NetCologne rolls out 1Gbps speeds in Cologne
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
DT and Ericsson top 100Gbps over microwave link
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
DT posts 8.7% rise in Q1 revenue
QSC completes Plusnet sale
Vodafone signs cable wholesale agreement with Telefonica Deutschland
Vodafone completes gigabit cable rollout in Berlin
Telekom enables 100Mbps broadband for 139,000 more homes
Telekom enables 4G coverage for a further 171,000 customers
Telekom increases 250Mbps broadband coverage to 20m homes
QSC enters final negotiations on sale of Plusnet unit
Vodafone Germany accelerates LTE rollout
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Telefonica Deutschland commences 700MHz LTE deployment, report says
Telefonica Deutschland accelerates LTE expansion
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
German 5G auction to proceed as planned
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Telekom enables 250Mbps speeds for further 2.1m lines
Tele Columbus prepares for 1Gbps rollout in Berlin
Four companies set to bid in German 5G spectrum auction
DT rolls out 150 5G antennas in six European countries
EC alleges Telefonica breached commitments for E-Plus acquisition
DT posts 1% rise in 2018 revenue
Vodafone taps Casa Systems for DOCSIS 3.1 rollout
Telefonica concludes 5G FWA pilot in Hamburg
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Telefonica seeks 5G spectrum auction suspension
Telekom extends 5G field test to Darmstadt
Telekom applies to use 700MHz spectrum for LTE rollout
Telekom lifts LTE coverage to 97.6%; Telefonica commissions 5G radio link
Telefonica deployed 6,700 additional 4G base stations in Germany last year
1&1 Drillisch confirms plans to participate in 5G auction
Telekom outlines 2019 fixed, mobile network upgrade plans
Vodafone unveils beamforming technology in 50 rural areas
Telekom enables 250Mbps speeds for 2m homes
Telekom is latest operator to sue over 5G auction rules
Telekom outlines 2018 network upgrade achievements
Telefonica and Nokia complete ‘Early 5G Innovation Cluster’ in Berlin
Vodafone enables 1Gbps cable speeds for one million Berlin homes
EC opens investigation into Vodafone-Liberty deal
1&1 extends fibre cooperation with NetCologne
Telekom enables 250Mbps fixed broadband for 2.4m more homes
Cologne becomes Unitymedia’s fourth gigabit city
Unitymedia switches on gigabit network in Dusseldorf
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Vodafone unveils gigabit cable connections in Hamburg
Germany opens qualification procedure for 5G spectrum auction
Telefonica in final stages of O2, E-Plus network integration
Germany publishes final 5G auction draft
Telekom 250Mbps fixed broadband reaches 12m homes
German competition body wants to review Vodafone-Unitymedia deal
DT raises FY guidance after strong customer growth in Q3
Vodafone Germany launches ‘first 5G mast’
Unitymedia launches gigabit broadband in Frankfurt
Telefonica installs a further 2,000 LTE base stations across Germany
Vodafone expands gigabit cable network to Saxony
Telefonica Deutschland voices concern on Vodafone-Liberty deal
Telekom commissioned 400 new base stations in Q3
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Telekom 5G to cover 99% of Germans by 2025
Telekom and Telefonica agree fibre backhaul partnership
NetCologne launches 500Mbps broadband speeds
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Vodafone debuts gigabit cable network in Bavaria
QSC completes Plusnet spin-off; explores stake sale
Germany publishes 5G auction draft
Telefonica Deutschland and Samsung test 5G FWA
Telekom lifts LTE coverage to 97.5% of Germans
Telekom rolls out 250Mbps speeds to 2.9m more homes
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
FNA rules out 5G national roaming obligation
O2 implements Enhanced Voice Services on LTE network
Telekom, United Internet consider fibre network cooperation
Telekom enables 100Mbps broadband for 226,400 more homes
Weaker dollar hits DT’s Q2 revenue, EBITDA
Vodafone offers 250Mbps super vectoring speeds; Telekom upgrades speeds for 405,000 homes
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Telekom offers new 250Mbps fixed broadband service to 6m homes
Telefonica drives LTE expansion with 3,000 additional base stations
Mobile operators pledge to lift 4G coverage to 99%
Telekom doubles broadband speeds for 800,000 Bavarian homes
DT unveils EUR1.1bn Stuttgart gigabit network project
M-net deploys fibre-optics to 60,000 Munich homes
Telefonica ramps up integration of O2, E-Plus networks
Vodafone connects 350,000 Germans to rural 4G network
Telekom to increase base station total to 36,000 by 2021
Vodafone kicks off gigabit expansion, increases LTE coverage of transport routes
Frankfurt set for Unitymedia gigabit broadband rollout
Telekom rolls out 100Mbps broadband to 832,000 more homes
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Vodafone activates ‘5G Beam’ technology in Germany
Enlarged Vodafone Germany to deliver 25m Gigabit connections by 2022
FNA expects to delay 5G sale to early 2019
Telekom’s 100Mbps Vectoring upgrade reaches 145 cities
Liberty agrees USD23bn Vodafone deal; hurricane impact continues to drag down LLA top line
DT posts 33% rise in Q1 net profit
Unitymedia launches gigabit speeds in Bochum
DT activates 5G antennas in Berlin
Telekom embarks on third phase of FTTH business park rollout
Unitymedia set for Bochum DOCSIS 3.1 launch next month
Vodafone boosts LTE upload speeds to 100Mbps
Telekom enables 100Mbps broadband for a further 189,000 homes
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Vodafone 500Mbps broadband network reaches over 5m homes
Telekom upgrades broadband speeds for 470,000 more homes
Vodafone rolls out 400Mbps broadband to a further 380,000 homes
Telekom kicks off FTTH project to connect 40,000 homes
Combined 1&1 Drillisch posts 2017 revenue of EUR2.8bn
Vodafone aiming for near-nationwide 4G coverage by end-2019
Telekom extends 100Mbps footprint to 200,000 additional homes
Telekom enables 100Mbps broadband for 750,000 more homes
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
DT posts 2.5% rise in 2017 revenue, forecasts 4% EBITDA growth for 2018
Vodafone, Telefonica cooperate on fibre-optic connections for mobile networks
DT, Intel, Huawei achieve 5G interoperability in operator environment
Vodafone completes first phase of cable upgrade project
Telekom upgrades broadband speeds for a further 200,000 homes
Telefonica Deutschland enables VoLTE, VoWiFi for all customers
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Vodafone confirms talks with Liberty Global
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
FNA publishes draft decision of 5G spectrum auction procedure
Vodafone adds Hanover, Hamburg to 1Gbps mobile data network
DT, Huawei, Intel achieve 5G NR interoperability
Telekom embarks on phase two of FTTH business rollout
Drillisch becomes 1&1 Drillisch following merger
Telekom extends 100Mbps footprint to 358,000 additional homes
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Telekom enables 100Mbps broadband for a million more homes
Telekom reports ‘record year’ for fibre expansion, boosts 4G coverage to 93%
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
M-net reaches 100,000 fibre customer milestone
Telekom selects Ericsson for 5G-ready network
Telekom, EWE confirm FTTH joint venture
Telekom upgrades broadband speeds for 750,000 more homes
77% of German homes can access speeds of 50Mbps
Telekom, EWE plan fibre joint venture?
Telekom deploys 40,000km of fibre this year, 60,000km to follow in 2018
Telekom to deploy 1,000 additional BTS in Bavaria
DT raises FY guidance after ‘strong growth’ in Q3 2017
Telekom boosts broadband speeds for a further 3.5m homes
Tele Columbus acquires Vodafone’s shares in KMS
Versatel 1&1 adds Frankfurt to fibre-optic footprint
Huawei and Telefonica launch 5G-oriented antenna deployment solution
EC asks Germany to lower FTRs charged by smaller operators
Vodafone unveils 1Gbps mobile speeds in main German cities
DT debuts ‘Europe’s first’ 5G antennas in Berlin
NetCologne unveils EUR100m DigitalNetCologne initiative
Telekom begins fibre-optic rollout in commercial areas
M-net launches 1Gbps FTTH service
Tele Columbus Group begins PYUR rebranding
DT, Huawei launch 3.5GHz Massive MIMO trial
Vodafone Germany unveils ‘Gigabit Offensive’ investment programme
Drillisch completes acquisition of 1&1
DT, Huawei pre-standard 5G connection goes live in Berlin
Telekom launches Gigabit speeds over FTTH network
Tele Columbus rebrands as PYUR
QSC to create separate subsidiary for telecoms business
Glasfaser lines up Gigabit rollout; DT defends broadband rollout strategy
1&1 signs deal to use NetCologne’s fibre-optic access network
DT posts 6% rise in Q2 revenue driven by ‘booming US business’
Drillisch shareholders approve United Internet deal
Vodafone offers 500Mbps cable speeds in 100 German cities
ADTRAN and DT test new standards
Vodafone, Deutsche Glasfaser team up for fibre rollout in Dusseldorf
TD and EWE agree to share networks in northwest Germany
Vodafone matches mobile speeds with 500Mbps cable broadband launch
FNA investigates requirements for potential 5G frequencies
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
1&1 seals deal to use M-net’s fibre-optic access network
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Tower Talk: a guide to the latest major cell site developments
Drillisch-1&1 merger gets comptroller approval
Vodafone Germany’s 500Mbps LTE-A service now available in ten cities
EWE offers Gigabit broadband in 100 cities
NetCologne, ZTE demo download speeds of 1.6Gbps
Telekom Deutschland rolls out HD Voice Plus
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
1&1 and Drillisch to merge under United Internet umbrella
Vodafone Germany launches 500Mbps LTE-A in Dusseldorf
DT books 5.8% rise in Q1 revenue as US investment ‘pays off’
M-net rolls out in Munich
Vodafone 400Mbps cable network reaches 7m German homes
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Vodafone set to roll out 500Mbps speeds across fixed, mobile networks
NetCologne and ZTE launch pilot
Telekom Deutschland embarks on LTE-900 rollout
Midweek M2M: IoT and machine-to-machine developments
Unitymedia teams up with Bochum for city-wide Gigabit rollout
Vodafone Group and Liberty Global back at negotiating table over possible tie-up options?
KPN exchanges portion of Telefonica Deutschland holding for Telefonica shares
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Germany to deploy EUR100bn national Gigabit network
Telefonica completes migration of O2, E-Plus customers to a common platform
DT writes down BT stake by EUR2.2bn; FY16 revenue up 5.6%
Midweek M2M: IoT and machine-to-machine developments
Telefonica Germany launches 3.5GHz Massive MIMO field trial
German govt considering DT stake sale?
