NBTC shelves the planned 2G networks shutdown
Thaicom agrees to return 3400MHz-3700MHz spectrum
NBTC to auction 3400MHz-3700MHz spectrum in 2020
NBTC to hold 5G spectrum tender in February 2020
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
NBTC cancels TOT’s USO Net contracts; bans company from future projects
MCOT asks for USD1.6bn compensation for 2.6GHz airwaves
TOT-CAT Telecom merger to be finalised in Q2 2020
AIS signs 5G MoU with Nokia, Huawei, ZTE
Temasek selling 8.02% of AIS parent InTouch Holdings
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
NBTC amends terms and conditions for 700MHz auction
Telenor Group reports ‘solid start’ to 2019
NBTC abandons OTT surcharge plan
DTAC teams up with TOT, CAT for 5G tests
NBTC scraps May date for 700MHz auction
Singtel reports 14% drop in Q3 net profit on regional associate falls
NBTC mulls loans to cellcos as 5G investment incentive
NBTC gearing up for 5G auctions
Two Asian firms interested in Thailand’s 700MHz airwaves
NBTC approves 2G shutdown by 31 October
NBTC approves draft rules for 700MHz spectrum auction
DTAC to pay THB9.5bn to settle most legal disputes with CAT Telecom
NBTC to subsidise fixed broadband for 600,000 households in border regions
NBTC set to shut down 2G networks by October 2019
NBTC to auction 2.6GHz spectrum in 2H19
NBTC to hold 700MHz auction in 3Q19
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
AIS kicks off 5G demos in 26GHz band; True Move to follow in December
NBTC allows 5G tests in 26GHz band
TOT, CAT spectrum rights to remain unchanged post-merger
DTAC secures spectrum in 900MHz band
NBTC to hold 1800MHz auction in February 2019; 5G auction to follow
DTAC confirmed as sole bidder in 900MHz spectrum auction
True seeking to revoke TOT arbitration award
AIS, True to skip 900MHz spectrum auction
NBTC to stage second 900MHz auction on 20 October
Court gives DTAC three months to migrate 850MHz users
NBTC will not extend DTAC’s 850MHz concession
TOT to offer fixed-wireless broadband from December
DTAC takes NBTC to court over remedy period
NBTC to hold a new 900MHz, 1800MHz auction in October
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
NBTC’s 1800MHz auction concludes with just two blocks sold
AIS, DTAC submit bids for 1800MHz spectrum; 850MHz auction cancelled
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
NBTC imposes a limit on SIM purchases
DTAC expresses reservations over bidding in 850MHz auction
DTAC taps Nokia for 2300MHz TD-LTE rollout
CAT board votes for merger alternative, but plan awaits TOT backing
DTAC to bid in 850MHz spectrum auction
NBTC may reschedule 1800MHz tender
Thailand cancels 1800MHz spectrum auction
NBTC to allow 1800MHz auction winner to reshuffle spectrum blocks
DTAC soft-launches TD-LTE services in 2300MHz band
True Move confirms it will skip 1800MHz auction
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
True Move may have to skip 1800MHz auction
TOT and DTAC sign final 2300MHz 4G agreement
NBTC to launch 1800MHz spectrum pre-auction today
NBTC scraps financial relief plan for AIS, True Move
NBTC to allocate 380MHz of spectrum by 2020
NBTC reverts to original spectrum auction plans
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
DTAC in talks with CAT over long-term infrastructure lease
NBTC mulling SIM re-registration process
NBTC cancels auction for broadband network
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
NBTC puts spectrum auction on hold
NBTC proposes changes to 900MHz, 1800MHz auctions
AIS and TOT sign a roaming agreement
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
NBTC to launch biometric SIM registration on 15 December; spectrum auction rules approved
NBTC sets the reserve price for 1800MHz, 850MHz spectrum
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Thaicom finalises CS Loxinfo sale to AIS
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
AIS to acquire CS Loxinfo ahead of renewed broadband push
NBTC to auction DTAC’s 850MHz, 1800MHz spectrum in January
AIS introduces Gigabit download speeds via LTE-A, Wi-Fi
Singtel quarterly net profit down 5.6%, impacted by Bharti Airtel
Govt to create two new broadband firms; TOT to introduce IP lines by 2025
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
True awards 75% of 100G backbone project to ZTE
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
True Corp dissolves True Internet subsidiary
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
True taps Ericsson to deploy Dual Band Dot solution in Thailand
TOT selects DTAC as 2300MHz 4G partner
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
TOT to take over True’s BMA fixed line operations when concession expires in October
Thai govt to extend broadband to 70,000 villages by end-2018
AIS taps Metaswitch to support VoLTE
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
AIS enabling ‘700Mbps’ LTE speeds in May
IoT Catch-up: M2M/Internet of Things developments
IoT Roundup: M2M/Internet of Things developments
True recruits Ericsson for 5G trial; 2.6GHz auction now likely in 2018
NBTC commissioner targets unified licensing regime
NBTC approves TOT’s 2300MHz plan, report says
AIS taps Qualcomm to boost LTE-A network
NBTC rejects TOT’s revised 2300MHz wholesale plan
Midweek M2M: IoT and machine-to-machine developments
TOT to take over TT&T operations from 1 March
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
NBTC extends Triple T licence ahead of schedule; Mobile LTE becomes 2nd satellite licensee
NBTC taps Ericsson for Thai 5G trial; will auction 700MHz, 850MHz, 1800MHz, 2600MHz spectrum by 2020
TOT infrastructure fund plan delayed until Jan-18
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
AIS, Huawei announce Massive MIMO breakthrough
Thai cellcos ordered to offer vulnerable people cut-price 4G access
Thai regulator to auction unused 2600MHz spectrum 'for 5G'
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
dtac selects Nokia to bolster backbone
NBTC to re-auction DTAC's 1800MHz spectrum in July 2018
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
True taps Nokia for Bangkok IP/MPLS solution
TOT, AIS ink six-month 2100MHz roaming deal
Tower Talk: a guide to the latest major cell site developments
Jasmine CEO Bodharamik to take 100% ownership
M2M Monthly: a guide to recent machine-to-machine and IoT developments
NBTC unimpressed with TOT 2300MHz proposal
TOT in talks with four international telcos over broadband partnership
Singtel Group to pay USD659m for 7.39% Bharti Telecom stake
Singtel looking to take bigger slice of AIS via Intouch share purchase
Singtel Group net profit stalls in Q2
Thai cable group CTH shutting down in September
TOT planning TD-LTE 2.3GHz trial next month
Thai cellcos oppose 3G/4G tariff regime
Jasmine pays fine; AIS officially receives 900MHz licence
AIS launches VoWiFi
Thailand’s regulator aims to standardise pre-paid registration platform for Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia
Thailand’s Digital Economy Ministry replacing ICT Ministry in September
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
NBTC fines Jas Mobile THB200m for failure to pay for 900MHz spectrum licence
NBTC considering allocation of 800MHz frequencies
AIS wins uncontested 900MHz re-auction at USD2.11bn
MCOT’s 2600MHz 4G bandwidth available mid-2017, says deputy PM
AIS launches pre-paid fibre; prepares 2100MHz venture with TOT
AIS sole contender for spare 900MHz licence after True drops out
