Nepal Telecom profits decline by 15.7% in Q3
Regulator sets deadline for Nepal Telecom to pay mobile licence renewal fee
Nepal Supreme Court maintains stay order in Ncell tax case, final hearing scheduled for 4 June
Axiata seeks arbitration in Nepal tax case
Ncell granted stay order in capital gains tax dispute
Ncell files petition against USD348m tax bill
Axiata vs the abominable taxman: mountainous bill looming in Himalayan court case
Nepal to shut down CDMA networks from 2022
CG Telecom inks 5G deal with Turkcell
Ncell to receive additional spectrum in 900MHz, 2100MHz bands, report says
NTA charges Nepal Telecom NPR20bn for mobile licence renewal
Nepal Telecom secures 800MHz spectrum for 4G expansion
Supreme Court halts Nepalese spectrum auction
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Vianet chooses Ciena to increase network capacity
Vianet teams up with Nokia to deploy high speed FTTH network
NTA warns telcos of fibre-optic contract termination
Subisu teams up with Nokia to expand fibre network
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Nokia, WorldLink target FTTH coverage of one million homes by 2019
Ncell extends LTE network to reach 21 cities
Nepal's Smart Telecom launches 4G service
Ncell expands 4G LTE service to ten new cities
Nokia, WorldLink to build super-fast broadband network
Nepal Telecom switching from PSTN to IP network
ZTE, Ncell strengthen working relationship with network virtualisation
Nepal Telecom to extend coverage to 175 new locations
Ncell launches 4G LTE service in the Kathmandu Valley
NTA backtracks on Ncell 4G licence award
NTA grants Smart Telecom 4G licence
Nepal Telecom to revive wireline service
NTA grants Ncell LTE network permission despite PAC protests
Government to give telecoms mergers the green light
Nepal Telecom’s fibre network project delayed
Nepal to implement per-second billing
NT passes half a million 4G subs
Ncell tax dispute settled
Nepal Telecom signs 41,000 4G users in two weeks
Ncell 4G permit could be delayed for months
Nepal Telecom launches post-paid 4G
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Nepal on the road to MNP … again
NT looking for strategic investor
Smart move: telco still seeking 4G licence
Nepal using RTDF to improve internet access in seven earthquake regions
Ncell prepares for 4G launch in three cities
Ncell seeks 4G approval
Nepal Telecom gets final 4G approval; free to launch from 1 January
Nepal Telecom plans 4G launch on 15 December
NT approved to offer 4G, set to launch by end of year
Nepal edges closer to 4G launch
Ncell focusing on mobile data, ready for 4G
Nepal Telecom expands microwave radio to every district
Nepal Telecom in Tecnotree deal
Nepal’s Ncell requests new spectrum
Nepal pushes ahead with 1800MHz 4G plan
Nepal to open up 1800MHz band for 4G
Nepal lays fibre for China Telecom link
Nepal’s Ncell to invest USD120m this year
Nepal Telecom still awaits permission for 4G launch
Ncell sells: TeliaSonera exits Nepal
Axiata gets shareholder nod for Ncell deal
Nepal Telecom keen to launch 4G
Ncell gets new local investor
Axiata to buy TeliaSonera’s stake in Ncell of Nepal
Nepal's Ncell selects Polystar analytics solution
UTL moves closer to unified concession
TeliaSonera decides to exit Eurasia countries
Nepal outlines rural investment plans, considers new ICT Policy
Nepal: regulator reports cellular penetration topped 90% by mid-April
Nepal’s Smart Telecom seeks extension to service expansion deadline
Nepalese telcos to share networks in areas hit by earthquake
UTL to take unified licence
NTA concludes Smart Telecom has ‘failed’ to provide explanation for GSM service delay
Regulator to order UTL to compensate customers
UTL ordered to pay for unified licence
Nepal Telecom sees first half profit jump 20%
Nepal’s mobile, broadband base continues to rise
Nepal Telecom plans second China optical fibre link
Nepal Telecom deploying 77 new base stations in Kathmandu valley
Nepal Satellite Telecom upgrades BSS with AsiaInfo
Nepalese government studies satellite plans and new ICT policy
UTL dispute leads to service disruption
NTA requests telcos’ to provide full details on their share ownerships
