Sunrise opens 5G service to public; UPC to offer 1Gbps nationwide
Weko expected to impose conditions on UPC takeover
Sunrise extends 5G to 262 towns and cities
Liberty says it has ‘no interest’ in amending UPC sale; UPC preps for nationwide gigabit offering
Salt turnover dips following UPC, Coop defections
Sunrise books CHF26m net profit for Q2
freenet confirms plans to vote against UPC takeover
Swisscom books slight dip in H1 2019 net profit
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Watchdog looks into UPC takeover
SFN partners with Sunrise and Salt on FTTH rollout
Salt topline hit by MVNO migration
Iliad inks trio of tower deals with Cellnex
Swisscom Q1 profit grows 1.1%
Swisscom switches on 5G; govt to monitor health concerns over 5G
Swisscom aims for nationwide 5G coverage by year-end, devices to hit market next month
Sunrise: 5G is live in 150 locations
Sunrise chiefs confident of support for UPC takeover, despite opposition from freenet
Salt books USD1bn turnover for 2018
Sunrise shareholder warns it will not take part in rights issue for UPC takeover
Sunrise agrees UPC takeover
Sunrise books CHF100m net profit for FY18
Sunrise confirms ‘advanced’ talks for USD6.3bn UPC takeover
Sunrise unveils 5G plans
ComCom to lower Swisscom’s charges for LLU, interconnection and leased lines
Switzerland completes 5G auction
Swisscom books stable revenue for 2018
Sunrise confirms UPC takeover talks
Sunrise and UPC reportedly in ‘advanced’ takeover talks
Salt inks 5G rollout deal with Nokia
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Swisscom ultrafast broadband rollout hits halfway point
Sunrise deploys 5G at LAAX ski resort
SFN renews push for regulation of Swisscom’s fibre
Swisscom tests 5G devices, adds five new test sites
Sunrise books Q3 revenue and profit growth
Swisscom 9M net profit dips 4.4%
ComCom publishes documents for upcoming auction
Swisscom and Ericsson complete 5G call
UPC mulls Swiss merger options
Salt records flat revenue growth for Q2
Sunrise books 2% revenue growth for Q2
Swisscom tests 5G in remote village
ComCom opens invitation for spectrum auction
Sunrise to roll out ‘5G for People’
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Swisscom, Sunrise report profit growth for Q1
Niel adds a pinch of Salt to broadband market with signature strategy
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Parliament rejects reform of non-ionising radiation rules
Sunrise books CHF505m profit for 2017
Swisscom sets its sights on 5G in 2018
Swisscom, Ericsson collaborate on end-to-end network slicing
Citycable owner acquires 10% stake in Netplus.ch
Swisscom reports stable 2017
KVF calls for Federal Council to clear path for 5G
Salt, Nokia demo 4.5Gbps broadband on 3.5GHz network
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Swisscom expands Gigabit LTE to eleven cities
Liberty considers exit of Swiss, Austrian markets
Switzerland lines up 5G spectrum auction for H2 2018
Swisscom partners with Ericsson for Gigabit LTE and 5G
UPC acquires networks in Genthod and Mellingen
Swisscom books 6% increase in net income in 9M17
Swisscom, Huawei target 5Gbps speeds over copper with NG.fast
Operators call for urgent revision of Telecommunications Act
UPC supplants Quickline as provider on EBL network; Salt ups 4G+ coverage to 45%
Salt Q2 revenue dips 6.8% as subscriber base, ARPU declines
Sunrise books profit growth despite weaker top line
Swisscom books 6.5% profit growth
Tower Talk: a guide to the latest major cell site developments
Swisscom tests 10Gbps 5G prototype
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Sun sets on 2G technology for Swiss cellco
UPC Switzerland to use third-party networks; Lausanne launch set for August
Salt expands LTE-A coverage to 40%
