Vodafone Qatar ramps up 5G home broadband services
Ooredoo Qatar selects Nokia for 5G cloud native core network
Vodafone Qatar takes pre-orders for 5G smartphones
Large scale 5G rollout included in Vodafone Qatar, Huawei deal
Ooredoo EBITDA climbs 4% in 1Q19; data revenues reach 50% of total
Vodafone Qatar claims residential 5G fixed broadband solution
Vodafone Qatar makes first 5G mobile call
Vodafone Qatar first-phase ‘GigaNet’ rollout completed in The Pearl
Ooredoo Qatar selects Ericsson for 5G launch
Ooredoo Group’s 2018 revenues fall 8%
Vodafone Qatar achieves first annual net profit
Ooredoo makes 5G call between Qatar and Kuwait
Ooredoo Qatar connects QNB to 5G corporate services
CRA updates Vodafone, Ooredoo licences to include 5G
Vodafone Qatar extends 5G coverage in Doha
Ooredoo Qatar reaches 400,000 fibre connections
Ooredoo’s consolidated turnover down 7% in 9M18
Vodafone Qatar swings to QAR75m net profit in 9M 2018
Ooredoo and Vodafone begin fibre rivalry in Lusail
Vodafone Qatar connects first corporate customer to a 5G network
Vodafone Qatar announces tests with 5G spectrum
Ooredoo Group revenues, EBITDA down 6%, 10% in H1 2018
Ooredoo reaches 50 active 5G base stations (that's two per active device!)
Ooredoo providing 5G home broadband for lucky few this month
Much Ooredoo about nothing? Not entirely, as 5G modem could be available this month
Ooredoo Qatar announces 5G NR network ‘live’ in 3.5GHz band
Vodafone Qatar prepares for 5G, expands fibre, earns first ever profits
Ooredoo group revenue down 3% in 1Q18
Vodafone Qatar deploying 1Gbps fibre services in Pearl-Qatar
Vodafone Qatar to build gigabit network for Lusail City
Vodafone Group completes sale of Vodafone Qatar
ZTE teams up with Ooredoo for 5G development, support
Vodafone Group sells Vodafone Qatar stake to local venture partner
Ooredoo strengthens Nokia partnership for 5G rollout
Ooredoo claims leading position on path to 5G
Qatari regulator’s powers strengthened
Ooredoo Group annual EBITDA up 3%; net profit falls 10%
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Ooredoo posts stable 9M17 results; inks frame agreement with NEC
Ooredoo delisted from London Stock Exchange
Ooredoo Group’s first-half revenue climbs 2%
Ooredoo upgrades 4.5G mobile network to support 1Gbps speeds
Ooredoo Qatar CEO: '5G speeds' available by year-end
Ooredoo Group boasts 8% EBITDA improvement in Q1
Ooredoo signs network transformation agreement with Ericsson
Midweek M2M: IoT and machine-to-machine developments
Ooredoo launches 10Gbps FTTH for selected customers
Ooredoo Qatar launches 4.5G LTE-A Pro with Nokia
Ooredoo Group 2016 revenue inches up 1%; customers grow 19% to 138m
Midweek M2M: IoT and machine-to-machine developments
Ooredoo Qatar achieves 40Gbps download/upload on Nokia’s NG-PON2 technology
Ooredoo, Nokia showcase 5G platform
Ooredoo Qatar launching 4.5G in early 2017
Ooredoo Qatar claims ‘first in region’ 5G trials
Ooredoo Qatar claims 300,000 households connected to FTTP network
Vodafone Qatar to deploy 4.5G across its network ‘in a few months’
Ooredoo Group reports 4% net profit rise on flat revenue in 9M 2016
Ooredoo ordered to stop obstructing access to QNBN
Ooredoo’s group customer base up 14% to 130 million
Ooredoo Qatar launches 1Gbps fibre
Ooredoo Qatar upgrades to Category 9 LTE-A
Ooredoo Qatar announces VoLTE soft-launch following trial
Ooredoo Qatar awards Nokia new three-year mobile expansion deal
Ooredoo Group customers grew by 6% to 118 million in Q1
Ooredoo Qatar aims for 2018 5G network deployment, 2020 commercial launch
Vodafone Qatar goes HD; Ooredoo goes VR
Rival Qatari operators unveil new IoT, ICT strategies
Ooredoo Group subscribers up 9% to 117m in 2015
Ooredoo, Cisco set NFV deployment roadmap
Ooredoo upgrades fibre speeds, relaunches IPTV
Ooredoo Qatar launches commercial tri-band LTE-A
Ooredoo do that too: 375Mbps tri-band CA matches Vodafone