Nepal sees continued rise in mobile subscribers; NST expands network coverage
Parliament committee urges telecoms action in Nepal
Nepal unveils new broadband policy
Nepalese operators hand over NPR4.76bn royalties and spectrum fees
Nepal’s rural telecoms fund brings in USD17.3 million in 2013/14; NT improves internet offer
MTNL to exit Nepalese venture UTL
NT looks to LTE for future data services
Nepal Telecom launches FTTH
NT looks to add 2.25 million net new users in 2014/15
Nepal’s NTA renews Ncell's GSM mobile licence
Nepal’s internet bandwidth charges fall
Nepal’s Smart Telecom eyes mobile network launch
Nepal Telecom reports rise in revenues and profit
Nepal looking to offload two lots of 2.3GHz spectrum
Nepal’s telecoms markets continuing to grow
NT to begin IP upgrade; 3G licence row one step nearer to being settled
MTNL studying Nepalese investment
NT looks to set USD640m budget
NT shortlists six consultants to help find a strategic partner
Nepal Telecom to share infrastucture with alternative telcos
Nepal takes tentative step towards 4G licensing
Government to divest 30% stake in Nepal Telecom
Nepal to unveil new Broadband Policy this year
Nepal’s Smart Telecom ends ownership dispute, seeks international partner to help expand services
Footprints in the snow; NT extends 3G to 20 new districts
Nepal’s mobile base continues to climb; 20.647m users by mid-March
MoIC asks NTA to renew Nepal Telecom's GSM licence and waive fee ‘for now’
Nepal to revise licensing terms for ISPs and network service providers, paper says
Nepali committee hints at 4G launches in 2014
Ncell's boss says cellco will invest USD100m in 2014
Nepal approaches 20 million mobile user milestone
Uncertainty still surrounds Nepal Telecom GSM renewal fee
Nepal Telecom to launch FTTH in April
Nepal gets four new ISP licensees
Nepal Telecom hoping to see lower mobile licence renewal fee
Nepal to get IPTV within months
Nepal mulling plans for nationwide free Wi-Fi infrastructure
Nepal’s NT and Ncell rush to deploy 3G services nationwide
NST owner to invest NPR6bn in telecoms expansion plan
Nepal’s NT adds Gorkha VDC to mobile footprint
NT fixes WiMAX tariff
Nepal’s Smart Telecom embroiled in ownership dispute
Nepal mobile users total 19.4m in September, fixed and internet subs base up too
Nepalese telecoms watchdog says MNP will be live ‘next year’
NTA to seek clarification from UTL about unified licence delay
NTA reviews Nepal’s numbering plan
Nepalese telcos stump up NPR1.48bn in frequency fees
Nepalese telcos bundle services to grab subscribers
Nepal govt to resume study into cross-holding of telecoms operators
Nepalese watchdog to set guidelines for BTS design
Nepal’s cabinet agrees ‘in principle’ to allow NT to take strategic partner
Nepal’s regulator to get tough on ‘illegal’ reselling of bandwidth
Ring my bell? NTA issues new number, frequencies to Smart Telecom
Nepal’s SC boots out unified licence petitions, paper says
TeliaSonera exits NST, focuses on Ncell in Nepal
Nepalese regulator to cancel five ISP operator licences
NTA seeks advance payment of wireless frequencies
Nepal considers feasibility of launching own satellite
NTA publishes latest market report for June
Nepal replacing 500 cellular towers in Valley ‘in a month’
Smart Telecom unveils USD300m investment to extend services nationwide
Nepal Telecom to roll out fibre to 13 new districts
Ncell pays second instalment of licence renewal fee
Nepal Telecom gears up for FTTH launch
China Mobile, Huawei team up to give Mount Everest 4G coverage
Government committee ‘pushes forward’ NT privatisation; sub-committee formed
Nepal Telecom to begin distributing R-UIM cards ‘soon’, paper says
Supreme Court issues show-cause order in unified licence wrangle
Nepal considers plan to expand fibre coverage
NT promotes IP-CDMA Sky Pro service
NT to improve QoS by October; plans to upgrade BTS in Kathmandu Valley
NTA publishes market update for March; mobile users, fixed line base up
SC puts spanner in the works: issues ‘stay order’ on Smart’s unified licence
Nepal’s Smart Telecom poised to receive unified licence today
Nepal’s CIAA gives govt green light to implement telecom policy
Ncell distances itself from NST takeover rumour; confirms parent ‘in talks’
