5G mmWave auction pencilled in for Q1 2020; Rostelecom, Rostec advance 5G roadmap project
Beeline launches Moscow 5G pilot zone; MegaFon reports 2.46Gbps in 5G test
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
MegaFon contracts Ericsson for 5G-ready nationwide transport network
MTS, Tele2 Russia both announce 2.1Gbps 5G mmWave speeds in pilot zones
Deputy PM hopeful part of the 3.4GHz-3.8GHz band could become available
VTB expects 17% share in Rostelecom for selling Tele2 stake
MTS launches Moscow 5G pilot zone; MegaFon demos 5G base stations
Deputy Minister targets 24.5GHz-29.5GHz 5G auction by year-end
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MTS’ Q2 revenue grows 9.4% in ruble terms
Qualcomm working with Russian cellcos and DIT on Moscow mmWave 5G
Mobile universal services bill reaches State Duma
Ministry proposes 4.4GHz-4.99GHz 5G spectrum range
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Tele2 Russia, Ericsson launch central Moscow 5G zone
MegaFon Q2 sales improve 4.5%
Rostelecom acquires Alliance Telecom Group in Primorsky
Russian regulator rejects 3.5GHz 5G trial applications
ER-Telecom issued trial 5G spectrum
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Rostelecom, Rostec developing 5G roadmap focused on Russian equipment production
MegaFon completes St Petersburg 3.5GHz spectrum acquisition
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Goodnight GoodNet, hello Rostelecom
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MegaFon offers LTE home broadband
MegaFon, Qualcomm and Nokia claim Russian smartphone speed record
Beeline in talks to join MegaFon, Rostelecom in 5G infrastructure sharing venture
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Rostelecom’s upcoming purchase of VTB’s Tele2 stake gets government OK
MegaFon completes minority shareholder squeeze-out
Rostelecom makes multiple 5G moves with Tele2, MegaFon, Nokia, Ericsson
MTS, Beeline reveal latest 5G/IoT projects
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MTS signs Russian 5G agreement with Huawei
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MTS revenues climb 9.4% in 1Q19
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
VEON 1Q19 organic EBITDA improves by 10.3%
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MOTIV signs 5G preparation agreement with Ericsson
Management takeover at Russia’s MTT
Serbia and Russia to work towards ending roaming charges
MegaFon prices minority shareholder squeeze-out, set for June
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Tele2 Russia enters 67th operating region with Yaroslavl launch
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Rostelecom, MGTS to be freed from monopoly status under FAS bill
USM Group raises MegaFon stake past 70%
Defence Ministry slowing 5G spectrum transfer?
Tele2 Russia reaches 66th region
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
ER-Telecom grows 2018 revenue by 18%
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MTS to defend itself against investor lawsuit over Uzbekistan
MegaFon improves FY sales by 4.3%; puts the squeeze on minority shareholders
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MTS revenues climb 8.4% in 2018
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Rostelecom ‘agrees conditions’ for Tele2 buyout; sales up 5%, 16% at fixed, mobile operators
MegaFon minority share buyout completed for RUB83.2bn; Gazprombank exits ownership
TTK partners seven regional telcos in FVNO strategy
MTS agrees to pay USD850m over former Uzbekistan operations
Rostelecom buying regional ISP Infolink
Rostelecom confirms start of 5G development venture with MegaFon
Tele2 Russia partners Huawei, Ericsson for 5G readiness
VEON would sell Russian division, report claims
MTS signs 5G roadmap with Ericsson, claims gigabit aggregation tests
VEON reports 4.1% consolidated revenue drop for 2018
VTB to sell Tele2 stake to Rostelecom, says bank president; cellco posts first profit in five years
Tele2 Russia overtakes Beeline in number of LTE base stations
Down on the (re)farm: MTS deploys 2100MHz LTE to remote settlements
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Big three cellcos oppose idea of single 5G infrastructure operator
Rostelecom nearing deal for full ownership of Tele2 Russia
Bill proposes adding mobile access in small towns to universal services
Rostelecom, MegaFon establish 5G infrastructure joint venture
SCRF allocates 4.8GHz, 27GHz 5G pilot frequency zones
National roaming charges repealed from 1 June 2019
KrymTelekom sells for RUB998m
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Beeline gets 5G 25GHz-27GHz frequencies for six regions, signs 5G pact with Moscow authorities
MegaFon submits minority shareholder squeeze-out offer
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MTS 3Q18 revenue climbs 11.7%
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
KrymTelekom shares to be auctioned
MVNO Monday: MVNOs Europe Special
VEON’s Q3 sales down 5.7% on currency effects; organic growth reported at 2.9%
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
5% improvement in Rostelecom’s Q3 revenues
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MegaFon passes 1Gbps in live mobile network test
SCRF examining 5G test allocations to MTS, Beeline, Tele2 Russia
Beeline, Huawei make 5G hologram call
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MegaFon, Rostelecom test 26GHz 5G
MCN Telecom’s telephony network reaches 55 Russian cities
MTS offers St Petersburg users Wi-Fi Calling and VoLTE
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MegaFon delisting from LSE on 5 October
Deputy PM sees commercial 5G in major cities in 2021 (but Moscow maintains 2020 vision)
MegaFon the final Russian operator to cancel all intra-network roaming charges
MGTS acquires ISP Progtech
MTS, Vodafone partnership agreement extended to end-2020
Tele2 Russia abolishes intra-network roaming charges
MegaFon completes share buyback; 18.6% of Ordinary Shares secured
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MTS revenue benefits from improved Russian competitive environment
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MegaFon books 11.5% increase in 2Q net income; revenues up 5.1%
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Rostelecom Q2 revenues up 3%, broadband users rise 2%
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
VEON reports 4.8% organic EBITDA rise
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MegaFon delisting London GDRs; flags up possible Moscow delisting in future
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MegaFon Q1 revenues up 2.6%
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MegaFon agrees pilot projects in Moscow, St Petersburg on 5G, new digital technologies
Beeline and Huawei announce pilots for 4.5G/5G/IoT
Rostelecom, Ericsson launch 5G museum trial
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MTS raises group revenue 3.1% in Q1
Tattelecom, Rostelecom officially launch 5G experimental network
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MOTIV bolsters LTE network with VoLTE and FDD-TDD technologies
Russian regulatory reshuffle on the cards
MTS launches Gigabit LTE-LAA service in Ufa
Rostelecom’s revenues grow 8% in Q1
Beeline stopping 2G, 3G investment in H2 2018
VEON had healthy organic Q1, but forex losses hard to digest
MegaFon completes Neosprint 3.5GHz takeover
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Tele2 given to end-May to comply with national roaming order
Rostelecom upgrading TEA cable system
ER-Telecom competes with Rostelecom for Avantel, closes Telemir deal
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
VimpelCom’s application to test 5G frequencies denied
MegaFon to acquire 5G spectrum-holder Neosprint
ER Telecom snaps up Bryansk Cable Networks
MTS launches VoLTE, Wi-Fi calling in Moscow
MegaFon, Qualcomm test 24GHz-27GHz mobile range in Moscow
Rostelecom launches 5G open pilot zone
MTS group annual sales climb 1.7%
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MegaFon revenues climb 4.1% in Q4 2017
MGTS planning to buy Rinet
FAS intra-network roaming cases initiated against Beeline, MTS, MegaFon
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Sistema’s MTS shares freed from court sanction
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Tele2 Russia’s 4G reaches 55 regions
VEON’s Q4 revenues, EBITDA down 1.4%, 3.8%
FAS drops national roaming case against Beeline
ER-Telecom set to scoop another couple of minnows
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Rostelecom awards ZTE bulk of access network modernisation project
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Tatarstan 5G trials starting March with Rostelecom, Tattelecom, MegaFon
VEON joins alliance for SD-WAN development
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Rostelecom receives 5G test frequencies; MTS, Beeline applications remain stalled
Rostelecom pulls out of AKADO merger talks
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Rostelecom aiming to acquire Avantel
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Beeline achieves 1Gbps download speed in equipment trials
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
MegaFon claims Russia’s largest LTE-A footprint
SCRF declines to issue spectrum for Russian 5G testing
Rostelecom to acquire Tvingo Telecom
Domestic roaming charges to be scrapped in 1H18, minister says
SCRF is preparing to hold auctions for LTE-450 in five regions
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MegaFon, Rostelecom in 5G pact
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
ER-Telecom closes deal for Volgograd operator Columbia Telecom
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
MVNO Monday: MVNOs Europe Special
AKADO trialling DOCSIS 3.1
MTS revenues up 2.1%; cellular base up 0.4% q-o-q, down 0.5% y-o-y
VEON’s Q3 revenue climbs 4.0%
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Telia agrees to sell entire MegaFon stake for USD1bn
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Beeline completes 5GHz LTE-LAA tests
MTS gets permission for rival bid for Strela Telecom group
MTS, Ericsson sign contract for 5G-ready network upgrades
Rostelecom in Moscow 5G pilot with Nokia
ER-Telecom completes takeover of AKADO’s St Petersburg unit
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Up and coming AlmaTel unifies branding
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
ER completes Yekaterinburg acquisition from AKADO
Telia reduces MegaFon stake to 19%, removes Associated Company status
MTS buys 30% of Sistema Capital to boost FinTech business
Northernmost city in the world gets high speed fibre hook-up
Beeline, MTS make 5G frequency applications
Telenor selling a further 5.1% of VEON
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
AKADO’s regional unit sale to ER-Telecom gains board approval
ER-Telecom subsidiary WestCall buys Telros to boost B2B segment
Tatarstan gears up for 5G football kick-off
ER-Telecom cleared for Tomsk trio takeover
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MegaFon LTE reaches 83 regions
MegaFon books 1% dip in telecom turnover
MTS Q2 profit grows 63%
Tele2 Russia makes LTE-800 advancements
Russian cellcos granted another four months to cease domestic roaming charges
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Beeline significantly increases Moscow capacity with UMTS-900
MTS, MGTS, Nokia test 10GPON compatibility with ‘5G’ equipment
ER-Telecom purchase of AKADO units approved; clears path for Rostelecom-AKADO talks?
Rostelecom, AKADO reportedly in ownership talks
MegaFon claims 979Mbps 4.5G speeds in Moscow
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
VEON’s revenue up 12.3% in Q2
The FAS and the furious: watchdog to bring national roaming case against ‘big four’
MTS completes purchase of Urals-based Bashkortostan Cellular Communication
ER-Telecom acquisition drive continues in Irkutsk, Tomsk
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
ER-Telecom acquires Kraftsvyaz
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MTS, Ericsson, Qualcomm test LAA in Russia
Russian big four given two weeks to cease national roaming charges
FAS approves Volgograd telco takeover application from ER-Telecom
Spoils to the Viktor: AKADO now 100% owned by Vekselberg’s group
Further 4G bands permitted in 2100MHz range
MegaFon gets pilot 5G frequencies; Tele2 demos 5G capabilities
TTK expands IPTV to 50 cities
Court ‘arrests’ Sistema shares in MTS
MegaFon, Huawei demo Massive MIMO
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MegaFon applying for '5G' spectrum; shareholder Telia to trim stake?