Group of 34 Thai cablecos apply for broadband licences
Act reduces Thai regulator’s autonomy; DTAC abstains from 900MHz re-auction
TOT takes sole responsibility for rural broadband project
900MHz re-auction set for 27 May; AIS permitted to use 2G spectrum until June
Government allows True into 900MHz re-auction; True poised to poach AIS 2G users
Regulator votes against True participating in 900MHz re-auction
Thailand sets out 900MHz re-auction terms
AIS launches VoLTE nationwide, markets ‘4.5G’; True ramps up LTE marketing
Jas Mobile loses 4G licence after failing to pay
Ericsson signs three-year contract to augment True’s 4G rollout
AIS wins month leeway to migrate 900MHz users
AIS rejects True’s free roaming offer on eve of 900MHz shutdown
True love? True allows AIS to ‘roam free’ after receiving 900MHz licence
AIS rejects True’s 900MHz roaming terms
NBTC wants AIS to offer 2G 900MHz continuity via True roaming service for three months
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
AIS ‘trials’ additional 3G/4G capacity on TOT network; updates progress on migrating 2G users
AIS signs up 5m LTE users in less than two months
Jas Mobile still struggling to pay 900MHz licence fee; True raises full asking price
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Telenor, Ericsson transform network capabilities in Thailand, Bangladesh, Myanmar
DTAC plans USD2bn investment
AIS agrees roaming with DTAC as it scrambles to secure services for remaining 2G users
Jas Mobile uncertain of raising 900MHz licence fee; True prepares USD1.7bn rights issue
AIS claims technology coup with LTE-A; True to follow soon
AIS launching LTE-1800 this week; agrees terms for ending towers arbitration with TOT
CAT to provide fibre-optics for cablecos
State-backed national broadband network set for rollout ‘in next twelve months’
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
True to expand 4G in 850MHz band by Q3; TOT looking at several new partnership deals
Jasmine, True win 900MHz licences in USD4.2bn auction
Thai 900MHz licence bidding to exceed USD3bn
NBTC refarming 1500MHz band for mobile in four years
True reaches terms with CAT to continue 2G services for another year
DTAC allocates extra 4G bandwidth; AIS reveals LTE battle plans
True launching 1800MHz LTE next week to trump AIS
DTAC free to expand 2100MHz 3G network after court order abolished
AIS joining LTE market in mid-December
TOT chooses AIS as strategic mobile broadband partner
AIS, True pay over USD1.1bn each for 1800MHz 4G licences
Singtel’s Q2 profit, revenue wobble on currency movements
Thai 4G auction bidding exceeds USD2bn; CAT's lawyers stay quiet
DeClout acquires Pacnet ISPs in Singapore and Thailand from Telstra
DTAC’s 1800MHz LTE goes live in Bangkok
900MHz auction moved back to 15 December
TOT gets official permission to develop 4G in 2.3GHz-2.4GHz band
Four bidders confirmed for 900MHz auction after Mobile LTE drops out; TOT shortlists two mobile partners
CAT elaborates on 'national internet gateway' goals; angles for 4G spectrum
New AIS, TOT partnership agreed, claims ICT Minister
900MHz auction set for 12 Nov; four entrants confirmed for 1800MHz sale
Mobile LTE acquires 900MHz auction documents in Thailand
State confirms two 15MHz licences up for grabs in 1800MHz auction
900MHz potential bidder list same as 1800MHz
DTAC aiming for 2.5m 4G users by year-end
NBTC says DTAC can use existing 1800MHz spectrum for 4G
15 December confirmed as 900MHz auction date
Full 1800MHz bandwidth not available at auction, regulator admits
AIS, DTAC, True and Jasmine applying for 1800MHz auction
Thailand to launch 4G auction on 11 November, but regulator increases reserve price
Thailand starts cutting off unregistered SIMs in wake of bombing
DTAC confirms AIS network sharing, CAT joint venture deals
CAT expects DTAC network JVs to launch 2016; DTAC, AIS plan tower sharing
DTAC tests VoLTE
81% of pre-paid SIMs registered by deadline
CAT approves DTAC infrastructure JV plan in attempt to end disputes
True accelerates efforts to migrate fixed voice users; confirms USD973m two-year fibre budget
Final 2G phase-out periods agreed in Thailand
Regulator tightens regulation on mobile interconnection for smaller players
China Telecom aiming to join Loxley in partnership with TOT
True’s 2G gets six-month extension
DTAC appeals against infrastructure restrictions
CAT discloses 4G 850MHz plan, persists with 1800MHz proposal
Regulator warns operators to meet number registration deadline
True Corp tables USD740m broadband investment plan
CAT lines up another MVNO partner
MICT to clear up iPSTAR status with new Thaicom contract
TOT to pick strategic partner(s) ‘by August’
Ex-minister indicted over True-CAT, TOT deals
AIS will reach 29,000 3G base stations, 48,000 Wi-Fi points this year
Singtel’s fourth-quarter profits climb 4.6% on strong performances, home and abroad
Regulator rejects CAT-DTAC 1800MHz spectrum return plan
CAT, DTAC reach 1800MHz resolution; increases spectrum pot for auction
Intouch Media applies for IPTV licence; AIS currently using Thaicom IPTV concession
MVNO 168 (formerly 365) budgets USD91m for 3G relaunch
AIS launches fibre broadband and IPTV services
CAT Telecom streamlines mobile assets
DTAC’s mobile data revenue up 13% as it nears 1m 4G users
NTT launches Thai corporate data MVNO
MCOT returns 2600MHz spectrum; additional 4G auction to follow next year
DTAC launches 4G in more tourist zones
State-backed telco lets the CAT out of the bag; plots USD920m 4G investment
Thai spectrum cap lower than previously mooted; another auction delay looming?
DTAC repurposing 1800MHz spectrum for 4G to help boost subscriber base
NBTC re-evaluates auction with ITU
DTAC: CAT chat to conclude by 2Q15
November, December auction dates set for 1800MHz, 900MHz spectrum
50MHz spectrum cap proposed; auction delay to Q4 on cards?
Jasmine to enter 4G auction
TOT expands TV audience with OTT
Government promises spectrum auction by August
DTAC 4G covers all Bangkok districts; 1,200 nationwide sites by end-March
True Corp highlights growth in mobile and fixed segments
Deputy PM denies spectrum auction will be delayed; PM, ministry, regulator not so sure
True doubling broadband coverage in 2015/16
Further spectrum auction delays confirmed
Mobile LTE talks up TOT partnership bid with THB2bn capital plan
Cabinet agrees on pre-paid registering scheme
NBTC tasks advisory panel with study of DTAC’s 1800MHz spectrum
Jasmine IPO raises USD1.13bn
Regulator warns unregistered SIMs will be cut off in August
Jasmine IPO gets regulatory clearance
True transfers USD430m additional assets to infrastructure fund
Forget 3G, Phuket 4G is here, declares DTAC
CAT, TOT in frenzy of network partnership negotiations, frequency lobbying
Jasmine opening IPO in early Feb
Cyber security draft law approved by cabinet
Regulator, ministry confident that spectrum auctions will proceed this year
Cellcos ordered to charge per-second
Draft laws approved to remove regulator’s powers over mobile spectrum
State telcos ordered to trim, optimise operations
Cellcos unite over 4G
Junta Claus?? Coup leaders fill sack with spectrum gifts for telcos on 'good list'
True proposes TOT, CAT sell assets to TRUEGIF following state plan to restructure telcos
Jasmine infrastructure fund listing delayed to January
National Backbone Holding Co plan hatched; CAT-DTAC MoU signed as planned
DTAC, CAT aim for MoU on network collaboration
CAT aims for one million broadband customers by 2019
