Arcep to award 1.5GHz spectrum for 5G use by end-2022
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Bouygues Telecom’s revenues up 13% y-o-y in 1Q19
Iliad reports a 7.7% growth in revenues in 1Q19
Altice Europe reports France, International units back to growth in 1Q19
Iliad inks trio of tower deals with Cellnex
Iliad looking to sell mobile towers
Orange Group reports 'stable' revenues, growth in EBITDA in 1Q19
Altice Europe achieves FY18 guidance, paving way for return to growth in FY19
Altice Europe closes the sale of a 49.99% stake in SFR FTTH
Iliad Group reports marginal growth in revenues in 2018
Orange to offer FTTH services over all PINs in France
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Altice France expands LTE network to 99% of population
Court dismisses Bouygues’ case against Free Mobile
Iliad secures EUR300m loan to boost fibre footprint
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Orange reports accelerated growth in revenues, EBITDA in 2018
Bouygues Telecom’s 2018 revenues up 6% y-o-y
France to hold 5G auction in autumn
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Orange passes 12m homes and businesses with fibre
Free, Covage ink deal covering 1.4m fibre nodes
Bouygues conducts a 5G call in real conditions in Lyon
Altice, KKR create new tower company in France
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Altice agrees to sell 49.99% of SFR FTTH to trio of investors for EUR1.8bn
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Bouygues Telecom reports 9M net profit of EUR311m
Iliad reports 1.7% growth in revenues in 9M18
Orange reports growth in revenues, EBITDA in 9M18
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Free inks deal with Vendee Numerique; Netalis to launch 10Gbps speeds
Altice France achieves 2.3Gbps speeds in 5G demo; trials 5G in Reunion
Four cellcos submit applications for spectrum to Arcep
Altice Europe concludes DR tower sale; conducting ‘strategic review’ of fibre assets
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Iliad Group reports flat revenues, profit in 1H18
Orange to stop marketing PSTN products in November
Bouygues Telecom reports a 6.3% y-o-y growth in revenues in 1H18
Altice France looking for investors to fund fibre rollout
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
French govt invites applications for 900MHz, 1800MHz, 2100MHz spectrum
Orange CEO: Consolidation in France is unavoidable
Orange reports accelerated growth in revenues in H1 2018
SFR extends 5G trials to Toulouse, Nantes
Bouygues, Orange announce new 5G trials
Orange, Altice ink new fibre sharing deal
Arcep rules in favour of Iliad in FTTH dispute with Orange
Altice to sell stakes in new French, Portuguese tower units to cut debt
SFR achieves 1.6Gbps speeds in a 5G trial
Bouygues Telecom reports ‘sharp improvement in its financials’ in 1Q18
Iliad reports 0.8% growth in revenues in 1Q18 due to ‘fiercely’ competitive market
Bouygues extends LTE footprint to 96% of population
Nokia, SFR complete first 5G call in France
Orange Group reports continued growth in revenues, EBITDA in 1Q18
Bouygues denies plans to acquire SFR
Arcep to redistribute spectrum in 900MHz, 1800MHz and 2100MHz bands in June
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Altice generates revenues of EUR23.4bn in 2017
American Tower Corp, KKR vying for Altice towers
Altice offloads international wholesale voice business to Tofane
Iliad Group reports a 5.6% growth in revenues in 2017
Arcep issues two 5G trial licences; assigns 3.5GHz spectrum in Saint-Martin
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Bouygues, Huawei to trial 5G in Bordeaux
Bouygues Telecom reports improved performance in 2017
Orange reports accelerated revenues, EBITDA growth in 2017
Orange inks a fibre-optic deal with SPL BFC Digital
Bouygues reassigns spectrum in 1800MHz, 2100MHz bands for 4G
Bouygues expands LTE coverage to 95% of population
Arcep to start issuing temporary authorisations for 5G trials
French cellcos to invest EUR3bn in 4G deployments by 2020
Arcep outlines regulatory framework for Orange’s fixed networks until 2020
Altice abandons plans to deploy fibre on its own across all of France
Arcep details allocation process for 3.5GHz frequencies
Iliad reports 6.6% growth in revenues in 9M17
Bouygues Telecom reports a net profit of EUR229m in 9M17
Orange Group's commercial momentum remains strong in 9M17
Bouygues Telecom, TDF ink FTTH tie-up
Arcep proposes new unbundling tariffs for 2018-2020 period
Orange authorised to use 2100MHz band for LTE
Bouygues to offer services over Covage's Public Initiative Networks
Altice files a buyout offer followed by a squeeze-out for SFR Group
Iliad reports 22% growth in profit in 1H17
Bouygues Telecom reports EUR122m net profit in 1H17
Altice to file a buyout offer for SFR Group in September
Tower Talk: a guide to the latest major cell site developments
Arcep mulling early licence renewals in exchange for coverage commitments
Orange returns to growth in domestic market in H1 2017
Arcep consults on allocation procedure for spectrum in 3.5GHz band
SFR proposes to cover all of France with fibre by 2025
Orange offers peak 680Mbps LTE-A in Villefranche-sur-Saone
SFR, Huawei achieve 628Mbps downlink in MIMO trials
Arcep to award 3.5GHz frequencies for 5G use in September
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Court sides with Orange in ducts access case brought by Numericable
Bouygues selects Ciena for backbone network overhaul
Arcep authorises SFR, Bouygues to use 2.1GHz band for LTE
Altice to rebrand international units by 2Q18
Iliad Group reports 6.6% growth in revenues in 1Q17
Bouygues Telecom reports ‘sharp improvement’ in financials in 1Q17
SFR sues Orange over fibre-optic sharing agreement
Altice 1Q17 revenues rise 3.2% to EUR5.9bn
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Orange Group’s 1Q17 revenues boosted by convergent offers in Europe