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MegaFon claims 35Gbps 5G test record
Tele2 extends LTE network to the Udmurtia Republic and Vologda region
Rostelecom plots RUB2bn swoop for B2B player Avantel
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Rostelecom, Tattelecom study 5G pilot project in Tatarstan
MegaFon’s telecoms segment revenues fall 0.9% in Q1
MTS Q1 revenue falls 1.1%, EBIT creeps up
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
VEON reports 13% group revenue hike
Tele2 aims for 53 LTE regions this year; Rostelecom discusses takeover potential
Ministry setting Digital Economy agenda; regulator bans four messaging services
MegaFon expands VoLTE availability
MTS, Ericsson claim Russian record data rate in ‘fully mobile’ 5G tests
VEON, ZTE sign virtual infrastructure global framework agreement
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Moscow seeking partnership with cellcos for 5G project
Telenor sells additional VEON stake; no longer ‘associated’
VEON lists on Euronext Amsterdam
Bankers ask Rostelecom to take majority control of Tele2 Russia
VimpelCom officially becomes VEON
MegaFon chooses Mango for bigger slice of fixed-mobile convergence
MTS 2016 revenue climbs 2.1% to USD7.6bn
Tower Talk: a guide to the latest major cell site developments
Russia tightening up SIM user registration
MegaFon’s annual mobile service revenue falls for the first time
Tele2 Russia implements SON across whole network footprint
Midweek M2M: IoT and machine-to-machine developments
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MTS spends USD78.6m in share buyback; MGTS acquiring Balashikha operator
Rostelecom probed by comptroller over restrictions on regional telco traffic
Beeline signs five-year managed services contract with Nokia
Rostelecom fixed voice revenue decline offset by broadband/TV turnover
MegaFon set to buy remaining SMARTS assets; ER-Telecom completes Novotelecom takeover
MTS tests 10Gbps radio transmission; Beeline, MegaFon share 1,300 LTE-1800 BTS in ten regions
VimpelCom’s 2016 EBITDA rises 12.4%; group changing name to VEON
Russian ministry releases end-year report on village broadband expansion
Beeline taps Mavenir for IMS modernisation; seeks to develop VoLTE in Moscow, St Petersburg
MTS starts TD-LTE launch programme in regions outside Moscow
MTS, MGTS launch XG-PON/5G fixed/mobile strategy for Moscow
Rostelecom announces VDSL upgrade tender
MTS deploys multi-standard Ericsson Radio System supporting FDD/TDD LTE-A Pro
MegaFon investigated over roaming hikes, but only faces tiny penalty
ER-Telecom unit Enforta cleared to expand frequencies via Infoset takeover
Beeline, Huawei testing 4.5G, 5G technologies
MOTIV expands LTE with iDirect satellite backhaul
ER-Telecom aims to buy Novosibirsk operator Novotelecom
Beeline signs 500,000 converged mobile/fixed package subscribers
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Rostelecom acquires Siberian ISP Sibitex
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MegaFon taking over online social networks VK, OK
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
MTS launches 4.5G in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Ufa and Yakutsk
Russian authorities try once more to abolish on-net roaming charges
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MTS, Beeline share 4G spectrum
Tele2 Russia debuts Wi-Fi Calling – app-based solution allows wider device support than MTS
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MTS Q3 group turnover, profits down 1.3%, 12.8%; users up 2.5%
MTS claims first commercial VoWi-Fi in Russia
Russian ministry publishes draft law on internet, critical networks regulation
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
M2M Monthly: a guide to recent machine-to-machine and IoT developments
Rostelecom returns to the mobile market – Urals first
Tele2, Ericsson pilot inter-site CA; MTS, Nokia test NB-IoT
VimpelCom posts USD445m net profit in Q3; revenue slides 3%
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Back to the future: MTS reintroduces intra-net national roaming charges
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Tower Talk: a guide to the latest major cell site developments
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
M2M Monthly: a guide to recent machine-to-machine and IoT developments
Tower Talk: a guide to the latest major cell site developments
MegaFon expands LTE-A to 25 cities, Kaliningrad the latest
VimpelCom partners Cisco Jasper on M2M/IoT global expansion
MegaFon claims VoLTE first in Moscow
MTS, MegaFon make announcements on 5G evolution path, regional consolidation
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Tower Talk: a guide to the latest major cell site developments
Telenor prices VimpelCom share sale and exchangeable bond
MTS and Nokia test '5G' system
'85%' of Russian telco equipment to be Russia-produced by 2020
Telenor begins VimpelCom stake sale with 8.1% first-phase offer
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Nokia, Tele2 Russia sign 5G MoU
ER-Telecom completes WestCall takeover in St. Petersburg
Beeline, Tele2 Russia to share networks in 27 regions
Tower Talk: a guide to the latest major cell site developments
MTS group Q2 revenue up 5.3%, Russian sales climb 3.3%
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
ER-Telecom acquires Irknet, boosting Irkutsk presence
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
VimpelCom Q2 revenues slide 16% in USD terms
Rostelecom plans five-year investment of up to USD4.5bn
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Tower Talk: a guide to the latest major cell site developments
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MegaFon signs IoT agreement with Huawei, moves forward with NB-IoT
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Operators request further dialogue on ‘ambiguous’ data storage legislation
Tele2's LTE-450 enters Moscow; NetByNet buys ISP in capital
Intra-corporate reshuffle raises MTS ownership in MGTS to 99.1%
Rostelecom starts building Kamchatka-Sakhalin high speed cable
Tele2 expands new LTE-450 network to St Petersburg; Moscow follows in July
MTS tests LTE-U, signs software modernisation deal with Ericsson; goes to court over ownership of four SMARTS units
Volna Mobile launches as Crimea’s fourth GSM cellco
MegaFon achieves 1Gbps in tests, claims '5G' level performance
VimpelCom enters USD1bn software partnership with Ericsson
ER-Telecom closes acquisition of Prestige Internet (Enforta)
MTS to launch 187Mbps LTE speeds in Moscow by September
MOTIV given permission to launch VoLTE
Tele2, VimpelCom discuss network sharing plans
MTS group Q1 revenue grows 7.9%, driven by Russia
MTS signs new 5G agreement with Nokia
Tele2 Russia begins LTE-450 rollout
Stake in Rostelecom under consideration by Russian fund, Arab investors
VimpelCom Q1 revenue up 4% in organic terms, down 12% in USD
Tower Talk: a guide to the week’s major cell site developments
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
ER-Telecom completes Megapolis takeover in Irkutsk
ER-Telecom aiming to acquire St Petersburg’s WestCall
Sevastopol's Sevtelecom users get Russian mobile roaming
Rostelecom launching quad-play in Q3 via MVNO over Tele2 network
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Join the (Green) Dots – Russian regional broadband operator expands presence
MVNO Monday: MVNOs World Congress Special
Tower Talk: a guide to the week’s major cell site developments
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Tele2 Russia covers 99% of Moscow; Muscovite AKADO users get 200Mbps upgrade
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Rostelecom to acquire Morton Group’s telecoms assets
MTS consolidated revenue grows 5% in 2015
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Tower Talk: a guide to the week’s major cell site developments
Beeline aims to catch up rivals in Russian LTE coverage
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
VimpelCom to introduce ZTE’s NFV solution in five markets
MTS selects Intracom to support LTE backhaul; confirms 2.6GHz spectrum haul
Minsvyaz completes 2600MHz 4G auction
VimpelCom agrees USD795m settlement in Uzbek bribery case
VimpelCom’s annual net loss widens to USD691m
Eight applicants for additional 2600MHz frequencies approved
Beeline adds MegaFon LTE network sharing deal to its arrangements with MTS
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Russian, foreign suitors chosen for VimpelCom’s towers, says paper
ER-Telecom’s Enforta takeover cleared
MTS leads LTE coverage with 83-region footprint
Rostelecom introduces PLC for IPTV; inks RUB4.4bn wholesale deal with Beeline
MTS and Ericsson strike 5G deal
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Rostelecom’s fibre broadband network passes 30m homes
Full commercial VoLTE authorised by Ministry
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Russian 2600MHz bid applications open 1-Dec; auction follows in February
ER-Telecom gets approval for five Irkutsk takeovers
MTS group revenues climb 7.4% in Q3
Beeline switching all 3G investment to 4G next year; parent nears tower sale
Tele2 Russia announces 59 3G/4G regions connected; 22 regions rebranded
Vimpelcom posts USD1bn Q3 net loss on charge for potential fines
Vimpelcom sets aside USD900m amid Uzbek bribery probe; move follows ousting of Telenor chairman
MegaFon preparing to hive off, sell towers
Tele2’s Moscow mobile circus off to flying start
Vimpelcom picks advisors for tower sale proposals
MTS trials first LTE broadcast in Russia
ER-Telecom negotiating Enforta takeover
Strategic partnership between Telefonica and MegaFon renewed
MTS, Beeline, MegaFon, Tele2 buy 1800MHz regional frequencies at auction
Mikhail Fridman not interested in Telenor's Vimpelcom stake
Telenor decides to exit Vimpelcom
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MegaFon completes purchase of Moscow fixed telco GARS; scrapping St Petersburg fixed ops
Ministry accepts Crimea telecoms subsidy applications
State property fund divesting 12.1% SMARTS stake
Tele2 finally entering Moscow this October
St Petersburg first Russian city with 100% Metro station LTE coverage
MegaFon secures USD600m financing from CDB
Tele2 lifts 3G network coverage to 50 regions
MTS reports 2.1% drop in Q2 EBITDA
MegaFon snaps up four more chunks of SMARTS
Beeline VoLTE trial starts this week after complying with state surveillance system
Vimpelcom aims to deliver USD750m cash flow increase on annual basis
MTS deploys Radio Dot; launching OTT service for smart TVs
Intertelecom sells Crimean assets; namesake Russian firm installing new equipment
Rostelecom reducing stake in Crimean operations
1800MHz auction called for 29 September
Cellcos permitted to share LTE spectrum in 800MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 2.5-2.6GHz bands
MTS launching LTE-A in 15 regions by end-2015
Tele2 Russia completes legal restructuring
MegaFon, Vimpelcom buying regional SMARTS assets
Brief: MTS signs LTE contracts with Nokia, Huawei, Ericsson, Samsung
Tele2 Russia will reach 80,000 LTE-1800 cells in roughly three years
MTS, Vimpelcom, MegaFon poised to launch commercial VoLTE
Tele2 switching on 4G in St Petersburg; adds three regions to 3G footprint
1800MHz auction expected to commence on 29 September
MegaFon unveils Chita as fifth LTE-A region
Tele2 extends 3G to Siberia; 17 regions now covered
Rostelecom 1Q15 revenues drop 1%; net income slumps 17%
MTS 1Q15 revenues increase 2.7%; FOREX woes pummel bottom line
MinSvyaz chief approves terms of 1800MHz tender
Tattelecom re-brands SMARTS-Kazan as Fly Mobile
Vimpelcom 1Q15 revenues slump 30%; bottom line improves
Whole Crimea peninsula transferred to Russian dial codes
Rostelecom board approves FreshTel takeover
MegaFon 1Q15 revenues drop 1.2% to RUB73.98bn; net profit climbs 2.4% to RUB7.40bn
Tele2 to launch 3G in 20 new regions in 2Q15; BWC to rebrand as Tele2 in May
Rostelecom board agrees Mobitel share transfer
Tele2 Russia expands 3G to Kaliningrad exclave
Vimpelcom (Beeline) launches commercial VoLTE service in Moscow
Russian rumour-mill: MTS, Beeline linked with tri-band CA trials
Rostelecom board approves 100% Bashinformsvyaz takeover
CFO: MTS likely to borrow this year to aid expansion
Kop a load of this: TTK WiMAX rollout reaches Chelyabinsk Oblast
MTS extends LTE-1800 network to Krasnodar
MTS FY14 revenues up 3.1% to RUB410.8bn; net income slumps 35.1% due to FOREX shifts
Rostelcom FY14 revenues up 3% to RUB298.9bn
MegaFon hires Nokia to build out LTE networks in Moscow, Caucasus, Central Region
MegaFon 2014 revenues up 5.9%; net profit pummelled by FOREX shifts
ER-Telecom seeks to double business by 2020
Tele2 Russia seeks to integrate 33 companies by June 2015
Crimean authorities keen to reconfigure Kyivstar assets as state mobile operator
ER-Telecom set to acquire Yaroslavl-based cableco
Vimpelcom FY14 revenues slump 12.9% to USD19.6bn; hit hard by forex movements
MTS extends 1800MHz LTE network to St Petersburg
AKADO taps ARRIS for upgrade; speeds of 200Mbps now on the cards
FreshTel price-tag could reach RUB880m; Rostelecom happy to foot the bill
Rostelecom fibre network covers 25m Russian households
Ukrtelecom out of Crimea
Roskomnadzor: 42,047 LTE BTS active in Russia at end-2014
MNP total passes one million in Russia
MTS launches 800MHz LTE in Moscow; talks up 2014 achievements
Crimea river: Ukrainian cellcos stream out of peninsula
MegaFon reveals LTE-A and 2G/3G expansion plans; Beeline expands 4G to Vladikavkaz
Vimpelcom to sell off ‘weak’ broadband assets
MGTS announces operating update for end-14
Pay-TV market expanded 6.1% to RUB57bn in 2014, report says
Russian mobile frequencies auction looks set to be delayed until 3Q15
AKADO Telecom extends fibre-optic offer to consumer segment
Tele2 Russia purchases 60% stake of TCDC to launch 3G network in Tula region
SRFC amends 4G 2.5GHz band auction rules
MegaFon upgrades network in Ryazan region; MTS deploys LTE-1800 in Bashkortostan
MegaFon adds Kislovodsk to LTE footprint
Rostelecom inks USD159m loan to fund network expansion; completes northwest backbone
VimpelCom absorbs WestBalt Telecom; AF Telecom ups MegaFon stake
MTS purchases regional assets from SMARTS Group
Chechnya’s Vainakh-Telecom extends GSM network; launches 4G promo
MTS and Beeline switch on LTE in Kaliningrad and Yaroslavl, respectively; Base presses ahead with legal challenge over LTE frequencies
RSCC to launch satellite broadband to Central, South-Ural, Far East and Siberia regions in 2015
Beeline launches mass market 4G in Vologda, Murmansk and Pskov; TTK adds Pechora Komi Republic to FTTB footprint
Vimpelcom, MTS ink deal to collaborate on LTE
Tele2 Russia launches 4G in Tula, 3G in the Tambov region and provides St Petersburg update
Russian research firm tests the living daylights out of 4G