Non-discriminatory telecoms duct access implemented in Qatar
Ooredoo 'first to deploy' VoLTE in Qatar; available for all users in 2016
Ooredoo offers high speed VSAT services for remote businesses with Eutelsat
Ooredoo, Ericsson sign 5G pact
Ooredoo, Alca-Lu sign five-year IP, transport network supply agreement
Ooredoo signs frame agreement with Ericsson for radio, core, transmission solutions
Ooredoo Group customers up 20% in a year
Ooredoo Qatar tests 590Mbps LTE-A
Ooredoo, Nokia sign five-year mobile broadband framework agreement
Ericsson supporting telecoms duct development in Qatar
Ooredoo awards Nokia small cells rollout deal
Vodafone Qatar boasts 375Mbps CA speed
Ooredoo Group revenues slide 5% on FX in Q2; consolidated users grow 21%
Vodafone Qatar revenue up 16%; twelve-month net loss reduced by 12%
Vodafone boasts widest LTE-A coverage at launch, but Ooredoo claims higher speed
Ooredoo Group Q1 EBITDA, revenue declined 5%, 1%
Ooredoo group revenue falls 2% in 2014
Ooredoo reaches 100m customers; focuses on B2B growth
Vodafone Qatar’s 9M losses narrow to USD41.1m
Ooredoo targeting ‘100%’ fibre and national LTE-A coverage this year
Ooredoo claims 200,000 fibre broadband customers
Nokia, Ooredoo, China Mobile achieve 4.1Gbps with TDD-FDD carrier aggregation
LTE-A: Ooredoo do do that, do they?
Vodafone Qatar scraps QNBN deal
Ooredoo’s nine-month revenues slump 3% on FX; Omani unit rebrands
Vodafone Qatar agrees to buy Qatar National Broadband Network
Ooredoo claims first 4G roaming for Qatari subscribers
ictQATAR consults on retail/wholesale markets and cell site sharing/standards
Ooredoo revenues, EBITDA slide 3%, 10% in H1
Vodafone Qatar continues to narrow its losses
New committee on communications infrastructure approved
Ooredoo reaches 150,000 fibre users
Qatar’s ICT market to reach USD6.8bn by 2016, says minister
Ooredoo to shine in Pearl via high speed agreement
Vodafone Qatar launches 4G for all users
Ministry reports Qatar mobile usage reaches 100%
Ooredoo establishes international wholesale arm
Ooredoo’s Q1 net profit rises 9.7%, on 3.4% revenue decline
Ooredoo, Cisco sign smart city, cloud and managed solutions MoU
Ooredoo’s consolidated customers reach 96m
New spectrum licensing framework taking effect in July
Ooredoo removes 4G add-on fees
Vodafone Qatar’s mobile base grows 27%
Ooredoo deploys 500 LTE base stations
Ooredoo reaches 100,000 FTTH customers after two years
Regulator releases new consumer protection policy
Vodafone Qatar in M2M drive
Ooredoo launching Sukuk bonds; promotes ubiquitous broadband access
QNBN opening Central Offices
Ooredoo reaches 1m mobile money customers
Ooredoo’s 9M revenues up 2.6%
Chief strategy officer divulges Ooredoo future plans; acknowledges Myanmar challenge
Ooredoo mulls new London listing
Quartet team up for Gulf fibre network
Ooredoo expands 4G coverage
Ooredoo launches Business Fibre, free for existing DSL customers
Ooredoo’s group first-half revenues rise 4.7%
Vodafone Qatar’s quarterly revenues up 31%
Qatari group officially adopts Ooredoo name
Ooredoo committed to spend QAR1bn to reach 100% fibre goal
QNBN, Vodafone report West Bay fibre broadband progress
Ooredoo activates 200 LTE sites
Vodafone Qatar narrows net loss
Ooredoo raises USD12bn to fund Maroc Telecom bid
Ooredoo launches IPX+ for mobile broadband with Tata
Ooredoo’s Q1 EBITDA falls 3.1% on 5% revenue increase
Ooredoo launches commercial 4G network
Top that: Ooredoo develops pre-assembled base station tower tops
ictQATAR proposals hint at new entrants
Iran, GCC states agree multi-band mobile spillover pact
Details of Ooredoo's LTE network launch confirmed
Ooredoo brand launched in Qatar as company gears up for 4G launch
Qtel’s annual profit climbs 12.6% on 6.2% revenue increase
Qtel group rebranding as Ooredoo
100,000 registered for Qtel mobile money
Qatar LTE launch due ‘within months’