Ofcom launches consultation on 700MHz, 1400MHz and 3.6GHz-3.8GHz bands
Tower Talk: a guide to the latest major cell site developments
Salt reports revenue decline as subscriber base and ARPU continues to shrink
ComCom hands Swisscom universal service licence
Sunrise reports slowdown in revenue decline
Swisscom demonstrates 800Mbps download speeds over LTE
Federal Assembly shoots down two proposals to reform Swisscom
UPC acquires WWZ Telekom’s fibre network in Einsiedeln
Midweek M2M: IoT and machine-to-machine developments
Sunrise books CHF87m net profit for FY16
UPC Switzerland agrees TeleOnex buyout
Swisscom books 0.3% drop in annual revenue
Tower Talk: a guide to the latest major cell site developments
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
ComCom to extend Swisscom Universal Service licence
Sunrise’s revenue decline slows to 1.8%
Swiss trio agree to lower MTRs
UPC acquires Ermatingen fibre network
Salt Q2 revenue drops 15%
Sunrise slows revenue decline to 3.3%
Fastweb growth helps Swisscom offset slowdown in Switzerland
Swisscom launches ‘5G for Switzerland’ with Ericsson and EPFL
UPC Cablecom rebrands to UPC
Sunrise reverses losses to book net profit of CHF7m
Swisscom books 3.7% increase in Q1 net profit
Cablecom snaps up Schmerikon cable network
freenet purchases 23.83% stake in Sunrise for EUR714m
Sunrise books 4.8% drop in annual revenue
Swisscom annual turnover dips 0.2%
UPC snaps up another Swiss network
Sunrise books revenue decline, despite improving customer mix
Swisscom books stable 9M 2015, plans 2G switch-off by 2020
BAKOM opens consultation on universal services
Swisscom, Ericsson team up for FDD/TDD-LTE convergence
Sunrise boosts profit despite falling revenue
Cablecom introduces 500Mbps broadband
Seasoned veteran steers Salt to a positive Q1 2015
Sunrise books net loss of CHF166.67m
ComCom speeds up portability
Gee, that’s fast! Swisscom lines up 500Mbps G.fast upgrade
Niel swaps citrus for Salt as Orange starts rebranding programme
Cablecom takes over Monchaltorf fibre network
Orange Switzerland reverses net losses, plans rebrand as Xavier Niel takes the wheel
ComCom clears Orange takeover
Sunrise sets price range for IPO
Sunrise finds silver lining of SNB decision, forges ahead with IPO plans
Sunrise to launch IPO
Saviour Xavier to rescue Orange Switzerland
Cablecom snaps up Uznach fibre network
Orange Q3 revenues fall 4.7% due to static subscriber base and falling ARPU
Council green-lights plans for amendments to Telecoms Act
TV and Freedom boost Sunrise Q3 revenues
Subscriber growth continues to bolster Swisscom top line
450Mbps LTE-A, VoLTE on the horizon for Swisscom
Swisscom teams up with SES to serve unserved 2% with satellite broadband
CVC mulling Sunrise sale
Cablecom takes over cable trio
Price cuts bite into Orange
Swisscom cements PubliGroupe takeover
Cablecom to offer triple-play as standard
Sunrise stable as multi-device plans bolster top line
Frequency handover completed without a hitch
Swisscom fibre passes 1m homes and businesses
Cablecom rollout brings 250Mbps broadband to 2m homes
Cablecom purchases Geneva fibre network
Swisscom launches LTE-A
4G expansion begins to pay off as Orange books ‘solid’ results
Price erosion eats into Sunrise earnings
Swisscom sees sales rise but net profit fall back in first quarter
Cellcos to exchange frequencies in July/August
USD1.8bn available for acquisitions for Swisscom
Mixed fortunes for Sunrise as price cuts hurt top-line
Ofcom overhauls access rules
Swisscom boosts FTTH to 1Gbps
Swisscom bottom line suffers as revenue growth slows
Swiss telcos consider collaboration to compete with Swisscom
EWZ FTTH system passes 100,000 premises
State cuts Swisscom stake
Cablecom snaps up Ligerz infrastructure
Sun setting on CVC’s Swiss operation
