion
Ukrtelecom keeps up rapid pace of rural broadband expansion in Q1
MTS Ukraine sells fixed internet, telephony operations to Vega
PEOPLEnet using ePMP for wireless broadband expansion
Kyivstar rolls out Single RAN network for rapid future LTE adoption
Ukrtelecom launches SME range of FTTx services, raises DSL tariffs
Kyivstar 3G roaming customers total just 25,000
MTS Ukraine launches 3G UMTS service via TriMob roaming ahead of own HSPA+ network launch
Crimean authorities keen to reconfigure Kyivstar assets as state mobile operator
Regional player Tenet goes OTT nationwide
MTS Ukraine ownership goes Dutch
Kyivstar, MTS, Astelit buy 3G licences for total of USD311m
Watchdog opens provisional 3G bids; MTS Ukraine submits highest offers for all three lots
Kyivstar prepares for 3G
Ukrtelecom out of Crimea
Crimea river: Ukrainian cellcos stream out of peninsula
Three 3G bidders approved; no newcomers
MTS, TriMob agree bilateral national roaming; similar Astelit-TriMob deal likely
Four applicants for 3G licences
Astelit completes DWDM upgrade
Ukrtelecom reaches 332 additional settlements with fixed broadband in Jan-Dec
3G licence tender launched – auction to be completed in February
3G tender to launch 9 December, following cabinet approval
3G licence price being hiked up
Over half of online Ukrainians using OTT services
Ukrtelecom extends broadband to 146 additional communities in first ten months of 2014
Kyivstar completes merger with Golden Telecom
NCCIR approves final 3G licence auction conditions; asking price around USD225m
Intertelecom transfers Crimean operations to Russian company under same brand
MTS denies Ukraine sale rumours
Ukrtelecom closes Sevastopol branch
Companies subject to sanctions law will be excluded from 3G tender
MTS Ukraine selling Crimea property
Cabinet approves 3G licence tender terms excluding Russian companies
TriMob switches off Sevastopol mobile services
Ukrtelecom suspends certain Sevastopol services
Where there’s a McWiLL there’s a Xinwei? Datagroup in talks with Chinese investor
Ukrtelecom restores services in Luhansk, denies transfer of Crimean operations
Viettel interested in Ukraine entry
Government ‘excluding Russian owned companies’ from 3G bidding
3G deadline missed; no official explanation
Broadcasters, ISPs outraged as parliament adopts first reading of ‘draconian’ sanctions bill
Kyivstar's Crimea services halted
Kyivstar’s broadband users up 13%, mobile base down 0.7%
Kerch Strait Cable up and running between Russia and Crimea; K-Telecom replaces MTS-Ukraine
Ukraine postpones MNP again
Ukrtelecom’s Crimean division being renamed, but should remain privately owned
Regulator's 3G price higher than hoped
President signs 3G/4G licensing decree
Vega joins IPTV partnership with Ukrtelecom
Ukrtelecom and launch IPTV service
Kyivstar angry at inclusion of Ukrtelecom in 3G plans
President backs 3G, 4G licensing initiative
MTS Ukraine ‘exits Crimea’ to make way for parent
Volia upgrades network performance via EuroDOCSIS
Volia quits Crimea; services continue via third party
PEOPLEnet leaves Crimea due to unusable frequencies; Intertelecom to follow?
