Bitel achieves 1.5Gbps speeds in 5G trial
Peruvian sale of AWS-3, 2.3GHz bands to take place in 2Q20
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Entel reports Q2 net profit of USD6.2m
MTC proposes amendment to RDNFO rules
MTC opens consultation on assigning 3.5GHz for 5G
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Peru sets out rules for leasing spectrum
Entel profit surges to CLP10bn
Entel plots USD600m investment plan
Movistar Peru brings 3G and 4G to Vilcashuaman
Chile looks to end roaming charges in Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Colombia
MTC gearing up for launch of FITEL replacement
MTC sets spectrum holding caps
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Claro to deploy fibre networks in at least 15 cities
MTC clears Bitel spectrum allocation
Entel Q4 revenue dips by 1%
Movistar clashes with MTC over renewal of two fixed line licences
MTC greenlights spectrum reshuffle
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Osiptel to narrow ‘information gap’ between operator and user; MTR to fall in Jan-19
With RDNFO reform in its sights, MTC launches review of Broadband Law
Osiptel orders blocking of one million handsets
Chile looks to end roaming charges with Brazil
National backbone in need of reform says Osiptel
MTC begins investigation into award of 2.5GHz spectrum
ZTE to deploy 1,000 base stations for Bitel by 2020
MTC alters national frequency allocation plan
Osiptel to consider overhaul of QoS rules for internet access
MTC sets out draft rules for spectrum refarming drive
Entel losses grow to CLP23.6bn in 2Q18
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Regulator improves number portability; proposes tighter mobile tariff regulation
MTC ups broadband definition to 4Mbps
Chile, Peru to end roaming charges; Chile looks to tax OTT firms
Claro launches LTE-A network; Movistar announces expansion
Bitel to spend USD110m on 2600MHz rollout
Osiptel imposes new rules on tariffs and charges
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Movistar Peru lines up USD432m investment for 2018
Osiptel cuts price of fixed-to-mobile calls
Osiptel complaints system ‘collapsing’
Osiptel sets flat MTR; MTC alters rules for spectrum fees
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Osiptel proposes symmetrical MTRs from 2018
Optical Networks launches Win broadband
Osiptel lifts suspension on ‘unlimited’ plans
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Osiptel orders temporary ban on unlimited mobile data plans
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Bolivian state telco to launch services in Peru
Movistar lines up USD108m spend for 4G
Bitel earmarks USD45m for network expansion
Osiptel oversees blocking of 900,000 blacklisted devices
Entel swings to net loss in 2Q17 despite strong performance in Peru
Tower Talk: a guide to the latest major cell site developments
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Osiptel urges providers to accelerate BTS deployment
MTC to award seven regional broadband projects
Movistar and Project Loon complete wide scale trial as part of flood relief efforts
Entel books 3% revenue growth amidst ‘challenging’ conditions in domestic market
GTD expands Peruvian holdings with Netline Peru acquisition
Tower Talk: a guide to the latest major cell site developments
Claro Peru launches 200Mbps plan
Movistar, Claro to expand coverage to 292 unserved communities
Tower Talk: a guide to the latest major cell site developments
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Claro Peru doubles 4G coverage following LTE-700 launch
Telefonica selects Comarch to assist with LatAm network optimisation
Entel books USD52m profit on the back of Peru growth
Osiptel suspends 393,090 pre-paid lines
Osiptel implements new rules for net neutrality and biometric verification
Telefonica inks network deals with Ezentis in Peru, Chile
Bitel launches LTE in 500 towns and cities
Entel, Claro appeal against biometric verification rules