Market pressure drives down Orange earnings
Tough market hits Sunrise’s mobile earnings
Cablecom to link up 4G sites for Orange
Swisscom launches 1Gbps broadband
Price erosion continues to hit Swisscom bottom line
UPC lines up expansion in Geneva, revives MVNO plans
UPC snaps up minority stake in e-fon
Swisscom to launch 1Gbps by year-end
Orange Switzerland adjusted EBITDA climbs 3.1%, users up 2.1%
Sunrise top line dips as price erosion hits mobile earnings
Swisscom signs USD1.3m LTE network monitoring deal
Rogers claims a first with Canada-Europe LTE roaming
Swisscom revenues struggle despite subscriber growth
Sunrise continues purchasing spree
Anti-trust authority launches Swisscom probe
Sunrise snaps up MVNO
Cablecom snaps up Telecarouge
Sunrise launches LTE network
Orange trims losses despite dip in revenues; launches LTE
Sunrise books CHF28.5m losses as mobile revenues drop
Swisscom threatens to cut ties with Huawei
Swisscom reports fall in revenues and profits
Swisscom enables IPTV for out-of-country use
LTE network reaches third of population
Post-paid customer increase spurs 5.8% revenue growth at Orange
Steady growth for Sunrise
Orange inks 4G rollout deal with NSN
Swisscom inks FTTS deal with Huawei
Swisscom income stabilises despite struggling Fastweb
Orange signs managed services deal with Ericsson
Swisscom activates first LTE network
Orange revenues up 1.6%, date set for LTE launch
Sunrise revenues grow, boosts wireless speeds to 84Mbps
Swisscom and UPC in TV freebie battle
Swisscom profits slide 9.2%
Swisscom tests FTTS/FTTC/FTTN
Orange sets sights on June 2013 LTE launch
Swiss accounts frozen as MTS plot thickens
Sunrise posts second quarter results
Swisscom profits drop 3.5% y-o-y, braces business against OTT services
Lausanne to receive complete FTTH coverage by 2017
Orange sketches plans for 2013 LTE rollout; earmarks CHF700m
Swisscom ramps up fibre rollout
Swisscom adds two more FTTH partners
Swisscom upgrades IPTV services
Swisscom set to introduce LTE to twelve cities by end-2012
Orange reports 2.7% revenue increase for Q1 2012
Sunrise books CHF9.6m profit for Q1 2012
Heavy investment and declining wholesale income eats into Swisscom’s bottom line
Sunrise inks five-year deal with Huawei, sketches network upgrade plans for new TQ Net unit
Cablecom snaps up Telemeyrin
Swisscom boosts IPTV and mobile TV
Telecoms act faces review
Sunrise revenues dip 1.8%
FT completes sale of Swiss arm
Trio snap up Swiss spectrum
Apax gets green light for FT takeover
Fastweb write-down knocks Swisscom profits down 61.2%
Swisscom teams up with Ericsson for M2M services; launches HD voice service
Swisscom inks twelfth fibre-optic rollout deal
Quad-play dawns for Swiss telco
Apax to buy Orange Switzerland for CHF2 billion
Swisscom selects Ericsson for LTE upgrade
Apax, Providence and Xavier Niel front-runners for Orange Switzerland
Five bidders for Orange Switzerland
FastWeb USD1.3bn writedown for parent Swisscom
ComCom raises minimum transmission speed, lowers maximum price
ComCom lowers ULL, other wholesale prices
Sunrise stirs Swiss sale
Sunrise to launch IPTV in 2012
Failing fixed line offsets Sunrise’s smartphone-driven growth
Swisscom resolves fibre contract trouble for Basel
Swisscom profits decline as data prices fall
Second round bids for FT’s Swiss unit due before year-end
Swisscom deploys pilot LTE networks
FT Congo deal nears close; Iliad founder tipped as Swiss bidder
Orascom confirms Orange rumours
FT staples better terms to Switzerland sale
FT revises Switzerland sale estimate
FT Swiss deadline
Sunrise and Telefonica ink cooperation deal
FT launches round one of Swiss sale, CVC’s involvement unknown
Swisscom to ‘rethink’ fibre deals, considers solo operation
CVC and Sawiris weigh-in for Orange Switzerland