Ukrtelecom’s Q1 revenues rise on incoming call turnover
Rostelecom acquires Crimean infrastructure from Datagroup, Atracom
TTK mulling Crimea entrance
Regulator, Tymoshenko urging 3G, LTE frequency conversion
Kyivstar initiating refarming of 900MHz, 1800MHz bands
Tele2 Russia to deploy LTE-1800 network in Crimea; submarine cable link imminent
Medvedev: Rostelecom should launch in Crimea to safeguard communication channels
Ukrtelecom opposes Russian plan to change Crimean phone numbers
Intertelecom CDMA subscribers grow 19% in 2013; data usage up 77%
Regulator head says change of regime will lead to quick release of 3G spectrum
Vimpelcom posts FY13 loss of USD1.4bn following impairment charges in Ukraine, Canada
Ukraine's networks under attack
Intertelecom cashes in on Rev B data usage
life:) revenue rises 11% in local currency
IPTV licences issued to Ukrtelecom’s OTT partner
Ukrtelecom in rural broadband drive
MTS ‘resumes talks’ on TriMob purchase, paper says
Law tightens up SIM purchasing, ISP licensing
1 July confirmed as MNP launch date
Ukrtelecom issuing USD167m bonds
Ukrtelecom launches new internet TV service
MVNO Fidomobile licensed
MTS 3Q13 revenues reach RUB103.3bn
MNP delayed to July 2014
MTS claims 99.94m customers across five markets
Ukrtelecom’s fixed broadband base keeps growing, voice users keep falling
MTS makes W-CDMA/LTE preparations for April readiness
Astelit’s revenues jump 11.7% year-on-year
PEOPLEnet scraps Rev B due to low demand
Ukrtelecom’s 9M revenues fall 1.6%
Astelit’s revenues jump 11.7% year-on-year
MNP delayed as database not ready
Bank's MVNO venture registered
DREAM come true, as MegaFon launches Europe-Asia transmission route
SCM completes Ukrtelecom buyout
Kyivstar legacy unit URS relinquishes licences
Kyivstar stops taking new Djuice subscribers; reports 90,000 HD voice users
Ukrtelecom’s TriMob again up for sale
Ukrtelecom takeover approved by antimonopoly authority
MTS ready to sell Comstar Ukraine
Volia CEO outlines strategy
IPNet to absorb several Kiev operators before expanding to other regions
NSN modernising, expanding networks for MTS
Kyivstar reports multimedia growth driven by smartphones; fibre broadband also soars
Antimonopoly decision on Ukrtelecom sale expected within month
Kyivstar upgrades 5,500km of DWDM network to 100G
Ukrtelecom’s first-half revenues fall 1.7%, profit slumps
Ukrtelecom’s new kid sister reports FTTH expansion progress
Ukrtelecom releases subscriber growth data
Freenet (O3) owners raising capital to expand, hunt other players
Draft regulation will unify fees payable by telcos for access to residential premises
Volia strikes more ISP distribution deals for OTT box services
Ukrtelecom forms OTT tie-up with
Volia: at least 20 potential cableco takeover targets
Intertelecom completes IP/MPLS backhaul rollout
Astelit extends DLD, ILD licence for five years
State agencies, cabinet moving towards technology-neutral licensing decision
Golden Telecom mobile numbers terminate in September
SCM agrees Ukrtelecom takeover
Ukrtelecom signs 43,000 broadband users amidst fierce competition
Ukrtelecom posts higher profits despite revenue decline
Astelit adds 200,000 active users in Q1
Volia expands DOCSIS 3.0 to nine cities
Hope for 2100MHz frequency release this year?