Olo Peru introducing TD-LTE services
Peruvian cellcos win case against spectrum fee calculation
Viettel Global claims 26m subs; 1H16 international revenues reach USD494m
Movistar Peru partners Huawei for DOCSIS 3.1, FTTH converged rollout
Osiptel blocks 842,646 unverified SIMs
Claro upgrades Lima network for 700MHz LTE
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Osiptel to disconnect unverified pre-paid lines
Claro completes Olo WiMAX takeover
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Movistar Peru switches on 250Mbps LTE-A network
Eight Peruvian regional fibre networks to be operational by June 2017
Bitel to invest USD200m in 4G rollout
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MVNO Monday Q&A – Tuenti
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Movistar to launch VoLTE in Q3
Peruvian cellcos invested USD5bn in 2011-2015
Bitel to invest USD200m for a bigger slice of the pie
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Peru's lead trio snap up 700MHz licences
Claro agrees takeover of Olo and TVS Wireless
Peru sets date for 700MHz sale
Entel sets out five-year USD3.5 billion investment plan
Entel to raise CLP350bn through share issue
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
ProInversion sets reserve price for 700MHz auction
Osiptel suspends Netline from marketing services
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Osiptel orders introduction of access speed trackers
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Growing use of MNP is stirring competition in Peru, says Osiptel
Bitel hits subscriber target, plans 4G launch next month
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Osiptel publishes draft net neutrality rules
Peru opens door to MVNOs
Entel profits drop 96.2% on operating, finance costs
ProInversion delays 700MHz sale
Backbone to connect 92% of capitals by H1 2016
Claro to launch fixed-wireless TD-LTE service
Bitel ready for 4G, chewing over 700MHz bid
Movistar to spend USD2bn over next two years
Govt provides USD346m funding for regional broadband programmes
Entel targets nationwide coverage by end-2015
LTE subscriptions hit 1.3m
Entel outlines USD2.1bn investment plan
Peru streamlines rules on infrastructure installation
MVNOs set to arrive this summer
Falling MTRs to lead to lower end-user tariffs in H2
MTC delays spectrum handover
Newcomers eat into incumbents’ market shares
Movistar to fight USD500m tax bill
MTC earmarks USD5.7m for Ucayali projects
Fibre backbone projects to benefit 5.1m Peruvians
Et TU, Movistar? Peruvian cellco launches OTT app
MTC to invest PEN243m on telecoms in Arequipa
Claro, Movistar open 4G networks to pre-paid users
MTC backs national fibre-optic backbone network
Movilmax enters Peruvian broadband market
Expansion in Peru steadies Entel topline
Osiptel suggests stop gap solution for tower shortage
Claro lines up PEN3bn spend to improve networks
Cellcos obliged to unlock devices
Virgin, AT&T and Falabella to launch MVNO services in 2015
Movistar ahead of rollout targets with 1,432 new locations
Telefonica, Ericsson team up to deploy LTE in Peruvian Amazon
Vietnamese cellco to steer clear of price war
Cablecos jump ship to FTTH
Peru lines up 700MHz auction
Osiptel bans handset locking from 2015
DirecTV set for LTE launch in Q1 2015
Profits fall 90% on the back of Entel Peru launch, MTR cuts
Entel calls for ‘substantial’ reduction in MTRs
MNP increases by 81% following rules change and Bitel/Entel launches
Olo to invest USD88m on LTE rollout
Bitel aiming for 500,000 subs by year-end
Nextel completes rebrand, launches 4G
FITEL handed USD25m budget for 2015
Nextel switches on 4G, begins stealthy rebranding
Telefonica launches Tuenti in Peru
Movistar Peru expands LTE coverage to Chibote and Ica
Movistar marks rural expansion milestone
Minister pushes back start of digital switchover
ProInversion lines up four fibre projects
Entel to funnel USD250m a year into Peru
MTC to begin regional fibre rollout