MNP launched 31 Jan
Vodafone Qatar’s nine-month EBITDA up 78%
Qtel focused on network improvements, 4G launch this year
Vodafone Qatar hits one million users in three and a half years
MNP finally here by end-January, regulator says
Orange Business Services forms Qatari joint venture
Qtel borrows USD500m in Islamic financing
Vodafone Qatar reports Q3 progress, extends management contract
Qtel extends FTTH contract with Huawei
Qtel’s revenues climb 6% in Q3; domestic turnover up 14%
QNBN chooses Ericsson for FTTx rollout
QNBN underlines nationwide 2015 target, USD500m initial CAPEX
Qtel raises Wataniya stake to 92.1%; Kuwaiti sovereign fund offloads entire interest
Qtel launches LTE trial ahead of end-year launch
Wataniya board decides Qtel offer is fair
Qtel repays USD3bn loan with existing funds
Passive fibre provider Q.NBN licensed; ictQATAR publishes infrastructure guidelines
Qtel’s EBITDA climbs 8.2%; profits dip 11.8%
Offer for Wataniya is USD2.3bn, source says
Qtel offers to take 100% of Wataniya in deal valued at USD1.9bn
Qtel to provide communications for Lusail mega-development
Vodafone Qatar posts smaller loss, says post-paid contracts and MNP are on the way
MNP by end of this year
Qtel harvests Pearl network
Etisalat spent USD18.7m to keep 1% Qtel stake
Qtel’s USD1.9bn rights issue fully subscribed
Qtel extends FTTH contract with Huawei
National unity: Vodafone joins Qtel in new Q.NBN agreement
Qtel and Q.NBN sign open access agreement
Qtel’s group sales, EBITDA rise by 7.6%, 8.0%; profit drops 12.2%
Spectrum policy addresses 4G needs, but no timetable
Qtel consolidated profit up 11.6%
Qtel inks framework deal with ZTE
GBI cable ready for service
Qatar makes direct approach for Oger Telecom
Verizon extends ‘Private IP’ service to Africa, Middle East
Qtel fibre broadband goes live
Vodafone Qatar’s revenues up 39%, swings to positive EBITDA
Qtel announces domestic reorganisation
GBI Cable System completed
Vodafone Qatar’s sales jump 53%, six-month EBITDA turns positive
Qtel profits down 13%, 18% in Q3, 9M periods
Gulf Bridge awards 100G contract to Xtera
Qtel launches mobile money
Qtel reveals 900 BTS LTE plan
GBI switches on 100G undersea cable sections
Qtel's revenue and net profit up 18%
Vodafone commits to Q.NBN passive fibre project alongside Qtel
Vodafone Qatar grows subscriber base 43%, revenues up 65%
Qtel commits to Q.NBN fibre plan
National ICT Plan sets connectivity goals
Vodafone funds fixed rollout with USD100m loan
ictQATAR closes down Virgin
Qtel lands whopper: TGN beached in Qatar
ictQATAR rejects Vodafone’s claim against Qtel on international call pricing
Qtel’s trial consumers get 100Mbps fibre broadband speed
Qtel profit up 15.7% discounting one-offs
Vodafone Qatar connects to iBasis
Passive aggressive: shared network to boost fibre coverage to 95% by 2015
GBI cable lands in Qatar
Qtel’s domestic pressure eased by overseas progress
Q-tip: Qatari group 'to launch LTE as soon as this year'
Vodafone Qatar begins fibre backbone rollout
Vodafone Qatar ends 2010 with 711,000 users
Qtel pondering joint venture with sovereign wealth fund
While high Qatar gently beeps: Vodafone hides base station in minaret (demos LTE)
Woha in Doha! Vodafone Qatar rolling out FTTH, converged services
Vodafone Qatar expecting to turn a profit in Q4
Qtel posts 9M sales, profit growth
Vodafone Qatar hits 600k users
Qtel and Huawei begin FTTH rollout
Qtel EBITDA up 14.8% on 13.1% sales hike; foreign ops offset domestic decrease
Fast network, ‘fast’ offers
Qtel to receive unspecified fine over Virgin confusion
Vodafone Qatar cuts losses, exceeds half a million customers
Vodafone unveils mobile broadband packages
Qtel upgrading to 21Mbps by August, 42Mbps by year-end
Vodafone Qatar heading to court over Virgin ‘MVNO’
Vodafone Qatar’s net loss in line with forecast
Virgin Mobile Qatar launches over Qtel’s network