Russia round-up: TTK launches WiMAX in Kovrov, Vladimir region; MTS improves 3G; new rules to improve operator-subscriber relations; ER-Telecom moves for Skynet; Rostelecom enters MVNO market; state body says no plans to privatise Rostelecom in 2015
Beeline switches on DC-HSPA+ in Kazan and some cities in the Republic of Tatarstan
Yota now selling SIM cards in 13 cities
Rostelecom switches on IPTV in Moscow
MegaFon draws on USD276m from revolving credit facility
Russia round-up: Rostelecom deploys 18k ETTH ports in Volgograd; MTS rolls out FOCL in Sakhalin Oblast; InterZet integration complete; MegaFon to increase 3G capacity in Tambov; Beeline launches 4G LTE network in Tyumen
TTK launches WiMAX in Siberia
MegaFon’s 4G network live in Tyumen
Tele2 Russia introduces mobile TV service
Russian users yet to embrace the MNP habit
Russia round-up: MegaFon hikes overseas roaming by 300%; Rostelecom plans massive jobs cuts and deploys ETTH in Elista; Yota starts selling SIM cards; SRFC may license 2.1GHz band; MTS completes Chukotka upgrade; NetByNet adds Canas to broadband footprint
Russia round-up: TTK reins in 2015 investment; Tele2 launches 3G in Chelyabinsk; MinSvyaz reports solid support for tech-neutral licensing; MegaFon network update; MTS turns back on Rainbow
MTS’ third-quarter revenue up 3.6% to RUB107.15bn but net income down 11.2%
MVNO Mobile Messenger hits 700k subs mark; TTK connects Zabaikalsk with FTTB
SMARTS Group agrees deal to offload units to Vimpelcom (Beeline)
ER-Telecom reports 19% rise in 9M14 revenues
Tele2 Russia switches on 3G in Novosibirsk
Russia round-up: Vimpelcom arranges USD1bn credit line; Yota Devices seeks USD100m investment; MegaFon, Huawei ink 5G MoU; Rostelecom selects Infinera for Moscow network modernisation project
Rostelecom sees a halving in third-quarter profit as rising costs hit bottom line
Tele2 Russia to retain 450MHz spectrum, but not for LTE
Russia round-up: Tele2 launches 3G in St Petersburg; MegaFon now offering LTE-A smartphone in Moscow; MTS prepares LTE-1800 in capital; TTK completes backbone network upgrade
Vimpelcom, MegaFon announce latest LTE rollouts
Vimpelcom 3Q14 revenues drop 9%; net income slumps 59%
Russia round-up: MTS and Vimpelcom (Beeline) discuss LTE network sharing; Beeline, MegaFon extend their LTE coverage; MTS to offer satellite TV; NetByNet unveils WiFire; and TTK completes corporate reorganisation
Russian round-up: MOTIV finishes national 4G network tests; MTS test CA functionality; MegaFon offers LTE roaming for Czech travellers; Rostelecom sets sights on Bashkiria consolidation
ER-Telecom extends 200Mbps broadband internet to Ekaterinburg
NetByNet acquires Moscow’s Express TeleCom
Russia develops RAN sharing plan to bolster coverage and eliminate the digital divide between regions
Regional telco AKADO unveils new triple-play tariffs
MTS constructs Far East and Eastern Siberia WiMAX network
MegaFon reports falling Q3 profits, but revenues climb
Intertelecom transfers Crimean operations to Russian company under same brand
Russia round-up: Vimpelcom tests VoLTE, HD video; MTS secures RUB50bn credit line; TTK increases telecoms capacity in Engels; Rostelecom starts large-scale fibre project
Russia round-up: AKADO receives national telecoms licence; state launches Express-AM6 telecoms satellite; Rostelecom goes for VoIP; MTS doubles its LTE coverage in Chelyabinsk
MTT launches MVNO services in Tajikistan over Babilon-M network
Ukrtelecom closes Sevastopol branch
Rostelecom launches triple-play offer
Russia round-up: MTS to launch small cells in 2014/16; Rostelecom extends GPON coverage; ETK to switch subs to Tele2 network
SRFC authorises use of ‘450MHz’ band
Roskomnadzor to auction off 1800MHz LTE spectrum in early-2015
MegaFon secures USD500m loan with China Development Bank
Federal bailiff bars sale of Antares’ 1980MHz-2000MHz spectrum
MTS Ukraine selling Crimea property
MegaFon publishes update on recent 2G, 3G, 4G upgrades in Moscow region
Rostelecom inks deal to buy WiMAX operator FreshTel
Tele2 plans Moscow launch by mid-2015; plans to deploy 4,000 BTS
Russia round-up: Crimea GSM frequencies could be auctioned in six months; TTK launches WiMAX in five cities; MNP total approaches 1m; MGTS GPON upgrade set to conclude in 2015
TriMob switches off Sevastopol mobile services
Ukrtelecom suspends certain Sevastopol services
MegaFon, Beeline tap InfiNet for expansion
MOTIV discloses further details regarding LTE plans; Ericsson named as rollout partner
Ukrtelecom restores services in Luhansk, denies transfer of Crimean operations
FIPB rejects SSTL foreign ownership increase
Russia round-up: MegaFon extends LTE-A to St Petersburg; Vimpelcom follows suit in Moscow; Roskomnadzor confirms 4G rollout progress
Osnova awarded number block
Akado upgrades Moscow backbone to support 100Gbps
Rostelecom books 3% increase in H1 turnover, trims debt for future growth
MTS revenue growth of 1.4% driven by Russian ops
Russia round-up: Osnova tests LTE-A; Yota MVNO goes live; Huawei to deploy FTTH for Rostelecom; TTK picks WiMAX vendor
Decree leaves cellcos needing broadcasters’ permission to use 700MHz band
Sistema likely to take 100% of Kosmos-TV following decree authorising sale
Kyivstar's Crimea services halted
Ericsson signs partnership agreement with MegaFon
Rostelecom completes second stage of Tele2 JV
Vimpelcom Q2 revenues down 11% y-o-y to USD5.07bn
Kerch Strait Cable up and running between Russia and Crimea; K-Telecom replaces MTS-Ukraine
FAS approves transfer of WiMAX firm FreshTel to VEB
MegaFon Q2 revenues up 6.1% to RUB76.7bn
Ukrtelecom’s Crimean division being renamed, but should remain privately owned
SRFC green-lights 900MHz LTE plans
NetByNet scoops up regional ISP trio
Beeline receives Kyivstar spectrum, number allocation ahead of Crimea launch
MTS Ukraine ‘exits Crimea’ to make way for parent
Tattelecom unit launches LTE-1800 network in Kazan
TTK owners to discuss expansion plans; mobile operators could be on shopping list
VTB extends USD5bn credit line to Tele2 Russia
Russian company ‘wants to buy’ MTS Belarus stake, ambassador says
GNCC opposes Russia, South Ossetia numbering deal
Volia quits Crimea; services continue via third party
MegaFon inks ‘unprecedented’ seven-year network modernisation contract with Huawei
Sistema stake increase blocked by DoT
Alfa Group eyes USD1bn-plus telco deals in Europe following sale of oil firm
MegaFon posts 43% decline in Q1 net profit
MTS Q1 revenues up 5.1%
Rostelecom reports 8% rise in Q1 net profit
PEOPLEnet leaves Crimea due to unusable frequencies; Intertelecom to follow?
Vimpelcom 1Q14 revenues slump 10%; Russian sales drop 18% y-o-y
Rostelecom linked with deal for WiMAX operator FreshTel
Rostelecom acquires Crimean infrastructure from Datagroup, Atracom
MegaFon trumpets LTE achievements; confirms full integration of Yota
Yota launches mobile voice services in Moscow, St Petersburg
TTK mulling Crimea entrance
MTS launches LTE in St Petersburg; tests VoLTE
Russia round-up: FAS approves Tele2, Sotel deal; new MVNOs licensed; MegaFon launches dual-country SIM card
Tele2 Russia to deploy LTE-1800 network in Crimea; submarine cable link imminent
Vimpelcom tests ‘seamless’ VoLTE in Russia
Rostelecom completes first stage of Tele2 merger
Tele2 introduces new macro-regional structure ahead of Rostelecom merger
Medvedev: Rostelecom should launch in Crimea to safeguard communication channels
ER-Telecom sees 2013 revenue increase 37% y-o-y
Ukrtelecom opposes Russian plan to change Crimean phone numbers
Rostelecom FY13 revenues down 2% y-o-y to RUB325.7bn
MTS FY13 revenues increase 5.3% to RUB398.4bn
Russia round-up: 10,500 LTE BTS deployed; FAS approves JV; MOTIV snags LTE permission for Urals
Vimpelcom posts FY13 loss of USD1.4bn following impairment charges in Ukraine, Canada
1,343 Russian towns still lack communications services
MegaFon 2013 revenues up 9.1% to RUB297.2bn
MTS achieves 75Mbps speeds in St Petersburg LTE tests
Only SMARTS Group have the answer: cellco unveils 1800MHz LTE plans
MegaFon’s 300Mbps LTE-A hailed as world’s first
Russia roundup: MTT completes IP migration; AKADO in DOCSIS 3 upgrade; Svyaznoy reaches quarter-million mark
Rostelecom outlines RUB23.2bn share buyback procedure
Osnova in legal LTE limbo as lawsuit lingers
MegaFon completes acquisition of SMARTS-Volgograd
MegaFon extends DC-HSPA+ connectivity to north-west Russia
Russian round-up: MNP uptake revealed, Rostelecom launches LTE in Sochi, Tattelecom secures 1800MHz LTE licence
MegaFon extends LTE to 50th location
VTB to snag 12% Rostelecom stake for RUB35bn
NetByNet awarded Moscow MVNO licence
FAS green-lights Shevronne Investments takeover of Summa Telecom
FAS clears MegaFon to buy 100% of SMARTS-Volgograd
Vimpelcom picks NSN to supply LTE equipment in five regions
Rostelecom deploys fibre in remote village of Sharomy
Vimpelcom extends DC-HSPA+ network to St Petersburg
Cypriot investment firm snaps up InterZet; ER-Telecom linked to deal
Majority of Rostelecom shareholders approve mobile spin-off
Russian Towers, ESN hire banks to prepare Vimpelcom tower bids
MOTIV and Tattelecom unveil 4G plans
Rostelecom board approves Tele2 mobile merger
SRFC approves 900MHz band for 3G, 1800MHz band for LTE
MegaFon transfers Yugratel, Synterra-South to NetByNet
Government nudges back MNP date to 15 April 2014
MegaFon launches DC-HSPA+ in Siberia
Putin throws weight behind MNP law
Trivon snaps up MegaMax; ‘more acquisitions to come’
Rostelecom 3Q13 revenues up 2% to RUB78.2bn
MTS 3Q13 revenues reach RUB103.3bn
Rostelecom unit acquires 7.45% stake held by Gazprombank
MTS claims 99.94m customers across five markets
Rostelecom votes on mobile spin-off; receives permission to buy bank
MegaFon reports Q3 revenues of RUB77.5bn
Russian Railways to sell just under 50% of TTK
Vimpelcom Group Q3 revenues plummet 53% y-o-y amid higher tax expenses
Russia round-up: Vimpelcom eyes USD1bn tower windfall; MegaFon expands TransBaltic gateway, extends LTE coverage
Vimpelcom lights LTE network in Kaliningrad; Moscow, St Petersburg launch dates revealed
Tele2 Russia unveils corporate reshuffle with new holding company
MGTS GPON network reaches halfway mark in Moscow; one million homes now passed
MegaFon subsidiary NetByNet acquires regional ISP duo
ER-Telecom, AKADO merger back on the agenda; talks extended until year-end
DREAM come true, as MegaFon launches Europe-Asia transmission route
VTB deal to offload 50% of Tele2 completes earlier than expected
TTK taps Cisco for 100Gbps ULH DWDM network
FAS clears Tele2 stake sales; VTB expects transaction to close within two weeks
ER-Telecom approach for AKADO stutters
RDIF, Deutsche Bank snap up minor stake in Rostelecom
SRFC set to green-light MegaFon, Yota LTE-A trials
VTB: Rostelecom hold over mobile unit uncertain
Rostelecom selects Infinera to extend reach of transport network
Vimpelcom negotiating USD3.7bn loan with international banks
MegaFon deploys 180 2G/3G base stations in Krasnodar, Adygeya
Rossiya bank linked with stake in Tele2 Russia
Billionaire Usmanov ups stake in MegaFon owner
Rostelecom completes second stage of Svyazinvest reorganisation
MegaFon completes Yota buyout
Tele2 Russia aims to become fourth national mobile operator with new MVNO licence
MegaFon and Tele2 Russia complete MNP trials
MTS and MegaFon extend 4G footprints
TTK completes buyout of regional ISP Maginfo
Samsung completes first stage of MTS LTE rollout in Pskov
Vimpelcom's OTH now GTH
ESN linked with approach for Vimpelcom cell towers
ER-Telecom, AKADO talks extended until next month
MegaFon shareholders vote in favour of Yota takeover
MTS taps Samsung for north-west LTE rollout
MGTS to launch Moscow MVNO in 2014
Long-awaited EPEG cable launches commercially
Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan eye end to roaming rates
Rostelecom hires advisors to oversee Tele2 JV
Russia round-up: Rostelecom plots 450MHz LTE trial; Osnova receives 4G permits; Yota taps NEC for microcell base stations
AKADO posts first profit since 2006; generates RUB308m in 1H13
Rostelecom kick-starts supply tender for Far East submarine cable
NetByNet claims 700,000 subscribers
MTS Q2 revenues up 5% to RUB97.5bn; Bitel settlement boosts bottom line
Vainakh Telecom authorised to launch LTE?
Rostelecom launches RUB30bn buyback
MTS launches FDD-LTE network in Tambov
MegaFon to ditch Yota branding following takeover?
Art attack? MTS acquires regional ISP
Russia to cooperate with South Ossetia on numbering
Yota plans LTE voice service in 2014
Rostelecom inaugurates HSPA+ network in St Petersburg
MegaFon sees huge increase in net profit after ‘reduced foreign exchange losses’
MegaFon to acquire 4G operator Yota
Vimpelcom still keen on Tele2 Russia
Vimpelcom hails ‘solid’ results as 2Q profits climb 17%
MegaFon shareholders looking to sell up
Beeline planning LTE launch in Kaliningrad?
Enforta relinquishes LTE spectrum in 102 cities
MegaFon earns FAS approval for full Scartel takeover
FAS approves ER-Telecom-AKADO merger
Regulator denies LTE revocation rumours
Tattelecom buys Kazan arm of SMARTS Group
ER-Telecom asks FAS for AKADO takeover permission
97.7% of participating Rostelecom shareholders vote in favour of Svyazinvest merger
Rusnano acquires 25% stake in WTC from NSN in bid to appease watchdog
Upper house rejects universal service bill
Mobile firms outraged as regulator considers seizing LTE frequencies
Beeline launches HSPA+ in Siberia, Far East
MTS taps NSN for FDD LTE deployment
RDIF, Deutsche Bank plot swoop for Rostelecom stake
Has ER-Telecom agreed to buy AKADO?
Vimpelcom’s regional LTE suppliers unveiled
Tele2 Russia snaps up Voronezh-based Kodotel
‘Intermediary’ Bank Rossiya lines up deal for 30% of Tele2
MTS taps Ericsson for LTE rollout
Tele2 stages second 1800MHz LTE trial
Moscow to bar foreigners from buying Rostelecom; ‘Big Three’ watch with interest
Vimpelcom Moscow tower sale gathers pace
MNP testing scheduled for September-November
Rostelecom, Tele2 considering mutual MVNO pact
MTS’ 1Q13 revenues increase 1.9% to RUB92.9bn; CEO confirms AKADO speculation
MTS lines up deal for AKADO
FICORA details outcome of spectrum discussions with Russian authorities
Rostelecom launches LTE in Sochi
MTS boosts Moscow coverage with FD-LTE rollout
Altimo ‘no plans’ for new Orascom buyout offer
Govt expects to offload Rostelecom stake by 2014
MegaFon, Telefonica to kick-start strategic cooperation
Altimo buyout of Orascom shares runs into complications
Vimpelcom launches LTE network in Moscow
Antares, Rostelecom discuss LTE cooperation
MegaFon taps NEC, Transmode to expand fibre backhaul capacity
Eastern promises: Vimpelcom extends GSM connectivity to 500 new settlements
TTK plots AKADO swoop; plans to extend coverage to 260 cities
MegaFon CEO buys additional 1.25% of company
Vimpelcom, MTS, Rostelecom prepare LTE; Base Telecom thwarted?