Subtel to lower roaming rates with Argentina, Peru
Hungry Viettel to take a Bitel of the Peruvian market
MTC calls for local authorities to clear permits for mobile sites
Movistar expands 4G footprint
Osiptel ordered cellcos to refund nearly USD5m
Peru to launch 700MHz sale; first stage of fibre backbone to be ready by September
Movistar Peru expands 4G footprint in Lima
Peru operations boost Entel Chile sales in Q1
Entel to invest USD2.85bn in Chile and Peru
Entel lines up USD600m for Peruvian unit over next three years
Viettel finally sets launch date
Claro extends fibre to Pucallpa
Huawei selected for Nextel rollout
Osiptel obliges telco to unbundle multi-play deals
MTC clears out spectrum for Viettel
Entel to launch 4G in March; still considering brand name for Peru
Movistar activates LTE in seven districts of Lima
Viettel remains coy on launch date
Movistar announces plans for LTE launch
Viettel to launch in early 2014
Movistar handed 4G airwaves
Osiptel sets standards for coverage claims
Chilean firm to invest USD400m on 4G
Osiptel green-lights mobile financial services
Entel geared to expand mobile and IT market shares in Peru
Second 4G sale planned in Peru
Ministry says Viettel launch on-track
NII completes Nextel sale
Movistar begins LTE testing
Claro will still launch 4G, despite missing out in auction
Peru hands out two 4G licences
Six firms enter fibre backbone tender
ProInversion sets USD63m price tag for LTE licences
A quarter of Peruvian households have internet access, stats office claims
Four companies cleared for 4G auction
Osiptel approves fixed line price cuts
Entel looking at opportunities in Colombia
Investment hits USD964m for 2012
Entel denies interest in Nextel Chile acquisition
Osiptel plans tariff controls
NII confirms Peru sale
Entel to snap up Nextel for USD500m
GO-ing, going, gone; VelaTel announces sale of Peruvian unit
Osiptel set to standardise coverage reporting
Trio fined for breaching user ID regulations
Movistar wrist slapped over broadband/voice package
New entrant loses out to cable theft
Viettel activates network for trials
Government agrees to Movistar licence renewal
Ten companies linked with fibre-optic backbone tender
Entel eyes Nextel for Peruvian expansion
Movistar negotiations close to completion
Telefonica reshuffles Movistar Peru ownership
Lawmakers propose to halt ‘indiscriminate’ sale of mobile lines
Peru bans use of ‘4G’ in marketing
Movistar hit with PEN3.6m fine
Hello Olo! New Peruvian WiMAX operator launches in Lima
FNP on the horizon
Telefonica to expand networks in the north
Osiptel cuts Telefonica's fixed line rates
Peru ready for Telefonica licence talks
4G sale set for 1H 2013
Viettel bags 900MHz licence
NII counts cost of 3G evolution
TDP future to be decided in August
Peru knocks back 900MHz auction
Peru enforces net neutrality, looks to roll out fibre backbone
TDP spends PEN672m in 1H2012
TDP books PEN11.2m profits for Q2 2012
Viettel selects ZTE for Peru rollout
Peru launches 900MHz auction
TEM Peru to learn fate in June
Telefonica profits slide as expenses climb
Osiptel looks to drop fees for calls to cities
Telefonica Peru Q1 profits drop by 41.9%
Osiptel sets up mobile register
Viettel sets date for wireless market entry
Authorities move to improve interconnection
Virgin expands LatAm MVNO footprint
Claro upgrades to HSPA+
Peru’s wireless providers fined PEN700,000 apiece
Velatel expects to pass its 16,000 projection
Osiptel proposes satellite purchase
Movistar may pay USD830 for licence renewal
VelaTel says wireless broadband network is now ‘live’ in Peru
Movil and Telefonica spend big in Peru
Telefonica extends cable network
Viettel wins mobile licence in Peru
ZTE and ChinaTel sign MoU
ProInversion postpones spectrum auction
ChinaTel budgets USD62m for WiMAX, IP telephony in Peru
Failure to register may see a million users cut off
Perusat selects ZTE for 4G kit
Huawei deploys ATCA-based CDMA mobile softswitch for Movistar Peru
End to roaming fees in border zones in sight?