Former ISPAN official bemoans 60% loss in market share for ISPs
CG looking to complete full STM Telecom buyout by April, sources say
NT sets May launch date for new convergent billing system
CG purchases 80% stake in Nepal’s STM Telecom
Nepal Telecom to launch nationwide IP CDMA network
NT finally launches WiMAX in far-west development region
Nepal’s STM Telecom submits request for unified licence
NT postpones WiMAX launch again
Ncell pays NPR1.61bn in 3G spectrum fees
Hello Nepal: NTA renews operator’s licence
Govt plan for infrastructure sharing falls at first hurdle, paper says
NTA reports further dip in fixed line users in December; mobile grow continues
NT to make WiMAX available to ‘all’ within weeks, MD says
NTA to review Smart Telecom’s eligibility for a unified licence
NT stumps up 3G licence fee; extends WiMAX to three new areas
MoIC points finger at Finance Ministry over delay in finding strategic partner for NT
Nepalese operators seek spectrum fee payment extension
NTA mobile pulse rates hit users’ pockets, lobbyists say
NTA close to announcing new regulatory framework for NGN
NT confirms plan to pay licence renewal fee in instalments
NT submits official invite for Huawei to sign GSM contract
NTA reports ADSL subscribers approaching 100k milestone
NTA confirms plans to utilise RTDF fibre-optic project
Nepal to license third GSM operator to boost competition
NTA reports falling fixed line base; mobile subs up to 15.81m
Four of Nepal’s telcos submit bids for unified licence
NT sets July 2013 deadline for delayed network expansion
NT launches WiMAX in Kathmandu
Nepal Telecom claims Huawei broke exclusivity pact
NT postpones 9 November WiMAX launch
NTA reports fall in fixed line base at mid-August, but mobile lines up
Ncell commits to paying renewal fee in instalments
Finance ministry points finger at ‘lethargic’ management at NT
NT’s new WiMAX service to offer 27Mbps connection
Nepal’s regulator to draw up m-commerce legislation this year
NT asks Huawei to expand contract to 10m GSM lines
Govt committee recommends sale of 30% of NT
Ministry to invest NPR5.63bn in rural fibre expansion
NTA reports 5.04m internet users in July
NT thwarted again: Ericsson joins Huawei in turning down massive GSM line project
Nepal Telecom seeks strategic partner
Nepal ISP association bemoans WiMAX delays
NTA says Nepal home to 16.979m fixed and mobile subscribers in June
Nepal’s WiMAX auction could be derailed again
NTA pulls plug on UTL over unpaid fees
Nepal Telecom business plan targets 1.55m new subscribers
Finance Ministry assembles committee to find NT’s strategic partner
Hello, is what NST is looking for
NTA recommends MoIC to adopt new interim frequency policy
NT dispenses with STD numbering on PSTN, CDMA landlines
Regulator slaps NPR374m fine on Global Internet over illegal VoIP, revokes licence
NTA close to finalising its long-anticipated broadband policy
Nepal’s regulator to amend national numbering plan
NT inks USD80m deal with Huawei for 4.8m new GSM lines
NTA’s district fibre-optic network plan falters
Nepal’s telecoms watchdog orders NT to pay royalty fees
NTA ordered to speed up collection of unpaid spectrum fees
Nepal Telecom to get new strategic partner ‘soon’
NTA reports 14.498m mobile users, 850,607 fixed connections at mid-April
TeliaSonera share transfer deal is news to NTA, authorities
Nepal poised to approve controversial unified licensing regime
NTA reaffirms aim to prevent frequency hoarding
Nepal reports 14.25m mobile subscribers; fixed line users up to 849,786
TeliaSonera exits Cambodia and lifts stake in Nepal
NTA turns screw on illegal VoIP operators
MoIC dissolves telecoms, broadcasting advisory panel
Nepal’s regulator considers plan for national roaming regulation
MoIC decision on new fibre-optic programme coming ‘soon’
Nepal’s regulator to get tough on illegal VoIP providers
NT picks Airspan Networks for nationwide 4G deployment project
Nepal Telecom prepares tender for 10m GSM lines
MoIC submits VoIP proposal for ratification ahead of licence allocation
Nepal Telecom announces 12.5% rise in net profit
NTA reports strong rise in telecoms users in Nepal
Bureaucracy and red tape stifling Nepal’s rural telecom development