Vimpelcom posts flat sales but higher EBITDA for first quarter of 2013
MegaFon enjoys strong first quarter
MTS deploys base station covering the Commander Islands
Rostelecom set to disconnect ‘illegal’ ER-Telecom cables
National MNP database to be funded through USF
Vice PM slaps USD5bn price tag on Rostelecom controlling stake
Russian MVNO total reaches 1.35m in 2012
Perm-based telco back in fashion as subs base rises
VTB to offload 50% stake in Tele2 within twelve months
Altimo snags USD3.2bn loan from Sberbank
Onexim Group reconsiders Rostelecom stake deal
Tele2's continuing operations revenue falls 2% in Q1
UK tycoon denies withdrawal, keen to exploit Russian Virgin tie-up further
Altimo confirms offer for 100% of Orascom Telecom Holding
VTB: no carve-up planned for Tele2
Russia round-up: MegaFon introduces LTE handsets, VTB seeks 3G, 4G licences for Tele2
Rostelecom stake deal given judo chop after deadline expires
New Tele2 owner scoops up Tricolor TV
One-week wonder: Tele2 completes Russian sale in less than seven days
Magnificent seven? Vimpelcom poised to merge regional subsidiaries
MoD-backed Osnova commences LTE testing in Smolensk, Yaroslavl
Size of LTE spectrum clearance task revealed
Tele2 clarifies position on Russian sale; current branding could be preserved for a decade
Double-trouble for VTB as Vimpelcom, MTS join forces for new Tele2 bid
Alfa Group offers to buy out Orascom shareholders for USD0.70 per share
Tele2 sells Russian operations to VTB Group for USD2.4bn
Rostelecom launches 4th 3G network in Penza
MTS: 2012 revenues edge up less than 1% despite growth in key markets
Vimpelcom inks outsourcing deal covering six regions
Government approves Rostelecom appraisal ahead of Svyazinvest merger
WiMAX operator refreshes operational footprint with Samara launch
MGTS eyes completion of Moscow GPON rollout by 2015
MegaFon launches 4G in South Ossetia
Minister inks new contract for Far East submarine cable
Credit Suisse sells MegaFon shares for USD48m
MTS to enter Eurasian transit market with Chinese fibre link
AKADO taps Infinera for Moscow core network
FAS files case against Yota over LTE discrimination
Rostelecom claims third 3G launch through ZAO
Barclays helming tower outsourcing deal for Vimpelcom
Vimpelcom FY12 revenues increase 14% to USD23.06bn
Moscow court chastises 'inactive' watchdog; finds in favour of Antares Telecom
MTS yet to agree LTE MVNO terms with Yota
MarCap offloads 10.7% Rostelecom stake to Rotenberg affiliate
MegaFon targets one million LTE subscribers by end-2013
Vainakh sees regional ruckus over Siberian LTE equipment
MegaFon 2012 revenues up 12.4% to RUB272.6bn
TTK consolidates regional assets to boost national presence
‘Disillusioned’ Branson to back out of Virgin experiment?
Vimpelcom to launch 4G in six cities in 2013
10.5% of Rostelecom may be sold to metal man Mikhail
Ukraine, Bulgaria, Georgia joining TASIM fibre superhighway
MegaFon reports meteoric progress for network repairs
Federal Arbitration Court rejects Summa LTE appeal
Vimpelcom inks managed services deal with Ericsson
Russia round-up: Osnova owner disputes MoD frequency plans; Antares LTE hearing postponed
New defence minister offers to return Osnova’s LTE frequencies
Tele2: 83% of new additions ‘in Russian regions’
Osnova plans LTE launch in 14 cities
TTK notches one million broadband subscribers
Rostelecom subsidiary AKOS launches 3G in Primorsky Krai
Read all about it! Central Telegraph launches MVNO
Tele2’s annual EBITDA falls 2% despite 7% revenue gain
Vimpelcom inks capacity deal with SES to extend Far Eastern connectivity
Vimpelcom considering USD1bn sale of domestic broadband unit
MTS poised to launch fixed broadband in ten cities
Rostelecom initiates new LTE trials in Krasnodar, Sochi
Is dormant Polarnet project back on the agenda?
Roskomnadzor objects to Vainakh Telecom LTE launch in Chechnya
MegaFon co-owner forced to deny Tele2 ‘carve-up’ speculation
Mobile giant makes a Beeline towards Moscow LTE launch
BWC expands 3G network coverage to Tayshet, Ust-Kut
Federal Arbitration Court makes Valentine’s Day date with Summa over 4G fallout
Huawei and Rostelecom deploy 1st iODN in Russia
MegaFon CEO snaps up 1.25% of company during IPO
MTS reveals 2012 rollout achievements
NEC signs multi-million backhaul deal with Tele2
Russian Technologies to cash in on Yota, MegaFon stakes
External affairs minister confident of resolving Sistema deadlock
Minister: Rostelecom privatisation likely in 2015
Rostelecom testing 3G network in St Petersburg
Yota Devices to launch LTE smartphone in Feb-13
MTS eyes broadband expansion in 2013
Vimpelcom signs LTE MVNO contract with Yota
MNP bill passes second reading
Russia on ice; consortium withdraws demands on tighter internet governance
Sistema issues India ultimatum over SSTL licences
TTK considers ISP acquisition; launches WiMAX pilot
MegaFon forced to price IPO shares at low end of range
MNP legislation on the cards
Rostelecom claims first HSPA+ launch via subsidiary
Anti-Monopoly suit against Telenor dropped
Tele2, Rostelecom merger back on the table?
Rostelecom claims broadband subscriber base passes nine million
MTS name-checks Tele2 as takeover target
Antares, SkyLink fall out over frequency overlap
MegaFon seeks USD1.7bn-USD2.3bn from IPO
Vimpelcom Q3 revenues drop 6%; net income grows 185%
MegaFon IPTV service faces delay after company changes supplier
Rumoured Vimpelcom overhaul continues; telco considers splitting mobile, fixed businesses
MegaFon Q3 revenues up 12.3%
Mile-high Branson jets in to thrash out Virgin tie-up
Rise of the machines: MegaFon, Ericsson ink M2M partnership
Telenor admits willingness to consider Vimpelcom stake sale
Altimo inks deal to acquire 6% stake from Bertofan to seize control of Vimpelcom
DoT to support Sistema’s Supreme Court plea
VEB gets 100% in stake FreshTel for USD155m loan
Scartel may open 4G network to other operators
Vimpelcom ownership lawsuit to be heard on 27-Nov
Yota announces LTE-Advanced 300Mbps deployment in Moscow
MegaFon on the cusp of IPO; shares to be listed in London, Moscow
Altimo strikes back with Vimpelcom share purchase
Ownership deadlock rumbles on; Telenor confirms stake deal, but Vimpelcom postpones share registration
Russian LTE round-up: MegaFon to roll out services in 40 cities; Osnova targets 2013 launch
No Summa of love for telco; court of appeals over-rules 4G decision
Eastern promises as Tele2 expansion looms
Question mark hangs over SkyLink GSM status
Mobile giants consider shared cell tower scheme
Finger on the trigger in shareholder dispute, as armed squad raid Telenor’s Moscow office
SSTL holds off on auction until SC hears case
Regulator set to discuss technological neutrality on 2 October?
Full house? Vimpelcom receives Scartel LTE MVNO approval
See you in court! Rostelecom initiates legal action against Scartel over LTE access
Eastern promises: MTS agrees to invest RUB3.5bn in Primorsky Krai
Russian LTE round-up: Rostelecom postpones MVNO launch, MTS goes live in Moscow, Kazan boasts 4G triple-threat
MegaFon seeks clearance to list 20% of shares abroad
BT announces deal with Rostelecom to expand reach in Russia
Unofficial figures suggest Yota has notched 600,000 LTE subscribers
MTS announces LTE MVNO deal with Yota covering Kazan
Branson to explore Virgin territory with Russian LTE scheme?
MTS revenues up 3.6% to USD3.1bn; Uzbek impairment charges impact on bottom line
MTS confirms double swoop for fixed line telcos
Rostelecom linked with deal to acquire Norilsk Telecom
Altimo rejects Telenor truce claims as tug-of-war over shares continues
Gazprombank eyes up deals for Rostelecom preferred shares
Chaos in the Kosmos as pay-TV firm shuts down after LTE spectrum compensation
Rostelecom pinpoints LTE launch in North Caucasus in 2013; regional mobile rebranding nearly complete
FAS still not ready to withdraw Telenor case
Minister aims to ban domestic roaming charges
Altimo ups voting rights in Vimpelcom
Vimpelcom Q2 net profit up 83%, beats forecasts
Russian round-up: expansion for Yota, TTK, Rostelecom, ER-Telecom
MegaFon profits fall on currency losses
Nordea acquires 1% Rostelecom stake from Kerimov
Baikonur, we have a problem… (Russia, Indonesia lose new telecoms satellites after ‘botched’ launch)
Rostelecom announces Chita-on-Line acquisition
MTS to launch LTE in Moscow on 1 September
Rostelecom poised to offload minor stake in SMARTS
Rostelecom concludes SkyLink takeover; regional rebranding underway
Moscow pressures Tashkent over MTS issue
Billionaire owners set to sell FreshTel to TTK?
Roskomnadzor retracts statement on MegaFon’s illegal LTE network in Vladivostok
Tele2 grows sales 10%, EBITDA drops 3%; LTE gains 70,000 users
Moscow court backs Summa LTE spectrum appeal
Vladivostok next in line for Yota LTE switch-over
No surprises in store as usual suspects snag 800MHz LTE licences
MegaFon, Scartel complete asset merger
MTS cleared to acquire ZhelGor telco
Yota to launch LTE in Ufa on 29 July
Scartel CEO appointed as deputy communications minister
Svyazinvest approves Rostelecom, SkyLink stake swap
Vimpelcom finally achieves Far East coverage with GSM network
MNP draft bill submitted for govt approval
MTS remains focused on Russia, despite European opportunities
FAS confirms MegaFon–Scartel merger approval
Sistema cuts back spending as investor patience wears thin
Roskomnadzor receives eight applications for LTE tender
DoT seeks peace terms with cellcos; Russia sets up SWG to protect investment in India
Yota reveals details of LTE transition
Telenor pursues legal action against Altimo in Bermuda
MegaFon chalks up 7,000 LTE modem sales in Moscow in May
Svyazinvest seeks to boost stake in Central Telegraph after ‘appraisal’ of regional operators
Minnow Summa set to join mobile giants in LTE tender; Tele2 unhappy with terms of regional auction
Take the Weather with you? Altimo accuses fellow shareholders of share violation
MTS buys Tascom Wi-Fi network for USD38.3m
MTS 1Q12 revenues increase 2.7%, net income up 59.1%
Antares to merge with mobile TV operator Dominanta?
Tele2 denies Russian exit rumours
Government considering regional LTE tenders
Delayed Yota LTE network goes live in Moscow; MTS linked with MVNO arrangement
MegaFon 1Q12 revenues jump 14.4%
Vimpelcom 1Q12 revenues increase 3% on a pro forma basis
Roskomnadzor announces July tender for LTE frequencies in 791MHz-862MHz band
Delayed LTE spectrum auction now slated for September after document mishap
MegaFon plots TD-LTE network to complement Yota MVNO
Antares authorised to use 1900MHz band for LTE
FAS concerned that MegaFon-Scartel merger will harm competition
MGTS plots USD2bn GPON rollout
Altimo plans Vimpelcom stake increase
Usmanov wants new company to hold Scartel and MegaFon
MTS tests LTE in Moscow
MegaFon launches 4G services via Yota; resolves ownership disputes
Indian troubles to lead to USD1bn writedown for Sistema
MegaFon rumoured to be considering London IPO
Tele2’s EBITDA climbs 1% on 9% sales hike
BRICS-US cable project gains Chinese, South African support
FAS files claim against files claim against Telenor; seeks to invalidate purchase of Vimpelcom shares from Weather
MegaFon seeks loan to buy Alfa Group's 25.1% stake
Political upheaval expected to delay LTE tender
Yota outlines new LTE launch schedule
Rostelecom agrees LTE MVNO with Yota in Moscow
Medvedev issues renewed demand for MNP
Usmanov seeks to trade MegaFon stake for LTE firm Yota
FAS approves Rostelecom bid to buy backbone giant RETN
Telenor raises Vimpelcom stake following JP Morgan deal
SMARTS Group deploys trial LTE network in Ufa
Yota postpones Moscow LTE launch until 10 May
Usmanov linked with USD5bn swoop for MegaFon stake
SSTL looks to raise INR60bn; leaders expect amicable resolution
Medvedev orders Svyazinvest, Rostelecom merger to be completed within twelve months
Central Telegraph to launch Moscow MVNO under the ‘Qwerty’ brand
Sistema set to be reimbursed for loss of Moscow frequencies
Antares to start testing LTE in Moscow?
ER-Telecom concludes first phase of backbone rollout
No winter of discontent for MegaFon, Rostelecom; duo set to be awarded LTE spectrum for 2014 Olympics
Tele2 tests LTE in Omsk; anxious to hitch a ride on the 4G bandwagon as auction looms
MTS posts strong 2011 results
Vimpelcom FY11 revenues up 7% to USD23.46bn; subscriber base up 13% to 205 million
WiMAX operator Enforta poised to test LTE in Kemerovo?
Vimpelcom slashes international roaming rates in 62 countries
Splashdown for big MVNO in a small ‘Pond’
Osnova sounds LTE battle-cry; is MoD-backed start-up now armed with a 4G licence?