NetCologne, ZTE sign strategic partnership for GPON and
DT, Ericsson and SK Telecom demo intercontinental 5G trial network
Tele Columbus unveils 1Gbps speeds through KMS unit
EWE in talks with Telekom over rural broadband expansion plans
Vodafone secures retrial in dispute over Telekom duct charges
Telekom, innogy team up for rural broadband expansion
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
NetCologne rolls out 400Mbps VDSL Vectoring line bonding for business customers
Telekom Deutschland enables VDSL for over one million homes
EC approves Germany’s layer 2 bitstream access charges
Vodafone 400Mbps cable network reaches 6m homes; LTE voice quality enhanced
EWE unveils EUR1bn investment plan for fibre expansion
Germany approves broadband transparency rules
DT, Huawei demo 5G E2E autonomous network slicing
Germany seeks EC approval for layer 2 bitstream access charges
M2M Monthly: a guide to recent machine-to-machine and IoT developments
DT revenues grow 5.9% as T-Mobile US remains ‘star performer’
Germany unveils plans for ‘Gigabit Society’
Vodafone unveils 500Mbps 3C LTE-A speeds
Tower Talk: a guide to the latest major cell site developments
Unitymedia 400Mbps broadband reaches 10m homes
M2M Monthly: a guide to recent machine-to-machine and IoT developments
Vodafone Germany upgrades 2,600 BTS along ICE rail network with LTE
Vodafone Germany announces 5m cable homes with 400Mbps speed
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
DT to merge service areas of domestic unit
Vodafone rolls out 375Mbps mobile data speeds in 22 German cities
DT, Huawei achieve LTE speeds of 1.2Gbps in Berlin
FNA publishes final Vectoring decision; DT pledges EUR1bn investment
Vodafone Germany enhances voice quality on LTE network
Germany grants EUR457m for high speed broadband expansion
US customer growth drives 2.2% rise in DT revenue
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Telefonica Germany selects Nokia to transform fixed, mobile network ops
Vodafone Germany speeds ahead with 375Mbps mobile data rates
EC approves Germany's revised Vectoring plan with conditions
DT developing Berlin 5G test bed
ecotel, Unitymedia agree fibre-optic network partnership
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
QSC extends core backbone to 100Gbps
Tower Talk: a guide to the week’s major cell site developments
Germany boosts broadband expansion funding to EUR4bn
Versatel adopts 1&1 moniker
Tele Columbus widens 400Mbps coverage to 840,000 homes
Tele Columbus rolls out Gigabit fibre network
Germany revises Vectoring plan to address EC concerns
M-net selects Huawei to deploy access network
Vodafone set to launch 400Mbps cable speeds for 4m homes
Vodafone to offer 375Mbps LTE speeds by year-end
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
EC opens investigation into German vectoring plans
DT Q1 results boosted by customer gains in US, Germany
Tower Talk: a guide to the week’s major cell site developments
Telekom to roll out 100Mbps/40Mbps speeds to Hamburg in 2H16
EC asks Germany to amend FTR proposal
Vodafone’s 200Mbps service reaches 12m homes; 400Mbps rollout set to begin
NetCologne doubles cable broadband speeds to 400Mbps
Tower Talk: a guide to the week’s major cell site developments
Vodafone Germany’s 200Mbps cable footprint reaches 10m homes
Telefonica offers on-net rates across O2, E-Plus networks
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
DT records double-digit revenue growth for 2015
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
United Internet to become largest shareholder of Tele Columbus
Drop the BASE: Telefonica unifies E-Plus premium brands under O2 name
Unitymedia to launch 400Mbps internet service next month
Telekom Vectoring reached 4.6m homes in 2015
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Telekom launches VoLTE
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Vodafone’s 200Mbps cable service reaches 8m homes
Cogent sues DT for allegedly ‘congesting internet connections’
Tele Columbus completes pepcom purchase
Telefonica to start O2, E-Plus network integration next month
Telekom’s Vectoring plan approved by FNA
Telekom vectoring reaches a further 600,000 homes
KPN sells 5% Telefonica Deutschland stake for EUR805m
Deutsche Telekom plans to connect 2.4m homes to fibre in 4Q15
DT posts 9.3% rise in Q3 revenue
Vodafone Germany's 200Mbps cable network reaches 6m homes
Deutsche Telekom trials 3C LTE-A in Berlin
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Vodafone 200Mbps cable footprint covers over 5m homes
DT partners with Inmarsat to offer in-flight LTE in Europe
Tele Columbus acquires pepcom for EUR603m
EC approves joint control of Deutsche Glasfaser by KKR and Reggeborgh
Tele Columbus widens 400Mbps coverage
Kabel Deutschland 200Mbps service reaches 4.5m homes
Tele Columbus plans capital increase to fund further acquisitions
DT ‘heading in right direction’ as Q2 revenue jumps 15%
Tele Columbus finalises PrimaCom acquisition
NetCologne goes live with vectoring technology
Germany asked to amend FTRs in line with EU rules
KKR acquires majority stake in Deutsche Glasfaser
Telefonica Deutschland to transfer redundant mobile sites to DT
Cable consolidation continues as Tele Columbus acquires PrimaCom
Vodafone to boost LTE coverage to 90% by next summer
Unitymedia launches 200Mbps/250Mbps internet for businesses
EWE TEL unveils vectoring rollout plans
German spectrum auction raises EUR5.08bn
EC approves EUR3bn German broadband scheme
Kabel Deutschland 200Mbps service reaches 3m homes
Airdata challenges Telefonica Deutschland deal
Tele Columbus expands cable footprint by over 30,000 households
Germany kicks off Europe’s first 700MHz auction
Vodafone modernises over 70% of network
United Internet gets green light for purchase of Drillisch stake
Telefonica sells shops to Drillisch to reduce overlap following E-Plus deal
M-net fibre subscribers reach 100,000
Telefonica completes integration of O2, E-Plus UMTS networks
Tele Columbus to add mobile voice, data to cable packages
United Internet Q1 sales reach ‘new record’ of EUR905m
DT Q1 revenue buoyed by US business, weak euro
Tele Columbus grows broadband base to 208,000 in Q1
Kabel Deutschland 200Mbps footprint reaches 2.5m homes
TD plans to follow rivals with VoLTE launch later this year
freenet post-paid customers grow 3.8% to 6.1m
Telefonica Deutschland LTE subs grow to 5.1m
NetCologne fibre subs reach 164,000
United Internet to raise Drillisch stake
Vodafone launches 225Mbps data rates in five cities
Tele Columbus launches 400Mbps broadband in Potsdam
Telefonica, TD, Vodafone cleared to bid in May spectrum auction
PrimaCom agrees new financing arrangements
Elliott requests special auditors for review of Kabel Deutschland takeover
Coriant solution selected by Telefonica for mobile backhaul network
Telefonica set to activate VoLTE within O2 network
Vodafone adopts Mavenir solution for VoLTE rollout
Drillisch absorbs eteleon, MS Mobile Services
QSC decides against sale of DSL network
United Internet could purchase more fibre-optic assets
United Internet results boosted by Versatel acquisition
PrimaCom posts 37% rise in 2014 revenue
EC calls on Germany to amend MTR proposal
EC opens another investigation into German FTRs
NetCologne expands fibre-optic network in Huerth
Vodafone Germany announces VoLTE rollout
Kabel Deutschland’s VoD footprint reaches 5.5m homes
Unitymedia to drop KabelBW brand next month
Telefonica to review German brand portfolio?
Telefonica, Liquid object to spectrum auction rules
Telefonica to integrate O2, E-Plus UMTS networks by mid-April
Tele Columbus FY revenue up 3.3%, internet RGUs reach 202,000
DT investing EUR6bn in migration to all-IP in Europe
Drillisch MVNO customer base grows 13% to 1.93m
DT revenue up 4.2% in FY 2014, 8.5% in Q4
freenet FY EBITDA up 2.3%
Telekom expands VDSL vectoring rollout plans
Telekom vectoring reaches 400,000 additional homes
Liberty reaches settlement over Unitymedia KabelBW antitrust case
Government clears way for Q2 spectrum auction
Tele Columbus IPO achieves total proceeds of EUR367m
Germany invites applications for May/June spectrum auction
Unitymedia to serve 60,000 homes of Hesse housing group
FNA advisory council approves upcoming spectrum auction
Telefonica unlocks 4G for all contract customers
Tele Columbus offer price set at EUR10 per share
M-net rolling out FTTH in Wuerzburg
DT plans five-year spend of EUR23.5bn for German ops
Kabel Deutschland introduces 200Mbps connections in Munich
O2, E-Plus unveil three-month roaming trial
700MHz ‘second digital dividend’ auction to take place in 2Q15; complaints arise over government’s ‘financial gain’
Tele Columbus entering mobile market this year; not planning sale of company alongside IPO
Tele Columbus kicks off IPO as it outlines plans to introduce 400Mbps downlink rates
Hedge fund Elliot demands new Kabel Deutschland audit
Telekom offers HD Voice on 2G alongside 3G, IP networks
Tele Columbus revives IPO plans
Telefonica and Drillisch close yourfone deal
DT mulls sale of T-Online to Axel Springer?
QSC considers sale of DSL network
EC urges Germany to withdraw or amend FTR proposal
DT misinformed investors in 2000 IPO, court rules
PrimaCom selects Conax revenue security
Telekom cleared of overcharging Kabel Deutschland
Auditor’s report finds discrepancy in Kabel Deutschland takeover price?
Liberty could exit Germany if antitrust pressure heats up
Liberty unifies German cable business under Unitymedia brand
Vodafone, Kabel Deutschland combine products for ‘All-in-One’ package
KPN could sell Telefonica Deutschland stake, CEO says
United Internet reports record sales
Tele Columbus Q3 broadband subs total 197,000
TD boosts LTE speeds to 300Mbps in select areas
Drillisch reports 24% rise in Q3 EBITDA
PrimaCom 1H14 revenues up 40%
Telefonica and Drillisch sign deal for the sale of yourfone
FNA opens consultation on draft bitstream access market analysis
BSkyB rebrands as Sky after completing European deal
‘No concrete plans’ for DT stake sale, government says
Vodafone adds Netflix to Red tariff range
Germany still mulling sale of DT shares
No antitrust objections to TD, Telefonica cooperation deal
Kabel Deutschland posts 6% rise in revenue
EC opens investigation into German FTRs
TUI to launch MVNO for travellers
freenet Q3 EBITDA up 4%
DT net profit falls on higher investment in Germany, US
M-net boosts FTTH speeds to 300Mbps
BREKO to test; Liquid Broadband plans new wireless network
Sky Deutschland beefs up OTT offering
Hedge fund sues Kabel Deutschland over Vodafone takeover price
Tele Columbus cancels refinancing talks?
Unitymedia KabelBW set to boost broadband speed to 200Mbps
Vodafone Germany selects NewNet’s IP Short Message Gateway
Spectrum auction slated for Q2 2015
EC directs German telecoms regulator to alter MTR proposal
Ericsson deploys Telefonica Germany’s VoLTE solution
Telefonica Deutschland seeks EUR5bn in synergies from E-Plus merger, plans to shed 18% of workforce by 2018
BSkyB gets German clearance for Sky Deutschland deal
MobiTV powers cloud DVR for DT’s Entertain
Tele Columbus may delay IPO?
Vodafone Red tariffs now offer 100Mbps LTE speeds
Telefonica Deutschland closes E-Plus acquisition
NetAachen rolls out 50Mbps to Brand
Tele Columbus set for IPO by year-end
United Internet’s takeover of Versatel given the green light
Telefonica Deutschland completes cash capital increase
Tele Columbus expands presence in core region through BMB acquisition
Unitymedia upgrades Lengerich cable network
Netflix launches German service through DT tie-up; Vodafone to collaborate too
Tele Columbus purchases network operator Big Medienversorgung
Tele Columbus becomes stock corporation; United raises share capital
ZTE working with E-Plus to enable VoLTE
Telefonica Deutschland in capital increase to fund E-Plus deal
Kabel Deutschland to offer 200Mbps broadband from November
FNA proposes further mobile termination rate cuts
United Internet increases Versatel stake to 100%
Turkcell Europe to transfer German subs to DT
Tele Columbus upgrades cable broadband speeds
EC gives Telefonica/E-Plus deal final approval
Vectoring goes live in 20 Telekom exchanges
EC verifying Telefonica Germany/Drillisch deal
Nationwide DSL expansion could cost EUR25bn, DT says
United Internet buys stake in Rocket Internet
United Internet mulls Versatel takeover
United Internet EBIT soars 49.5% as customers rise
Drillisch MVNO customers exceed 1.8m
DT reports stable Q2 revenue
freenet contract customers rise 1.5% to 5.9m
Vodafone launches VDSL vectoring offer
KKR seeking up to EUR1bn for Versatel?
BSkyB to acquire Sky Italia, Sky Deutschland in GBP4.9bn deal
KKR mulls sale of Versatel?
FNA proposes new fixed line interconnection rates
TD must still allow call-by-call, pre-selection on its network
No decision yet on IPO, Tele Columbus says
EC clears Telefonica’s acquisition of E-Plus
Tele Columbus selects banks for IPO?