Volia goes OTT, Datagroup brings extra streamers to crash Divan’s party
80 illegal IPTV providers, says broadcast regulator
Regulator approves MNP draft regulations
Datagroup deploys 100G, new international links
Turkcell’s group revenues up 12%; Astelit’s sales climb 10%
Farlep-Invest (Vega) posts net profit for Q4, but annual loss
Ukraine, Bulgaria, Georgia joining TASIM fibre superhighway
Ukrtelecom reports 2012 financials, turns a profit
Ukrtelecom takes over number resources, equipment of Krymtel
Kyivstar raises the Djuice bar with 8m users of youth brand
Intertelecom billing all CDMA UA customers from 1 April
Kyivstar reports bumper December net additions
Kyivstar’s tariff increases get nod from anti-trust agency
Volia broadcasts 2012 achievements, 2013 goals
Vega partners BT in Ukraine
life:) is getting faster for internet users
Kyivstar balances the books: offsetting forced reduction of tariffs by raising others
Volia aiming for UAH1 billion turnover this year
Ukrtelecom agrees to buy Krymtel assets
Epic clarifies no real change in Ukrtelecom ownership
Ukrtelecom parent's ownership transferred
Kyivstar negotiating satellite TV tie-up while still waiting for IPTV licensing
Ukrtelecom launches higher usage 3G internet package
Ukrtelecom alters tariffs
Comments on number portability extended to late-January
Draft law to renationalise Ukrtelecom registered; NCCIR’s new licensee requirements enacted
Formation of parliamentary committees for telecoms, IT approved
NKRZI awards wireless broadband spectrum
Kyivstar, MTS cutting rates
MTS planning fixed line launches in Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia
Ukrtelecom registers fibre broadband brand
MTS Ukraine outsources backbone network management
Kyivstar serves 8.8m mobile internet customers
Vega taking over Krymtel customers
PEOPLEnet objections to mobile broadband licensing dismissed
New fixed telephony licensing conditions adopted by regulator
Astelit confirms nationwide CDMA rollout in 2013
Unknown company awarded 1980MHz-2000MHz licence
2.3m mobile internet users choose life:)
NCCIR confirms ITC licence cancellations
ITC (CDMA UA) shutting, customers transferring to Intertelecom
Intertelecom hits a million customers
Ukrtelecom issued nationwide 5.3GHz wireless broadband licence
MTS Ukraine completes fibre capacity expansion
Cable user base shock for Triolan in Q3
Vega lines up IPTV launch, FTTH rollouts
Datagroup, Vega report third-quarter results; Ukrtelecom parent posts USD68m 9M net loss
Astelit confirmed as gaining nationwide CDMA-800 licence, as operators form national network sharing plans
Regulator allows CDMA spectrum licence alterations to support advanced mobile development
Ukrtelecom reports mobile growth, financial figures; SCM reportedly closing in on stake deal
That’s Fresh: WiMAX ISP deploying 400 base stations
All Beeline frequencies now transferred to Kyivstar
Vimpelcom reorganises Ukraine assets; Kyivstar holds 100% of URS
MTS mulls selling CDMA network
AMCU puts Kyivstar and MTS under the spotlight
SCM reportedly eyes Ukrtelecom stake
Regulator drafts document on forming publicly owned telecoms operator
Extra mobile broadband spectrum approved; PEOPLEnet eager to grab it
Ukraine dashes any hopes of 3G licensing this year
Telecom regulators from six east European nations form new association
Ukrtelecom could assume network of Crimean local operator Krymtel as debt payment
Astelit awarded fixed line licences in Kiev and three other regions
Astelit awarded CDMA licences in twelve regions
GSM operators to jointly build subway network
Billionaire owners set to sell FreshTel to TTK?
Ukrainian regulator issues three operators with WiMAX spectrum
Volia internet subs top 500,000
Kyivstar warned to comply with fixed line licence regulations
Roundup: internet body opposes USF; tech-neutral routing regs approved; Vega gains spectrum; telecoms sales up 2.6%
Ukrtelecom mulling FTTH plan; still no sign of mobile sell-off
Parliament ratifies new regulator powers
FreshTel widens WiMAX footprint around Donetsk and Kherson
Fixed call tariff rebalancing continues
Kyivstar and MTS end interconnection spat
Antimonopoly agency orders Kyivstar, MTS to lower tariffs
SMP, antimonopoly regulatory powers defined in law
Kyivstar appeals regional IPTV licence annulment; other operators still waiting for licensing
Volia likely purchaser of Odeko cable assets?
Parliament gives initial nod to law preventing frequency hoarding
Kyivstar’s EBITDA down 2%
Ukrtelecom posts small profit in Q1, announces USD68 million broadband investment target
MTS, Kyivstar, Rostelecom remain hopefuls for Ukrtelecom’s 3G mobile unit?