Swisscom risks sanctions over fibre deals
Sunrise ends service deal with Alcatel-Lucent
Sunrise records 10.1% y-o-y increase for Q2 mobile revenues
Swisscom reports Q2 results
Orange Switzerland could fetch EUR1.5 billion
France Telecom to withdraw from several European markets
Swisscom expands fibre network in Winterthur
Cablecom teams up with Orange
ComCom: wireless auction set for 1Q 2012
Sunrise reports 1Q results
Swisscom reports 1Q results
Swisscom did not abuse dominant position
Orange Switzerland outlines upgrade plan
Swisscom reports 2010 results
Anti-trust to investigate Swisscom’s fibre deals
Swisscom teams up with utility company to bring FTTH to Bern
ComCom to sell mobile frequencies in 2011
Deja vu? Sunrise/Orange merger ‘not ruled out’
Swisscom ups y/e expectations on back of 9M results
CVC Capital wraps up Sunrise acquisition
Swisscom trials LTE in Grenchen
TDC sells Sunrise to CVC Capital Partners
Swisscom reports first half figures
Swiss merger ‘dead’
Swisscom net profit dips as Fastweb probe hurts bottom line
Sunrise/Orange merger rejected by ComCo
FT, TDC ink final accord to merge Swiss units
Cablecom adopts UPC brand
Cablecom expands ‘Fiber Power’ to St Gallen
Swisscom reports y/e results
Swisscom selects NSN for 2G/3G upgrade
Transatel signs MVNE deal with Orange Switzerland
FT and TDC agree to merge Orange Switzerland and Sunrise
Swisscom reports 9M results
ComCom fines Swisscom for overcharging
FTTH round table ‘making progress’
Cooperation key for LTE, Sunrise CEO says
Swisscom to launch HSPA+ next month
Swisscom 1H: revenues fall but net profit grows
Million households ready for Cablecom’s Fibre Power
ComCom gives green light to 3G at 900MHz
Swiss Fibre to deploy dark fibre network
Swisscom reports 1Q results
Swisscom: on track to meet year-end goals
Sunrise to launch FTTH services on 2 April
Court agrees Swisscom must offer bitstream access at regulated prices
Swisscom reports 4Q results
Swisscom to launch FTTH in 2009
Cablecom slashes workforce
Swisscom forges fibre-optic marketing partnership
Swisscom faces complaint over internet pricing
Swisscom reports 3Q results
Tele2 sells its Swiss operation
ComCom demands Swisscom cut wholesale rates
Cablecom plans 100Mbps service
2Q profit drop for Swisscom
MVNO Lycamobile launches over Orange’s network
Orange Switzerland reveals Euro 2008 coverage plans
Sunrise to outsouce network management to Alca-Lu
Nokia and NSN to power Swisscom mobile TV
Ericsson wins W-CDMA/HSPA expansion contract with Sunrise
Swisscom Q1 net profit dips 7%
ComCom provisionally extends three GSM licences
Swisscom lowers last mile fee; Sunrise calls for more
Swisscom says 1,400 lines have been unbundled
Orange Switzerland trials W-LAN telephony
Swisscom: 2007 net profit up 29.4%
Swisscom Mobile celebrates five millionth customer and 30 years on the job
Ericsson wins W-CDMA/HSPA upgrade and expansion contract with Swisscom
Swisscom ordered to provide bitstream access at cost
BT buys Infonet Switzerland assets
Swisscom posts 3Q results
Swisscom to boost HSPA coverage to 90% by mid-2008
Swisscom increases VDSL bandwidths
Swiss regulator seeks spectrum consultation
Orange outsources operations to Alcatel-Lucent
Sunrise says cost of final mile is too high
Swisscom first half beats market forecast
Swisscom to restructure
Swisscom’s acquisition of FastWeb approved
Swisscom's Q1 profit flat, sells Antenna Hungaria
Telefonica loses Swiss 3G licence
Swisscom reports double digit fall in bottom line
Cablecom reports 15% revenue growth
Berne baby Berne
Swisscom fined CHF333 million by competition authority
Sole candidate for universal service
Cablecom launches 10Mbps deal
Vodafone sells Swisscom Mobile stake
ComCom to investigate mobile interconnection fees