MegaFon FY11 revenues increase 12.6% to RUB242.6bn
Vimpelcom, Telekom Austria CEOs wade into EU price regulation debate
Yota targets Moscow LTE launch in April; MegaFon to piggyback as MVNO
Rostelecom, TeliaSonera cooperate on Russia-Sweden IP link
MTS, Rostelecom ink infrastructure-sharing pact
Tele2 taps NSN for LTE equipment
Billionaire Kerimov linked with 28.2% NTC stake
Russian diplomats weigh-in for Sistema; Uninor asks for restrictions on bidders
Vimpelcom CEO outlines future strategy; no plans to rebrand new units as Beeline
Vimpelcom selling digital TV operator Kolangon-Optim
Cellcos tap diplomatic channels over licence dispute
Tele2’s EBITDA grows 12%, 6% in Q4, FY
Seven-pronged Vimpelcom merger given the all-clear
MTS awarded Moscow LTE licence by Roskomnadzor
Rostelecom granted FAS approval to ‘Enter’ Siberia
‘Big Three’ allow mobile customers to make cross-network payments
MegaFon cleared to acquire regional ISPs
Mobitel unit poised to acquire half of tycoon’s Rostelecom stake
Vimpelcom abandons mobile TV project
Kerimov seeks to offload 6% Rostelecom stake
Telcos launch low-latency 10Gbps wavelength service between Japan and Europe
Kiselev offloads controversial 6% Vimpelcom stake to Ukrainian tycoon
Yota tests LTE in Novosibirsk
Rostelecom postpones LSE listing
Tele2 trims Russian subscriber forecast
No such thing as a free Luchshe; MegaFon snaps up ISP
Osnova Telekom goes on the offensive over LTE spectrum
Rostelecom 3Q11 revenues up 8%; broadband subscriber base grows to 7.9m
Rostelecom given belated clearance for LTE rollout
FAS approves Rostelecom’s SkyLink takeover
Govt to approve Svyazinvest liquidation?
Yota requests Moscow LTE examination; hints at new MegaFon tie-up
Alfa, Telenor agree to adhere to Vimpelcom agreement… for now
MTS 3Q11 revenues up 12.5%
Rostelecom ramps up Volga broadband investment plan
Minnows attempt to void Tele2 licences
Vimpelcom Q3 revenues increase 116%; consolidated customers pass 200 million
MegaFon completes Nakhodka Telecom deal
Telenor: Vimpelcom deal was ‘illegal’; new shareholder ‘interested’ in keeping 6% stake
MegaFon subscriber base reaches 800,000 in Chechnya
Tycoon scoops up Rostelecom minority stake
MTS swoops for Tatarstan’s TVT
Sistema wants MTS to go global
Tele2 seeks permission for independent LTE trial
Russia drives Tele2’s Q3 revenues, EBITDA up 4%, 5%
Polarnet reveals USD2bn trans-Arctic cable plans
Rostelecom anticipates SkyLink deal closure in 2012
Rostelecom 1H11 revenues climb 7% y-o-y
Bright lights, Cable City; Rostelecom extends IPTV service to Krasnoyarsk
Acquisition-hungry Rostelecom considers snacking on Qwerty
TransTeleCom lodges application for one million MVNO numbers
Summa keeps it Real with ISP deal
From Rostelecom with love: telco expands Ethernet network in Siberia
Sawiris pledges 4.23% of Vimpelcom as collateral against USD600m loan
MegaFon, AKADO deal hits snag
Rostelecom taps Alca-Lu for overhaul of North-South Transit route
Rostelecom poised to swoop for two ISPs
MegaFon agrees overhead power line deal with Siberian utility
Russia inks telecoms cooperation pact with South Ossetia; MegaFon launches 3G through Ostelekom
Vimpelcom, MTS embark on USD2 billion LTE collaboration
Rostelecom stages LTE video demonstration in Sochi
Sistema enters into asset swap talks with France Telecom
Roskomnadzor awards seven WiMAX licences to TTK
MTS protests against loss of WiMAX subscribers following new LTE scheme
Vimpelcom talks up consolidation at home and in Italy
Vimpelcom announces first post-consolidation results; Q2 revenues rise 109%
Rostelecom snaps up cellular duo from SMARTS
Tele2 conducts independent LTE study in attempt to force regulator’s hand
AKADO sale hits the skids as MegaFon shareholders balk at inflated price-tag
USD1bn hurdle for LTE consortium?
MTS permitted to scoop up MGTS stake
MTS snaps up Altair and snags fibre network in Tula
Tele2 subsidiary wins Moscow border coverage dispute
Arctic monkey business as MegaFon demonstrates mobile connection in Arctic Ocean
MegaFon and MTS to draw first blood in Moscow LTE battle?
Rostelecom launches NGN in Astrakhan
Siberian broadband subscribers come in from the cold as ER-Telecom makes eastern promises
Rostelecom sale delayed until 2013; ‘complicated’ ownership must be resolved first
Eight telcos submit bids for 3.4GHz–3.5GHz frequencies
Rostelecom extends telecoms infrastructure to Amur Oblast
MTS set to boost FTTB network in Southern Russia
Tele2 wises up and drops bid for troubled SMARTS
Telenor ups Vimpelcom stake by 2.45%
Tele2 reconfigures base stations to prevent illegal Moscow coverage
Rostelecom inks IPTV deal with SmartLabs
Synterra taps Gilat for Far East, Siberian broadband connectivity
MegaFon set to finalise AKADO deal by end-July
LTE ‘spectrum conversion’ document submitted to regulator
Rostelecom Q1 net profit edges up 6%; broadband, pay-TV subs rocket
Tele2 subsidiaries warned over illegal Moscow network coverage
Communications minister declines seat on Rostelecom board
MegaFon embarks on acquisition talks with AKADO Telecom
Auditors insist Rostelecom’s controlling interest should be ‘directly held’ by govt
Vimpelcom selects ZTE IPTV system for Russian regions, Kazakhstan
Finland and Russia agree terms over deployment of 3G 900MHz border services
MTS selects Alca-Lu to enhance 3G backhaul capacity
MegaFon confirms USD270 million acquisition of NetByNet
Tele2 Russia seeks regional government support in pursuit of 3G licence
Rostelecom attracts FAS flak over high termination rates
Rostelecom, SkyLink launch MVNO in Central Russia
Alfa sells 6% of Vimpelcom, cancelling shareholder agreement with Telenor
Rostelecom acquires 39.87% of Bashinformsvyaz
Vimpelcom Q1 revenues increase 22.9%, net income jumps 54.6%
MegaFon poised to snap up Moscow ISP NetByNet for USD360 million
Rostelecom considers poaching SkyLink from Svyazinvest
MTS 1Q11 net profit rises 24.8% to RUB13.2 billion
KDDI to work with Rostelecom on Japan-Russia network upgrade
MegaFon Q1 revenues increase 18% y-o-y; subscriber base witnesses ‘seasonal decline’
NTC shareholders reluctant to sell minor stakes to Rostelecom
Rostelecom reveals post-merger targets; aims to secure 50% of broadband market
China Telecom and Rostelecom agree to TEA upgrade
Tele2 offers USD390 million for 97% of SMARTS Group
Vimpelcom acquires majority stake in New Telephone Company from KT
Rostelecom applies for overseas listing; plots satellite infrastructure purchase
Roskomnadzor GSM tenders now complete; Tele2 snags six new licences in fourth and final process
Soyuz launches its 17th market
Rostelecom consolidated income grows 49% in 2010
Alfa Group seeks to dissolve Vimpelcom shareholder agreement with Telenor
Vimpelcom confirms closing of ‘large and complex’ Wind Telecom deal
Tele2 snags four GSM-1800 licences in the Far Eastern Federal District; Rostelecom and Vimpelcom also secure frequencies
Yota, Roskomnadzor agree 'frequency violations' truce
Rostelecom announces post-merger plans; London flotation planned for end-2011
MTS FY10 revenues rise 14.5% to USD11.3bn
MTS confirms full consolidation of Comstar
FAS green-lights MegaFon, NTK deal; MegaFon to secure 63% of regional market
MegaFon, MultiRegion granted FAS approval for NetByNet acquisition
Vimpelcom reports FY10 revenues of USD10.5 billion; mobile subscribers grow 43.5% to 92.7 million
All seven Svyazinvest subsidiaries apply for liquidation ahead of 'mega-regional merger'
Vimpelcom receives shareholder, regulatory approval for Wind Telecom merger
The SkyLink's the limit as CDMA operator is given approval to build W-CDMA network
MegaFon weighs up NTK acquisition
MegaFon sees FY10 revenues increase 18.5% to RUB215.5 billion
Russian giants ink national LTE deal with Yota
Seven firms apply for 32 licences in Far Eastern Russia; three additional tenders slated for April
UK commercial court denies Telenor injunction request
Rostelecom plots MVNO on MegaFon's network
Moscow Federal Arbitration Court rejects latest TeliaSonera, Altimo merger appeal
Tele2 Russia requests opportunity to join 4G research group; spectrum tender mooted for 2H11
Vimpelcom CEO predicts Wind Telecom deal ‘will die’ after Telenor starts arbitration
Telenor commences arbitration process against Vimpelcom
Vimpelcom snaps up St. Petersburg operator Eltel for RUB1 billion
Volga Telecom launches IPTV services; NWT and Center Telecom expand operations
Vimpelcom confirms ‘final approval’ for deal with newly-named Wind Telecom
Rostelecom reveals altered NTC acquisition plans; 21.8% stake initially targeted
Rostelecom linked with Scartel bid; Scartel deny talks
Rostelecom to ask permission to defer LTE rollout? Will tender be 'cancelled entirely'?
FAS approves Svyazinvest, Mobitel deal; North-West Telecom snaps up Severen Telecom
Russian anti-trust agency blocks Telia, Alfa merger of MegaFon, Turkcell stakes
SkyLink launches GSM services
MTS buys Sistema Telecom from Sistema; MTS, Comstar shareholders approve merger
Comstar Regions snaps up Novosibirsk-based NMC for RUB725 million
Enforta secures RUB450 million loan to extend WiMAX coverage to 130 cities
TeliaSonera and Altimo launch new appeal into merger ruling
Svyazinvest eyes up NTC; has interest in Akado waned?
MegaFon selects Alcatel-Lucent for converged 2G/3G network in Siberia
Newcomer Osnova Telekom in line for LTE frequencies?
Vimpelcom's Q3 sales boosted by Kyivstar; confident of completing Orascom deal in 1H 2011
Tele2 Russia upgrades core network, set to bid for frequencies in Siberia
MegaFon confirms Synterra integration strategy; North West operations first in line
Yota announces WiMAX to LTE transition strategy; international expansion unaffected
MTS announces 10.8% revenue increase for 3Q10
MTS to buy Sistema Telecom assets for RUB13.4 billion
Vimpelcom acquires Murmansk-based telco PolarCom
Comstar and MTS to share 3G infrastructure in Moscow; MTS plotting RUB3 billion LTE rollout?
Rostelecom sniffing around majority stake in NTC; Vnesheconombank not selling 10% stake in Rostelecom
Center Telecom reports 9.89% rise in nine month revenues
Mediamir plans to launch VoIP alternative using SkyLink number capacity
MTS subscriber base passes the 100 million mark at Q3
Svyazinvest not on the list of state-owned assets to be sold by 2015
Scartel, Rostelecom threaten to sue government over LTE frequency allocations
Russia’s ‘Big Three’ mobile operators agree to slash roaming tariffs ahead of anti-monopoly inquiry
Russian court blocks Megafon, Turkcell merger
Telenor to put the brakes on Vimpelcom/Orascom deal?
MegaFon acquires fibre-optic operator Metrocom for RUB2 billion
MTS, Comstar transfer Multiregion assets to Comstar-Regions group
Comstar invests in MGTS fixed line modernisation
WiMAX frequencies in Siberia, Far Eastern region to be redistributed
MegaFon launches 3G network in Voronezh, Tambov
Sibirtelecom, Synterra announce Siberian broadband expansion plans
Rostelecom inks deal with IQ Network to provide broadband access in Iraq
Vimpelcom and Weather formally announce merger plans
Comstar to adopt MTS brand this month, regional re-branding complete by end-2011
Vimpelcom reportedly close to USD7 billion Sawiris merger
Volga to raise FTTB capacity in Samara to 100,000 ports
Nokia confirms MegaFon 4G data call
Southern Telecommunications acquires 99.9% stake in South Telecom
MTS raises Comstar stake above 70% via share offer
Svyazinvest, Vimpelcom consider acquisition of regional operator New Telephone Company
Rostelecom to take over credit obligations of seven regional operators
Rostelecom opts to liquidate Mobitel following ‘mega-regional’ merger; NVision acquisition delayed
Syvazinvest suspends Akado takeover talks, MegaFon wait in the wings
MTS enters Grozny
Vimpelcom slashes roaming rates for subsidiaries within CIS
Sistema increased SkyLink stake to 100% for USD168.5m
Marshall Capital to be largest minority shareholder in enlarged Rostelecom
Mobile tariffs to stay unregulated
Sibirtelecom connects over 10,000 GPON subscribers
Yota forced to ‘switch off’ fledgling LTE network
SkyLink obtains 1.9GHz and 2.1GHz dual-band frequency permits
SkyLink merges eleven subsidiaries, creates Sky-1800
MTS acquires 95% stake in Metro-Telecom
Vimpelcom posts 23% sales increase; confirms Weather reports
Comstar to enhance IP network capacity, switch to MTS in North-West
Center Telecom reports net profit of RUB4.16 billion for 1H
Yota ready to launch LTE in Kazan
MegaFon launches HSPA+ in Tatarstan
Sibirtelecom posts 1H net profit of RUB2.44 billion
MTS announces 16.6% rise in Q2 revenues
Svyazinvest to acquire regional operator Akado
MegaFon consolidating PeterStar
Comstar net profit increases 63% in Q2
SkyLink in talks to lease Svyazinvest GSM networks
4G frequencies to be allocated this week?