Vodafone offers LTE to pre-paid customers
NetCologne pre-tax profit up 9% in 2013
Telefonica agrees network access deal with Drillisch
EC gives Germany three months to amend MTRs
Deutsche Glasfaser FTTH homes reach 50,000
DT to cut costs by USD4bn in four years
Telekom offers European LTE roaming
FCO warns that Telefonica/E-Plus deal could harm consumers
Vodafone completes Berlin network upgrade
Telefonica, 1&1 end talks on concessions for E-Plus deal?
Telefonica negotiating with MVNOs over E-Plus deal?
DT completes acquisition of GTS Central Europe
Telefonica/E-Plus decision deadline extended again
Tele Columbus acquires cable network in North Rhine-Westphalia
EC decision on Telefonica, E-Plus deal extended to 3 July
Telekom signs 5,000th cooperation deal with rural municipality
EC decision on Telefonica, E-Plus deal now due by 26 June
No plans to reduce DT stake, government says
Germany should sell DT stake, audit office suggests
Tele Columbus seeks banks for IPO?
US business drives 8% rise in DT revenue
DT unveils mobile payment service MyWallet
Telefonica modifies concessions for E-Plus deal
Unitymedia KabelBW upgrades backbone network with Ciena
Vodafone set to begin marketing of cable services
EC rubber stamps DT’s acquisition of GTS Central Europe
Spectrum concessions offered by Telefonica for E-Plus deal, report says
Telefonica offers remedies for E-Plus deal
Orbitcom partners SES to offer Astra Connect broadband service
M-net ends 2013 with over 50,000 fibre connections
Vodafone, Kabel Deutschland integration begins
O2/E-Plus investigation extended to 28 May
Combined O2/E-Plus must give up spectrum, FNA says
Kabel Deutschland expands VoD coverage to 570,000 homes
United Internet posts 10% rise in FY sales
FNA opens consultation on call-by-call, pre-selection regulation
PrimaCom snaps up DTK Deutsche Telekabel
Vodafone, Kabel Deutschland integration to begin on 1 April
ZTE, netmedia upgrade PrimaCom network
Vodafone gives Berlin network a boost
Vodafone embarks on Hamburg network upgrade
DT posts 3.4% rise in FY revenue
freenet EBITDA exceeds FY guidance
ZTE takes over E-Plus network operations
Vodafone conducts live trial of LTE Broadcast in German stadium
FNA calls for providers to inform customers of actual data speeds
Telefonica (O2) revenue down 5.7% in 2013
DT targets 8m IP-based lines in Europe by year-end
E-Plus LTE launch set for next month
Telefonica shareholders approve capital measures for E-Plus deal
Tele Columbus completes refinancing
Drillisch posts 14.4% rise in EBITDA
No intention to buy out more minority shareholders, DT says
Kabel Deutschland widens VoD footprint
Germany mulls DT share sale
Kabel Deutschland revenues grow 3.7%
EC rebuffs German request to review O2, E-Plus merger
NetCologne, RWE complete fibre rollout in Berzdorf
M-Net selects Huawei as preferred vendor for upgrades
PrimaCom expands footprint through cableco acquisition
klarmobil subs reach three million
KDG to expand VoD footprint
German regulator still seeking right to review O2, E-Plus merger
O2 trials VoLTE handover on live network
Ericsson to accelerate mobile backhaul transformation for E-Plus
Vodafone makes offer for outstanding Kabel Deutschland shares
Spectrum concerns prompt review of O2-E-Plus deal, report says
Vodafone launches business WiLL service
freenet snaps up Jesta Digital Group
Govt should sell DT shares, advisory body says
Fixed broadband subs reach 28.4m at mid-2013
EC set to open in-depth review of O2, E-Plus deal
NetCologne, RWE partner for high speed network in Elsdorf
freenet signs EUR300m loan agreement
Kabel Deutschland launches 200Mbps service in Mainz
E-Plus offers max 3.5G speeds to all subs
QSC, M-Net forge open access platform deal
Unitymedia, PrimaCom cooperate for network upgrade
Buglas members to serve 1.2 million households with FTTB/FTTH
DT gets USD2bn for Scout24
PrimaCom rejects Tele Columbus bid
German regulator seeks right to probe O2, E-Plus merger
TD deploys new VDSL connections ahead of vectoring rollout
DT expands roaming capability with LTE Diameter Signaling service
Unitymedia upgrades cable network in Homberg
Telefonica activates VoLTE, fastest LTE radio cell
Versatel, Telefonica fibre network deal wins approval
QSC posts 5.5% decline in Q3 revenues
DT agrees deal to buy GTS Central Europe for USD730m
Kabel Deutschland posts net loss on Vodafone takeover
DT posts 6% rise in Q3 revenue
freenet group revenue up 4% in Q3
E-Plus selects NSN for LTE network security contract
Telefonica seeks EC approval for E-Plus deal
DT may not impose speed caps, court rules
PrimaCom eyes Tele Columbus, Deutsche Telekabel
Telefonica sells Hamburg fibre network to Versatel
Telefonica, E-Plus to submit antitrust proposal next month, report says
DREAM come true, as MegaFon launches Europe-Asia transmission route
Investors in talks to buy Tele Columbus
Vodafone concludes Kabel Deutschland offer
Kabel Deutschland cuts FY revenue, net profit guidance
Unitymedia continues 150Mbps cable network upgrade
KPN shareholders approve E-Plus sale
NetCologne expands fibre network to Eitorf
NetCologne fibre network goes live in Windeck
Kabel Deutschland gives up on Tele Columbus
Kabel BW boosts speeds for multi-play packages
Vodafone’s Kabel Deutschland deal receives EC approval
Vodafone secures shareholder approval for KDG bid
Orange CEO speaks of EU competition shake-up
Deadline looms for Vodafone’s Kabel bid
Telefonica deploys Alca-Lu femtocells to boost 3G coverage
Unitymedia, PrimaCom cooperate for network rollout
Vodafone-KDG tenders could fall short of threshold
TD boosts LTE speed to 150Mbps; Congstar subs reach three million
KDG to widen VoD footprint
DT outlines fixed, mobile network investment plans
Telefonica to roll out DC-HSPA+
FNA sticks to original FTR decision despite EC warning
FNA publishes final vectoring decision following EC clearance
Kabel Deutschland loses DT overcharging case
Telefonica increases E-Plus bid; KPN and AM support offer
KPN shareholders to vote on E-Plus sale on 2 October
E-Plus activates DC-HSPA+, targets 75% coverage by year-end
Clearance of Liberty’s Kabel BW deal overturned
KDG internet and phone sales up 16.5%, TV slips 1.4%
Second warning for FNA over FTR proposal
htp brings VDSL connectivity to Aligse
Drillisch H1 revenues fall 12%
DT Q2 sales climb 5.4%, US spending boosted
freenet mobile revenues up 8.3% in Q2
Combined O2, E-Plus may have to surrender spectrum
Vodafone boosts LTE speeds to 150Mbps
Kabel Deutschland board recommends Vodafone offer
DT’s Congstar to offer 100Mbps in partnership with NetCologne
Vodafone officially launches Kabel takeover; financial watchdog clears deal
NetCologne expands fibre-optic network to Frechen
‘Laptops and Lederhose’: KDG extends hotspot service to Bavaria
Telefonica’s E-Plus takeover to be examined by regulators
KPN to sell E-Plus to Telefonica Deutschland
FNA sticks with original MTR decision
Liberty concedes defeat to Vodafone in KDG battle
TD launches ‘Entertain to go’ TV service
Vodafone aims to wrap up KDG transaction in autumn
O2 to demo VoLTE from Q1 2014
TD to step up VDSL expansion
EC raids telecoms operators over antitrust concerns
FNA seeks EC approval for vectoring plans
KDG teams up with local utilities for Tegernsee network rollout
E-Plus, ZTE ink managed services deal
Tele2 launches mobile voice plans on E-Plus network
Liberty unlikely to raise KDG offer
Germany ordered to amend or scrap MTR hike
Liberty-Kabel deal would face antitrust complications, FCO says
FNA begins consultation on 900MHz, 1800MHz auction
EC suspends FTR plans for alternative operators
Regulator sets new rates for distribution frames
E-Plus to launch DC-HSPA+
Vodafone ups offer for Kabel Deutschland?
Vodafone faces competition for Kabel Deutschland as Liberty enters race
Vodafone preparing second offer for Kabel Deutschland?
Consumer feedback prompts TD to adjust new data throttling plans
Vodafone makes informal bid for Kabel Deutschland, report says
O2 to launch LTE in three more cities next month
80% of Cologne covered by Vodafone LTE
Vodafone rekindles interest in Kabel Deutschland
Teleste provides network services to Kabel Deutschland
O2 unveils ‘Signal Box’ femtocell for business clients
DT mulls eastern Europe acquisitions
Vodafone launches EUR7.7bn KDG offer
Vodafone inks VDSL network deal with DT
Telekom selects NetCracker billing solution
Drillisch post-paid base up 7.4%
NetCologne expands 50Mbps broadband to Pulheim districts
DT Q1 net profit up 3.5%; branded customers rise in US
freenet posts 3.4% rise in Q1 mobile revenues
Telefonica Germany wireless service revenues down 3.3% in Q1
Telekom, Telefonica intensify fixed network cooperation
NetCologne posts pre-tax profit of EUR15.8m
Telefonica mulls sale of fixed line business?
O2 poised for Dusseldorf LTE launch
Telefonica executive scotches rumours of E-Plus network sharing
DT introduces data limits for new fixed broadband subs
Versatel expands fibre footprint to 52,000km
Netadmin system implemented in open access fibre pilot
LGI mulls Kabel Deutschland bid
DT unveils new multi-platform performance optimisation solution
EC blocks FNA's proposal for higher fixed termination rates
Telefonica and KPN to re-examine options for German collaboration
FNA gives conditional green light to DT's VDSL2 upgrades
Vodafone's LTE coverage passes 60% of population
Telefonica set for bond issue
KDG appeals prohibition of Tele Columbus acquisition
United Internet FY sales up 14%
Drillisch halves freenet shareholding
Telefonica investigates bond issue
Kabel Deutschland launches 100Mbps broadband in new areas
EC abandons mobile networks standards collusion probe
DT teams up with Fon for blanket Wi-Fi network, updates brand identity
QSC sales rise 1% in 2012
freenet exceeds full year guidance
FNA’s mobile termination rate proposal blocked
Drillisch posts 20% rise in FY EBITDA
DT posts flat revenues, EUR5.3bn loss on US writedown
O2 LTE launching in Berlin, Munich on 31 March; post-paid mobile subs top 10m
E-Plus selects NSN for LTE rollout
Germany blocks KDG’s acquisition of Tele Columbus
E-Plus signs deal with ZTE for LTE upgrade
Kabel Deutschland accelerates investment after failed Tele Columbus deal
Kabel Deutschland’s Tele Columbus remedy package deemed ‘insufficient’
Vodafone may approach Kabel Deutschland this week, report says
Comarch provides OSS solutions to Kabel Deutschland
Vodafone mulls bid for Kabel Deutschland
Telefonica claims ‘landmark’ VoLTE to 3G call tests
DT extends interoperability test solutions partnership with Anite
QSC founders raise shareholdings
Vodafone’s LTE network covers 90% of Munich homes
DT interested in Fon stake, report says
Kabel Deutschland offers remedies for Tele Columbus deal
DT seeks increase in ULL fee
Telefonica to offer mobile money solutions
E-Plus upgrades 97% of 3G network to HSPA+
Vodafone aims to cover 50m people with LTE by end-March
100Mbps for 100 cities: TD meets LTE goal
DT submits application for vectoring to regulator
O2 says goodbye to Alice
DT inks VDSL cooperation deals with NetCologne, Telefonica
Antitrust watchdog concerned about Kabel Deutschland-Tele Columbus deal
DT steps up investment in high speed networks, cuts dividend
Cellcos fulfill 800MHz coverage obligations nationwide
DT eyes vectoring to boost broadband speeds
United Internet 9M sales up 15%
Bavarian NGA broadband scheme receives EC approval
FNA announces cut in mobile termination rates
Kabel Deutschland revenues up 8.3%
KPN sells portion of German mobile phone towers for EUR393m
Blackstone cuts stake in DT
DT posts Q3 loss on T-Mobile USA writedown
freenet lifts full year guidance
Telefonica boosts broadband speeds to 50Mbps
Telefonica’s German revenues up 4% on rising data sales
KPN nearing deal for E-Plus towers?