Jasmine’s infrastructure fund IPO to launch on Thursday
TOT plans to divest stakes in eleven ventures to raise cash for investment
AIS earmarks around THB70bn for mobile, fixed development
NBTC confirms 900MHz, 1800MHz auction by September 2015
True budgets USD1.31bn for fibre broadband and LTE rollouts
Jasmine presses ahead with fund listing plan to support Triple T expansion
SingTel reports 19.3% rise in second quarter profit; revenue, EBITDA climb too
AIS selects Huawei AAU mobile broadband solution
TT&T ceases legal dispute, easing path to Jasmine infrastructure fund listing
DTAC selects Ericsson for 4G in major cities
True signs up Alcatel-Lucent for 100G IP transport
AIS announces 3G users reach 88% of total
True releases expansion plans; shares infrastructure with DTAC via fund
DTAC’s 3G users reach 71% of total subscriber base
DTAC to build 3,000 LTE sites by March
Tesco Lotus to launch MVNO on CAT network
China Mobile and True finalise strategic partnership
Jasmine’s infrastructure fund plans buoyed by court decision on TT&T lawsuit
AIS fixed broadband budget set at USD144m
AIS deploying 3,000 small cells to meet capacity demands
Thai regulator ‘not guilty’ of collusion
NCPO clears three international cable projects worth around USD188m
SingTel reports net profit down 17.4% in fiscal Q1
Jasmine’s revenues climb 12%; broadband net adds reach 64,000 in Q2
True shareholders approve China Mobile stake purchase
1800MHz 4G auction delayed until July 2015
NCPO changing law to redirect universal service funds, auction revenue
Axiata selling Samart i-mobile stake
CAT relaunches My 3G, hopes to bid for 4G licence
True to get 2G extension following 4G auction suspension
Junta suspends 4G auctions
TOT expects THB10bn operating loss this year
CTH develops OTT and hybrid TV services
Planetcomm plans 100,000 home GPON fibre rollout
Telenor apologises to junta, as regulator mulls 4G cap
Samart negotiating buying out Axiata’s stake in MVNO, source claims
DTAC threatened with 4G bid ban
DTAC delisting from Singapore exchange in September
China Mobile agrees to buy 18% stake in True Corp
Deja coup?? Junta considers reviving TOT-CAT merger plan
NBTC given thumbs up for 4G auction; public hearing on draft set for today
True’s 3G/4G users reach 59% of total
SingTel profit up 3.5% in Q4, but falls short of analysts’ estimates
DTAC’s 4G goes commercial in Bangkok
900MHz auction prices 16% higher than 1800MHz
AIS profits drop 4.5% under political pressure as PM is ousted; 1800MHz GSM closed down
TOT scraps AIS 4G alliance plan
DTAC’s 3G 2100MHz users reach 56% of total
NBTC issues warning for True’s 2G 1800MHz switch-off
DTAC selects Alcatel-Lucent for 100G optical rollout, tests 4G
NBTC finalises 1800MHz minimum bids at USD359m
True reaches quarter of a million LTE users, targets 1m this year
NBTC’s telecom committee approves 1800MHz, 900MHz auction plans
NBTC sets 4G reserve prices
ITU advises NBTC to split 1800MHz/900MHz spectrum into 5MHz blocks
DTAC begins LTE testing in preparation for central Bangkok rollout
Jasmine infrastructure fund plan hits regulatory obstacle over network leasing
NBTC approves draft fixed, mobile interconnection rates
Another TOT, AIS deal delayed - 4G capacity agreement on hold
True sizing up foreign partners for international expansion; sets domestic budget
NBTC finalises auction schedule beginning August
TT&T’s voice revenues continue fall; broadband relaunch has low impact so far
True Corp’s total service revenues climb 7.2%
Ericsson and True release LTE expansion details
CAT delays MVNO project by six months
TOT postpones 3G roaming, Wi-Fi deals with AIS
NBTC releases 4G auction details
Temasek to sell USD3.1bn In Touch (Shin Corp) stake; SingTel linked with possible deal
DTAC updates 3G, 4G plans; reveals network sharing intentions
Sales up 21% at Triple T Broadband
DTAC signs up 12m 3G users
AIS's net profit up 4% in Q4 and FY13
DTAC cleared for 4G launch in April
AIS comes to financial aid of TOT's 3G project
InTouch annual budget of USD1.5bn covers AIS fibre project alongside mobile
True, CTH diversify TV strategies
NBTC maintains September 4G auction plan
TOT adds THB2.3bn to budget request for FTTx acceleration
AIS raising three-year 3G network budget to USD2.7bn
AIS claims first data roaming in Myanmar
True succeeds in USD1.8bn infrastructure fund IPO
Regulator ploughs on with 1800MHz, 900MHz plans
TOT’s 3G second phase contract delayed until next year
True’s infrastructure fund launched
AIS and TOT working on 4G partnership details
TOT launching mobile payment range next March
Telenor pumping USD1bn into DTAC in 2014-16
True’s Q3 service revenue up 10.6% year-on-year
TOT, MCOT licensed as network providers for DTT operations
True Corp infrastructure fund begins IPO pre-marketing
SingTel’s net profit creeps up 0.3% in its fiscal second quarter
365 switches to CAT network
CAT assesses 4G prospects; plans My 3G ‘relaunch’ in January
AIS 3G 2100MHz users reach 10.47m
DTAC sees slight increase in sales in third quarter
Thai ministry says CAT must decide what to do with DTAC spectrum
CAT-True contract amendments get NBTC approval
CAT and SK Telecom to collaborate in mobile business
TOT, Samart to redraw MVNO contract
True aims to migrate 2G users ‘in four months’; CAT’s 3G investment with True approved
True’s shareholders approve infrastructure fund plan
Alcatel-Lucent upgrading AAG cable to over 8Tbps
NBTC cannot help DTAC with 1800MHz LTE request
365 ends TOT MVNO partnership; Samart buys M Link shares
AIS extends 3G investment plan by USD630m
True must start GSM migration in earnest now one-year clock ticking
Huawei deploying 400G core routers for DTAC
True gets regulatory OK for infrastructure fund; excludes True Move assets; Jasmine to follow
AIS scores an own goal with overloaded football app
True enlists Ericsson as 3G/4G technology partner
TT&T’s losses lower y-o-y
True’s losses widen in Q2
TOT stalls 3G expansion, commits to ramping up Wi-Fi
AIS Q2 revenues rise 4.5%
Jasmine International’s revenues up 12%
DTAC raises budget to expand 2100MHz 3G coverage
True selects Huawei’s 400G core network solution
NBTC approves 1800MHz plan
True going forward with ‘USD2.25bn’ infrastructure fund listing
NBTC determined to stick to 1800MHz auction plan
DTAC posts financial growth on eve of TriNet launch
Norcon working with True on 4G build-out
DTAC in M2M partnership with Ericsson
TOT proposes USD640m FTTH network investment
AIS to migrate remaining UMTS-900 users to 2100MHz ‘in two months’
23 July confirmed as 2100MHz launch date for DTAC
Five prospective MVNOs for CAT
South-East Asia Japan Cable (SJC) now in operation
AIS to attack fixed broadband market, says parent
CAT-True partnership gets Council of State blessing
AIS 3G expansion ahead-of-schedule; vows to discontinue 2G as soon as possible
True hires advisers for USD1bn infrastructure fund listing
Board approves TOT’s 850,000-line fibre upgrade; searching for Wi-Fi funding
TOT and Samart finalise MVNO terms
ITU to draw up plan for 1800MHz, 900MHz bands; 470MHz recall to pave way for 700MHz awards
NBTC unveils maximum 3G tariffs; cellcos to launch own-brand 3G handsets
I’ll buy that for (under) a dollar: MNP fee slashed, porting capacity multiplied
TOT, CAT join new interconnection rate from 1 July
Japanese ‘committed’ to TOT investment
Three main cellcos agree lower interconnection rate
DTAC presents tri-band ambitions
True 4G launch trumps rivals; AIS claims 800,000 users at official 2100MHz launch; DTAC waits until June