Vodafone in talks to sell back its stake in Swisscom Mobile, papers say
Vodafone mulls ditching Swisscom Mobile stake
Cablecom reports 3Q results
Swisscom posts positive 3Q results
Swisscom belatedly launches IPTV
Swisscom launches carrier-hosted VoIP
Wi-Fi roaming for Swisscom Mobile customers
TDC Switzerland wins Swiss federal court ruling
Cablecom denies suggestions that it's up for sale
Swisscom wins broadband wireless access licence
Swiss regulators launch wireless licence consultation
Swisscom Q1 profit falls
Swisscom sale plans debated again
Swisscom faces USD376 million fine
Swisscom sell-off report criticised by all
Fixnet completes Cybernet acquisition
Swisscom beats analysts forecasts (but revenues fall)
Ericsson bags a brace
Swisscom launches MVNO platform
Swiss government: small is best
Swisscom chief quits after clash with government
Sunrise and in&phone sign national roaming agreement
Fixnet triples DSL bandwith packages
Swiss government sets new acquisition rules for Swisscom
Cablecom enters mobile market via sunrise tie-up
sunrise teams up with Ericsson for mobile TV launch
Switzerland to auction three BWA licences
Swiss government ‘bans’ Swisscom from foreign deals
Government to sell Swisscom stake in two years
sunrise heralds new dawn of mobile broadband
Swisscom eyeing up TDC bid; another eye on eircom (and a third on KPN?)
Swisscom announces rising profits but axes more jobs
Swisscom buys Cybernet
Swisscom to cut interconnection fees
Liberty Global acquires Cablecom
Siemens does the business for in&phone
Swisscom forges international corporate alliance with Vanco
Orange sets September date for 3G launch
Migros to launch budget MVNO services
Swisscom posts higher net income on falling revenues
Swisscom Fixnet deploys SDSL technology
Swisscom Fixnet follows Critical Path to converged services
Regulator’s report finds Swiss telecoms market lagging behind Europe
ComCom preparing to license new WiMax operators
Cablecom weighs up IPO idea
Tele2 launches Swiss VoIP
Swisscom to lose last-mile virtual monopoly?
Swisscom runs into May triple play delay
TDC Switzerland acquires new business solutions arm
Commission gives the OK to Swisscom-Belgacom tie-up
Swisscom reports rising profits on falling turnover
TDC challenges Swisscom and Orange in mobile price war
Swisscom’s mobile arm to slash its prices by 40%
Swisscom partners Alcatel for triple play launch
Swisscom deploys new VoIP platform
Swisscom Mobil plans flat EDGE to fill data gaps
Flat revenue and profits at Swisscom
ComCom to open WiMAX bidding
Swisscom and Belgacom to merge wholesale carrier businesses
Arabic web addresses on the horizon
Government ends Swisscom’s final monopoly
Smart Tel buys Tiscali Switzerland
Swisscom enters TV market
Swisscom to blame for collapse of merger talks
Telekom Austria and Swisscom end merger talks
Swisscom and Telekom Austria in merger talks
Stable 1H results for Swisscom
Wine, dine, merge?
cablecom eyed by ISPs for last mile access
Swisscom selects ADC for 3G performance management
Swisscom growth continues despite debitel loss
Ericsson awarded EDGE contract
cablecom to launch W-LAN network with 600 hotspots
Sunrise to add 100 PWLAN spots
Tele2 and In&Phone granted Swiss GSM licence
Vodafone live! a hit
Swisscom seeking Austrian synergies to boost flat revenues
Swisscom and Vodafone launch MMS-delivered music packages
Swisscom chief rules out Austrian move
ADSL and overseas operations keep Swisscom ahead in 1H
New dawn for Swiss 3G
Vodafone goes Live! in Switzerland
Ericsson accused of bribery
Swisscom denies Telekom Austria bid
Operators drag heels in UMTS race
Swisscom plays it safe
Swisscom baulks at Telekom Austria price
Swiss government’s push for LLU takes gloss off Swisscom’s ‘stable’ year