Telefonica places 258.7m shares in German unit at EUR5.60 each
NetCologne to expand services to Windeck
Telefonica eyes German network sharing deal
Kabel Deutschland unveils Berlin Wi-Fi project
Telefonica will not place more shares in ‘jewel in the crown’ O2 Germany
Telefonica to list up to 23.17% of German unit
Telefonica receives dividend from German unit ahead of IPO
800MHz coverage obligations met in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
First-round bids received for E-Plus towers, report says
Telefonica confirms 4Q12 for IPO of German unit
Telefonica set to kick off German IPO, report says
Comarch supports Turkcell Europe’s German MVNO ops
Telefonica eyes end-October for IPO of German unit?
PrimaCom terminates sale discussions
Telefonica adds banks for German IPO
DE-CIX, XConnect unveil next gen communications exchange
TD boosts LTE speed to 100Mbps for smartphone users
DT inks cooperation agreement with cable operator
United Internet posts 15.3% rise in H1 2012 sales
Kabel Deutschland revenue up 7.7% on rising internet, telephony sales
freenet reports rise in H1 EBITDA
DT reports stable revenue as pay-TV and mobile data offset decline in voice
PrimaCom sale ‘delayed for two months’
Unitymedia KabelBW eyes PrimaCom
LGI’s merged German unit posts 11% rise in Q2 sales
Drillisch Q2 EBITDA climbs 39.6%
E-Plus tests 1800MHz LTE network
Telefonica to float German unit in Q4
Telefonica deploys Acme Packet signaling core solutions
E-Plus towers attract interest, report says
Telefonica selects banks for German IPO, report says
TD completes FTTH rollout in Stade
FNA lifts prohibition on TD’s VDSL bitstream model
LGI combines Unitymedia, Kabel BW to form… Unitymedia KabelBW
Telefonica launches LTE in Nuremberg, Dresden
Coverage of TD’s urban LTE network reaches 50 cities
E-Plus can use 1800MHz for mobile broadband
Trio meet 800MHz coverage requirement in two more states
Telefonica set to launch urban LTE on 3 July
KPN’s bid to finder buyer for E-Plus fails
Kabel Deutschland posts 6.3% rise in FY 2011/12 revenue
China Telecom to build European MVNO base
AM increases KPN stake; Dutch firm considers divestments to fend off hostile bid
Telefonica may sell 20% stake in German unit, report says
EC freezes FNA leased line regulation
KPN announces strategic review of German business E-Plus
Kabel Deutschland achieves 4.7Gbps download speed
Telefonica eyes IPO of German unit, exploring Latam listings
TD expands 4G network to Koblenz
R-KOM is latest QSC open access partner
PrimaCom’s owners step up sale plans
Drillisch lifts FY 2012 EBITDA guidance
QSC, NetCologne to cooperate on Open Access platform
Kabel Deutschland snaps up Tele Columbus
NetCologne to bring services to Burscheid
Kabel Deutschland set to acquire Tele Columbus?
800MHz coverage obligation met in nine states
freenet reports 8.5% rise in Q1 EBITDA
Drillisch posts 4.8% rise in Q1 sales
DT confirms outlook on ‘satisfying’ Q1 results
E-Plus mulls sale of mobile towers?
Vodafone to bring LTE to Dresden
TD steps up urban LTE rollout
PrimaCom up for sale?
Criminal proceedings against Drillisch dropped
DT mulls bid for Tele Columbus
Unitymedia expands reach of VoD service
Cisco boosts Kabel Deutschland’s network
Kabel Deutschland sues DT over cable duct fees
LTE coverage growing rapidly according to survey
DT and NetCologne forced to scrap cooperation plans
Telekom starts Deutsche Annington fibre rollout project
Huawei, DT conduct LTE 4x4 MIMO field trials
Kabel Deutschland interested in Tele Columbus?
Versatel revenue down 13% on lower wholesale, mass market sales
Drillisch, Deutsche Telekom end legal dispute
DT teams up with Airbus, Alca-Lu to test LTE-based in-flight services
ancotel chosen by CWW as EPEG terrestrial landing station
Telefonica to halt marketing of Alice TV
DT partners with energy provider for fibre network in Chemnitz
United Internet FY11 revenue up 9.8%
DT achieves 512Gbps over fibre-optic network
Telia, Vodafone follow Tele2’s LTE handset launch
freenet post-paid subscriber loss less than expected
Telefonica to launch LTE in urban areas on 2 July
DT Q4 net loss weighed down by US, Greek impairments
Unitymedia posts 10% rise in Q4, FY revenue
Kabel Deutschland posts 5.4% rise in Q3 revenue
Mobilcom-debitel partners Unitymedia to deliver cable services
Liberty’s Kabel BW deal challenged by DT, NetCologne
KPN calls on Ericsson for mobile backhaul upgrades in Belgium, Germany
Lycamobile launches pre-paid mobile services in Germany
Vodafone interested in cable network deal
Liberty’s German cablecos to retain individual brands, for now
DT inks fibre-optic network deal with NetCologne
DT, Telefonica Germany ink network cooperation deal
DT develops converged media platform with MobiTV
Cellcos meet 800MHz coverage obligations in seven states
Antitrust body clears Liberty’s purchase of Kabel BW
DT conducts tests of LTE network in Munich
DT selects Celeno solution to support IPTV service
Unitymedia adds mobile telephony to product range
Telefonica brings LTE to the city; fibre network sharing deal expected by year-end
Liberty Global offers more concessions for Kabel BW deal
Vodafone targets 100,000 TV subs by year-end
NSN sells WiMAX unit to NewNet
Drillisch accuses DT executive of market manipulation
KPN sees value in German consolidation
Kabel Deutschland 6M revenue up 5.6% on rising RGUs
Kabel BW posts 11% rise in 9M revenue
freenet improves guidance for FY 2011
Versatel Q3 revenue slips 15% y-o-y
DT posts 14.6% rise in Q3 net profit, confirms FY guidance
United Internet raises customer growth forecast to 900,000
DT ends cooperation with Drillisch on fraud allegations
Unitymedia sees 10% growth in Q3 sales
FCO has concerns about Liberty’s Kabel BW deal
Liberty Global offers concessions for approval of Kabel BW deal
Vodafone activates LTE network in Dusseldorf
FT and DT launch procurement joint venture
KDG welcomes consolidation in cable market
Kabel Deutschland expands reach of 100Mbps broadband
DT reconsiders EUR10bn investment plan?
TD brings LTE to eastern regions
DT initiates EUR1.7bn share buyback plan
FNA confirms cellcos meet 800MHz rollout obligations
Telefonica Germany lowers LTE price in rural areas
TD brings LTE to more rural areas
Quartet cooperate on Berlin fibre-optic network
Vodafone set to launch LTE in Dusseldorf
Vodafone TV subs top 40,000
Telefonica halts online sale of O2-branded DSL
Migration of DSL users to LTE to save Vodafone millions
Turkcell’s German unit nets 132,000 subs since launch
KDG posts 5.8% rise in Q1 revenue
Court refuses Telefonica’s appeal for 3G licence refund
KDG deploys Cisco platform for upgraded broadband, video network
United Internet posts record H1 revenue, raises FY sales guidance
Telefonica plans urban LTE rollout
Versatel Q2 revenue slips 13%
freenet lifts guidance for full year after solid first half
TD begins FTTH rollout in Stade
Vodafone inks strategic partnership deal with euNetworks
Versatel boards give green light to KKR
Providence sells remaining stake in KDG
Sweet smell of success: TD launches LTE in Cologne
Vodafone starting LTE city rollout
Telekom Deutschland brings LTE to more rural areas
Drillisch raises freenet stake, denies merger speculation
Vodafone moves away from fixed line ops to focus on LTE
EC transfers inquiry into Kabel BW deal to Germany
KDG FY net loss widens on one-off expenses
TD unveils LTE network in Cologne
Drillisch has no intention to take control of freenet
Telefonica launching 800MHz rural LTE on 1 July
Kabel BW posts healthy rise in Q1 revenue, EBITDA
euNetworks acquires LambdaNet Communications Deutschland
KKR snaps up Versatel for EUR240m
FCO requests transfer of probe into Liberty’s Kabel BW deal
Versatel Q1 revenue slides 15% on drop in retail users, MTRs
Drillisch looks for seat on freenet’s supervisory board
‘Successful start’ to 2011 for United Internet
freenet Q1 2011 results on track
QSC doubles Q1 consolidated net income
DT posts drop in Q1 net profit, confirms guidance
FT and DT forming joint venture for procurement
Telefonica, Turk Telekom team up in German market
KDG rolls out 100Mbps broadband to a further ten cities
Telefonica Germany, Huawei sign LTE equipment contract
FNA cuts last mile fees to EUR10.08
Turkcell poised to enter German wireless market
United Internet posts 15% rise in FY 2010 sales
Versatel net loss widens on EUR69m impairment charge
Liberty acquires Kabel BW in EUR3.2bn deal
Liberty takes the lead in Kabel BW auction
Decision on Kabel BW imminent, report says
Kabel BW outlines plans for IPO in 1H 2011
Kabel BW posts 14% rise in FY 2010 revenue
DT on the lookout for fibre rollout partners
Focus on IP products drives leap in QSC net profit
DT’s Q4 loss widens on Greece, Romania impairments
Vodafone selects Amdocs OSS for LTE rollout
freenet reports preliminary FY 2010 results
KDG 9M revenue up 7% on rising demand for services
High five for Kabel BW; may still opt for IPO
Vodafone officially launches hybrid TV platform
LGI to make a bid for Kabel BW
ZTE, KPN partner for LTE trials
Telefonica O2 selects NSN as LTE partner; will be renamed Telefonica Germany on 1 April
PrimaCom launches 120Mbps broadband in Dresden
Orange and DT considering network collaboration plan
KDG snaps up Berlin cable network
E-Plus to launch TD-LTE field test in Q1 2011
KDG pushes 100Mbps broadband with new promotion
SWU TeleNet partners Alca-Lu for 50Mbps broadband pilot project
Kabel BW attracts number of potential buyers
Fiber Power to the people: Unitymedia meets high speed internet target
FNA to supervise DT’s fibre network
Tele Columbus receives fresh capital from financial restructuring
Kabel BW deploys VOD with SeaChange software
Commercial launch of Vodafone TV delayed
Telekom boosts ‘Call & Surf Mobil’ speeds
PrimaCom completes refinancing agreement
PrimaCom creditors set to take control
Tele2 sells stake in unbundled DSL venture Plusnet to QSC
LGI mulls bid for Kabel BW
E-Plus authorised to use 900MHz spectrum for data services
HanseNet selects Acme Packet solution for VoIP service
Unitymedia widens ‘Fiber Power’ footprint
FNA slashes mobile termination rates by half
Versatel deploys NSN VoIP platform
EQT hires advisors for Kabel BW exit, report says
DT reveals LTE pricing; Vodafone to offer LTE modem from 1 December
DT profit will be unaffected by mobile termination rate cut, CEO says
KDG sees strong 1H revenue, EBITDA growth
E-Plus hits 20 million subscriber mark
KDG successfully trials 1Gbps over cable TV network
Versatel posts stable Q3 revenue
United Internet sees 9M revenue grow 15% on rising DSL customers
QSC's focus on IP-based revenue drives rise in net income
PrimaCom acquired by lenders in debt-for-equity swap
DT confirms full year guidance on ‘solid’ third quarter
KDG acquires PrimaCom cable assets in Mainz, Osnabruck
Vodafone brings LTE to more rural areas
KDG launches 100Mbps broadband service in three cities
Kabel BW adds mobile telephony to product portfolio
Kabel BW 9M revenue up 13% to EUR409m
Govt aims for 75% coverage of 50Mbps broadband by 2014
O2 commences rollout of rural LTE pilot
Kabel BW records 29% rise in broadband, telephony users
DT to launch 800MHz LTE by year-end
KDG eyes smaller rivals
Turkcell plans move into German mobile market
Providence places 15m KDG shares
Vodafone launches 4G in Heiligendamm
IP/MPLS network deployment for BBI
Unitymedia expands coverage of 128Mbps broadband service
Ericsson secures Vodafone managed services contract
EQT mulls exit of Kabel BW, report says
Telefonica O2 commences LTE pilot in Munich