Jasmine’s revenues up 11.9%; Triple T accounts for 85%
AIS’s Q1 net additions rise to 1.375m
Cable Thai consortium tapping banks for USD1bn investment this year
Cellcos complying with 15% 3G tariff cut
TOT proposes AIS buy shares in network operating subsidiary
DTAC posts first quarter results, ups CAPEX guidance
CAT converting analogue network to TETRA digital
NBTC hopes DTAC will ‘donate’ 1800MHz spectrum to ease 2G-4G migration
AIS expects 200,000 users in 2100MHz network soft launch
NBTC approves amended True-CAT 3G contracts, could lead to copycat deals
CAT signs cloud deal with IBM
AIS soft launching 2100MHz network on 9 April, selects NSN for rollout
True’s fixed broadband speeds rise by 30% by June
CAT launches OTT/IPTV service
DTAC’s 2100MHz 3G network to launch in June
Preliminary 3G rates set by NBTC
True upgrading to 100G platform
AIS brings forward 2100MHz 3G launch date to April
TT&T’s annual revenues slide 11%, loss near-triples
DTAC contracts Ericsson for 3G rollout and managed services
CAT develops on-demand IPTV content with Digital Rapids
True Corp’s revenue climbs 8.9%
True confirms April LTE launch date
TOT, CAT sign 3G roaming pact
TOT’s national 3G service launches on 22 February; 4G trial going ahead
Thaicom reports on Laos, Cambodian units
NBTC proposes Q3 2014 for 1800MHz auction
True launching corporate cloud services this year
DTAC’s annual revenues climb 13%
4G plans abound at True, Samart, CAT
TuneTalk to partner Loxley and rebrand Thai MVNO
AIS’ annual net profit up 57% on 11% revenue rise
1800MHz band reallocation approved in principle by telecoms committee
CDMA switch-off delayed to April
CAT kicking off ‘My’ HSPA marketing campaign, rounding up CDMA stragglers
CAT, Hutch CDMA to be switched off at end of March
TOT’s MeTV IPTV expands nationwide
TOT’s 3G to go ‘nationwide’ in late February; 4G trial also going ahead
MNP improvements expected by 20 April
Singapore reduces Shin Corp (InTouch) stake, raises USD687m
NBTC issues 302 broadcasting licences, kicks off digital TV trials
Mobile calls capped at THB0.99 per minute
DTAC earmarks USD818m for 3G in three years
True Corp sees bright 2013
400,000 Wi-Fi hotspots to be deployed under private-public project
2100MHz licences finally in cellcos’ hands; plans emerge for rollouts
NBTC issues 3G licences; group of senators appeal
Ombudsman 3G petition rejected
Thaicom establishes African satellite division
TOT given 90 days to complete 3G first-phase expansion
TT&T swings to USD229m quarterly net loss
Challenge to True being mounted by CTH; planning triple-play, FTTH
NBTC board endorses committee’s 3G auction approval, aiming to deflect Ombudsman’s petition
True’s third-quarter loss narrows only slightly
Ombudsman pursues 3G injunction
Jasmine near-doubles profits on 12% sales hike
DTAC tests 4G
AIS reaches 3.5m 3G subscribers; blended ARPU climbs 4% y-o-y
NBTC commences pay-TV licensing
TOT-Softbank 4G talks restarted
DTAC reaches 7.2m data subscribers, adds half-million 3G users in quarter
MeTV launches over TOT network
Finance ministry objection to 3G auction lodged
3G auction result approved; 4G options being studied
2100MHz auction raises USD1.35bn, only 3% above floor price
All three bidders cleared for 3G auction
CAT needs another month to amend True contract
DTAC expects to spend USD1.3bn on 3G
NBTC may offer 1800MHz spectrum for 2G and 4G after 3G auction
AIS, DTAC and True all to bid for 3G spectrum in October
True Move H avoids phone number shortage?
17 3G application forms picked up by deadline
ISPs squeeze to please: Thai triple ‘T’s (including Triple T) freeze fees
Baby steps: TOT’s 3G/4G plans crawl towards parental approval
15 3G application forms issued
TOT, CAT present post-BTO business plans
Five groups take 3G application forms, but only three to bid
NBTC refuses MCOT’s application for IPTV over 2.6GHz frequencies
DTAC pays unprecedented USD320,000 fine for service failure
TOT to trial LTE this year; moving forward with 3G, Wi-Fi expansion
True, AIS 1800MHz licence extensions to help customer migration
October date confirmed for 3G auction
Losses mount up at TT&T
3G spectrum cap of 2x15MHz confirmed
SingTel reports 3.2% rise in Q1 net profit
Triple T Broadband revenues up 25% in second quarter
True’s migration to 3G, fixed broadband growth progresses
AIS boosts net income 42% y-o-y
NBTC to lower proposed 3G spectrum cap: equal allocations for incumbents now likely
AIS, DTAC mull 3G infrastructure tie-up
True Corp argues for cut in 3G reserve price
NBTC approves draft foreign dominance regulations
3G auction penciled in for 17 October, regulator selecting advisor
TOT awards Samart I-Mobile MVNO contract for 40% of 3G resale capacity
CAT aims to attract MVNOs for 3G, 2G services
True Move H maintains four million user target, but will its numbers add up?
NBTC sets 16 July date for foreign ownership review
CAT to finish cable construction this year; fibre service ‘On Net’ to launch in Q4 in ten provinces
3G licence floor price finalised: USD141m per 2x5MHz block
TOT nears strategic deal with Softbank
CAT given month to amend True contracts; CAT-True working on alternative buyback solution
TOT to build two terrestrial fibre routes in partnership with China Telecom, AT&T
True earmarks USD250m for fixed broadband expansion; attacking provincial, corporate segments
3G licence price likely to be similar to previous proposals
NBTC sub-committee wraps up CAT-True investigation, rules deal illegal
Arbitrator dismisses CAT Telecom's claim against DTAC
True to continue CAT partnership ‘at own risk’ as state telco officially suspends 3G activity
True facing 3G number shortage
CAT puts 3G plans on hold; TOT told to do same
3G licensing draft approved by regulator’s committee; 4G trials okayed
Swinging time for True in Q1; revenues up 25%
SingTel’s aggregate mobile base climbs to 445m in Q1
Profits jump 42% at AIS
DTAC’s profit falls 10.1% in Q1; EBITDA down 6.3%
True and BMA in free Wi-Fi partnership
True launches 200Mbps premium service, with premium price to match
Anti-corruption committee yet to reach conclusion on CAT-True deals
Chinese companies interested in Thai 3G licences
TOT signs network upgrade deal with NSN
True Move H contract might be scrapped, hints ICT minister (but admits it could take years)
DTAC promises 5,000 3G BTS this year; LTE test in Q3
Cubic and Vooz positive on IPTV; Buddy more cautious
NBTC approves master plan; spectrum conditions favour TOT
DTAC’s Wi-Fi service goes commercial
TOT proposes 2.3GHz LTE, tower sharing strategies
ICT Ministry labels CAT, True 3G deal ‘illegal’
CAT’s 3G wholesale business the mainstay of revenue growth strategy
True aims to quadruple 3G base in 2012
Triple T earns 67% of Jasmine’s revenues
Indebted TT&T’s net loss narrows; fixed line revenues continue to slide
Concession reform faces opposition from telco unions
Swinging both ways: profit, loss for True in Q4, FY
True Move in free aircard and music strategy
IPTV trial an acid test for TOT’s network capabilities
2100MHz 3G licensing timetable updated
AIS budgeting THB8bn for network upgrades
CAT’s True Move H deal ‘illegal’ says senate committee
TOT offers 3G in Pattaya over AIS network
AIS reaches 1.2m 3G users in six months; non-voice revenue up 31%
DTAC on Wi-Fi expansion drive
DTAC’s EBITDA margin affected by increase in revenue-sharing
Digital TV migration to take four years
AIS 4G trials kick off
USD48m investment to drive 60% rise in True Wi-Fi subscribers
