Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Nuuk TV launches broadband service in partnership with Net 1
TELE Greenland to offer wholesale data services from 1 August
TELE Greenland asks for rescheduling of liberalisation process
TELE Greenland opens 4G network to smartphone users
TELE Greenland selects Comverse’s mVAS platform
TELE Greenland launches 4G in Qaqortoq
TELE Greenland’s DYE 1 radio link station back in operation
TELE to reduce broadband tariffs from 1 June
TELE Greenland revenue declines to DKK203.5m in 1Q14
TELE Greenland slashes mobile tariffs by 50%
TELE Greenland to launch LTE in Sisimiut
TELE Greenland to cut prices and increase transmission speeds
TELE Greenland selects NSN to deploy commercial 4G network
TELE Greenland lowers roaming charges by up to 90%
Tele Greenland to roll out 4G LTE on 1 December
TELE Greenland launches 3G in Qaanaaq and Ittoqqortoormiit
TELE inks agreement with NSN for 4G LTE network in Nuuk by end-2013
Greenland’s TELE extends 3G to Qeqertarssuaq and Kangaatsiaq
High speed Santa…coming after Christmas!
Alca-Lu lands Greenland Connect at Nuuk
Tele Greenland selects Cisco for IP upgrade
Tele Greenland orders Ericsson IP system
Tele Greenland selects Alca-Lu to implement ‘Greenland Connect’