FT dismisses suggestion of merger with German counterpart
Vodafone unveils LTE rollout plans, confirms tariffs
FNA assigns 800MHz, 2.6GHz frequency blocks
Vodafone seeks legal action against DT over bitstream service
United Internet 1H revenue rises 14.1% on DSL growth
KDG narrows Q1 net loss to EUR2.1m
Tele Columbus signs triple-play deal with GAGFAH Group
UK’s Star Capital buys sixth-largest German cableco
Kabel BW 1H pre-tax profit triples on increased sales
NSN outlines LTE rollout plans for O2 trial network
Friendly O2 launches LTE love-in
DT Q2 net profit slips 9% on T-Mobile UK merger costs
Telefonica O2 to roll out LTE networks by year-end
KDG abandons takeover talks with Tele Columbus
Huawei, Ericsson chosen as Vodafone LTE partners
Telefonica O2 premieres VoIP mobile service
Kabel BW launches FTTH network in Neresheim-Elchingen
New TV service by year end, Vodafone CEO says
Kabel BW, Telefonica O2 ink mobile wholesale deal
Versatel sells cable business to Chequers Capital
Kabel BW and Sky to launch joint triple-play package
PrimaCom continues with rural investment despite financial troubles
Ailing PrimaCom secures EUR15 million credit line
Vodafone to outsource network maintenance services
PrimaCom files for insolvency; KDG hovering
DT partners Ixia to test pre-deployment 100Gbps network
QSC, freenet forge network partnership deal
KPN will not sell E-Plus, CEO says
KDG posts bumper year-end results
FNA: Consolidation in mobile market 'unlikely'
KDG ploughs ahead with expansion of 100Mbps broadband
PrimaCom on the brink of insolvency
Telefonica O2 launches ad-financed mobile services
E-Plus seeking to buy network access from rivals
E-Plus loses out as spectrum auction concludes
United Internet Q1 sales up 13%
DT swings to Q1 net profit
Versatel sees 10% fall in Q1 residential revenue
Kabel BW eyes Tele Columbus assets
Kabel BW upgrades network with Motorola solutions
KDG brings 100Mbps broadband to Hanover, Munich
Kabel BW boosts network with Transmode optical platform
KDG unveils year-end KPIs
DT to exit NYSE in June
Telefonica O2 contracts NSN to expand network capacity
E-Plus leads in first day of spectrum auction
KPN adopts cautious stance towards spectrum auction
QSC posts steady rise in FY09 revenue, EBITDA
FNA sets fibre/VDSL access fees for DT
KDG debuts on the Frankfurt bourse
Court rejects claims against frequency auction filed by O2, E-Plus
Unitymedia FY09 cable revenue climbs 7%
DT unveils growth strategy, plans EUR10bn investment in Germany
KDG’s IPO covered, report says
KDG reduces number of shares on offer, sets price range for IPO
Kabel BW posts 13% rise in FYO9 revenue; fails to halt mobile frequency auction
Quartet approved for mobile frequency auction
KDG unveils plans for EUR700 million IPO
PrimaCom hopes to welcome new investors
DT demonstrates HSPA+ at download speeds of up to 42Mbps
‘T’ for two: DT to rename merged domestic fixed, mobile units
DT narrows Q4 net loss, meets FY09 targets
KDG confirms plans for IPO
KDG scraps sale plans, opts for IPO instead
Telefonica concludes HanseNet purchase
KDG posts solid 9M09 results, attracts bids from six private equity firms
DT calls for cableco regulation
Mobile frequency auction set for 12 April
freenet releases preliminary results for 2009
KDG attracts the attention of private equity trio
KDG and Telenet speed ahead with DOCSIS 3.0
KDG invites submission of indicative bids
EC gives go-ahead to Telefonica’s acquisition of HanseNet
LGI completes acquisition of Unitymedia
Vodafone steps up VDSL rollout
DT not obliged to grant access to VDSL dark fibre, court rules
KPN confirms it will take part in mobile frequency auction
Report: KDG plans EUR1bn IPO
Vodafone resurrects Otelo as no-frills reseller
Six express interest in spectrum auction
ZTE secures 3G upgrade contracts with KPN
DT submits price proposals for access to fibre-optic network
NextiraOne bags Lower Saxony telecoms contract
United Internet plans buyback of own shares
Lebara Mobile to enter German market
Permira to place 10% of freenet on market
KDG to raise EUR800 million for acquisitions?
DT cooperates with municipalities to close digital divide
Report: Liberty eyes new target
Investor places freenet shares?
Creditors take control of Tele Columbus
NSN completes network modernisation project for O2 Germany
KPN inks deal with ZTE for 3G expansion in Belgium and Germany
EC, FNA reach agreement over mobile spectrum auction
EU urges FNA to improve competition in fixed line market
T-Mobile, Huawei sign femtocell MoU with Ubiquisys
Tele Columbus creditors hope to buy Orion Cable
DT demonstrates VoLGA-based LTE voice call
FNA outlines VDSL access regulation
The holiday is over: ECJ orders DT to open VDSL network to rivals
TI signs away HanseNet, fails to reach Telecom Argentina decision
DT probed for suspected abuse of dominant position
NetCologne to launch 1Gbps broadband in early 2010
PrimaCom calls on FNA to review KDG pricing plan
E-Plus takes legal action against FNA over mobile frequency auction
KDG: IPO a possibility in 2010
O2 to end roaming deal with DT, report says
DT shareholders approve plans to merge domestic fixed, mobile units
KPN: E-Plus and O2 may consider network sharing
DT acquires freenet’s Strato business
KDG swings to net profit
DT offers new IPTV package without internet connection
OnePhone launches services for SMEs
Kabel BW prepares for introduction of VoD
Liberty Global to buy Unitymedia for EUR3.5 billion
Unitymedia Q3 EBITDA jumps 25%
Versatel 9M revenue drops 5.7%
freenet revenue soars 58%
QSC 9M EBITDA improves 31%
Telefonica acquires HanseNet for EUR900m
DT Q3 net profit improves 7%
United Internet Q3 EBITDA grows 22%, no longer interested in HanseNet
HanseNet introduces VDSL bundles
Report: Unitymedia preparing December IPO
HL Komm launches FTTH packages in Leipzig
O2 HSPA+ network goes live in Munich
Drillisch posts 7% rise in 9M EBITDA, raises full year guidance
Report: Telefonica to pay around EUR1bn for HanseNet
EC begins legal action over 2.6GHz frequency band
Kabel BW set to launch VOD
Versatel to deploy data network in Oberhausen
FNA proposes inclusion of VDSL in bitstream regulation
Unitymedia speeds ahead with 120Mbps broadband
United Internet sells Drillisch shares
NetCologne launches Huawei CDMA network in Cologne
Telefonica hopes to finalise HanseNet deal within weeks
Unitymedia plans partial floatation by 2010
FNA advisory board gives frequency auction plans green light
Telefonica still interested in HanseNet, no agreement made on price
EU, smaller operators concerned about 800MHz spectrum auction
Four DT affiliates select Alca-Lu solution
Huawei completes Telefonica O2 Germany network upgrade
KDG to offer 100Mbps, VOD in 2010
Permira sells 14.9% stake in freenet
Third time lucky for mobile TV service in Germany?
Versatel wins telephony contract in Schleswig-Holstein
Nokia Siemens Networks claims world’s first LTE call
O2 calls for fairer sub-1GHz spectrum allocation
Deutsche Telekom launches VDSL without bundled IPTV
Kabel BW speeds ahead with 100Mbps broadband in Heilbronn
NetCologne selects Actelis Ethernet solution
Vodafone launches VDSL pilot in Heilbronn
DT to merge domestic fixed, mobile units by early 2010, report says
Telefonica favourite to buy HanseNet, report says
Report: Tele Columbus sale nears
Cologne court orders recalculation of LLU fees
United Internet sells directly held shares in freenet
Versatel eyes Orion Cable
VATM, Breko VDSL access talks with DT end unsuccessfully
NetCologne to roll out fibre-optic network in Siegburg
O2 allows mobile VoIP use, launches new wholesale broadband offering
Vodafone plans new IPTV offering
Versatel swings to loss in Q209
Unitymedia Q2 cable revenue up 11% y-o-y
United Internet DSL subs boosted by freenet takeover
freenet boasts 152% y-o-y rise in Q2 revenue
Rivals circle Orion Cable
QSC posts 34% rise in Q2 EBITDA
Drillisch H1 revenue down 6.6%, subs fall 2%
Vodafone Germany, Huawei to test LTE
DT posts 32% rise in Q2 net profit, confirms full year forecast
DE-CIX halves prices for small providers
Arcor becomes Vodafone
Deutsche Telekom ICSS launches new IPX platform
KDG posts rise in RGUs, slight fall in subscribers
PrimaCom expands cable network
1&1: VDSL ready by year-end
KDG scoops up cable network deal
Unitymedia reaches 500,000 milestone
Vodafone to launch VDSL pilot in Heilbronn
DT signs VDSL agreement with 1&1
DT and Vodafone agree VDSL access fee
DT urged to hook up with utility companies for rural broadband
O2 upgrades wireless network
FNA reduces charges for mobile calls in other EU countries
Report: KDG eyes Tele Columbus, PrimaCom
Vodafone launches wireless broadband trial
E-Plus introduces mobile advertising service
United Internet gets green light for freenet deal
DT on track for full year – CFO
SIM-less emergency calls blocked
Kabel BW to offer 100Mbps from 1 July
FNA warns broadband operators against forming cartels
O2 selects Ericsson for converged IP solution
DT, Vodafone to reach access deal soon
DT cuts rural broadband investment by USD100 million
1&1 calls for access to cable networks
Federal Council opens digital dividend for mobile broadband
FNA re-imposes DT IP bitstream access rate obligation
DT replaces VoIP ban with surcharge
freenet completes traffic migration to NGN
E-Plus, FON to expand hotspot service
Cedar Point deploys VoIP for KDG
Kabel BW selects Harmonic for VoD service
KDG exceeds annual guidance
Telefonica O2 Germany adds IM service
freenet sells DSL unit to United Internet
KDG launches mobile service
Kabel BW selects Nortel for VoIP network upgrade
PrimaCom 1Q results impacted by network sales
Unitymedia upgrades network in Warstein, Ruethen
Vodafone boss confirms HanseNet bid
DT partners Ericsson for rural broadband project
Yes Telecom plans summer arrival in Germany
Versatel 1Q revenue, EBITDA down slightly
freenet fails to hold on to subscribers in 1Q
Unitymedia posts 16% rise in 1Q revenue
Telefonica O2 Germany confirms bid for HanseNet
O2 Germany 1Q 2009 revenues up 3.6%
Report: Vodafone, T-Mobile plan mobile VoIP tariffs
DT posts 1Q EUR1.1 billion net loss
HanseNet, Huawei to deploy FTTB network
Vodafone, WDR launch LTE pilot project
KDG selects NDS to provide digital TV solution
Conlinet plans FTTH network in Essen
FNA takes steps to further deregulate telecoms market
DT presents plan to merge German fixed, mobile units
E-Plus Q1 2009 revenues up 4.1%, EBITDA rises 13.4%
Kabel BW accelerates to 100Mbps with DOCSIS 3.0
Alca-Lu and T-Systems conclude global frame agreement on enterprise solutions and managed services
DT releases preliminary Q1 2009 results, lowers full-year guidance
Telefonica, United Internet place HanseNet offer
United Internet Q1 revenue up 5.3%
Telefonica merges German business activities, fixed line and mobile divisions
DT introduces fixed telephony, broadband equipment lease packages
FCO to veto KDG merger
Arcor pilots FTTH in Hanau
Vodafone to establish IPTV R&D centre in Eschborn
DT freezes rural broadband expansion
T-Mobile Germany blocks Skype access from iPhones
Telefonica, Vodafone set to bid for HanseNet
FNA cuts DT last-mile fee, sets new mobile termination fees
QSC 2008 full-year results ‘highly successful’
EU requests DT fixed line termination rate details
United Internet swings to net loss
freenet’s debitel acquisition boosts 2008 revenue by EUR1b
Drillisch reports 6.4% rise in 2008 EBITDA, revenues decline 3.2%
KDG to offer quadruple-play
Unitymedia begins network upgrade in Borken, Heiden
Telefonica and Vodafone sign infrastructure deal
NetCologne, Accom joint venture to launch April