MNP stats reveal no big winners
Singapore group sells 6.2% of Shin, meets stock market free float requirement
NBTC tightens service quality rules
AIS starting LTE test at end of month
TOT to converge billing
Operators invited to test LTE using TOT's spectrum
CAT’s formal launch of My 3G retail service confirmed for January
TOT and AIS in THB1bn network access scheme; TOT readies new MVNO deals
True Move budgets USD735 million for network expansion
3G auction likely in late-2012
AIS, TOT LTE trial given go-ahead
CAT’s plans taking shape to transfer network ownership to private operators
CAT’s commercial ‘My’ 3G launching for post-paid users in January
Four million smartphones to be sold this year, says AIS marketing man
NBTC adopts draft frequency master plan
NBTC hints at potential changes to foreign ownership regulations
CAT’s full HSPA launch delayed
TOT opts for 3G trial while flooding persists
True Corp’s net loss due to financial costs
AIS increases net profit by 26%
SingTel ups direct stake in AIS by 2%
TOT says 3G expansion ‘on track’ despite flooding
DTAC reports 3Q growth
AIS, TOT drop compensation cases over amended contracts
NBTC finally to begin work on 3G plan
Regulator rules CAT-True 3G partnership 'unfair'
DTAC’s 3G service endorsed by Attorney General
NBTC commissioners appointed
TT&T posts Q2 decline; remains the poor relation of Jasmine
CAT/DTAC dispute on hold - for now
True sales up but losses widen after Hutchison acquisition
DTAC officially launches 3G services
DTAC reiterates plans to launch 3G despite opposition
Jasmine’s Triple T Broadband reports 28.9% revenue rise
AIS’ net profit up 26% to USD205m
TOT and AIS 3G roaming to start from October 2011
AIS launches expanded 3G 900MHz service in capital and seven provinces
TrueMove H targets one million 3G users this year
DTAC profit up 24.5% y-o-y, down 9.2% q-o-q
CAT’s HSPA ‘My’ 3G service launching softly
Attorney-General approves CAT-True deals
DTAC avoids ownership litigation for now
TOT and AIS agree new roaming deal
CAT-True 800MHz 3G approval given; now needs HSPA equipment permission
True doubling hotspots to 60,000, reaching 15 more provinces
Natee deadlock: 3G auction 1Q12 at earliest, official says
True USD473m rights issue funding 3G
True says no way to Norway DTAC holding
CAT exiting data provider UIH
Air on a 4G string: DTAC shares LTE frequency musings
TOT announces expanded 3G launch by November
Thai 3G deployments boost NSN amid global pressure
Panel dismisses TOT’s USD1bn claim against AIS
CAT and TOT agree on HSPA roaming
TT&T to relaunch itself in broadband market
Court rejects DTAC’s injunction against True and CAT’s HSPA partnership
AIS launching ‘AirNet’ home wireless broadband service
True’s EBITDA falls 4% on higher expenses
China Telecom ‘gets foot in the door’ of Thailand, but not connected to True
True Universal launching 100Mbps internet access in Pattaya
Jasmine reduces TT&T stake further; posts 15% revenue increase
Jasmine reduces TT&T stake further; posts 15% revenue increase
TOT finalises national 3G rollout contract despite inquiry
AIS 26% profit rise driven by data usage
DTAC files petition against CAT-True tie-up; downgrades Singapore listing status
True Move still seeking partner, but no names yet
ZTE drops TOT 3G lawsuit, but Ericsson could stall rollout
TOT to sue CAT for up to USD4.6 billion
NTT DoCoMo aiming to rival AIS in Thai LTE tests
CAT's clause: no commercial 3G for DTAC until agreement on compensation
True pinpoints late 3Q for mass market 3G
AIS, 3BB Wi-Fi agreement; Triple T aims to expand partnership to MVNO service
True upgrades corporate Ethernet service to 10Gbps
AIS subsidiary seeks 1800MHz LTE testing permission
Arbitration panel rejects CAT’s DPC tax compensation claim; CAT to appeal
True Move in preparation for ‘H’ launch on HSPA network this month
Believe it when you see it: regulator aims for 3G licensing by year-end
Invisible ink: ‘opaque’ TOT can’t see through red tape to sign 3G contract
TOT referring AIS claims to state panel rather than court
Bouncy baht boosts bottom line for True
AIS: interest rises in the east, sits in the west for ‘secret’ talks
OMG! OAG wants 411 on CAT, TOT 3G deals, PDQ
Thaicom’s Laos, Cambodia telecoms revenues fall 32%
CAT’s 3G dream to come True in two months?
CAT to give DTAC permission for commercial 3G launch
AIS' annual net profit rises 19%
DTAC plans to delist from Singapore stock market, increase borrowing
DTAC posts record high annual profits
TOT claims USD6.8bn compensation from AIS, DTAC, True and TT&T
Thais to get CMMB mobile TV network
Cabinet to discuss TOT's compensation claims
4 Real: CAT awards four contracts to True units; Hutch takeover complete
TOT 3G contract won by smart Samart after Ericsson ejection
True-CAT pull rabbit out of hat: Hutch CDMA becomes HSPA
Swedes put down roots for DTAC’s advanced network
Do the baht plan: AIS splashes THB10bn on 2G/3G expansion
CAT's energy project invigorated by ministers
Two consortia qualify for TOT’s 3G expansion
CAT to partner True on swapping CDMA for HSPA; True to sign 2G/3G contract
DTAC upgrading 10,000 cell sites
Quartet court TOT
DTAC budgets USD33m to expand 3G trial sites
Can it be True? Thai-owned group to buy Hutch CDMA business
Thai court approves TT&T’s USD860m debt rehabilitation plan
Axiata sells Samart stake, may offload Iranian telco shares
Cabinet decision could clear way for True-Hutch deal
Thailand’s MCOT launches broadband TV
CAT allows DTAC, True to expand 3G trials; DTAC to be given commercial nod
Law allowing formation of new regulator, 3G allocation takes effect
Committee flags up illegal amendments to mobile concessions
True conducts 100Gbps Ethernet trial
AIS and TOT piggybacking talks resume; AirAsia to launch MVNO
TOT opens sale of 3G bidding documents
Thais could get in knot over True-Hutch deal
MNP arrives with a whimper, not a bang in Bangkok
TOT 3G tender delayed until January
Hot TOT spot: park users get connected in Phuket for free
Six telecoms operators sign national broadband MoU
Hutch sale: True Move confirms rumoured move was true
Senate OKs frequency bill, clearing path for new regulator, 3G licensing
TOT, CAT investments on hold; TOT's 3G terms of reference due 28 Nov
True Corp 3Q net profit surges on cost savings, but revenues drop slightly
True, AIS could pounce on Hutchison CAT
3G licensing another step closer as House OKs frequency law
USD675m national broadband plan approved
Hutchison stubborn on Hutch CAT sale price
AIS posts 17% rise in net profit
Charoen Pokphand to raise True Corp stake by 9% to near-65%
Review of bill to create new regulator completed
MNP launch set for 15 December
DTAC posts 13.2% revenue hike, says MNP will launch by end-December
TOT launching USD584m network rollout tender next month
Loxley in joint venture to expand 3G MVNO service
Bill to create new regulator rejected by MPs; joint panel to thrash out amendments
TOT’s 3G expansion plan approved; AIS opting for partnership in absence of UMTS licence
CAT Telecom ordered to negotiate lower price for Hutch
Supreme Court upholds 3G auction freeze
3G: to be or not to be? Question to be answered on Thursday
3G auction derailed at eleventh hour by court injunction
Cellcos pick Telcordia for MNP services
CAT gets clause out: court to hear 3G objections
AIS, DTAC, True cleared for 3G bids; CAT aims to spoil the party
Cellcos issued with fines for delaying MNP
Only three 3G bidders, but more hoped for in second round