Rostelecom raises Siberian network capacity to 267Gbps; backbone ring now complete
Vimpelcom squeezes out minority shareholders
Rostelecom to launch LTE test network in August
VolgaTelecom launches FTTB broadband in Ulyanovsk, Dimitrovgrad
Yota to appeal over ‘seized’ WiMAX frequencies
Regulator revokes some of Yota’s LTE frequencies
Vimpelcom acquires Foratek for USD46 million
ER-Telecom to merge 14 subsidiaries
Military, watchdog agree to award SkyLink 3G frequencies
Dagsvyazinform approves ‘mega-regional’ merger with Rostelecom
MegaFon expands 3G in Stavropol
ER-Telecom claims 70,000 broadband subscribers in Nizhniy Novgorod
Comstar starts network upgrade in Taganrog
PeterStar to merge with subsidiaries
Rostelecom completes fibre ring in Southern Russia
Vimpelcom expands 3G network in Pskov
Rostelecom doubles internet capacity for Far East Telecom
MTS acquires broadband provider Multiregion
Svyazinvest poised to acquire Severen Telecom
Rostelecom to axe payphone service in Moscow
Communications Minister: ‘network quality deteriorating’
Megafon to start LTE tests in 2010
Enforta expands WiMAX network in Voronezh
‘Big three’ cellcos demand transparency in 4G frequency allocation
Scartel approved to use WiMAX frequency for LTE
Conflict over new bill designed to regulate internet freedom
Sibirtelecom invests in GPON expansion
Rostelecom launches VoIP transit service
Comstar to sell 25% stake in Svyazinvest to Rostelecom
Svyazinvest to up Central Telegraph stake
MTS announces Q1 results
MegaFon and iBasis interconnect to exchange international voice traffic
Rostelecom plans LTE network in Sochi
St Petersburg selling Metrocom
Sibirtelecom breaks the ice with first approval of Rostelecom mergers
MegaFon closes USD745 million Synterra purchase
Yota’s licence does not support LTE services, regulator says
VolgaTelecom’s takeover of Teleset accepted by 98% of shareholders
Svyazinvest suspends proposal to merge regional cellcos with MegaFon
Vimpelcom reports Q1 results
Yota to ditch WiMAX for LTE
Megafon awaits LTE approval
Rostelecom asks FAS to OK Svyazinvest buy
Alca-Lu deploys EV-DO Rev B for SkyLink
Comstar starts transition to MTS brand
Rostelecom net profit falls 48% to RUB1.03 billion
MTS outsources network management to Nokia Siemens Networks
97.87% of Vimpelcom shareholders approve merger with Kyivstar
Vimpelcom-Kyivstar merger ‘nearly done’ following Farimex withdrawal and shareholder backing
Usmanov objects to proposed TeliaSonera and Alfa tie-up over MegaFon
Vimpelcom says purchase of Millicom Lao is still on
Rostelecom reports year end results
MTS: 2009 profit halved
Number portability trial on cards?
Sibirtelecom reports CDMA2000 progress
Vimpelcom's profit up; Kyivstar merger given Ukrainian anti-trust approval
Comstar falls to loss in 2009
Svyazinvest confirms LTE plans
Rostelecom dominates 4G tender
Sibirtelecom completes DWDM rollout
MegaFon posts RUB45.3 billion net profit for 2009
NTT links IP-VPN services with TTK in Russia; agrees expansion with 18 other operators
Rostelecom expands network in Far East region
MTS customer base up 7.1% in 2009
MegaFon seals Synterra purchase
Sibirtelecom net profit up 14.3% in 2009
FAS launches roaming investigation
Vimpelcom Ltd to look for acquisitions post-merger
Vimpelcom moves to secure Kyivstar merger
Svyazinvest eyes broadband market share
Samsung and Yota gear up for nationwide deployment
Tele2 posts 4Q results, boasts rude financial health, hopes for Russian frequencies
Svyazinvest aims for April 2011 IPO
State approves Vimpelcom-Kyivstar merger
Rostelecom triples Moscow capacity
Vimpelcom – Kyivstar merger on track for 1H10 completion
Artemev calls for Alfa to offload mobile assets
Alfa not looking to merge Turkcell and MegaFon
Regulator looks to delay Alfa merger
Svyazinvest considers MegaFon bid; state opposes Alfa mergers
Orange Business launches DWDM backbone
Tele2 completes 100% buyout of its Russian operations
MTS acquires Eurotel; launches 3G in Moscow
Rostelecom net profit down 72.5% for first nine months of 2009
Tele2 to complete network rollout by mid-2010
SkyLink finally prepares for GSM launch
Moscow 3G deployment given go ahead
Usmanov threatens to derail MegaFon-Turkcell merger
Vimpelcom launches mobile TV trial in Moscow
Sibirtelecom rolls out DWDM in Omsk
MTS nearing takeover of fixed telco Eurotel
Russia-Iran-Azerbaijan venture to improve Caspian connectivity
MegaFon 3Q net profit down 7.9%
Vimpelcom net income doubles on back of forex gains
MTS secures USD1 billion credit line
Russia considers frequency auction
Comstar posts 3Q09 results
MTS profit in decline
Svyazinvest tariff hike approved
TeliaSonera and Alfa Group agree to merge holdings
Rostelecom revenues slip
Alfa to consolidate MegaFon and Turkcell stakes?
Far East Telecom selects VocalTec for VoIP rollout
Comstar enters second stage of consolidation
Enforta to hit 25 markets in 2010
Tele2 Q3 EBITDA rises 6%, launches seven new Russian operations in quarter
Svyazinvest board approves restructuring plan
Enforta plans WiMAX extension with Mentum
MTS completes Comstar acquisition
Svyazinvest reveals merger plans
Yota tests WiMAX Release 2.0
Telenor and Alfa agree to merge Vimpelcom and Kyivstar
ER Telecom: One million subscribers by year-end
Russia allows Abkhazia to use its dialling code
Telenor hearing adjourned until March
Uralsvyazinform: net profit decline in 1H09
NWT returns to profit in Q2
Sistema-Svyazinvest deal approved
MegaFon and Synterra holding merger talks
MegaFon reveals 3G suppliers
MegaFon: Q2 net income down 10.8%
Svyazinvest stake sale approved
Vimpelcom's Dominanta to launch Moscow DVB-H mobile TV network in 4Q
Regional operators accuse Vimpelcom
Vimpelcom cuts CAPEX; net income doubles
Comstar Q2 net income up 36%
Comstar launches Moscow to Rostov-on-Don fibre link
Yota reaches 100,000 WiMAX subscribers
Bailiffs postpone Vimpelcom stake sale
MTS posts 14.6% drop in net income
Comstar consolidates
Sistema approves Comstar-MTS deal
MTS agrees fee for Comstar takeover
Telenor fails to block Vimpelcom stake sale
The limits for Skype
Tele2 takes control of UCC
State to buy Sistema assets
Megafon merges operations
MegaFon denies it will buy 5% of Vimpelcom
MegaFon eyes 5% of Vimpelcom
Telenor rules out Vimpelcom settlement
Vimpelcom – Kyivstar to merge operations?
Svyazinvest to merge mobile operations?
Bailiffs to auction Vimpelcom stake
MegaFon posts 20% rise in Q1 net profit
MTS cleared for Comstar UTS acquisition
Sibirtelecom net profit drops 42.5% in 2008
KIT Finance to sell Rostelecom stake
Uralsvyazinform net profit up 10.4% in 2008
Icon to invest USD200 million in Russian WiMAX
Russian court delays Telenor appeal
Moscow court rejects Telenor appeal
Svyazinvest to restructure; IPO planned
Vimpelcom reports RUB8.5 billion net loss
Comstar net profit down 62% in 1Q 2009
MTS launches 3G in Moscow
MTS reports loss in 1Q 2009
Telenor says Farimex behind ‘anti-competition’ probe in Ukraine
Lattelecom and Synterra establish fibre-optic link between Latvia and Russia
Telenor disputes Vimpelcom valuation; fears enforced stake sale
Vimpelcom posts FY2008 results; launches Beeline IPTV
Comstar makes move for Synterra
Sistema reports fourth-quarter loss
Court rejects Telenor’s plea
Comstar UTS set for WiMAX launch
MegaFon completes purchases of South Ossetia, Abkhazia operators
MegaFon profits rise in 2008
Tele2 says global recession affected 1Q results
Sistema seeks greater Svyazinvest stake
11% revenue growth for Comstar in 2008
Alfa proposes Vimpelcom – Kyivstar merger
Telenor dismisses USD1.7 billion claim
NLD network consolidation: Synterra buys Sistema’s stake in MTT
Russian authorities snatch VimpelCom stake
Mobile TeleSystems full-year, Q4 2008 results
Vimpelcom secures loans
Center Telecom announces IPTV launch
Telenor has no intention of accepting court ruling
SkyLink crossed off Rostelecom's shopping list?
IPTV launched in Moscow
New owner for Skylink?
Tele2 Russia plans network expansion in 2009
State bank may take control of telecoms holdings
Rostelecom capex remains flat
Scartel instals Cisco technology
Svyazinvest sale still on the cards
Vimpelcom to issue bonds worth up to RUB30bn
No dividend for VimpelCom shareholders?
Svyazinvest sees 6.5% rise in full-year profit
Vimpelcom completes Wi-Fi rollout
State considering Svyazinvest share swap
Comstar takes control at subsidiary
MTS announces subscriber adds
Comstar brings WiMAX to Moscow
Uralsvyazinform secures RUB1bn loan
Telenor damages claim dismissed
Enforta handed USD15m loan
3G deployment in Moscow faces further delays
Rostelecom profits up on wireline stake sale
MTS launches two more 3G networks
Tele2 expands into Kaliningrad
Vimpelcom profit falls on forex loss
TTK to target SMEs
MTS Q3 profit down
GSM/WiMAX mobile phone available by end of November
Rostelecom eyes bright future; Svyazinvest mulls merger
Vodafone partners with MTS
Vimpelcom shares unfrozen, state bails out Alfa Group
Telenor and Alfa frozen out in Siberia
Altimo says Vimpelcom stake is secure; cellco acquires Euroset stake
Tele2 Russia Q3 results
Vimpelcom prepares 2009 budget
MTS plans RUB10bn bond
Usmanov completes MegaFon buy; SMARTS buyout talks can proceed
Comstar to introduce IMS in 2009
Alfa clinging on to Vimpelcom stake
Southern Telecom seeks loan
Uralsvyazinform will meet loan obligations this year
Telenor’s Russian boss sees no reason to lower Vimpelcom stake
Comstar to market MTS mobile products
iPass adds Beeline to its global hotspot network
MegaFon interested in SMARTS buy
Subscriber growth boosts sales at Sibirtelecom
Comstar upgrades in Moscow
MegaFon says subscriber growth pushes profits
Akado outlines 2009 investment plans
Southern Telecom net profit up 12.9%
Far East Telecom profits up
Scartel selects Bridgewater for subscriber management solution
North-West Telecom net profit up 22%
3G launched in Siberia and the Russian Far East
Uralsvyaz plans USD150m deal; Vimpelcom says no point in Svyazinvest sale
KDDI, Rostelecom launch high speed cable links
MTS joins MegaFon and Vimpelcom with iPhone deal
Comstar UTS reports Q2 revenues up 18%
Center Telecom’s net profit up 28.9%
Scartel and Samsung begin WiMAX trials
Vimpelcom switches on 3G
Vimpelcom lines up USD1bn loan
MegaFon announces iPhone contract
Enforta expands to 68 cities
MTS share buy back to ease route for acquisition
VimpelCom reports 2Q profit up 31%
Telenor would consider Vimpelcom sale
MTS reports subscriber growth though Ukraine continues to slip
Synterra says profits jump 250%
Comstar receives LD codes
SMARTS move by MTS
Svyazinvest reports H1 results, wants less regulation on Rostelecom
MTS 3G plans
Moscow ISPs combine
MTS sees profits up 30%
Vimpelcom seeks loan
Sistema seeks control of SkyLink
Sales stable but profits up at Rostelecom
Big Three in SMARTS hunt
Tele2 wants Moscow licence
Sistema delivering converged IPTV and mobile TV
Sistema may sell MTT; Synterra circling
MTS hit by tax claim
MTS nears 87 million subscribers
Rostelecom eyes international expansion
Comstar’s mobile WiMAX network for Moscow
Synterra aims for top five spot
Uralsvyazinform releases 2007 results
Galmond to sell up in Russia
Comstar buys Urals telco
Japan-Russia cable operational
Far East Telecom 2007 results
Sales up 13% at Southern Telecom
Vimpelcom reorganises to promote convergence
MegaFon sees 50% growth in first-quarter profit
MetroMax has national ambitions
Sibirtelecom’s IFRS 2007 net profit up 180%
MegaFon calling up SMARTS
CenterTelecom 2007 profits up 50% under IFRS
Comstar Wi-Fi network
North-Western Telecom profit soars
Comstar Q1 results
Comstar to consolidate Comstar-Direct
WiMAX expansion
Vimpelcom takes control at Corbina, reports 41% jump in sales
MTS to buy SMARTS?
Vimpelcom to buy rest of Corbina
MTS 3G ready for launch in three more cities
North-Western seeks up to USD200m
TransTeleCom enters new markets
3G for MTS
Golden Telecom expands Moscow network
SkyLink expands Rev A services
IPOC and Rozhetskin end lawsuit
MTS grows on higher subs and traffic
Synterra reports big rise in 1Q profits
More details of Virgin’s WiMAX launch
Svyazinvest reports 88.6% increase in profits
Reiman out, what now for Svyazinvest?