FNA proposes DT call-by-call obligation
Versatel meets revenue and earnings expectations for 2008
DT, Ericsson trial 100G
Telefonica interested in HanseNet, United Internet
Unitymedia posts 2008 full-year results
Total IPTV users to hit 5m by 2013
DT partners M-Net for VDSL deployment
FNA to support development of ‘white spots’ by alternative operators
HanseNet wins 30,000 IPTV subscribers, plans launch of new STB
DT selects ECI Telecom for NGF project; launches free online VoD
Government frees up digital dividend frequencies for broadband
Unitymedia acquires rival KfGW, expands network coverage
DT to open up VDSL network to competitors
E-Plus launches HSDPA pilot using digital dividend
M-Net partners Alcatel-Lucent for fibre network in Munich
DT exceeds 2008 financial targets
KDG revenue up 16%, EBITDA increases by 30%
Tele Columbus revenues grow 11.6%
DT plans to combine fixed, mobile units
QSC EBITDA up 93%, revenues rise by 23%
O2 plans upgrade to HSPA+ by mid-2009
freenet announces preliminary results
Government to ensure all households have broadband access by end-2010
T-Mobile to launch femtocell services mid-2009
O2, Telmar Network Technology ink service management agreement
freenet forecasts synergies from debitel merger of USD273 million
Alternative operators’ 2008 revenues down 3.7%
O2 to offer HSUPA-enabled modems
KDG subscribers increase by 8%
IPTV subscribers reach 536,000 at end-2008
Cellcos propose increase in MTA fees
DT wireless subscriber growth slows in Q4, fixed line losses
Unitymedia posts record broadband and telephony additions
DT and Ewe ink VDSL deal
DT rivals call for 25% cut on LLU fees
DT aims to double IPTV subscribers in 2009
Kabel BW anticipates continued growth
DT suggests increase in LLU fees
DT expands broadband reach to 400 municipalities
DT rivals say they can do job quicker and cheaper
DT and Vodafone to work together over VDSL
E-Plus plots 2009 upgrades
EC calls on watchdog to disclose termination rates
Vodafone denies KDG interest
Vodafone interested in KDG - reports
Interconnection rates to stay as they are?
Kabel BW notches up 350,000 broadband customers
KPN readies German FTTO service
Job cuts planned as Freenet integrates Debitel
Unitymedia posts 18% rises in revenue and EBITDA
Arcor launches VDSL pilot
freenet DSL unit sale reportedly on hold
DT calls for VDSL help
Deutsche Telekom Q3: encouraging signs for domestic broadband
Deutsche Telekom: cost cutting continues
Telecom Italia CEO rules out sale of German unit
DT wants to cooperate with competitors to expand fibre networks
VATM releases comprehensive study of German market
Freenet’s DSL sale near
Hansenet DSL move irritates Telefonica
German authorities demand DVB-H licence back
HanseNet speculation quashed
ECT deploys NGN for Versatel
3G auction open to new operators
Bonn bon: 4G car test a success
O2 Germany's southern EDGE
DT considering domestic job cuts
PrimaCom to adopt TeleColumbus branding
KDG swings into profit on back of revenue rise
DT gains ten millionth DSL retail customer
FNA may exempt competitive cities from regulations
Unitymedia reports strong second quarter
Vodafone Germany calls for auction of terrestrial television frequencies
E-Plus rejects takeover rumours
Drillisch 1H net profit up 50.6%; confirms full-year guidance
United Internet’s results prompt sales target cut
Versatel Germany’s revenues up 29%
QS Communications posts healthy second quarter
Unitymedia snaps up PrimaCom networks in Aachen and Wiesbaden
Revenue and profit down at Freenet
DT results suffer on domestic losses and weakening currency
Parent companies want freenet to sell DSL unit
DT expected to report fall in sales but rise in net income
Mobile 3.0 to shut down
Kabel Deutschland tests 200Mbps broadband
Kabel Deutschland revenues up on improving customer mix
Liberty Global reportedly considering Unitymedia bid
DT activates 40Gbps WDM solution from Ericsson; reiterates full year guidance
Vodafone interested in Freenet's broadband operations
Permira won't sell freenet stake... yet
EU rules against German regulator
O2 Germany inks pair of deals with NSN
T-Mobile upgrades network
freenet’s takeover of debitel complete
Vodafone wins tax battle
Rural broadband to receive boost
Televersa signs up Proxim for WiMAX equipment
Watchdog reduces last mile fee
Credit Suisse halves freenet stake
Vodafone Germany targetting 20% DSL market share
Vodafone Germany and Arcor to combine management
German MVNO developments
E-Plus sees advertising, not traffic, as sales driver of the future
Freenet invites bids for broadband business
Versatel to buy AKF; Apax in no rush to sell; EWE to get Martens
NSN carries out LTE trial in Berlin
VATM calls for lowering of DT's LLU fees
PrimaCom wins case against KDG
Deutsche Telekom signs IPTV content deal with MTV Networks
Vodafone Germany rumoured to be restructuring
Deutsche Telekom CEO stands by 2008 forecast
Telecom Italia wants to boost German presence
Nortel to upgrade Unitymedia network
Nortel to upgrade Kabel BW network
NetCologne and Cisco demonstrate 200Mbps HFC connection
Freenet gets FCO nod for Debitel takeover
Unitymedia reports growth in customers, revenues and EBITDA
T-Mobile to remain sole iPhone seller in Germany
Vodafone confirms Arcor buyout
BNetzA approves bitstream charges designed to encourage investment
Deutsche Bahn approves sale of Arcor stake to Vodafone
QSC posts first-quarter loss of EUR4.1 million
Versatel reports fifth straight quarterly loss
Kabel BW almost doubles broadband subs in twelve months
BNetzA abandons case against DT
T-Mobile Deutschland completes EDGE upgrade
Freenet reports lower than expected first quarter results
United Internet announces strong first quarter
United Internet seeks court injunction to block Freenet purchase of Debitel
Deutsche Telekom posts first quarter results
Orion wheels and deals its way to 91% of PrimaCom
German cellcos to launch DVB-T handsets
Freenet finalises deal for Debitel
KPN complaint leads to anti-trust investigations in Germany and Belgium
German regulator to delay UMTS auction to 2009
O2 and Huawei confirm expansion contract
Freenet board approves Debitel acquisition
United Internet threatens action over Freenet’s Debitel plan
DBD buys Airspan VoIP technology
Vodafone sets Arcor price ceiling
QSC ‘would consider selling Plusnet stake’ says CEO
Freenet to pay EUR1.4 billion for Debitel next week
BNetzA finalises incumbent’s IP bitstream offer
European court rejects Deutsche Telekom appeal against 2003 fine
Apax not mulling sale of Versatel stake
Shareholders sue Deutsche Telekom
Incumbent takes half of 2007 broadband sign-ups
Deutsche Telekom signs deal for Astra2Connect
Arcor to introduce mobility to its hosted corporate networks
Cellcos take regulator to court over interconnection fees
Permira values Debitel at EUR1.8 billion
Freenet in talks with Debitel’s owners
KPN to buy German MVNO Blau
United Internet likes the idea of consolidation
T-Home expects continued decline in revenue and EBITDA
United signs wholesale deal with Arcor
Cartel office approves KDG-Orion asset swap
Versatel considers mergers and acquisitions
United Internet revenues up 26.7%
Vodafone close to Arcor deal, says source
Arcor dips toe into VDSL waters
Ericsson yesterday, NSN today: E-Plus plans for the future
DT submits proposed prices for bitstream and unbundled bitstream access
Ericsson wins German 3G contract
German states urged to give up spectrum for wireless broadband
No Arcor rebrand until market share increases
Deutsche Telekom posts 2007 results: net income down 22%
debitel posts annual results
Kabel BW and Unitymedia ‘may merge’
Kabel Deutschland posts quarterly results
E-Plus rules out O2 merger, but prepared for network cooperation
DT still failing to unbundle its local loops says VATM
freenet may hive off DSL business
Vodafone talks with Arcor shareholders ‘progressing well’
QSC announces preliminary results for 2007
Arcor aiming for a quarter of the market
Unitymedia reports fourth quarter results
CEO: debitel preparing for IPO
E-Plus passes 15 million barrier
Deutsche Telekom reports preliminary 2007 results
Nokia’s German subsidies investigated after factory closure announced
DT must grant competitors access to ducts
Mobile 3.0 wins German mobile TV licence
T-Mobile signs backhaul conract with RAD
United Internet increases Versatel stake
DT job restructuring continues apace
DT to speed up unbundling for competitors
Vodafone plans German customer drive
Huawei wins second German infrastructure contract
Deutsche Telekom fixed line decline to continue in 2008
FNA rules on local loop access contract
Freenet ends search for buyers
NeckarCom launches VoIP over WiMAX
E-Plus may adopt new strategy
Vodafone turns down the power
Deutsche Telekom staff axe will keep swinging in 2007
Clash of the titans
Court allows T-Mobile to lock in iPhone users
10% cut in mobile termination fees
VSE NET to launch Germany's first commercial mobile WiMAX network
Arcor files complaint against Deutsche Telekom
Unitymedia reports 3Q results
United Internet ups Versatel stake
Debitel to undercut T-Mobile with iPhone rebate
T-Mobile launches HSUPA, but Vodafone leading race for nationwide coverage
T-Mobile to sell iPhone without contract; debitel welcomes move
United Internet breaks off Freenet merger talks
Deutsche Telekom in talks to acquire EDS
Vodafone lodges iPhone injunction
Deutsche Telekom eyes foreign acquisitions
Freenet reports 3Q losses as sales fall
Arcor profits up 10%; VDSL is next big project
United Internet, Freenet and Drillisch in partnership talks
United Internet reports 3Q results
Deutsche Telekom reports 3Q results and announces sale of Media&Broadcast unit
T-Mobile completes EDGE upgrade in seven federal states
Telecoms associations raise concerns over Data Retention Law
Vodafone mulls Arcor buyout
Deutsche Telekom and Nokia Siemens ink long-term deal
E-Plus will not offer fixed-mobile bundles
DT confirms 3 Italia interest but refuses to comment on job losses
E-Plus extends Alcatel-Lucent contract
United Internet: no freenet bid this year
Mobile 3.0 emerges as front-runner for DVB-H licence
Deutsche Telekom gets DVB-H frequencies
NetCologne becomes latest German MVNO
DT signs contract with Ericsson for VDSL2 deployment
DT in talks over T-Systems; broadband contracts lengthening
Ortel Mobile reaches 300,000 users in first year
German Bundesrat against mandatory DVB-H
Kabel Deutschland buys 1.2 mln subs from Orion
T-Mobile confirmed as German iPhone distributor
Deutsche Telekom likely to sell iPhone in Germany
Mobile TV joint venture passes anti-trust study
Residential satellite broadband service to launch in Germany
Phone House abandons service provision to concentrate on resale
PrimaCom reports modest growth in first half of year
DT and Ericsson sign microwave deal
Huawei constructs IP network for QSC
Deutsche Telekom in talks over iPhone
Unity Media releases second quarter results
Alcatel-Lucent to build WiMAX network in Germany
Versatel reports first half results
Kabel Deutschland figures up but still making losses
Germany named as EU's fastest growing broadband market
Telefonica to launch budget brand
German mobile TV joint venture cleared by Cartel Office
Freenet reports first half results
United Internet reports first half results
DT revenue up slightly but suffers 40% drop in net profit
DT launches IPTV via ADSL2+
DVB-H licensing coming soon
Versatel launches mobile, internet and fixed line bundles
O2 says no chance of E-Plus bid; anticipates MVNO consolidation