Hutch finally signs interconnection with AIS, DTAC
True appoints bank to support 3G development, as licensing terms finalised
MNP testing from Sept, but won’t meet state deadline
No Thai 3G bid for Axiata-Samart
Court throws out lawsuit challenging NTC’s right to issue 3G licences
Regulator defends stance on limiting foreign influence
AIS, DTAC, True and two MVNOs purchase 3G bid documents
True Move sees post-paid growth dry up
AIS posts 16% profit jump, reaches 30 million users
TOT agrees to let AIS access 3G network
NTC backs 2G plan; 3G auction remains on track for September
DTAC’s Q2 profit surges 78.2%
Finance Ministry, MICT and PM push to scrap 2G BTO concessions this year
Five operators form clearing house joint venture for MNP
CAT's new board queries Hutchison acquisition
Senate committee requests higher 3G concession starting bid price
True ups the ante to 50Mbps
CAT interested in running Thaicom satellite
30 August confirmed as 2100MHz bid date; 2.3GHz-2.6GHz plans announced
NTC plans to issue 3G/LTE licences in September
CAT tells True to cease 3G trial for violating concession
True swings to net profit
AIS' net profit climbs 8.8%, revenues up 2.3%
DTAC’s 1Q net profit jumps 64.9%, sales up 6.7%
Another step on 3G road: Senate approves unified regulator law
TT&T wants to push ahead with WiMAX plans
WiMAX licensing mooted for next February
CAT gets cabinet approval for Hutch takeover
MNP working committee says August deadline unlikely to be met
NTC sets 3G licensing timeframe, passes MNP resolution
True Move to raise annual spending for 2G and 3G development
Another step towards 3G licensing as lower house OKs frequency bill
Remote northern regions get WiMAX trials
CAT’s takeover of Hutch now rests on cabinet approval
TOT awards USD91m broadband expansion contracts at second attempt
DTAC announces data upgrades and iPhone promotion; True launches rival campaign
AIS examined after Thaksin asset seizure; shares drop but cellco says ‘not guilty’
True swings to USD37 million profit
New commissioners approved: 3G auction moves a step closer
CAT adds MiFi mobile hotspot to EV-DO range
AIS posts 4% annual net profit rise
Revenues slip by 3%, customer base grows by 5.2% at DTAC
AIS and TOT 3G tie-up delayed by up to six months to appease MVNOs
CAT rolling out FTTP in Pattaya
TOT-AIS 3G partnership called unfair and unrealistic
AIS opts for shared 3G service with TOT, as 2100MHz licensing delays drag on
TOT to re-tender for USD92 million broadband project
DTAC sets stall out for 2010
Draft bill to establish new regulator to be submitted this month
TOT told to improve 3G network
CAT to get paws on Hutch's CDMA network
TOT’s profit jumps 21% on 45% broadband rise; signs up 8,000 3G users
Finance Ministry hiring consultant for 2G concession conversion
TOT’s 3G network splutters into life
Three 3G MVNOs given go-ahead by TOT
Thai operators given until August to launch MNP
Samart has high hopes for 3G MVNO
True Corp swings to profit
Huawei and Triple T to invest USD40m in telecoms projects
CAT selects Tinet for global high availability IP transit
AIS’ profit falls 7.7%, expects to turn a corner
Government holds up 3G plans
Regulator hints at 3G delay until February
Net profit falls 11% y-o-y at DTAC, but up 19% q-o-q
TOT promises to launch 3G in December, post profit rise
3G reserve prices pinned down, but auction date in question
Five operators interested in partnering CAT in 3G bid
NTC agrees 3G reserve price of USD300m
CAT’s board want to move ahead with Hutchison purchase
3G licence prices set at USD100m-USD200m
CAT sets revenue targets driven by wireless
Jasmine wants to take over Maxnet brand
3G licensing on track for early 2010
Three MVNO firms vying to offer 3G over TOT’s network
TT&T scores third arbitration victory over TOT
DTAC launches 850MHz 3G trial in partnership with Huawei
True Move in THB10bn network investment
Temasek’s Shin sale out on a limb
CAT keen to complete nationwide CDMA takeover, not so keen on marketing
FX gains help True Corp swing to profit
AIS' 2Q net profit drops by a third, sales down 11%
TOT’s 1H revenues down, but net result up on cost-cutting
CAT reveals further details of fibre rollout, IDD usage boosted by internet promotion
CAT sells another ISP stake
DTAC 2Q profit plunges 65% on one-off effects, revenues slide in weak economy
True takes full control of ISP KSC
TOT asks AIS to share base stations for 3G
NTC sets MNP regulations, sticks to three-month deadline
CAT moves ahead with USD177m FTTx rollout, valuation of Hutch CDMA network
True reaches 12Mbps
TOT committed to 3G launch this year, submits new nationwide plan to government
Samart selects Alca-Lu to power TOT's IP broadband project
Give us more time to launch MNP, plead operators
3G licensing likely to be delayed until next year
TOT must sharpen up 3G business plan
True Corp buys back USD100m shares to hold 98% of True Move
Consultancy contracts pave way for UMTS licensing; DTAC nearer to 3G trial
Creditors dismayed by unusual transactions at TT&T
AIS UMTS-900 expansion on hold
GSM operators eager to access TOT 3G network
CAT to spend USD41 million to deploy 3G
NTC to reallocate 450MHz-510MHz, 790MHz-960MHz, 2.3GHz-2.6GHz bands; DTAC’s 850MHz 3G trial cleared by CAT
True reports subscriber growth, but posts net loss on FX effects
AIS net income falls 10.7% as sales drop by THB2.3bn
TOT to conduct 3G network building tender in July, limited launch in December
TOT must hurry up 3G rollout, says PM
True takes 8Mbps service to provinces
Sales, profits down at DTAC
AIS ramps up cost-cutting in response to recession; DTAC to save THB5bn over two years
TT&T lays off 10% of staff
NTC warns unrest could derail 3G auction
TOT thinks inside the (phone) box
Fastest broadband internet: True launches 8Mbps service
Vodafone and DTAC sign strategic partnership
TOT told to cut planned 3G budget
DTAC going forward with dual-band 3G
NTC scraps post-paid reconnecting fees
TT&T seeks one million broadband subs by the end of 2010
True’s continuing ops turn maiden profit, but group still posts hefty loss
Court prevents TOT exerting ‘regulatory’ power over TT&T
AIS to spend USD1.7bn on 3G in three years
CAT and ZTE build national fibre backbone
Shin takes a kicking in the bottom line for 4Q, but annual profit gets a leg-up
TOT to launch 3G by end-year
AIS’s 4Q profit slumps, but sees slight increase over year
True's rights issue undersubscribed
CAT and Samart ink IP core network contract
True still waiting to sell bonds
DTAC's 4Q profit down 22%, but rises 60% in year
Official: 3G auction will go ahead
Decision on 3G auction to be taken on 5 February
True Move to launch 3G in April
DTAC picks NSN and Huawei for 3G rollout
AIS switches on Bangkok UMTS-900 service
No 3G for TT&T
Hutch to exit CAT joint venture, but can it agree a price?
True’s stuttering revenues and forex effects result in net loss, but q-on-q improvement
TOT targets a million ADSL customers
Jasmine to up stake as part of TT&T ‘rehabilitation’; sets broadband targets
AIS prizes provincial profits; previous predictions prevail
TT&T goes to rehab as debts, net losses widen
CAT awards IP network contract to Samart, AIT consortium
Committee sticks spanner in the works of TOT’s 3G plan
DTAC profit up 34.7% on yearly basis, down 53% from 2Q
AIS cuts 3G budget again
TT&T suspends 3G plans
True issues bonds to fight debt
Regulator updates WiMAX situation
AIS follows DTAC in cutting 3G budget
DTAC puts the brakes on 3G; TOT to break the bank?