Datagroup reports 2011 progress
Ukrtelecom reaches 1.4 million broadband customers
Ukrtelecom’s losses narrow
Fixed lines decline by 0.5% in Q4 says stats office; local tariffs may rise
Turkcell extends loan guarantee to Financell after Astelit default
Astelit defaults on USD323m Turkcell debt
Ukraine launching first telecoms satellite
Ukrtelecom reaches 790,000 3G mobile subscribers at year-end
Ukrtelecom pleased with broadband growth
Giraffe sticks neck out in WiMAX market
FreshTel breezing into eight more regional centres
Megafon establishes Ukrainian long-distance branch
FreshTel increases WiMAX footprint
President signs decrees to reform regulator
Kyivstar FTTB in 127 towns; fibre users reach 320,000; wireless modems top 700,000
Vimpelcom and MTS may team up to purchase Ukrtelecom’s 3G mobile business
Aero’s WiMAX bubble burst?
Second-round bids for Ukrtelecom mobile division by 25 November
Deadline for Ukrtelecom mobile interest set for 8 October
Ukrtelecom forms mobile company ‘TriMob’ ahead of spin-off
Kyivstar and regulator reach 'mutual understanding' on licence renewal
Datagroup courted by Rostelecom
Fourth time lucky for Ukrtelecom’s IPTV application?
Kyivstar reaches 70th FTTB city
Regulator to include information sector
Mobile base topped 52m at end-June, report says
Ukrtelecom posts USD26.6 million loss in first half
Volia snaps up regional cableco
Kyivstar and Astelit reach bilateral interconnect agreement
Watchdog bares teeth at Kyivstar: bark worse than bite?
Kyivstar FTTB reaches 57th town
Ukrtelecom selling cellco in six months, USD200m minimum targeted
Datagroup cock-a-hoop on TV debut
Kyivstar mulls 1800MHz LTE plan
Kyivstar reaches 46 cities and towns with FTTB ‘Home Internet’
Ukrtelecom hands ZTE CPE contract; privatisation proceeds banked
Ukrtelecom posts USD25m net loss in Q1
Ukrtelecom reduces workforce following privatisation
Regulator allows Ukrtelecom to hike local line fees by 35%
Kyivstar's FTTH network continues to grow
4G sting in the tail: Kyivstar sitting on Beeline frequencies for LTE
Kyivstar to hive off old Beeline towers abroad
Kyivstar increases OIBDA by 2.5%; combined subscriber base grows 1.5%
NCCR auctions additional regional CDMA 800MHz mobile spectrum
Kyivstar’s net profit climbs 1.8% to USD486m in 2010
Epic finalises Ukrtelecom purchase; Timoshenko attacks deal
Battle of the bands: army, regulator soldier on with 3G licence campaign
Delay to Epic's purchase of Ukrtelecom no big drama
Epic to sign purchase agreement for Ukrtelecom this Friday
Results from Kiev: crisp on surface, but lukewarm contents
Epic officially confirms Ukrtelecom purchase
Ukrtelecom accrues USD32m loss in 2010
Kyivstar expands FTTB to 38 cities
Ukrtelecom’s creditors drop early payment demands
Sale of Ukrtelecom almost done and dusted
Buzz off: Beeline residential broadband becomes Kyivstar in May
Ukrtelecom's ‘local prices for local people’ to boost DSL base
Creditors demand early payments from Ukrtelecom ahead of privatisation
Commissioner’s forecast: cloudy with an 80% chance of UMTS licensing
Mouthful of megabytes: Ukrainians get fibre from Chinese Kiev fusion
Kyivstar’s UAH350m share issue plan to be voted on in March
Sole bidder Epic pledges investment of UAH450m for Ukrtelecom
Epic could resell Ukrtelecom after reconstruction; mobile unit may be offloaded?
Epic move: Austrian sole bidder for Ukrtelecom; no SCM bid; MTS waits in wings?