Vodafone Qatar and UDC provide next-gen communications to Pearl-Qatar
Vodafone Qatar’s fixed line licence takes effect
Qtel signs cable landing station agreement with GBI
Qtel signals 50,000 mobile broadband milestone
Qtel's 1Q net profit more than doubles
Vodafone Qatar signs up 465,000 mobile users
Qtel selects NSN for 3G upgrade
Vodafone Qatar awarded country's second fixed line licence
Qtel trials femtocell for offices and residents
Qtel net income climbs 20.5% on 18.2% turnover increase
Qtel and Tata confirm TGN Gulf partnership
Qtel earmarks USD165m for first-phase FTTH project; ups sat capacity
Fatter Qatar bandwidth as Qtel hails FTTH pilot a success
Qtel signs strategic alliance with Microsoft
Qtel signs another group-wide framework agreement, with Huawei
Qtel and NSN sign group-wide framework agreement
Vodafone Qatar agrees to provide landing station for GBI cable
Vodafone Qatar’s full fixed line launch delayed until 2011/12
Vodafone Qatar releases nine-month results, claims 20% market share
Qtel upgrading 3.5G network to 14.4Mbps
Delays to fixed line award won’t affect service launch, says Vodafone Qatar
Vodafone Qatar reports results; proposes late 2010 fixed line launch
Vodafone daughter reaches Qatar quarter
Qtel 9M profit up 28% on 22% revenue increase; sales down 4% in Q3 though
Qtel increases loan facility to USD2bn
Vodafone adds 100,000 customers in first two months
Vodafone Qatar covers 99% of population
Vodafone Qatar launches mobile internet
One-off gain raises Qatar Telecom’s 2Q net profit above QAR1bn
Qtel completes FTTH trial
Qtel reaches two million mobile users
Vodafone Qatar lists on 22 July
Vodafone Qatar lining up first fixed line deployments
Vodafone Qatar launches online
Qtel boosts DSL speeds for second time in two months
Qtel to issue up to USD5bn bonds
Vodafone Qatar could go commercial next month
Qtel covers 80% of population with IPTV, signs up 10,000 viewers
Qtel doubles ADSL speeds for free
Vodafone Qatar to list shares in July
Vodafone Qatar’s USD930 million IPO fully subscribed
Qtel Q1 revenues, profit up 58%, 15%
Vodafone given more time to launch new network
Qtel releases CAPEX budget and growth forecasts
Qtel and Vodafone sign interconnection, tower sharing agreements
Vodafone Qatar announces IPO
Vodafone Qatar turns on network; full launch expected July/August
Vodafone Qatar to announce new IPO date on 15 March
Qtel posts record results; launches unlimited mobile broadband
USD2 billion credit facility will help Qtel achieve global aims
Qtel reaches 1.8m mobile customers on eve of Vodafone trial launch
Qtel launches HSUPA, prepares to face Vodafone in May
Still no IPO date for Vodafone Qatar
Qtel to delist from Bahrain exchange, considers further share sale
Vodafone Qatar chooses 1,000 users for launch
ictQATAR launches licensing consultation
Vodafone Qatar IPO set for next month
Vodafone Qatar to launch mobile services on 1 March, plans cable landing station
Qtel and Reliance form managed services partnership
Qtel agrees to up Indosat offer price, reports say
Qtel signs USD61m contract with NSN, doubles mobile web speeds
Vodafone Qatar signs IT infrastructure contract
Qtel’s profit jumps 57.9%, revenues up 113%
Vodafone Qatar submits revised IPO timetable
Government about turn allows QTel to increase Indosat stake
Qtel and NSN test new mobile TV technology
Thanks a bundle: Qtel drops additional data charges by 90%
Vodafone consortium wins second fixed line licence
Qatar Telecom profit jumps
Qtel wants users to try TV for a day
Vodafone Qatar sets IPO for September-October, launch date March
Authorities hand licence to Vodafone, on track for Q1 launch
Qtel thinks inside the box
Jordan Telecom in hunt for Qatari fixed line licence
Vodafone Qatar releases more details of November IPO plans
Vodafone consortium's licence details finalised
Qtel 1Q profit up 9.4%, driven by Wataniya
Vodafone Qatar IPO update