3G race heats up
True wants to open Gateway to the US
CAT-calls heard worldwide
CAT signs USD59 million fibre-optic contract
CAT gets the cream of multimedia
DTAC doubles 3G investment
True pay-TV on the move
JasTel pursues international cable link
AIS schedules 3G for Bangkok in Q1
Regulator promises 2GHz 3G licensing by second quarter; DTAC's HSDPA plan approved
TT&T’s broadband growth fails to halt losses widening
DTAC aims to launch 3G in first quarter of next year
True’s 2Q losses widen to USD104 million
Shin Corp net profit more than doubles
One-off gain helps AIS boosts profits by 73% to beat analyst forecasts
Hutch unit trims forecasts
TOT’s 3G plan approved in principle by government
TOT’s 3G plan likely to be stalled by bureaucracy
Smooth Move: True pushes nationwide convergence strategy
CAT calling tender for 3G expansion
DTAC profits up 193%
Triple T WiMAX pilot prepares for lift-off
TOT signs agreement to take 100% of Thai Mobile, reveals 3G wholesale plan
More delays for DTAC/True Move 3G plans
True earmarks USD150 million for 3G
CAT’s delayed fibre-optic rollout approved
CAT CDMA aims for 180,000 3G users by end of year
True involved in ‘green’ city Wi-Fi rollout
True expects internet gateway revenues to more than double
Shin IPO drawing closer
DTAC’s flexible friend NSN
Alca-Lu announces mobile WiMAX trial with True
TT&T looking to catch True in high speed race
AIS earmarks over USD600m for 3G
CAT gives nod to DTAC, True for 3G development
DTAC says 3G unlikely until 2009
TrueMove expands while AIS and DTAC settle
CAT fight
AIS launches tit-for-tat lawsuit against Hutch
New proposal for TOT to take over Thai Mobile
AIS delays Bangkok 3G rollout
CAT to bolster CDMA network
AIS admits only 100 people using 3G
TT&T posts revenue increase
AIS profits up 28.7% y-o-y, flat q-o-q
Forex boosts True’s profits by 562%
Samart to join WiMAX race
AIS launches 3G
TT&T’s investment cut to restructure debts
DTAC’s profits up by 51%
NTC gives permission for commercial UMTS-900
AIS and Motorola report success in mobile WiMAX trials
DTAC goes it alone in 3G race
AIS wants 3G in capital by June
AIS to launch 3.5G next month over UMTS-900 platform
TOT ordered to pay TT&T USD750 million in arbitration case
ICT ministry forms 3G body
NTC to move 3G licensing forward
TT&T’s losses mount up
DTAC warns CAT against napping in 3G race
AIS outlines WiMAX spending plans
Mobile WiMAX trials springing up in Thailand
Another new proposal for 3G in Thailand
True proves worth in 2007
UIH trials Phuket WiMAX
Mobile arms give Shin a leg-up
AIS 4Q results boosted by interconnection, but full-year profit falls flat
Its getting closer: 3G in May, says regulator
AIS reaches further with NSN
DTAC’s EBITDA climbs 6.9%, sales rise 38%
AIS attacks the airwaves
WiMAX, 3G licences in 3Q
Thai tie-ups abound: TOT-True, TOT-AIS, CAT-DTAC; plus TOT-CAT deal back on?
DTAC forecasts 10% revenue rise in 2008
AIS to offer iPhone
DTAC, CAT to enact pact
TOT wants AIS as strategic 3G partner
AIS proposes 900MHz 3G
TT&T plans restructuring and stock listings
TOT tells vendors to hurry up
TOT sues for USD500 million over access fees
True performance led by mobility and Visions
AIS goes back to school
Advanced Info Services offers advanced info services
CAT and Hutch seal deal; CAT’s earnings rely on concession fees
CAT rejects TOT’s terms for Thai Mobile takeover
CAT-Hutch nearing nationwide marketing deal
DTAC embarks on IDD venture with NSN gateway contract
AIS earmarks USD600m for 3G
CAT reconsiders fibre tender
AIS hunts WiMAX licence
TOT promises improved service bouquet for Phuket
3G dream turns into nightmare for TOT
Regulator aims to award 3G licences early next year
TOT sets out plan to expand broadband network by a million lines
Thai Mobile 3G timetable proposed by TOT
AIS’s profit continues to slide
US, China, Japan hot for TOT 3G
TOT to finally take control of Thai Mobile
TOT must not float, ever, says minister
DTAC EBITDA up 23.8%
True to revamp WE PCT service
3G finally on its way for Thai Mobile?
Thai Mobile to receive Chinese aid?
TOT misses interconnection negotiation deadline
Regulator orders TOT to negotiate with DTAC
3G, WiMAX licence auctions to start in October, claims regulator
Shin to focus on core telecoms and media business
CAT suing cellcos for USD150m to pay TOT charges; payment could include Thai Mobile stake
TT&T’s IPTV to go nationwide this year
DTAC domestic IPO raises USD278 million
WiMAX venture proposed by DTAC founder
DTAC domestic listing confirmed for 22 June
Triple T embarks on IDD investment, announces further IIG plans
All operating contracts declared illegal; renegotiations to start from scratch
TT&T racks up first quarter loss, True’s profits nosedive; costs to blame
AIS’s revenues, profits down year-on-year, up on previous quarter
CAT and Hutch bring in appraisers
TT&T’s IPTV service to launch next month
Hutchison CAT partnership launches CDMA2000 1x national roaming
CAT says nationwide 1xEV-DO services available this year
Government and regulator look set for showdown
DTAC confirms Thai listing scheduled for June
ShinSat to carry out 3.5GHz WiMAX tests
NTC hands telecoms licences to utilities
TOT stakes its claim over all BTO networks
Regulator hopes to issue WiMAX licences this year
TT&T’s broadband sales surge, but fails to halt turnover decline
Telekom Malaysia expresses interest in Thai ventures
True’s losses larger than expected
AIS’ falling profits tell tale of fierce competition
DTAC forecasts big provincial growth
Thai trio examine extra-terrestrial expansion
True gives up on CAT, opts for direct international links
General Sonthi aims to reclaim Shin, AIS ‘for the country’
ADC applies for fixed line licence
DTAC’s 4Q profits down 13% year-on-year
DTAC launches new business unit
Thai cellcos reveal investment plans, usher in new interconnect scheme
TOT ordered to connect new mobile numbers
CAT’s nationwide 1x rollout completed
Ministry says TOT cannot block mobile numbers
Huawei wins supply contract for CAT fibre-optic rollout
TOT’s dispute with cellcos nearing a climax
Cellcos’ interconnection deals put ball in TOT’s court
Thai telecoms firms to be exempt from new foreign ownership laws
CAT to go all out for data and mobile markets
Gloomy prospects for telecoms IPOs
Mobile firms predict steady growth in 2007
Thai-up: Telenor may seek local partners in DTAC
Nokia wins double EDGEd deals in Thailand
True Move’s USD465 million bond sale to cut debts
CAT Telecom reduces internet gateway fees
TT&T’s Triple-T touts Thai triple-play
AIS agrees interconnect terms with DTAC; True to follow
Minister backs TOT to protect its revenues; final say down to NTC
TOT seeks to delay new interconnection framework
DTAC puts off IPO
Thailand’s consumer VoIP market fully opened
State enterprises agree on joint holding company
Ericsson expands AIS’ Bangkok network
True blue? Revenues up but losses widen
Ministry unveils THB35 billion plan to upgrade telecoms networks
True keeps its Wi-Fi targets high
TOT and CAT board directors step down
DTAC goes head-to-head with AIS in northeast
DTAC’s 3Q profits up 17.1%
Operators invited to join WiMAX market
New minister rubbishes Thai Mobile 3G plan
Temasek must sell part of Shin before April
Temasek hints at cutting Shin Corp stake
Ministry to push for TOT, CAT board merger
DTAC to launch IPO this year
NTC licenses international gateway operator, approves rural telecoms project
AIS comes under fire from rivals over alleged price dumping
AIS lights the fuse of new price war
TOT pressing to take over 3G spectrum
AIS’ headquarters stand empty as troops surround Shin buildings
CAT’s CDMA2000 1x rollout threatened by southern unrest
Jasmine plans payphone rollout
Thai Mobile price still in dispute
TOT ‘optimistic’ on completing Thai Mobile buyout
CAT’s 3G trial to begin on 1 October
More details of TOT-CAT consolidation plans
Thai broadband operators to enhance services
Regulator to regain control over 3G licensing process?
AIS’ profits hit by price war
True to offer international internet services; hopes to lower online costs
AIS gets go-ahead for USD155 million expansion project
BT to advise TOT on 3G rollout
Profits, revenues decline at CAT
TOT, CAT aiming to operate under one holding company
TOT could cut 35% of workforce in restructuring programme
True gives consumers TV and mobile bundle
True Internet launching PC-based VoIP service
TT&T launches online TV service; telcos expect IPTV to take off in 2007
TOT remains stubborn over interconnection rates
TT&T talks up triple-play
Jasmine ups stake in TT&T
True aims to meet rising Wi-Fi demand
CAT ‘ready for 3G’
Hutchison CAT targets SMEs
TT&T set to award THB2 billion network build contract
TT&T’s nationwide licence the first of its kind; plans national coverage in three years
Court overturns arbitration ruling in favour of TOT
Thai VoIP licences to be issued
Maybe next year for CAT’s national 1x service?