Ukraine’s richest man set to rule telecoms market as MTS holds back
Six potential bidders line up for Ukrtelecom
Cable duct regulation another precursor to Ukrtelecom privatisation
Vimpelcom's Q3 sales boosted by Kyivstar; confident of completing Orascom deal in 1H 2011
Dare to dream: 3G auction by February, reckons regulator
Kyivstar-Beeline national roaming and inter-network tariffs launched
Five companies looking at bids for Ukrtelecom
Court decision underlines Ukraine’s determination to privatise incumbent
Ukrtelecom nearing 600,000 3G users, over 80% using broadband internet
Mystery foreign bidder lining up for Ukrtelecom alongside domestic, Russian interest
Kyivstar to initiate frequency refarming for 3G; motivated by licence fees
Ukrtelecom and Golden Telecom solve interconnection dispute
Kyivstar and Beeline launch Kyivstar-branded fibre broadband packages
Ukrtelecom restricting fixed line access for Golden Telecom users
Ukrtelecom’s 3Q revenues slide 3.2% q-o-q, but flat y-o-y
Ukrtelecom’s higher speed DSL spreads to 50 cities
Beeline brand to be dropped in Ukraine by end-2011
Vimpelcom-Kyivstar merger finally cleared by anti-monopoly authority
28 December set as Ukrtelecom sale date; several major telcos excluded by bidding conditions
Ukrtelecom starting price at USD1.3bn, winter auction now scheduled
For-sale Ukrtelecom earmarks UAH1.1 billion investment
Intertelecom launching Rev B next quarter
On? Off? On! Cabinet approves Ukrtelecom privatisation, but no schedule yet
Astelit agrees deal with Ether to introduce DVB-H
Ukrtelecom not to be sold this year: universal service fund delay blamed
Ukrtelecom privatisation could still happen this year
Intellecom and Samsung expand mobile WiMAX
ITC considering LTE
Kyivstar reports marginal customer increase in Q2; profit falls 17.6%
Ukrtelecom to be offered at USD1.5 billion
New avenue of Ukrainian anti-monopoly investigation centres on Alfa’s Turkcell/Astelit stakes
Alfa puts spanner in works of Ukrainian Vimpelcom-Kyivstar merger approval
Datagroup sells 25% stake for USD40m, aims to raise USD100m more
OGO a go-go: Ukrtelecom’s broadband base a million strong
Could Ukrtelecom privatisation subsidise UTS fund?
MNP on the cards
Kyivstar awards mobile WiMAX rollout contract to S&T
FreshTel and Intel launching mobile WiMAX-ready laptops
Kyivstar’s revenues fall 4.8% as regulator’s merger probe drags on
Govt plans August sale of Ukrtelecom
Hold up! Ukraine anti-trust regulator reconsiders Vimpelcom-Kyivstar merger
97.87% of Vimpelcom shareholders approve merger with Kyivstar
Vimpelcom-Kyivstar merger ‘nearly done’ following Farimex withdrawal and shareholder backing
Cabinet mulls raising spectrum costs eight-fold
3G licensing mooted for autumn; plan now for three licences?
MTS Ukraine loses half a million customers; signs up 140,000 mobile broadband users
Kyivstar set to launch fibre broadband this week
ITC (CDMA Ukraine) loses battle-of-the-confusingly-named-CDMA-operators
Ukrtelecom signs up 432,000 3G subscribers
Velton to roll out IPTV with Alca-Lu
Ukrtelecom to restructure debt to avoid default
Ukrtelecom narrows net loss as revenues recover
MTS Ukraine selects Alcatel-Lucent for LTE trial
Volia feels strain of recession
MTS Ukraine selects Alcatel-Lucent IP/MPLS mobile backhaul solution
Vimpelcom moves to secure Kyivstar merger
State approves Vimpelcom-Kyivstar merger
Vimpelcom – Kyivstar merger on track for 1H10 completion
Alca-Lu building IP/MPLS backbone for Kyivstar
Beeline launches IPTV in Kiev
Ukraine’s 3G auction cancelled, regulator confirms
Cableco Volia to move into IPTV market
3G licensing back on track? Government approves new plan to convert military frequencies
President puts spanner in works of 3G licensing
Telenor and Alfa agree to merge Vimpelcom and Kyivstar
One 3G licence by end-2009, three more to follow; ‘too vague’ says MTS
UHT expanding WiMAX via new owner’s deal with ZTE; brand may change from Alternet to Freshtel
Ukrtelecom sale scheduled for December
Kyivstar to enter fixed broadband access market with fibre rollout
Regulator bans zero mobile tariffs
Ericsson helps Kyivstar cope with anticipated data surge
Vimpelcom – Kyivstar to merge operations?