Qatar wireline deadline on 17 April, winner to get WiMAX licence too
Qtel reaches 1.4 million telephone customers
Vodafone prepares to float Qatari stake
Qtel’s revenues rise 134.7%
Qtel puts broadband into users’ laps
Eight registered for second national operator licence
Qtel working to fix cable
Qtel has 50,000 HSDPA device users
Qtel launches BlackBerry
Qatar wireline auction: Etisalat out
Five apply for fixed line licence
Vodafone’s bid less than GBP300 million, says paper
Vodafone triumphs in Qatar
Qatar ‘close’ to selecting second mobile licensee
Counting the cost of a fatter Qatar
Seventh heaven for regulator in mobile auction
Omantel pulls out of Qatar licence race
Etisalat and Zain hoping for Qatar win
Qatar extends mobile bid deadline
Etisalat wants fixed and mobile licences in Qatar
Etisalat focusing on Qatar and Algeria bids
Qtel 2Q revenues more than double
Batelco announces regional investments; warns of over-regulation
Twelve bidders for Qatar mobile licence
Consultation on new licences launched
MTC amongst frontrunners for second Qatar mobile licence
Qatar’s second mobile licence attracts 20 hopefuls
Qtel arranges new credit facility
Qtel’s Q1 revenues up 53%, profits rise 15%
Reliance, MTNL and Bharti looking at Qatar
Second mobile licence tender launched
Qtel launches international video calling
Qtel awards Siemens UMTS contract
Qatar to begin market liberalisation in second quarter
Qtel takes control at Wataniya
Qtel reports another strong performance
ST Telemedia teams up with Qtel to explore mobile opportunities
Qtel and Airspan deploy WiMAX
Qtel buys 38.2% stake in IP firm Navlink
Q-Tel proud to offer DVB-H facilities to Asian Games goers
Q-Tel preparing major international expansion
Q-Tel finalising three acquisitions, papers say
Q-Tel’s revenues up 44.3%
Q-Tel to improve reception, raise capacity ahead of Games
Q-Tel’s turnover up by 50% in first half
Qatar’s pre-paid users enjoy video calling
Wait for 3G over this week
Q-Tel signs up 800,000 users
Q-Tel carries out 3G tests, sets up 3G lab with Siemens
Q-Tel to spend USD400 million ahead of Asian Games
Q-Tel continues wireless and wireline growth
Qatarnet introduces international GPRS roaming
Q-Tel’s ADSL base up 132%
Q-Tel introduces new VoIP service
Q-Tel willing to give up monopoly
Q-Tel posts strong revenues but profits hit by hefty royalties
Q-Tel deploys new international business facilities
Q-Tel breaks with holiday tradition
Q-Tel upgrades billing system
Q-Tel offers shoppers a sneaky peek at 3G
Q-Tel launches MMS nationwide, slashes call costs and promises 3G in six months
Q-Tel rolls out first part of trunk radio network
Q-Tel profits fall as royalty payment is introduced
Q-Tel contracts CGC for security agencies network
Q-Tel teams up with Cisco for IP network development
Alcatel joins Siemens for Qatarnet 3G network build
Qatarnet pre-paid promo pushes card sales past 2.5 million
Qatar's FALCON link to go live early next year
Mitel teams up with Seiat Systems to offer VoIP
Strong wireless performance at home and abroad boosts Q-Tel revenues 18%
Siemens to build Qatarnet’s 3G network
Q-Tel offers 36.5% interim dividend after another ‘strong performance’
Qatarnet expects 3G before year end
GPRS on the horizon
Qatar launches new regulator
Q-Tel on the up and up, and it was all thanks to Qatarnet
Q-Tel to link to FALCON
Q-Tel to raid illegal VoIP businesses
Qatarnet price cuts prompting 2,000 new users a day
Q-Tel trials triple play venture with CATV provider
Q-Tel launches IPVPN offering
Qtel and Qatarnet GSM mull interactive TV launch
Qtel profits soar on mobile boom
Q-Tel boasts promising results
Q-Tel reaps monopolist’s rewards
Qtel to monitor network performance
Government issues decree to establish new telecoms and IT regulator
Revenues and profits climbing for Q-Tel in 1H 2004
Qtel launches country’s first mobile internet service