Nine firms seek IPTV licences
NTA reports 2.1m mobile additions in a month; amends Telecoms Regulations
AsiaInfo-Linkage wins convergent billing solution deal with NT
Nepal Telecom implements MSAN technology to improve internet access
CIAA tells NTA to abandon unified licensing and stop issuing 3G frequencies
NT books revenue of NPR8.25bn in fiscal first-quarter
NT jumps into BTS vans to circumvent GSM bottlenecks
NT installs new equipment to improve ADSL service
NTA reports strong fixed, mobile growth
Nepal’s telecoms penetration reaches 47.3% in August, NTA reports
Nepal’s information ministry rules out unified licensing plan
UTL tells PAC it will pay 50% of royalties; NTA remains belligerent
NT responds to Ncell by declining request to pay licence renewal fees
Ncell will make royalty payments, but only if rivals do too
Regulator poised to launch WiMAX spectrum auction
NTA to transfer UTL from GSM to CDMA, reports say
Nepal home to 10.7 million wireless subscribers
Committee tells NT to abandon ‘bridging project’ and launch fresh tender
NT plans WiMAX expansion to improve broadband access
UTL cuts IDD call tariffs
NT to double backbone bandwidth
NT, NTV look to offer IPTV
Nepal Telecom prepares tender for ten million GSM lines
NTA awards ILD licences to NST, STPL violating procedure
Regulator to launch 4G feasibility study
MoIC’s rural telephony plan courts controversy
Nepal’s mobile penetration rises strongly, but fixed lines down
NT reports 6% rise in full year net profit
Spice Nepal’s Ncell brand breaks five million subscribers barrier
NTA mulls plan to use digital dividend for 4G mobile services
NTA seeks lower interconnection fees
No Surprises: TeliaSonera to launch 4G with Ncell in Nepal
Olive branches out
NTA reports 10.6m fixed and mobile Nepalese users at end-10
NTA to license more VoIP providers
NT launches EasyPhone branded VoIP service
PAC man roams the maze of possible 2G/3G frequency ‘irregularities’
NTA threatens to revoke UTL’s licence over non-payment
NT profits hit USD151m; plans network expansion
NTA says newcomers can not be licensed for 3G
VoIP invaders gobble up NPR160m a month, says PAC man
NT launches ADSL service in remote Manang district
TeliaSonera ups Ncell, Applifone stakes; awaiting Cambodian consolidation approval
NTA chairman confirms LTE/WiMAX rollout studies underway
Regulator calls on government to open up VoB segment
NTA reports subscriber data for quarter ending 14 Sep 2010
Nepalese 3G scales new heights
Nepal’s internet user base climbs 160% in a year
ISOS and Scom have service licences revoked after no show
NT awards NGN contract to ZTE and Huawei
NT to call global CDMA tender
Ncell blocks UTL numbers amid argument over illegal VoIP calls
NT to deploy DTH hub
Nepal Telecom adds 1.2m subscribers
Ncell unveils new low-cost starter package
NT plans fibre-optic link with China
Minister says WiMAX will be available soon
NT to offer cut-price international VoIP calls
NT rolls out Gilat broadband satellite platform to Gorakshep
Nepalese falling short of Millennium Development Goals
Privatisation committee plans to divest stakes in seven major firms, including NT
NT awards Aricent three-year SI deal
Ncell uses IMImobile for data services launch
Consultancy advises NTA to license additional mobile operator
NT posts 31% rise in 2008/09 profits
Nepal govt unveils more telecoms projects to improve access
Spice Nepal swaps Mero Mobile for Ncell
NT to offer post-paid 3G services for the first time
Taskforce advises government to seek strategic partner for NT
NT has ambitious plan to achieve 60% penetration by 2014
Israel taking greater interest in Nepalese telecoms market
Spice Nepal plans to double subscriber base in 2010
ZTE in the frame to supply NT’s NGN, paper says
NT not keen to return 2.4MHz frequency
Nepal Telecom counts cost of illegal VoIP
Nepal Satellite picks eServGlobal platform
Nepal’s Smart Telecom kicks off new service
Spice Nepal to extend service coverage
NT launches Mobile Money with LBL bank
Smart Telecom selects Redknee for converged billing solution
Nepal’s fixed line base reaches 812,615 in August; mobile users top 5.59m
Hello! Is it NST you’re looking for?