Telenor says Farimex behind ‘anti-competition’ probe in Ukraine
life:) announces Q1 results
Ukrtelecom’s USD23m Q1 net loss – small potatoes compared to USD194m in FY2008
Alfa proposes Vimpelcom – Kyivstar merger
Large as life:) despite economic gloom:(
Ten potential suitors for Ukrtelecom
Alfa Group reduces Turkcell stake
Telenor has no intention of accepting court ruling
Telenor to appeal USD1.7bn damages ruling
Turkcell interested in Ukrtelecom
Finance groups could bid for Ukrtelecom alongside telcos, suggests SPF head
Norwegians invited to bid for Ukrtelecom
Ukrtelecom privatisation to be launched in March; MTS awaits
Alfa ends three-year Kyivstar boardroom boycott
US court decides in favour of Telenor in Kyivstar case; ruling dismissed by Alfa
Comstar completes Ukrainian network
Will Ukrtelecom be privatised on the cheap to help bail out economy?
S&T installs largest DWDM network in Ukraine for Kyivstar
Telenor’s Russian boss sees no reason to lower Vimpelcom stake
New swap deal for Telenor and Alfa?
Fibre-to-the-Beeline launches
Government calls for comprehensive frequency plan
Disaster for mobile sector as military refuses to hand over 3G spectrum
Telenor to contest Siberian court decision
3G auction this year?
Gold blend: telco under new management
Ukrtelecom sets ambitious goals, opens German branch
Volia expands to 15 main cities, Providence ups investment to USD300m
Kyivstar denied 3G licence again
Report criticises Ukrtelecom
Telesystems launches new FMC service
Regulator to crack down on VoIP resellers
Long-distance market to be deregulated
Alcatel-Lucent supports CDMA Ukraine
Good news for Ukrtelecom sale: privatisation law passes first reading
Kyivstar completes traffic capacity upgrade
Ukrtelecom sees improvement in 3G growth, but still underperforming
MegaFon shows interest in Ukrtelecom, as fears grow for privatisation
Telenor sued……. again
Golden's Kharkiv WiMAX network undergoes testing
Government sets USD2.4 billion starting bid for 68% of Ukrtelecom
Altimo sues Telenor for USD1 billion; Telenor dismissive
Beeline converges on internet honeypot
TeliaSonera to serve Ukrainian telcos, ISPs
Comstar beats Ukrtelecom to IPTV launch
MTS to bid for Ukrtelecom
Telia PoPs to Kiev
Cabinet approves new Ukrtelecom privatisation plan
Comstar UTS and Cisco sign NGN deal
Telekom Austria, Magyar Telekom possible suitors for Ukrtelecom
New government to restart Ukrtelecom sale, says minister
Airspan WiMAX to span Ukraine
Kyivstar reports end of year subscriber growth
Utel gives URS 3G roaming access, paper says
life:) expands EDGE coverage
Altimo selling half of Turkcell stake cheaply; Altimo-Telenor progress allows Kyivstar to release financials
Golden earmarks USD100 million for Ukraine
Providence takes control of cableco Volia
Alfa extends olive branch to Telenor in Ukrainian dispute
Kyivstar financial reporting legal obstacles removed
CDMA Ukraine expands to new areas
Ukrainian CDMA operators report steady 3Q growth
Ukrtelecom gives 3G users GSM roaming with BeeLine
3G arrives in Ukraine
Ukrtelecom to launch IPTV and VoIP telephony
Kyivstar retains leading position, says parent
Astelit looks at route to 3G with 800MHz frequencies
MTS Ukraine serves up first home grown BlackBerry
MTS Ukraine launches CDMA-450 EV-DO services
Ukrtelecom to launch 3G next month
Nortel gives PEOPLE what they want
PAN awarded nationwide WiMAX spectrum
Tele-snore: Telenor-Alfa go from boardroom to courtroom……....again
Telenor drops objection to Vimpelcom’s purchase of URS, gives hope to Kyivstar debacle?