Virgin takes WiMAX to Russia
MegaFon says it could invest USD4.6 billion in Iran
Usmanov takes MegaFon stake
Rostelecom reports slow sales growth
Svyazinvest may keep mobile assets
Sistema to sell MTT; Comstar unit reports broadband growth
Center Telecom plans job cuts, broadband push
Comstar targets a million broadband subs in Moscow
MegaFon profits up 70%
Sales up 23% at Uralsvyazinform
Russia-Japan link to launch in June
Comstar fourth quarter saves the year
Large rise in MTS profits
Comstar-UTS completes Golden Line acquisition
MegaFon contracts Proxim for WiMAX rollout
Synterra contracts ECI Telecom
Rostelecom purchases 68% in RTComm.RU
Sibirtelecom secures RUB850 million loan
MTS will look northwest for early 3G growth
MTS says sales will beat expectations
Rostelecom’s net profit up 31.2%
MTS makes USD1 billion bid for SMARTS
Five new backbone network links for Synterra
PeterStar posts 23% jump in sales
Joint venture for Center Telecom and SkyLink
Altimo sues Telenor for USD1 billion; Telenor dismissive
Rostelcom’s network connects to Interoute’s pan European NGN
3G services in Moscow given military go ahead
Cellcos complete long-distance networks
3G testing approved
Golden growth
Government expects to discuss Svyazinvest privatisation this year
Beeline converges on internet honeypot
Enforta's new 3.5GHz WiMAX rollout
Vimpelcom annual report shows growth below expected levels
Rostelecom increases stake in ISP
SkyLink to invest USD160 million in CDMA in 2008
Foreign investors in telecoms sector may have to seek government permission
Comstar’s long-distance network completed
SMARTS votes to change company status
MGTS plans ADSL2+ rollout
NTT, KDDI to offer Japan-Russia data communications services
SkyLink launches mobile TV
Enforta chooses Airspan for WiMAX expansion
Vimpelcom selects Ericsson for 3G/3.5G
PeterStar to resell WiMAX services
Vimpelcom acquired 90.5% of outstanding Golden shares
MTS to spend nearly USD3 billion on 3G, expand to several areas
MTS aquires 100% of Omsk unit
Rostelecom agrees to sell Golden shares; Golden looking to absorb Corbina
Svyazinvest ups CAPEX
MegaFon reports 48% sales growth
SMARTS expands with Alca-Lu
Rostelecom cuts charges in the face of competition
NSN wins EUR320m 2G/3G network order from MegaFon
Golden Telecom and Alcatel-Lucenct sign FTTB deal
Telenor agrees to Golden deal
Summa snaps up Russian Far East operator
MTS covers its extremities
Vimpelcom secures USD3.5bn loan
MegaFon may go public next year
Corbina IPO in doubt
Telecoms Express now leaving Kazakhstan
Doubts emerge over Vimpelcom's purchase of Golden Telecom
MTS announces subscriber growth
Vimpelcom opens offer for Golden shares
Telecominvest sale boosts profit at NWT
Comstar catches capital customers
17 cities due for Sistema mobile TV
Enforta announces WiMAX expansion
Sibirtelecom aims to double broadband subs in 2008
SMARTS owner could try to block sale
Russian 3G rollout roundup: Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia Siemens build networks for MTS, Vimpelcom and MegaFon
Orange-Synterra WiMAX project to cover Moscow Region
Vimpelcom’s takeover of Golden Telecom confirmed
Vimpelcom’s purchase of Golden Telecom going ahead today
TeliaSonera: cross-border fibre-optic link from Kuhmo to Kostomuksha ready next year
Market set to grow by 20%
Sibirtelecom to close NMT network
Renova invests for Comcor expansion
Golden Telecom buys regional telco
Access Telecommunications exercises call option for 11% of Comstar shares
Rostelecom turns down Synterra offer for ISP stake
Comstar and Intel form mobile WiMAX partnership
Comcor launches music download service
Tele2 receives latest licences
Vimpelcom spending spree to continue with SMARTS?
Synterra and MTS sign network deal
Vimpelcom and Golden Telecom confirm talks
MTS goes with Ericsson for 3G
MegaFon shareholder dispute is settled, says Altimo
Vimpelcom’s net profit rises 70.7% year-on-year
Comstar’s core operational profit up 40%, but overall net loss increases
Center Telecom ahead of ADSL2+ forecasts
Russian operators announce Wi-Fi collaboration
BlackBerry ripe for Russia
MegaFon teams with Nokia for mobile e-mail
Vimpelcom ready with Golden offer?
Rostelecom sees 9M07 profits jump
Comstar expands in Southern Federal District
Another Russian WiMAX player emerges; Intel seeks partner
Vimpelcom closes D-AMPS network
MegaFon RAS profit up 22.8%; Altimo indicates willingness to offload stake
Comstar buys regional telco
Sistema picks Thomson for DVB-H
Comstar to launch LD by year-end
SkyLink wins again
Orange Business Services licensed to operate as Russian DLD, ILD provider
Golden 3Q results shine
SkyLink expands EV-DO roaming
SkyLink wins GSM licences in Chechnya
Altimo to use Cambodian acquisition to leverage Vietnam bid
BT’s Golden handshake
SkyLink to launch GSM next year
MegaFon to expand 3G to capital in 2H08
SkyLink wins in Siberia
North-West exits Telecominvest
Positive quarter at MTS
Summa plans Moscow WiMAX trial
Golden and Corbina report fibre progress
SkyLink in surprise GSM bid
SMARTS sells Telecom Eurasia to Tele2 Russia
MegaFon invites submissions from five 3G vendors
MGTS and NSN in DSLAM rollout
MegaFon announces limited 3G switch-on
Sibirtelecom sees 6% rise in 1H07 profits
MegaFon posts 64% jump in profit
Synterra, Beltelecom to build trans-border fibre link
MTS awards further 3G supply contracts
Golden expands triple-play capabilities
Golden consolidates regional assets
Summa selects Ceragon solution
Synterra eyes MTT?
Comstar’s broadband base grows 42%
MTS sees 72% jump in profits
CenterTelecom deploys WiMAX
TransTelecom gets WiMAX frequencies
Comstar branches out
Vimpelcom performs above par
Auctions will restart in October
McDeal serves up Golden Wi-Fries
MGTS sees 19% jump in profits
Increased costs hit MegaFon profits
FAS joins Vimpelcom suit against spectrum awards
Vimpelcom expands Far East operations
Golden mines profit
MegaFon plans 3G coverage for 16 markets
Rostelecom first half profit jumps 71.5% to RUB4.69 billion
End in sight for Alfa-Telenor disputes?
SkyLink rolls out EV-DO in Volgograd
MTS sees profit climb 46%
Vimpelcom targets airport hotspots
Summa threatens legal action in spectrum auction
Alfa and IPOC to end MegaFon dispute
Summa Telecom to invest USD1.6 billion in WiMAX, GSM
Renova completes Moscow CableCom acquisition
Russia to get fourth LD operator
Tycoon Usmanov behind Telecominvest stake purchase
Golden mobile VoIP project launched
Sibirtelecom signs up 100,000 broadband users
MTS adds 530,000 users in June
Peterstar acquired by Synterra
Vimpelcom chasing Golden stake
MegaFon is first with national coverage
Alcatel-Lucent on board Synterra’s WiMAX venture
Sistema reorganises telecoms business
Svyazinvest mulls wireless sale
Mobile market to grow to USD34 billion a year
Comstar posts 1Q results
Alfa raises stake in Vimpelcom
Comstar agrees USD1 billion loan
Sistema announces DVB-H rollout
Profit up 35% at Svyazinvest
Synterra creates partner network
MTS announces 1Q results, gives 3G forecasts
Enforta launches WiMAX in two cities, more coming soon
Golden Telecom completes Corbina buy
Vimpelcom reports sales growth
MTS begins 3G rollout
Telenor increases Vimpelcom stake
MegaFon on the up
MGTS revises long-distance regime
Vimpelcom goes to EDGE
SMARTS posts first quarter profit
Golden Telecom net income hit
Sibirtelecom posts 1Q results
Rostelecom reports Q1 results
MegaFon’s US GAAP net profit up 106%, 3G investment planned
VolgaTelecom launches GSM in Penza
Big three win 3G
Enforta moves to 3.5GHz for WiMAX
Big three cellcos expected to win 3G licences today
TransTelecom to launch NGN across Russia
Spectrum available in 61 Russian regions
Comstar reaches broadband milestone
Sistema encounters problems with DVB-H mobile TV plans
Vimpelcom’s 4Q profits leap 30%, turnover up 59%
Ericsson wins USD100m order from MTS
New charging scheme impacts on Rostelecom profits
Russia to launch five comms satellites in 2007/08
Russian cellcos to get fixed numbers, says ministry
MegaFon reports 55% rise in profits
Altimo and TeliaSonera’s asset talks break down
Sistema offers DT swap deal
SkyLink launches CDMA/GSM handset
Kyivstar kerfuffle causes Telenor to segregate unit’s results
Continued growth at MTS
Euroset sets up as MVNO
Enforta expands wireless broadband
Spending to total USD14.7bn over five years
MegaFon borrowing up to USD640 million
Golden year
Enforta expands WiMAX
Alfa ups stake in Vimpelcom
IPOC drops MegaFon challenge
Comstar launches Wi-Fi telephony
MegaFon to appeal interconnect ruling
Twelve 3G bids submitted
MTS expects CAPEX above USD2bn; UMC to invest up to USD700m
MTS wins tax battle but faces interconnect action
New GSM spectrum to be auctioned
Tele2 reports success in Russia
TeliaSonera talking Turkey in Russia
Alcatel-Lucent enhances GSM/EDGE at Vimpelcom
Sigma has no claim to SMARTS stake
Bermuda wants IPOC in liquidation
Five interested in 3G concessions
Moscom goes for IP
SMARTS makes 2007 growth predictions
MTS sets aside USD200m for 3G
MTS forecasts 20% rise in sales for 2006
Comstar gets WiMAX boost
Golden Telecom plans Wi-Fi launch
MegaFon passes 30 million
Golden Telecom nears LD launch
MegaFon case to begin next month
Golden expansion
MTS continues growth
Far East spectrum to be awarded
Ericsson wins in Siberia
SkyLink to get investment boost
Golden set for long-distance launch
Nokia wins with MegaFon
Telecoms boosts Sistema
Golden Telecom buys into Corbina
SkyLink expands
Minister expects revenue rise, predicts three 3G licences
Ruble switch
Synterra takes WiMAX to Kursk
Vimpelcom 2007 budget blow
IPOC cleared to attend hearing
Rostelecom, KDDI plan Russia-Japan cable
Vimpelcom expects Far East award
3G auction gets nearer
KDDI, Rostelecom plan submarine fibre link
Comstar buys into Svyazinvest
MegaFon’s EDGE in Moscow
MTS nears 70 million milestone
Another spat between Euroset and Tele2
Altimo proposes share swap
SMARTS may sell up in 2007
Regional acquisitions boost Comstar
Bitel’s dividends to MTS illegal, says court
SkyLink teams with MTS
SkyLink gets BREW
Minsvyaz examining MVNO market
IPOC planning massive spend
Vimpelcom record results
Sistema sets its sights on Great Bear, sources claim
Record quarter at MTS
Hotspots getting hotter
MegaFon sticking to its guns
Alfa ups Vimpelcom stake
Motorola and MTS at the EDGE in Moscow
MegaFon given interconnect fee deadline
Synterra boosts WiMAX coverage
CPP boosts fixed-to-mobile
Golden Telecom wants WiMAX
MegaFon results rise
Minister expects June-August 3G launch
MegaFon switched on
Sibirtelecom targets CDMA2000
Going for Golden
VimpelCom announces ArmenTel takeover
Comstar UTS snaps up Ukrainian telcos
Beltelecom, Rostelecom complete cross-border fibre tie-up
Vodafone rubbishes Russia talk
Dalsvyaz sell-off?