Vodafone Germany to offer three months free DSL trial
1&1 Internet claims 2.5 million VoIP customers
SFR inks deal to acquire German MVNO Debitel
O2 Germany cuts jobs in bid to stay competitive
debitel's EUR560 mllion purchase of Talkline approved by EU
Vodafone, T-Mobile enter project to improve wireless broadband
Handy cap gets UK, German cellcos off the hook
Ericsson wins IMS contract with Vodafone Germany
Deutsche Telekom launches discount internet brand
DT rivals may build their own VDSL network
Vodafone Germany launches HSUPA card
Deutsche Telekom to launch budget service
Regulator lowers DT carrier charges
Berlin-Brussels conflict: two points of view
EU lawsuit expected by end of week
Calls to break up Freenet rebuffed
Union finally caves in; DT strike to end
DT strike may draw to close
euNetworks opens network in Hamburg
Broadband prices plummet
EU still plans to sue Germany
Competition commission blocks deal
United Internet deal could cost DT another 2.5 million customers
TDC to divest Talkline
Arcor profits from DSL boom
Versatel teams up with E-Plus for triple-play
WiMAX network for Ulm region
Ericsson to assist Telefónica with DWDM network
Deutsche Telekom top brass: ‘La la la we’re not listening’
Deutsche Telekom invests in Jajah
Unity Media’s revenues up 30%
Unity unifies
18.67% of freenet changes hands
Sistema reiterates advantages of German deal
Deutsche Telekom to rebrand / Strike may affect G8 summit
Primacom attracts interest
DVB-H cartel under the microscope
Workers stand up to managers
United Internet reports 1Q profits
Deutsche Telekom reports 4.1% sales growth
DT reveals 2007 targets at AGM
HanseNet and Telefónica sign DSL agreement
DT walkout gets closer as talks break down
BNetzA taking bids for DVB-H frequencies
Deutsche Telekom ‘may be target’ - CEO
Deutsche Telekom may take legal steps in event of strike announces 2006 results
Germany proposes larger roaming cap
Germany to offer unrestricted 3G concessions
Germany ready to issue DVB-H spectrum
Unity Media announces 2006 results
Silent protest at proposed outsourcing
Deutsche Telekom looking for T-Systems partner
DT must give competitors access to VDSL network?
Deutsche Telekom to bid for Telcom Italia?
Regulator cuts Deutsche Telekom’s unbundling fee
Brussels vs Berlin - summer showdown
Sistema offers DT swap deal
ADVA to upgrade T-Com network
HanseNet and Telefónica expand DSL reach
Versatel plans IPO
New satellite broadband service
Drillisch profits up 20%
Vodafone Germany increases wireless data speed
Vodafone reaffirms wish to completely own Arcor
Court lifts fee regulation
Vodafone Germany to launch DSL
T-Mobile & Vodafone unveil faster HSDPA data rates
Arcor nine-month figures show sales up
Deutsche Telekom drops T-One
Regulator orders Deutsche Telekom to open business network to competitors
DT outlines path ahead
DT net income down 44%
United Internet reports 60% revenue growth
E-Plus network to be run by Alcatel-Lucent
Revised telecoms law takes effect; EU regulators launch legal action
Deutsche Telekom signs NGN deal with IBM
EDGE upgrade for T-Mobile network
Vodafone to invest over EUR100 million in German network
Lycos to sell German access business
BNA to offer more 3G spectrum in 2008
Ecotel acquires Tiscali Germany’s business division
Tiscali sells German customer base to
Half a million new T-Com subscribers in fourth quarter
Deutsche Telekom cuts sales forecasts
Huawei-Versatel IP deal confirmed
Correction: Deutsche Telekom VDSL plans unchanged
mobilcom – merger clears last hurdle; Drillisch acquires Telco Services achieves 2006 target
BenQ Mobile thrown a lifeline
BenQ Mobile to close after administrator’s fail to find buyer
Vodafone Germany achieves 30 million subscribers
Telecoms bill approved; EU will sue
WiMAX licences awarded
T-Mobile to cut tariffs in Europe – mobilcom merger: penultimate plaintiff pacified
German WiMAX contenders named
Deutsche Telekom could be fined by EU
Ericsson to integrate new network
Danes less sensitive than Germans, concludes report
Germany keeps law that sticks in EU’s craw
Kabel Deutschland revenues up; EBITDA down
Commission approves AOL takeover
‘Kremlin will tap German phones’
Ruling parties agree on change to controversial telecoms bill
debitel looks to divest international subsidiaries
Huawei to build all-IP network
The future of easyMobile
O2 Germany revises targets
Six operators apply for WiMAX licence
Deutsche Telekom CEO resigns
United Internet posts record results
easyMobile and TDC to part company
Mobilcom on the prowl for takeover target
Deutsche Telekom will dictate any Sistema deal
Regulator orders cellcos to cut inbound rates 3Q revenues up 8%; EBITDA down 27%
Deutsche Telekom 3Q results announced
Deutsche Telekom pushes triple-play
Incumbent not interested in WiMAX launched
Deutsche Telekom unaware of Sistema approach
WiMAX licence to be auctioned
Germany’s EU regulatory dispute escalates
O2 Germany offers integrated mobile and broadband services
Drillisch increases stake in mobilcom
AOL Germany to launch mobile service
MVNOs considering merger
DT directors sizing up potential new chief
mobilcom shareholders: One down, two to go
Deutsche Telekom launches T-Home triple-play
Pirelli to supply dual-mode phones for Arcor’s VoIP
EU to delay new incumbent telco regulations
NetCologne offers 100Mbps surfing
E-Plus introduces new brand
Bundestag debates law on new network
EWT buys Tele Columbus
Telecom Italia acquires AOL Germany
Regulator gives Deutsche Telekom three months to open VDSL network
Court approves Freenet–Mobilcom merger
Airspan to deploy DBD’s WiMAX network
Deutsche Telekom to offer ubiquitous broadband by 2012
DT plans to save EUR5 billion
New mapping service from Vodafone Germany
Arcor signs deal with Italtel for NGN
Deutsche Telekom urged to cut last mile fees
Deutsche Telekom launches new products bids for AOL’s German business
Versatel Germany’s DSL base reaches 380,000
German mobile TV trial successfully completed
EC rules Deutsche Telekom must open VDSL network immediately
Regulator urges Deutsche Telekom to reach amicable agreements with rivals for access to VDSL network
Apax eyes M-Net and Netcologne
Deutsche Telekom lowers full year expectations as 1H results disappoint
FLAG Telecom Bags T-Com Contract
debitel launches HSDPA service
euNetworks launches Europe’s highest capacity fibre-optic network; acquires Viatel’s long-haul network
QSC and Tele2 set up new DSL JV
Germany says telecom bill complies with EU law
Blackstone refutes DT takeover rumour
EU seeks increased fixed line competition
T-Mobile Deutschland chief anticipates lower sales
Telecom Italia seeks German expansion
Vodafone first German cellco to offer HSDPA-enabled handset
Vodafone to acquire remaining Arcor shares
DT and T-Online International complete merger
German telecoms watchdog ‘likely’ to regulate mobile termination fees
World Cup to drive mobile TV demand?
Vodafone to shelve Arcor sale?
EU warns Germany over broadband legislation
Mobile growth fuels Deutsche Telekom Q1 earnings
AOL to sell underachieving French/German businesses
T-Online to offer IPTV over Cisco NGN
Arcor to be kept?
Blackstone Group to sell Kabel BW
Blackstone acquires 4.5% of Deutsche Telekom
Vodafone may up stake in Arcor
NEW Energie and Nortel complete WiMAX trial
WiMAX trial success
DT signs up for Microsoft IPTV
FNA wants cheaper fixed-to-mobile calls
T-Mobile says no need to cut roaming charges
DT and Microsoft to launch IPTV
DT expacts 11.5 million DSL users by end-2007
DT contracts Siemens for VDSL rollout
DT launches T-One service
T-Online and T-Mobile to launch mobile-to-PC telephony
Alcatel to provide triple play solution to DT
T-Mobile contracts Nortel for expansion
DSL growth boost Arcor results
T-Mobile contracts Nokia for HSDPA
O2 Germany hits ten million customers
Siemens to build VDSL network for DT
T-Mobile boosts DT as 2005 results impress
Germany's mobilcom group reports revenue rise
Vodafone to launch 10Mbps HSDPA
debitel planning IPO this year
DT to slash 1,500 jobs at T-Com
T-Mobile to up mobile data speed
Union rejects DT’s redundancy plans
E-Plus and O2 receive 900-MHz spectrum
T-Com to connect 90% of Berlin to VDSL
T-Mobile to expand HSDPA
Brussels ‘sceptical’ whether German Telecoms Act complies with EU law
German telcos to promote broadband
Arcor to launch commercial ADSL2+
T-Mobile boosts DT results
DT to go ahead with fibre optic network
Huawei to build SDH system for Arcor
T-Mobile launches fixed-mobile convergence service
T-Systems forms IT partnership with Dell
Telefónica gets OK for O2
DT workers protest against job cuts
Government wants to restrict Brussels
DBD partners O2 to launch residential WiMAX package
AOL expands ADSL2+ services
Germany reconsiders VDSL exemption strategy
DT faces trade union action over job cuts
Vodafone’s Arcor rolls out Kaiserslautern AirMAX network
Talk is cheap: Aldi launches MVNO service
Kabel Deutschland’s ownership changes; Providence’s cable holdings grow
HanseNet freezes DSL expansion plans; blames problems on incumbent
Tiscali to invest EUR200 million in DSL network
DT and T-Online’s ‘cheap’ re-integration held up by shareholders
DT called on to open up planned fibre-optic network
Incoming government causes controversy with plan to protect DT
Deutsche Telekom posts strong results but warns of earnings dip next year
DT posts nine-month net profit of EUR4.4 billion
United Internet adds 190,000 DSL users in Q3
DT to cut 32,000 jobs over three years
Online Germans get easyMobile
T-Mobile and Alcatel enter framework agreement
Vodafone boxes clever to take on fixed line rivals
T-Mobile and Ericsson upgrade 1,000 base stations
E-Plus says its good to Turk
BT raises German business profile
Deutsche Telekom in TETRA tie-up
Vodafone begins HSDPA customer trials
easyMobile ready for German launch
Vodafone introduces pre-paid 3G option
EC approves Tele2/Apax/Versatel deal
Skype and E-Plus announce partnership
DT to invest EUR3 billion in broadband upgrades
TEM has one month to decide on Ipse, but Quam deadline extended indefinitely
freenet shareholders give green light to mobilcom merger
mobilcom and freenet merger nearly complete
Nokia to supply 3.5G technology to T-Mobile's European divisions
Talkline claims three million customers
KPN and Deutsche Telekom’s O2 talks go nowhere
T-Mobile performance boosts Deutsche Telekom’s 1H profits
Deutsche Telekom reports surging sales and profits
Deutsche Telekom prepares ‘dual phone’ launch
Deutsche Telekom’s local loop rates to drop by 10%
E-Plus ups ante in German price war
Telefónica to launch unbundled DSL pilot with freenet
Study finds German broadband take-up ‘slow’
Vodafone Germany signs up nearly half a million customers in quarter
T-Mobile plans HSDPA data launch
O2 boasts customer growth of 15.5% y-o-y, but fails to mention 3G
The Phone House Germany to join bottom-end pre-paid market
Apax eyes German mergers and takeovers to mount challenge to DT
Germany completes EUR5 billion post and telecoms sell-off
Deutsche Telekom prepares 25Mbps broadband pilot
Vodafone Germany claims half a million 3G device users
mobilcom and agree to merge
Tiscali plans major German DSL rollout
mobilcom and agree merger terms
Vodafone Germany appoints new CEO
T-Mobile launches 3G web service
iesy-ish merger creates five million-strong cable user base
Low-end theory: battle of the budgets in mobile market
DT rolls out hotspot number 5,000
T-Online introduces new transparent DSL pricing
German Vodafone users to use The Cloud’s hotspots
Siemens name to disappear by December?