Vimpelcom aims to double Ukraine market share
Ukrtelecom sell-off next year, minister says
Turkcell grows in second quarter
Telenor calls for urgent EGM at Kyivstar
Government takes small step towards 3G licensing
Telenor’s victory in US court declared irrelevant by Alfa
End in sight for Alfa-Telenor disputes?
Government’s Ukrtelecom sale debacle continues
Another court rejects Telenor suit over Vimpelcom’s URS buy
UMC’s EV-DO rollout progressing with Alcatel-Lucent
Ukrtelecom finally sells sub-1% stake
CST-Invest (NewTone) to fall under PEOPLEnet umbrella
Kyivstar and Velton receive nationwide Wi-Fi licences
Telenor defeated in another ruling on URS ownership; BeeLine continues expansion
Comstar UTS acquires 100% of Ukrainian subsidiary
Ukraine to tender three 5GHz WiMAX licences
Ukrtelecom auction a no-go?
Ukrtelecom’s share sale falls at first hurdle
Ukrtelecom proposes 3G joint venture with Vodafone
Astelit carries out 3.5G trials in Kiev
BeeLine Wi-Fi available in nine cities
New announcement on Ukrtelecom: 37.86% to be floated by end of year
Kyivstar kerfuffle causes Telenor to segregate unit’s results
UMC’s profits up 15.8%
Ukrtelecom revenues up 1.5%, net profit down 15.6%
Ukrtelecom sale scaled down
ECI completes first phase of broadband project for Ukrtelecom
MTS expects CAPEX above USD2bn; UMC to invest up to USD700m
UMC’s CDMA-450 service operational by July
NCCR turns down applications for 3G, WiMAX licences
Alvarion to expand Alternet WiMAX network
Comstar shows an interest in Ukrtelecom
Telesystems launches EV-DO service, plans nationwide mobile network
You’ve got a friend with Kyivstar
Telecoms investment up 15.7%
President authorises Ukrtelecom sell-off
CDMA subscriber base tops 200,000
Kyivstar launches push-to-talk
Kyivstar signs up 2.4 million in December
Turkcell agrees to USD250 million support plan for Astelit
URS rolls out Wi-Fi hotspots
Altimo proposes share swap
UMC plans rebranding campaign to bolster market share
Nyet, Nyet and thrice Nyet
Comstar UTS unit wins Ukrainian WiMAX licence
Operators’ 3G plans blocked by regulator
Comstar UTS snaps up Ukrainian telcos
Astelit reveals 3Q operating stats
Ukrtelecom signs three-year 3G deal with Nokia
URS near-quadruples its user base
UMC shuts down NMT
Golden partners Alcatel to roll out Ukrainian fixed-wireless NGN
UMC gives voice to CDMA data service
Telenor’s priority vote on Kyivstar board resinstated
Ukrtelecom 3G launch slated for 2Q 2007
Ukrainian High Technologies to expand WiMAX network
Vimpelcom wins another court victory over Telenor
UMC shuts down outdated platform
Kyivstar rejects MVNO proposal
Astelit/DCC to complete merger
URS’ base stations up 60% in the year
Telenor’s appeal to block Vimpelcom acquisition rejected
Ukraine to auction five WiMAX licences this autumn
UMC aims to launch CDMA-450 services by year-end
Ukrainian cellcos’ revenues soar
Telesystems to expand EV-DO for WiLL users
URS more than doubles subscribers in 1H06, signs roaming deal with Golden Telecom
Astelit achieves over 20% growth in 2Q
Ukrtelecom pushes back 3G launch plans to next year
Ukraine’s half-year telecoms revenues top USD3.1 billion
Ericsson carries out softswitch upgrade for URS
UMC to enter Wi-Fi arena
Kyivstar breaks through 16 million barrier
Russian court upholds Vimpelcom’s ownership of URS for second time
MTS ponders Ukraine 3G licence bid
One 3G licence to be issued by year-end, says minister; Vodafone ‘unlikely’ to bid
Ukraine launches WiMAX tender
Yekhanurov signs frequency allocation plan
Ukrtelecom refused a 450MHz licence