Vimpelcom case delayed
Vimpelcom and MegaFon apply for WiMAX spectrum
Text talk
Big two confirm 3G interest
NTT and TransTeleCom team up to provide international data network
Siemens has WiMAX win
Big Three are guilty says regulator
Comstar UTS eyes WiMAX
MegaFon enters Irkutsk
USF amendment clears first hurdle
Golden Telecom to blanket Moscow with Wi-Fi
Vimpelcom set for Chechnyan launch
MTS at 50 million milestone
Alfa wants more say
SkyLink plans mobile video launch
EBRD sells part of stake in Golden Telecom
MegaFon subs up 23% so far this year
MegaFon jumps
Market grows 22% in 1H-06
SkyLink expands
Volga Telecom sets target
Sistema sticks with CIS
Vimpelcom victory
Vimpelcom case begins
Volga Telecom profits up 39%
MegaFon slows spending
MTS has a good month
Three or four 3G licences to be auctioned next year
Sales up at MTS
Commission studying 3G allocation
MTS to cut jobs
MegaFon reaches 5m milestone
Strong quarter for Vimpelcom
SkyLink upgrades
Vimpelcom wants interconnect talks
Sigma could gain additional 25% of SMARTS
Wireless broadband use is growing
Sigma wins court backing
Ministry opposes bill
No hike in Svyazinvest fees
Regulator may get control of mobile tariffs
Vimpelcom moves a step closer to Far East licences
Charges filed against big three
Golden buys into Nizhny Novgorod
Profit almost doubled at MegaFon
Ericsson wins SDH deal
Vimpelcom wins Far East appeal
VolgaTelecom takes mobile stakes
Alfa reveals telco plans
Probe finds no evidence of collusion
MTS to increase tariffs
Golden reports better-than-expected profits, broadband rollout progress
Golden acquires Kubtelecom
MTS’ 1H RAS profits jump 160%
Rostelecom’s profits cut in half
MegaFon’s 1Q net income rises 74%
Uralsvyazinform posts 2Q 45% profit drop
MTS and Comstar to test fixed-mobile convergence
Sky Link plans 3G infrastructure and handset purchases
Number portability to be fully implemented in 2012 says deputy minister
MTS suspends i-mode investment, citing lack of handsets
SMARTS signs GSM supply contract with ZTE
MegaFon preparing trio of launches
Tele2 in new Russian buys
MTS buys in Daghestan
Comstar UTS acquires corporate telecoms provider Astelit
MegaFon reports Moscow rise
MTS reports growth
Vimpelcom hearing set for next month
IPOC case begins
Interconnect increase
Prosecutor won’t probe IPOC
MegaFon hits the million mark in Siberia
MegaFon rises in republic
MegaFon to cut spending
Tele2 values SMARTS
Start finish
MegaFon gets wired
Vimpelcom files Far East suit
Uralsvyazinform signs up four million mobile users
Telenor dismisses Alfa’s partial merger suggestion
Tele2 looking to take control of SMARTS, MCT’s Russian business
Sky Link takes control
Telco plans cellular consolidation
Enforta announces WiMAX launch
Vimpelcom: mobile tariffs could rise significantly
Golden developing broadband in Tatarsan
TeliaSonera studying Turkey, Russia moves
MTS sees profits fall
Rostelecom swallows Zebra
Tele2 ups stake in Siberian cellco to 100%
Strong month for MTS
Eventis to sell up
CPP forces price hike
MegaFon Northwest subs up 10% in 2006
Sibirtelecom plans WiMAX rollout
Retraction of news story dated 23 March 2005 concerning Leonid Rozhetskin
PeterStar announces WiMAX campaign
Start WiMAX
NSS sees 29% rise in sales
Russian cellcos say CPP may cost mobile sector dearly
Reiman to launch defence against tribunal’s ‘laundering’ allegations
Golden Telecom completes network rollout based on Nortel technology
Swiss tribunal says Russian minister ‘laundered money to buy mobile stake’
Rostelecom lights new fibre link with China
Sales up at SMARTS
Sales up 41% at MegaFon
Alcatel and Vimpelcom demonstrate first Russian HSDPA service
Still plenty of room to grow at MTS
Vodafone eyeing Russian entry
Alfa and Telenor closer to finding solution in Kyivstar debacle
Better when we're together: Comstar’s profits rise 39% following mergers
Golden Telecom's Q1 net profit slips 6%, revenues up 14%
Accounting change impacts on Golden profits
MegaFon continues subs growth
Profits down at Rostelecom
GlobeTel’s Russian wireless investment deal cancelled
Nortel supplies Golden with Moscow Wi-Fi network
Huawei wins in Russia
VimpelCom borrowing USD700m
MTS borrows USD1.3 billion to refinance debt
MegaFon expects growth to continue
Subs growth helps Vimpelcom results
GSM-1800 for Stek
MTS replaces head
Terrorists blow up another MegaFon base station
Telco plans mobile move
Handset sales on the up
MTS, MegaFon expand
Sibirtelecom expands CDMA2000 coverage to Tomsk
Golden acquires Tatarstan ISP
Synterra launches Moscow’s first commercial WiMAX service
Rostelecom’s revenues up 7.5%
Russia’s mobile subscribers up 1.5 million in February
MTS to strengthen position after 14% net profit rise
Comstar makes second offer for MGTS shares
Alfa says ‘nyet’ to Telenor’s Vimpelcom proposal
Golden ready for launch of new Moscow link
Sibirtelecom plans rebranding
Svyazinvest’s mobile units unlikely to merge before privatisation, says minister
MTS continues relentless expansion
MTS makes 60m
Vimpelcom spends to reduce churn
MegaFon makes Moscow progress
Fund plans profit from illegal phones
Rostelecom sells RTK-Sibir
Chechnya's PM ‘threatens to shut down MegaFon’
Golden Telecom sales up, expansion planned
MegaFon reports rise
Three million got SMARTS
Russia abolishes incoming mobile charges
MT signs cooperation pact with Russia’s MTT
MTS goes long-distance
26% rise in sales at Urals telco
Vimpelcom gets backing with complaint
MCT Corp sells Vostok Mobile Volga
MTS to unite nine subsidiaries
Tele2 ups stakes
Minister calls for 3G licensing this year
VolgaTelecom’s NSS earmarks USD23 million for regional development
Comstar ups stake in MGTS
MTS looks for USD1 billion syndicated loan
Tele2’s annual revenues up 16% as Russian turnover grows by 126% in 4Q
Sistema to bid for third mobile licence
Vimpelcom sees sales rise
Euroset gets set for summer MVNO launch
Russian cellcos to get spectrum, CPP
Tele2 ups stake in Lipetsk Mobile to 100%
Telenor - Vimpelcom showdown set for later this month
Sibirtelecom ups mobile investment
MegaFon's nine-month profit up 65%
Enforta to embark on USD50 million WiMAX rollout
Comstar sets ‘aggressive’ IPO share price, aims for more control over MGTS
Comstar’s IPO approved by authorities
Spending up at Sibirtelecom
Vologda growth helps MegaFon
New WAP platform at VimpelCom
MTS continues growth
Golden Telecom completes network expansion
Russia’s mobile content market to grow 56%
Alfa holding on to VimpelCom
Subs more than double at Motiv
Russian telecoms revenues rise
MTS claims Chuvash success
MTS acquires 100% of ReCom
GlobeTel to install WiMAX in 30 cities
MTS takes full ownership of Chita cellco
Sistema profits up 29% y-o-y
Skylink to invest USD100 million in 2006
MTS consolidates regional operator
MTS launches commercial Wi-Fi
Russian Telecoms Ministry reacts angrily to money-laundering accusations
Russia changes dial codes to align with rest of world
Golden Telecom takes control of facilities provider
Alcatel to expand SMARTS network
Russia telecoms round-up: Rostelecom, Vimpelcom & SMARTS
Vimpelcom beats expectations, warns of effects of saturation
MTS boosts nine-month revenues by close to 25%
Tele2 expands to Lipetsk
Golden Telecom’s Q3 performance solid
Rostelecom profits flat
Alcatel completes upgrade of Privolzhsky broadband network
Sibirtelecom to pay out RUB160 million dividend
Vimpelcom signs up more than six million Chameleon users, expects three million more
MTS to upgrade OSS
Start Telecom to start WiMAX telecoms
Vimpelcom eyes military tie-up in Far East
MTS reports September subscriber figures
Blavatnik confirms interest in upping Svyazinvest stake
Skylink receives 3G licences
Vimpelcom launches first push email service
Sistema takes 45% stake in St Petersburg telco
MTS launches i-mode
Vimpelcom shareholders approve deal to buy WellCOM; Telenor challenges validity of decision
Sistema announce intentions for Telsim bid
DT exits MTS
Uralsvyazinform contracts Alcatel for triple-play broadband
DT and Sistema talks ongoing
‘They started it’: Telenor files tit-for-tat lawsuit against Alfa
Vimpelcom to seal USD200 million loan this week
Vimpelcom hits the headlines for the right reasons for once
Sluggish Svyazinvest sale progress slowly continues
Tele2 expands Russian reach
Uralsvyazinform hits three million mark
MTS reports double digit revenue growth
MTS reports July subscriber figures
Sistema, DT still far from completing deal for MTS stake
Russian IT sector tipped for strong growth in 2005
Alfa Telecom seeks western Western ally
Golden Telecom’s Q2 performance solid
Regulator to issue DLD licence to TransTeleCom
PeterStar deal ahead of schedule
MTS integrates ninth subsidiary
Golden Telecom increasing international capacity
Vimpelcom expands in the Far East
Vimpelcom passes 35 million mark; looks to EDGE for continued growth
MTS gets bigger… and bigger… and bigger
Alfa looking for partners to become global mobile powerhouse; Scandinavian operators need not apply
Comstar launches VoIP to corporates
MTS integrates eight subsidiaries
MTS splashes the ca$h
Will Vimpelcom board reshuffle finally signal end of WellCOM saga?
MTS to spend USD2 billion this year
Svyazinvest sale may have to wait until 2006
Sumitomo ramping up Russian assets
MegaFon secures USD500 million-plus for network expansion
Alcatel deploys contact centre solutions for MTS
Alfa retreats in battle for control of Vimpelcom
Delta selects Lucent for EV-DO upgrade
MTS and MGTS push Sistema revenues up 50% y-o-y
Weekly Vimpelcom boardroom update: Alfa withdraws suit against Telenor!
MTS profits fail to meet expectations
Vimpelcom reports impressive 1Q financials despite boardroom battle
MTS goes nuts for network upgrades!
Centerinfocom becomes first private DLD licensee
Ericsson to expand MTS’ GSM/GPRS network in six regions
LG targets Russia as it looks to boost global handset sales 50%
New DIRECTV satellite launched
Rostelecom contracts Alcatel for southern network upgrade
Alfa says Svyazinvest sale coming too soon to realise true value
MTS asks NEC for NTT’s i-mode
Telenor seeking permission to increase Vimpelcom stake
Four applications for DLD licences so far; others waiting in the wings
SMARTS shelves capital increase at suitor’s request
MTS to offer BlackBerry
MTS signs USD265 million expansion deal with Siemens
Something happens in Vimpelcom boardroom, again
Telenor reportedly softening stance on Vimpelcom-Kievstar merger
State to sell Svyazinvest subsidiaries separately, sources say
Vimpelcom tempts users with free content
Svyazinvest profits fall due to higher spending
Telenor gets Supreme Court backing in Vimpelcom boardroom battle
Telenor and Alfa face off in the Vimpelcom boardroom
Ministry prepares to issue long-distance licences
Minsvyaz formulating plans for distribution of four 3G concessions
MTS just keeps on growing
Wheels of Svyazinvest privatisation in motion
1Q handset sales top 7.5 million
VoIP operators unite against regulators
Golden Telecom launches St Petersburg wireless solution
SkyLink shuts down Sonet network
Leonid Reiman: 85% cellular penetration by year end
MTS’ profits double in 2004; revenues up by 50%
Newspaper stands to become ‘internet kiosks’
Vimpelcom to re-brand in April
MVNOs ready to transform trading environment?
Minister confirms DLD/ILD liberalisation: first licences to be issued in May
MegaFon increases Siemens order to EUR200 million
Svyazinvest privatisation crops up again
SMARTS to hold IPO in Q4
MegaFon signs two MVNO deals in Russia’s Far East
Golden year for Russian telco
The only way is up, baby, for MTS now
MegaFon shareholders unite against Alfa
VimpelCom inks USD425 million syndicated loan facility
Sibirtelecom’s profits halve in 2004: subsidiary acquires JSC Altaisvyaz shares
Ministry criticised for launching VoIP licensing
Vimpelcom gets 13 million new mobile numbers
Orenburg GSM opts for Bercut solution
Sistema IPO makes USD1.56 billion
Sistema’s UK flotation to get green light?
Rostelecom faces uncertain future if state excludes it from Svyazinvest sell-off
Northern exposure
Mobile base leaps by a record 8.3 million users in December
MTS announces year-end totals
i-mode: coming to Russia
MTS announces launch of Mordovia network
Deutsche Telekom to cut MTS stake by 12% - hopes to raise USD1.44 billion in the process
Kremlin gets involved in Vimpelcom tax wrangle
Bercut helps launch Ekaterinburg 2000 into SPACE
Vimpelcom cries foul over 2001 tax bill
Trio plan NMT migration
Nortel wins wireless broadband networks contract
Siberian EDGE
Strong 3Q gains for MTS
Record subscriber gains drive VimpelCom 3Q results
Telecoms minister becomes embroiled in MegaFon dispute
Nortel wins on the cold
Strong subscriber growth reflected in rising mobile sales
MTS awards GSM expansion deal to Ericsson
Government says no rush for 3G licences
MTS to upgrade network in capital
MegaFon ups 2004 capex
Nortel gets SMARTS
VimpelCom reports 73% hike on profits for Q2
Ipoc International wins tribunal backing for Megafon purchase
Bercut self-care solution delivers MTS service to Tomsk Cellular users
SMARTS gets Alcatel EDGE
Samara to take EDGE
First Windows Mobile virus found
Rostelecom & China Telecom to build new cable
MTS expands GSM coverage in Far East and Siberia
VimpelCom selects Ericsson for GSM expansion
MTT orders MMS
Volga trials network as MegaFon upgrades
MTS reveals growth numbers
Mobile market reaches 47 million users: revenues predicted to hit USD9 billion in 2004
Sviazinvest unit to sell NMT networks
SMARTS and Tele2 set sights on Russian 3G licences
Alcatel wins contract from NCC
MegaFon looks to Nokia for expansion
Russian mobile penetration near-doubles in twelve months
MegaFon reports 29% hike on profits for Q1
Trade deal could end Rostelecom monopoly by 2007
Rising ILD traffic boosts Rostelekom profits
Golden Telecom acquires Balticom
Alcatel and MTS sign USD50 million expansion deal
Tele2 extends Russian footprint
Megafon battle hots up
Siemens gets SMARTS contract
Soros dumps Sviazinvest stake
Bercut browsers proving popular
Satellite W3A launched via Russian rocket
Putin removes Reiman and scraps Ministry following spat with VimpelCom
VimpelCom extends VAS reach
New licence for Uralsvyazinform
TeliaSonera may enter Megafon struggle
Vimpelcom seeking an explanation from the authorities
Golden Telecom goes Czech to gain control of Samara-Telecom
Tele2 extends Russian reach
Nortel wins Siberian network contract
Primtelefone take MTS brand
Subscriber gains bolster Uralsvyazinform’s full-year financials
China Telecom and MegaFon plan GSM launch
China Telecom and MegaFon plan GSM launch
Vimpelcom loses out to MTS
Vimpelcom granted stay of execution amid growing concerns over impartiality
VimpelCom migrates customers
New GSM operator orders convergent billing software
MTS’ parent takes stake in group of rival operators
MTS ups stake in Siberian GSM operator
VimpelCom regional expansion reaps record dividends
Government gives Alfa the green light for Rostelekom bid
MCC builds CDMA into Moscow network
VimpelCom merger approved
Tele2 ups Russian investments
MegaFon shareholder to block stake sale
TelMOS to launch Russia’s first NGN
Nortel to expand Russian cellco across Siberia
Vimpelcom keeps ahead of forecasts
MTS doubles operating profit, and as-good-as doubles revenues and net income
Tele2 races ahead with fifth network launch
MMC contracts Lucent for 3G network
MTS expands coverage in the East Urals
MegaFon awards Siemens GSM expansion contract
Tele2 embarks on fourth GSM network venture
Baltic Communications inks agreement with ITXC
Putin signs Telecoms Act
Tele2 launches GSM network
Tele2: it’s go for launch St Petersburg
SMARTS on acquisition road
MegaFon opts for Huawei
MegaFon opts for Huawei
Telenor takes ownership of Comincom-Combellga to 100%
Operators not Russian to endorse law change
Vimpelcom’s regional operations beat expectations for Q1
MTS turnover doubles year-on-year
Megafon set for 2003 IPO
Russian mobile market sees growth of 4.4% in April
Golden Telecom doubles profits in Q1
Kremlin hints at awarding 3G in 2003, despite operator reservations
VimpelCom sets sights on St Petersburg
Vimpelcom gets go ahead for St Petersburg network
Vimpelcom pursues expansion through acquisition
Delta Telecom launches St. Petersburg’s first cdma2000 1X network