Telefonica del Peru reports 3Q results
Regulator approves lower termination rates plan
ChinaTel, ZTE sign MoU
Telefonica completes live LTE call trial with Alcatel-Lucent
South Koreans to invest in Peruvian broadband network
Telefonica ends 2009 with 767,000 broadband subscribers
NII selects NSN for network managed services in Latin America
Fourth wireless licence auction planned for 2010
Number portability gains traction
Yota wins WiMAX spectrum
MNP launched in Peru
Nextel to launch 3G network tomorrow
Nextel to launch mobile broadband this month
Gamacom to deploy WiMAX by year-end
Nextel gets nationwide licence
Russian consortium BWDC-Metsanco bags WiMAX concession
WiMAX concessions delayed again
Pair pre-qualified for wireless licence
Movistar launches W-CDMA network
Claro enters wireline arena
Three firms buy bidding rules for wireless licence
New wireless licence to be awarded on 30 June
MTC grants public telephony concession to Telemundo Internacional
Telmex gets national concession
Government to hold WiMAX tender next month
Nextel plans 3G launch in 2009
Telefonica del Peru's Q3 net profit falls 29.5%
TEM Peru profits jump 184%
Telefonica acquires Star GlobalCom
ProInversion seeks consultant to assist with spectrum auction
Peru mobile subscriber base hits 18.16m in June, penetration reaches 63%
Movistar Peru plans USD232 million investment in 2008
TdP posts net profit of USD12 million in Q2
America Movil wins FWA concession
Movistar plans 3G launch for year end
MTC expects to award WiMAX licences in October and mobile spectrum by December
MTC awards fixed telephony licence to Claro
Nextel to follow CDMA route to 3G
Telmex Peru sizes up subsidiary for satellite services
500,000 fixed wireless lines on way
Gamacom to begin rural services
Telmex Peru launches triple play offering
Broadband tender delayed
Telmex Internacional files preliminary prospectus ahead of listings
Telmex Peru to offer triple-play
America Movil Peru launches 3G network
TDP to cut rates for broadband resellers by 91%
ProInversion to relaunch rural broadband tender
Telefonica del Peru reports full year losses
MTC defines new goals for telecoms segment
Movistar wins 450MHz fixed wireless licence
Wi-Net plans 40% customer growth
Movistar secures fixed wireless concession; 450MHz auction due on 9 January
Five prequalify for fixed wireless auction
WiMAX auction planned for December
MTC awards concession to Itaca
Mobile number portability timeline published
Pair win wireless spectrum
Public given four months to select DLD and ILD provider
QTEL Global launches Peruvian WiMAX network
Telefónica del Perú and Alcatel-Lucent announce partnership to deploy advanced VoIP services
Telmex Peru buys its second cable TV operator of the year
Congress approves mobile number portability
ProInversión releases bidding rules for forthcoming licence
Telmex to purchase Peruvian cable TV operator
TDP revenues climb 7.3%
Emax launches WiMAX network
ProInversión offers USD17 million broadband concession
Telefónica earmarks USD600 million for investment by 2009
Telmex plans USD100 million investment to enter fixed residential market in 2007
Telefónica del Perú reports strong results
90-day deadline set for Telefónica concession renegotiation
Government plans TDP contract negotiation
Peru to auction former BellSouth mobile licence
Committee votes to end basic telephone charge
Revenues up at NII
ProInversion launches FWA auction
Osiptel orders FWA network
Wireless auction planned for 1Q 2006
US asks Osiptel for more haste in cutting interconnection charges
Long-distance operators feeling the pinch from declining fees
America Movil bags TIM Peru
Regulator slashes interconnection charges
TDP looks to broadband to provide growth
Telefonica units agree to merger conditions; Movistar Peru is born
Almost half mobile users use handsets to receive calls only
MTC denies bargaining with Telefonica
Government gives mobile merger the OK
MTC to limit Telefonica to single band of spectrum
America Movil bags new wireless licence
MTC seeks newcomer for wireless licence
Osiptel to mediate on interconnection dispute
TEM subsidiaries hold 68.5% of Peruvian mobile market
Osiptel approves four rural telephony projects
Perusat looks for foreign IP partner
MTC looks to increase competition
Impsat wins local licence
Telefónica improves roaming facilities
Regulator suspends new licensee
Telefónica Móviles expands CDMA network
Government refuses to renew Telefónica’s licence
Impsat to launch local services
Deepest, darkest Peru...but no more
Regulator calls for voluntary 30% cut in fixed-to-mobile termination charges
Broadband begins to take off
TIM Peru and Nokia team up for GSM expansion
Qualcomm’s BREW solution reaches Peru
Pressure mounts on Telefónica