Vimpelcom withdraws Kyivstar offer; Telenor still confident of reaching agreement
life:) is good says Astelit’s accountants
Russian court throws out Telenor’s objections to Vimpelcom’s takeover of URS
Alfa and Telenor closer to finding solution in Kyivstar debacle
Golden Telecom's Q1 net profit slips 6%, revenues up 14%
100,000 make a BeeLine for new brand
Ukrtelecom’s 3G tender suspended
Golden refused GSM-900 frequencies in three regions
Ukrainian mobile users up 10% in Q1 2006
URS re-launches as BeeLine, plans USD500 million investment
Ericsson to assist Kyivstar on road to 3G
Five vendors bidding for Ukrainian 3G network
URS expands network
DCC to merge into Astelit
Ukraine's CDMA WiLL subscribers up to 135,000
URS makes a Beeline for new customers
Ukraine court reduces Telenor’s rights in Kyivstar
UMC investments up 140%
Alfa says ‘nyet’ to Telenor’s Vimpelcom proposal
Telenor offers control of Kyivstar to Vimpelcom to end Alfa feud
Nokia improves Life:)
DCC’s D-AMPS subscriber base dwindling fast as users flock to GSM
Vimpelcom bids USD5 billion for Kievstar; Telenor ‘not ready to consider it’
UHT to invest USD60 million in Ukrainian WiMAX
Telenor - Vimpelcom showdown set for later this month
Telenor sues Vimpelcom over WellCOM buyout
Vimpelcom invests USD50 million in Ukraine mobile venture
PM initiates privatisation of Ukrtelecom
Ukrainian CDMA operators expand into new regions
First EV-DO network trials scheduled for 1Q06
Kievstar charged by Antimonopoly Committee
You heard it hear first: Telenor and Alfa have a row over Ukrainian mobile business
Get ready for yet another Vimpelcom boardroom fracas…
Kievstar ups investment plans
UMC and Kievstar up in arms as Ukrtelecom is handed 3G licence
Government pushes for Ukrtelecom sale
Ukrtelecom cleared of tax evasion relating to UMC sale
Vimpelcom to upgrade URS network
Astelit to invest USD1 billion
Vimpelcom buys URS; sticks two fingers up to Telenor
Vimpelcom close to URS deal
Astelit contracts Ericsson for network expansion
Yushchenko calls for Ukrtelekom sale
TWC and Wi-LAN team up for tailored wireless broadband network
Vimpelcom shareholders approve deal to buy WellCOM; Telenor challenges validity of decision
WellCOM saga has a Tele2-shaped twist in the tale
Golden Telecom gains DECT concession
‘They started it’: Telenor files tit-for-tat lawsuit against Alfa
Alfa attacking Telenor on all fronts
Ukrtelecom won’t be sold yet, but may receive mobile licence
New twist in Vimpelcom-WellCOM stake sale saga
Ukrtelecom renews TeliaSonera IP transit deal
MTS splashes the ca$h
Motorola to monitor and improve UMC network
Weekly Vimpelcom boardroom update: Alfa withdraws suit against Telenor!
Astelit agrees refinancing agreement
Something happens in Vimpelcom boardroom, again
Telenor reportedly softening stance on Vimpelcom-Kievstar merger
Telenor and Alfa face off in the Vimpelcom boardroom
Kievstar does the double
Ukraine’s IP revolution
UMC gets Motorola optimisation solution
Mobile newcomer life:) to launch WAP and MMS
Government leaves Ukrtelecom off privatisation list
Life Astelit chooses Telenity MMS/SMS platforms
Ukrainian bank sets up MVNO venture with wireless struggler WellCOM
Kievstar selects ECI for SDH network
Ukrtelekom privatization suspended
Nokia wins network contract
DCC set to launch GSM under Turkcell’s watchful eye
Ukrtelecom prepares for bonds issue
Ericsson to give Kiev Star network the EDGE
Mobile subscribers edge closer to five million barrier
New telecoms law adopted
The continued buy-out of Ukrainian Mobile Comm.