Court throws out mobilcom's injunction against ‘Simyo’
Cable companies ramp up triple-play spending
Siemens cuts its losses: sells mobile phone division to BenQ
Arcor achieves 14% growth in turnover on back of DSL performance
Kabel Deutschland subscribers get triple play package
BenQ to team up with Siemens
Telefónica Germany extends ADSL2+ network; signs resale deal with AOL
RegTP head pessimistic about Deutsche Telekom
E-Plus launches new stripped-down online pre-paid service
Deutsche Telekom group profit up 45%, but internet profit falls 20%
debitel signs further DSL deal
BASE and E-Plus share same head as KPN restructures international operations
Alternative carriers claim last mile cuts are not enough
FT offloads 27.3% stake in mobilcom to US equity house
RegTP tells Telekom to lower last mile charges
Tele2 eyes German DSL expansion
debitel inks O2 tie-up
Deutsche Telekom focuses on internet buyout; scotches US mobile sale rumours
Acer denies interest in Siemens
Telefónica Germany lays out broadband expansion plans
MobilCom heralds positive start to year, as shareholders move to sue FT
VoIP bonanza for T-Online broadband customers
Regulator offers additional spectrum; seeks advice on returned UMTS licences
KT Corp looking for investment from DT
debitel to enter broadband market
T-Mobile and Deutsche Bahn on track for high speed internet
QSC to roll out next generation network
BT Germany and O2 to launch corporate mobile services
T-Com awards Lucent copper upgrade deal
mobilcom aims to increase yearly earnings by half head airs reservations about takeover
Deutsche Telekom signs up 5.8 Million DSL customers
Deutsche Telekom beats growth expectations as profits rise by EUR3.3 billion
Deutsche Telekom responds to competition with cut-price calls
Operators under fire for roaming charges
US gains offset T-Mobile’s poor domestic showing
More mobile losses at Siemens
T-Mobile contracts Ericsson for GSM rollout
Healthy growth for E-Plus
DT to launch bond sale
Siemens group saddled with handset problem
EasyGroup plans entrance to three more markets
T-Com to lose another 10,000 jobs in 2006/07?
Car manufacturers to develop open standard
Mobilcom seeks VAT back
Siemens rubbishes ‘sell-off’ claims
AT&T wins Siemens global networking contract
E-Plus looking for MVNOs
Regulator unveils VoIP numbering scheme
T-Online seeking growth in France and Spain
mmO2 to up network spending in Germany
Best nine-month performance yet for mobilcom
DT sees profit rocket in Q3
T-Online: rise in high speed internet access customers drives Q3 profits
BT Openzone and T-Mobile sign roaming deal
Siemens selects Qualcomm for 3G chips
Siemens dismisses market speculation
Government sells 6% of DT
DT proposes reintegration of T-Online
FT denies TeliaSonera bid, DT denies Cesky Telecom interest
Siemens heralds launch of Siemens Communications Group
T-Mobile Germany launches push to talk
New handset to detect bad breath
Arcor to launch WLAN access
E-Plus hits nine million target early
EWE TEL plans mobile launch
DT considers bringing T-Online back into the fold
Vodafone to postpone Arcor sale
Carphone Warehouse increases German presence
DT mulling Eastern Europe acquisitions?
DT ups full year projections following strong Q2 results
T-Online earnings up in 2Q, but customer levels down and DSL take-up disappoints
Good first half for mobilcom
ICSS to migrate to VoIP
Alcatel and Siemens confirm vendor revival
E-Plus gears up for August 3G launch
Mannesmann six acquitted
Matáv and T-Systems sign agreement for joint venture and carrier cooperation deal
EU approves aid for MobilCom
Esser lawyers go on the offensive in Mannesmann trial
mmO2 forms 50:50 virtual mobile joint venture with Tchibo
Siemens CEO to step down early
Samsung to boost portfolio for Olympics
Rural telco Citizens fails to excite interest from buyers
Cingular keen to deploy 3G network
Vodafone to offload Arcor for EUR1 billion?
Vodafone tax write-off plans cause political uproar
Mead dragged to court over Mannesmann trial
T-Com backs away from 100% DSL coverage on cost grounds
VeriSign snaps up Jamba!
mmO2 boss hints at German acquisition
mmO2 boss hints at German acquisition
Kai-Uwe Ricke not ruling out acquisitions in eastern Europe
mmO2 makes profit debut
mmO2 makes profit debut
mmO2 makes profit debut
Siemens unveils EUR1 billion Chinese investment
Siemens unveils EUR1 billion Chinese investment
Q1 profit drops 80% for Deutsche Telekom
T-Online reports third straight profit
Football boosts T-Mobile data revenue
Bertelsmann predicts profitable 2004
Vodafone Live! 3G offering hits Europe
Vodafone Live! 3G offering hits Europe
Swisscom opts out of debitel
Regulator wants VoIP debate
Mannesmann pair to face new charges?
Kabel Deutschland snaps up three more cable networks
Elisa to sell German unit
Mannesmann executives may get early acquittal
Swisscom results beat expectations
Swisscom results beat expectations
Swisscom looks to sell debitel
O2 to launch residential 3G in Q3, T-Mobile keeping quiet...for now
O2 to launch residential 3G in Q3, T-Mobile keeping quiet...for now
Ricke cuts debt and pushes DT into profit
MobilCom turns loss into profit for 2003
Bad news for DT ahead of 4Q results
EWE.TEL boosts customer base
DT feels the benefit of US consolidation
mmO2 makes inroads in Germany and Ireland, but stumbles on home front
mmO2 makes inroads in Germany and Ireland, but stumbles on home front
mmO2 makes inroads in Germany and Ireland, but stumbles on home front
DT sets DSL targets
Commerzbank outsources telecoms operations to Siemens
A year in the life of DT
Kabel Deutschland to acquire KBW and Iesy
Siemens: cost cuts help bottom line
Mannesmann trial begins
Versatel launches residential ADSL
Versatel launches residential ADSL
mobilcom reports first rise for two years
3G services available, but only if you import your own phone and don’t mind poor reception
T-Mobile revamps service packages
MobilCom hands back 3G licence
DT board mulls salary cut
Schmid’s mobilcom stake sold
Arcor expands DSL reach
Vodafone launches UMTS data card trial to business users
Vodafone launches UMTS data card trial to business users
Vodafone launches UMTS data card trial to business users
Branson hints at Virgin float
Branson hints at Virgin float
Mannesmann case may call on big names to testify
Regulator orders DT rate cut
T-Mobile happy with t-zones take-up rates
Pair make play for extra spectrum
KPN to invest in 3G
KPN to invest in 3G
State to offload extra DT shares in 2004
DT raises full year forecast after beating analyst’s 3Q expectations
T-Online posts first profit
Swisscom sets stall for Xmas debitel sale
Swisscom sets stall for Xmas debitel sale
Alcatel provides wireless broadband solution for Airdata
DT’s debt reduction to impact on employees
Mannesmann court date set
Debitel: up for sale
Shareholders put Ish on the market
mmO2 introduces Xda II
mmO2 introduces Xda II
debitel . . .going, going, gone?
debitel . . .going, going, gone?
Ackermann stays pending outcome of Mannesmann case
DT tries to sell Globe stake - again
DT tries to sell Globe stake - again
DT abandons PTC purchase
DT abandons PTC purchase
Siemens to sell eleven million handsets in Q4
Deutsche Telekom to finalise PTC deal this week: Globe to go by year-end
Five more face trial in Mannesmann court action
mobilcom nets EUR176.1 million for
Siemens to upgrade E-Plus network to GPRS
Infineon to invest heavily in China
Deutsche Telekom calls off sale of DeTeMedien
MobilCom to reduce stake in
KPN still interested in mmO2 Germany, if the price is right
KPN still interested in mmO2 Germany, if the price is right
Schmidt sees his MobilCom stake reduced
Siemens bullish over future handset orders
France Télécom looking for buyers for MobilCom stake
Broadband ISP reports strong sales growth
DT confounds analysts expectations with second straight quarterly profit
MobilCom turns the corner: shares up on strength of mobile gains
Regulator refuses MobilCom's second attempt at 3G refund
T-Com goes solo
Siemens Mobile to cut 2,300 jobs
RegTP gives DT go-ahead for fee increases
Garderos secures investor funding for expansion programme
Falling handset sales hit Siemens’ bottom line
mmO2 adds 500,000 users
mmO2 adds 500,000 users
The name’s bond……Deutsche bond!
EC to accommodate German 3G buddies
State bank to raise funds via Deutsche Telekom bond sale
Hansenet to offer pre-selection from August
SingTel and Ayala offered DT’s Filipino stake
SingTel and Ayala offered DT’s Filipino stake
Lucent bags 3G contract
C&W offloads German assets
C&W offloads German assets
MobilCom lenders approve Freenet fixed line takeover
German authorities coordinate network planning
Czech incumbent launches German operation
Czech incumbent launches German operation
Munich International Airport to become ‘hotspot’ hot spot
Dunstone targets German market
Dunstone targets German market
T-Mobile strikes coffee shop deal
DT back in black for first time in two years
DT back in black for first time in two years
Mobilcom 3G assets sold to KPN
Mobilcom 3G assets sold to KPN
T-Online International reports 22.1% rise in revenues
MobilCom to sell 3G network cheap
DT masts attracts interest
Outlook remains bleak for Siemens and Lucent
Outlook remains bleak for Siemens and Lucent
Five months in and Ricke moves to allay DT investor fears
Freenet takes over MobilCom’s fixed line services
Versatel to join forces with Tesion and Completel
Deutsche Telekom to reduce MTS holding
Deutsche Telekom to reduce MTS holding
T-Mobile performance offsets record loss at Deutsche Telekom
T-Mobile to launch t-zone data buckets
Deutsche Telekom to tap bond market
Schmid files for bankruptcy
Fixed line calls increase for Deutsche Telekom in Q4
T-Online planning to offer nVoD over DSL
Deutsche Telekom clarifies 3G plans
DT to continue asset sales despite strong subscriber growth
DT cable sale nears fruition
BT bags lucrative German outsourcing contract
BT bags lucrative German outsourcing contract
MobilCom rescue plan gets green light from EC
Lucent and T-Mobile launch pilot UMTS service
Quam stumps up EUR150 million to conclude dealings with E-Plus
Deutsche Telekom offloads Eutelsat, announces new debt reduction measures