NTA says Nepal has 6.3m phones as teledensity hits 22.94%
NT to upgrade to IP CDMA network, paper says
ISP association appeals to regulator over ADSL access
Nepal Satellite Telecom to soft-launch GSM SIM card
NT to invest USD587m on service upgrades, paper says
New MoIC boss hints at licensing third mobile player
Nepal to get new basic telephony operator this year
NT to hold tender for NGN upgrade
ZTE snaps up two UMTS deals in Nepal, Mongolia
NT considering 4G rollout
Spice Nepal to expand coverage nationwide
NT reports strong subscriber growth
NT improves GSM coverage in Ilan and Pashupati Nagar
Nepal: telecoms subscriber base reached 5.5m in March
NT looking to bridge the rural-urban digital divide
NT announces plan for NGN upgrade
NT to unveil new wireless internet service
Spice Nepal to slash mobile tariffs
NTA launches bid to reduce interconnection charges
Spice Nepal stumps up USD2.7m in royalty fees
NT picks Gilat SkyEdge satellite system for mobile backhaul, telephony, and broadband data
Incumbent warns customers to expect service outages
NTA calls for interconnection charge cuts
NTA opens application process for rural telecoms provision
NPA launches consultation on rural telecoms development fund
TeliaSonera to spend USD488m on Spice Nepal, Applifone stakes
NTA to consult on re-farming of cellular spectrum
Nepal Telecom selects Usha’s convergent solution
250,000 on waiting list for a mobile connection
Nepal to license NT, ISPs for ADSL
NT, ZTE select eServGlobal’s ‘Top Up Suite’ solution
UTL rings up losses
Nepal Telecom share sale disappoints
State-owned NT to cut mobile tariffs
Strike hits UTL in Nepal
Nepal opens NT IPO to sell 15m shares
Nepal to launch NT IPO next week
NT to cut fixed, mobile call tariffs
NT's shares to be floated at USD9.22 each
NT to triple BTSs in Kathmandu Valley to alleviate mobile congestion
Government to sell off part of NT next year
China Satcom unit leases satellite channel to NT
NT trims mobile charges
Government to waive NT mobile roaming charges
NTA calls on government to license fifth operator
UTL to offer Nepalese VoIP service
NT unveils ambitious expansion plan
NT unveils major mobile expansion plan
UTL gets green light to launch VoIP
NTA announces plans to allow full mobility
NTA baulks at Nepal Telecom’s ‘illegal’ 3G subscription fee
NT announces 3G launch
Nepal looking to beat teledensity target several years ahead of schedule
NT to roll out 3.5 million mobile lines by 2010
Nepal Telecom announces launch of GPRS, W-CDMA
NT cuts internet tariffs by up to 83%
Nepal home to nearly one million mobile users, papers say
Mobiles now outnumber fixed lines in Nepal
NT to provide high speed data services over fibre-optic network
NT to increase internet bandwidth to 155Mbps
Mero Mobile launches MMS, personalised ring back tones service
NT launches CDMA mobile network
NT to roll out GSM network
Nepal Telecom announces CDMA plans
UTL hit once again by government clampdown
UTL launches limited mobility CDMA service
Nepal Telecom distributes pre-paid cellular lines
Nepal Telecom to improve GSM coverage
NT launches CDMA phone service
It’s service as normal, well not quite
Nepal crackdown hits United Telecom Ltd – again
Nepal Telecom to release new pre-paid mobile lines
Nepal Telecom awards ZTE GSM Contract
Spice Nepal launches ‘Mero Mobile’
Nepal’s pre-paid services back on
Siemens wins Nepalese GSM contract
King lifts ban on Indian joint venture
Nepal Telecom to launch CDMA network
End of 90-day mobile phone shutdown in sight
ZTE to deliver mobile data services to Nepal
Nepal Telecom bombed
Nepalese king bans mobile phones