LTA puts end to controversial ‘three days free calls’ promotions, paper says
Sierra Leone signs free roaming MoU with Guinea, Liberia and Cote d’Ivoire
Lonestar Cell-MTN carries out network upgrade in Monrovia
LTA awards telecoms licence to newcomer JamCell which targets 2021 launch
MTN’s Liberian unit partners LBDI to launch mobile money partnership
MoPT Liberia mulls creation of nationwide network for education and research
MTN Group may offload non-core assets in Liberia, Guinea-Bissau, South Sudan
Orange Liberia extends 4G coverage to Grand Bassa County
Orange Liberia to invest USD15m in 2018
Google to work with Liberian ISPs to improve internet services
Lonestar Cell-MTN builds new towers in Grand Kru County
Orange Liberia extends LTE outside of capital Monrovia, to Kakata
Cellcom brand ditched as Orange relaunches Liberian mobile venture
Liberian start-up K3 Telecom rolls out triple-play offer
Lonestar Cell-MTN successful in USD19m LRA court appeal
Lonestar Cell-MTN marks 15th anniversary; reports more than 1.5m subs
On, off, on again: Novafone sale may go ahead after all
Liberian president nixes LIBTELCO’s Novafone deal
LIBTELCO confirms Novafone acquisition and USD10m asking price
Incumbent LIBTELCO rumoured to have brokered Novafone deal
Cellcom Liberia kicks off '4G+LTE' services in and around capital Monrovia
Orange completes Cellcom Liberia buyout
Game, set and match: LTA gives thumbs up to Orange Group’s Cellcom purchase
African round-up: Tigo Senegal extends 3G+ coverage, Togo now promising 4G auction this year, Sirleaf supports Cellcom Liberia takeover
Orange enters Liberia with 100% buyout of Cellcom
Lonestar Cell-MTN loses tax case and must pay LRA USD19m
Lonestar Cell-MTN under fire for alleged ‘political manipulation’ to control Liberian market
Cataleya selected to support LIBTELCO's network modernisation programme
MTN Group and Liquid Telecom buddy up to extend African footprint
Liberia’s LTA finally switches over to Universal Licence Regime
Cellcom Liberia launches 50% discount campaign
Lonestar Cell dismisses accusation of ‘illegal’ Cote d’Ivoire telecom link
LTA to amend licensing regime to allow new mobile operator?
Cellcom Liberia in SIM registration push
LTA lacks equipment to monitor telecoms networks
Liberian president suspends Libtelco board pending government investigation in procurement violations
Cellcom Liberia extends ‘4G’ network to new cities
Cellcom Liberia erects remote tower in Konobo District
Novafone announces full relaunch; unveils 42Mbps DC-HSPA+ connectivity
Lonestar extends coverage to unserved Butaw District
Lonestar Cell launches Mobile Money service in Liberia
Lonestar Cell inks USD25m syndicated loan to support network rollout/upgrade
Libercell ignores court order over taxes bill, paper says
LTA heads up parliamentary committee to improve telecoms sector in Liberia
LTA launches international gateway monitoring scheme
Lonestar Cell launches service on borrowed time
Cellcom expands service availability through partnership with Total
MTN Liberia launches new services
Order to sell Libercell confirmed by court
Libtelco launches new fibre-optic cable, paper says
Cellcom connects HSPA+ network to ACE cable
Atlantic Wireless (Liberia) may be sold, paper says
Cellcom Liberia deploys fibre-optic network
MTN Liberia expands mobile coverage
Liberian court gives Libercell 15 days to settle unpaid fees
MTN Liberia reprieved as Liberia court issues ‘Stay Order’ on LTA
Cellcom Liberia launches low-cost internet tariff
MTN Liberia threatens legal action over GSM licence suspension
MTN Liberia launches BlackBerry despite licence issues
LTA says MTN Liberia’s latest licence suspension is ‘irreversible’
Liberia’s regulator to launch probes into MTN Liberia and Cellcom
Liberian regulator to work on new universal access plan
MTN Liberia ordered to dismantle transmission links with Cote d'Ivoire
Cellcom in the watchdog’s spotlight over ‘4G’ network claim
MTN’s Liberian unit caught up in Charles Taylor link claim
Court closes door on Libercell for failure to stump up licence fees
Comium Liberia sold for USD18m, paper says
Cellcom Liberia launches ‘4G’ network
Legislators back LTA in MTN Liberia licence suspension row
MTN Liberia dodges bullet over licence suspension, paper says
LTA suspends MTN Liberia’s licence, reports says
Cellcom unveils USD60m CAPEX plan
LTA orders MTN Liberia to reconnect Comium
Liberia’s ACE link operational in October
Cellcom to deploy HSPA+ network in Liberia
MTN Liberia reveals USD30m CAPEX for ongoing expansion
MTN Liberia breaks one million subscriber barrier
MTN Liberia launches mobile internet drive
Kuwait’s HiTS Telecom targets Tanzania/Liberia expansion
MTN Liberia fined USD500,00 for network outage
HiTS Telecom inks USD43m loan with Global Emerging Markets
State launches WARCIP telecoms system
MTN Liberia partners Ecobank to launch ‘Mobile Money’
MTN and Cellcom fight leaving users as losers
Comium launches new discount promotion to lure users
LTA inks high speed internet connectivity agreement
Libercell receives major investor boost
We're the 2nd WiMAX player in Liberia, say WAT (I said we're the...oh never mind)
Hits Telecom seeks majority stake in Libercell
Cellcom offers shares to the general public
Comium Liberia launches E-Voucher scheme
Supreme Court backs WAT in dispute with LTA
Regulator concludes GSM licence standardisation with LoneStar
Comium to offer ‘voice via SMS’ service
LTA to equalise GSM frequency allocations in bid to level playing field
Comium to renegotiate deal with government
Liberia: telecoms reform in full swing
Private equity firm invests USD20m in Cellcom
LTC inks MoUs with international companies
LTA has ‘no plan’ to shut down Comium
LTA asks Comium to submit documentation on its ‘legal existence’
Comium launches mobile internet in Buchanan
University of Liberia receives USD2.5m for ICT centre; Cisco promises to install new national network for the LTC
Liberian GSM operators sign new 18-year licences with the LTA
Libercell launches GPRS/EDGE network
Government mishandling could force closure of LTC
ZTE reported to be working with LTC in breach of court order
Leadcom lands contracts worth USD13 million in Africa
Motorola to launch Wi-Bro in Liberia?
Libercel expands to Maryland
UTE threatens NTGL with legal action
Cellcom brings competition to Liberian wireless market
Telecoms regulatory agreement mired in controversy
Government delays cause protests
Doubt emerges over UTE’s plans for LTC
LTC to receive USD170 million
New cellco knuckles down to business
Government selects four GSM operators
Nextel spectrum swap - update
Ministry to investigate monopoly