Thai operators given 90 days to conclude interconnection agreements
Thai Mobile and AIS in ‘secret’ 3G tie-up
TT&T posts USD8.3 million 1Q profit following losses
TT&T announces WiMAX investment plan
TOT to replace billing system
True Move selects Huawei for softswitch deployment
ADC and True to get internet gateway licences
TOT Corp dogged by billing problems
Thai regulator OKs draft laws on foreign telecoms deals, monopolies
More foreign operators interested in partnering CAT
True Move reports difficult March
True gears up for IPTV
Hutchison CAT gets out of the red
Thailand trying to speed up number portability
Privatisation of TOT tottering badly
TOT fires president for under-par performance
Three ‘T’s goes overseas for 3G expertise
AIS embarks on new rollouts; subscriber take-up hurt by political situation
Boingo expands reach
True completes takeover of cableco
True’s WE PCT to finally break even
CAT’s IPO delayed further by Hutchison talks
True employs WiMAX in broadband growth strategy
Temasek’s Shin holding reaches 96.3%
TOT plans new future for Thai Mobile
DTAC signs deal with Nokia
TOT to complete purchase of CAT’s stakes in Thai Mobile and ACT Mobile
TT&T pumps cash into IP
AIS's profits hit by price war, as DTAC sees 4Q growth
True’s losses bigger than expected
TT&T’s losses mount up under pressure from competition
TOT launches legal assault on True, threatens to shut it down
Telekom Malaysia seeks Thai partner, talks to True
Orange reaches use-by date: True Corp's mobile unit renamed True Move
CAT goes to China for 3G tests
True Corp to invest USD334 this year
TA Orange new subs up 27%
Hutch proposes CAT goes it alone
Insider trading probe into Temasek Shin deal
AIS to change hands as Shinawatra family sells Shin stake for USD1.9 billion
An arm and a leg: Shinawatras ready to sell Shin for USD2 billion
Chunghwa to expand Thai broadband operations, as local ISPs gang up
Shin Corp’s AIS stake sale mooted
Regulator reports rise in foreign interest
Thai operators looking for improved growth in 2006
TOT consider options for future of Thai Mobile
Siemens to upgrade AIS’ GSM network
DTAC to invest in regional services
Thailand delays 3G licensing but opens up key internet markets
TT&T establishes trio of Triple T telcos
Shin Corp rubbishes SingTel takeover speculation
AIS to invest USD200 million in 3G
AIS hopeful of receiving approval for 3G trial
DTAC develops 3G strategy to get round regulatory delays
Nokia to expand AIS GSM network
Thai telecoms round-up: TT&T, 3G & phones that explode
NTC plans to licence new internet gateway operators
True expects maiden profit by 2007; competition slows AIS growth
Shin Corp to spend THB40 billion on 3G
Siemens to expand AIS’ GSM network
True Corp looking for overseas help with 3G
Shin denies sale rumours
NTC drafts 3G rules
TOT to claim tax break by filing for SET listing next month
Shin launches gateway for iPSTAR and plans new satellite
Thai mobile round up: TA Orange ups coverage as AIS growth slows
Telenor seizes control of DTAC and UCOM; triggers mandatory buyout of both
NTC gives TOT and CAT the 3G OK
TA introduces Thailand to BlackBerry
TOT resurrects Thai-Finn Technology Fund
Register or lose your mobile service, southerners told
CAT gets the cream, but finds it tastes sour
AIS asks regulator for permission to begin 3G trials
Hutchison CAT cuts more jobs
DTAC to list on SET
NTC recalls Thai Mobile’s 3G spectrum; TOT not best pleased
NTC rejects TOT’s USO claim as telco looks to the skies to cut costs
FTTH to boost Thai broadband
TOT IPO now scheduled for May 2006; TeleGeography warns potential investors not to hold breath
Price war eats into 2Q mobile revenues
CPG puts True stake up for sale
Quelle surprise: TOT IPO faces delay
DTAC contracts Nokia for network upgrade
AIS cuts 2G spending
iPSTAR launched
AIS rules out 3G venture with TOT
AIS reports 17.3% drop in 2Q profits as competition bites
NTC considers recalling TOT 3G frequencies
CAT listing put on hold – again
NTC issues licences to TOT, CAT
DoCoMo buys into AIS subsidiary
True predicts 10% rise in ’05 revenues
NTC tells telcos that ‘fees are fair’
AIS subscribers rise, but price war impacts on ARPU
TA Orange targets rural regions; expects 4.2 million users by year-end
CAT Telecom told to clear wireless venture debts or put IPO at risk
True to take lead as Thai broadband numbers expected to double
TOT finally agrees to issue extra numbers
Ministry rejects TOT business plan
TOT and CAT finally agree Thai Mobile price
NTT to exit TT&T
NTC to licence four new operators for 3G services by year-end?
NTC promises interconnection guidelines next month
Huawei the lads: Chinese vendor wins not one, but two CAT contracts
SingTel looks for other acquisitions after failed PTCL bid
SingTel eyeing TOT?
TOT-CAT relations finally thawing?
Cisco to speed up TOT’s Bangkok network
Regulator sidesteps debate over concession conversions
DTAC extends Nokia deal by two years
TOT seeking USD450 million from True for breach of BTO contract
DTAC to spend USD200 million on network
Regulator’s long awaited liberalisation proposals disappoint
NTC to address number problems next month
TOT promises to increase network capacity
DTAC accuses AIS over network congestion
CAT Telecom confirms more IPO delays
Authorities hope pre-pay register will quell use of mobile-triggered bombs
DTAC parent predicts strong turnover growth from mobile internet
Operators praise NTC clampdown on TOT number hoarding
Broadband growth steady, but high prices still a deterrent
TOT contract split between Siemens and Ericsson
TOT Corp’s e-auction begins today
Chunghwa delivers ADSL turn-key project for TOT
TOT Corp selects lead arrangers for IPO
NTC to discuss internet access and LLU
DTAC requests 2.5 million new mobile numbers
Wireless arm boosts True Corp results
State owned power utility to enter telecoms market?
AIS to trial 3G in May
TA Orange gets a million new numbers
DTAC profits up in 2004
TA Orange asks NTC for more lines
Mobile and internet performance pays off for True
TOT Corp to take full control of Thai Mobile
Alcatel bags USD133 million Thai deal
CAT in hunt for Hutch unit
TOT Corp jumps on ‘one-baht-per-minute’ bandwagon
Alcatel pips others to True Mobile deal
CAT’s rivals unfazed by expansion plans
Huawei set to get the nod in USD342 million CDMA contract
State IPO on course
CAT snubs two network expansion bids
Cellcos capitalise on mobile data services boom
Thai Mobile seeks foreign partner for 3G rollout
True Mobile combines GPRS and Wi-Fi
True looking to double broadband numbers
Orange reduces BITCO stake
Samart to sign two JV deals
Thai firms attracting foreign interest
True Mobile seeks debt refinancing as it struggles to keep pace with market leaders
Shin Corp boss rules out short-term market moves
AIS to buy True: true or not true?
Hutch gets green light for spin-off
Telecom begins debt restructuring
Ericsson bags EDGE contract
Nokia deploys i-series switches for DTAC
Siemens gets a Thai bite from AIS
Shin schedules fourth satellite
Orange announces exit strategy from Thai market
AIS reports strong January sales
TA Orange to raise capital through network expansion
TOT and CAT to invade each others’ turf
Nokia wins network double
Nokia gets an EDGE too
Jasmine restructuring plan angers creditors
Alcatel to expand TA Orange’s GPRS network
Cutting ties: Verizon ends relationship with Thai conglomerate
TA Orange sees customer care as key to growth
Nortel makes THB8 billion CDMA bid
UCOM withdraws bid for CDMA network