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Nearly 90% of Paris households covered by FTTH networks
Bouygues, Ericsson achieve 25.2Gbps speeds in '5G' trial
French antitrust regulator fines Altice EUR40m over ‘Faber’ project
Altice 4Q16 revenues up 2.7% to EUR6.1bn
Iliad Group reports ‘outstanding commercial performance’ in FY 2016
Orange Group’s 2016 revenues, EBITDA on the rise
Bouygues Telecom’s profit surges to EUR169m in 2016
Orange, Huawei partner on 5G and cloudification
French state concludes first assessment of THD plan
Tower Talk: a guide to the latest major cell site developments
Orange Group seeking further acquisitions in Africa
Midweek M2M: IoT and machine-to-machine developments
Orange, Nokia collaborate on 5G developments
SFR expands 4G to 81% of population, 3C LTE-A available in 18 cities
Orange, Ericsson achieve peak rates of 10Gbps in 5G trials
Arcep consults on future use of 2.6GHz and 3.5GHz bands
French regulator adopts new guidelines to encourage investment in fibre
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
SFR deploys 3C LTE-A in 14 additional cities
Tower Talk: a guide to the latest major cell site developments
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
SFR fibre footprint reaches nine million premises
Iliad reports 6.4% revenue growth in 9M16
Bouygues Telecom reports net profit of EUR57m in 9M16
Trio establish new French fibre provider Vitis
Altice Group 3Q16 revenues flat at EUR5.998bn
M2M Monthly: a guide to recent machine-to-machine and IoT developments
Altice fined EUR80m over SFR takeover
Tower Talk: a guide to the latest major cell site developments
Orange reports accelerated revenues, EBITDA growth in 3Q16
Tower Talk: a guide to the latest major cell site developments
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Altice agrees to acquire additional shares in SFR
M2M Monthly: a guide to recent machine-to-machine and IoT developments
AMF blocks Altice-SFR public exchange offer
Orange extends LoRa presence to 18 urban locations
Tower Talk: a guide to the latest major cell site developments
Numericable could face EUR500m fine over SFR takeover
France to cover half of population with high speed broadband by year-end
Altice offers to acquire the remainder of SFR shares
Iliad’s revenues, subscribers up in H1 2016
Bouygues reports improvement in sales, EBITDA in first half of 2016
Altice Group Q2 revenues down 2.6% to EUR5.83bn
Free warns subscribers of lower 3G speeds from 1 September
Tower Talk: a guide to the latest major cell site developments
Orange’s 1H16 results boosted by EE sale
Bouygues accelerates 2G/3G/4G network rollout in Corsica
SFR set to roll out 1Gbps fibre to Lyon suburbs
Orange starting all-IP telephony migration in 2017
Arcep consults on geographical adjustment of unbundling tariffs
Arcep to gain a new power to resolve infrastructure disputes
Arcep to review two amendments to network sharing agreements
Orange, Free Mobile to end national roaming by 2020
Orange France to improve coverage in underserved areas
Altice, SFR achieve 3Gbps speeds in DOCSIS 3.1 field trial
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
French state: no current plans to exit Orange Group
Orange in talks with MIC over potential takeovers in Africa
SFR launches tri-band CA LTE in Brest; 20 cities to follow by year-end
Bouygues achieves 1Gbps LTE speeds using four-band CA
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Iliad’s revenues up by 7% to EUR1.2bn in 1Q16
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Bouygues Telecom posts 6% rise in Q1 revenue
Orange France, SNCF ink wholesale fibre agreement
Altice 1Q16 revenues drop 2.7% to EUR4.26bn
Orange reports revenue growth for third consecutive quarter
Altice/Numericable fined over Outremer Telecom sale
Arcep authorises Infosat to test TD-LTE in 2.6GHz band
French government doubles voting rights in Orange
Bouygues Telecom authorised to test TD-LTE in 3.5GHz band
Numericable-SFR places USD5.2bn of Senior Secured Notes with investors
France migrates to HD DTT to vacate 700MHz band for broadband services
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Orange, Bouygues merger talks collapse
Arcep likely to distribute 2.6GHz, 3.5GHz spectrum by end-2017
Bouygues to make final decision on Orange deal by 3 April
SFR to pay EUR4bn for portion of Bouygues’ assets
Altice upgrades broadband networks in three markets
Altice Group posts flat revenues in 2015
Bouygues in talks to sell off assets to Iliad, Numericable-SFR
Iliad’s profit increases 20.3% in 2015
Orange to deploy VoLTE, Wi-Fi Calling across Europe
Bouygues wants to obtain 15% stake in Orange
Bouygues Telecom adds one million subscribers in 2015
Orange France to shut down PSTN network
Orange Group exceeds all 2015 financial targets
Orange-Bouygues takeover talks to last until March
EC will not investigate a potential Orange/Bouygues deal
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Arcep warns of competition issues in Orange/Bouygues deal
Arcep consults on gradual termination of mobile network sharing
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Nokia gains control of Alcatel-Lucent; combination set for 14 January
Orange, Bouygues to begin acquisition talks in mid-January
Bouygues seeks EUR2.3bn in damages from the state
Proximus and KPN could be on the Orange radar
Orange in discussions to acquire Bouygues Telecom
Orange may face EUR500m fine for abusing dominant position
Arcep proposes increase in wholesale access in 2016/17
Numericable-SFR launches 800Mbps fibre in Nantes, LTE-A to follow by year-end
Orange deploying LoRa network in 17 locations; to trial IoT over GSM/LTE
Bouygues Telecom launches pilot VoLTE service
Four French cellcos secure 700MHz spectrum
Iliad reports strong revenues, subscriber growth in 9M15
Arcep settles mast sharing dispute between Free, SFR
Altice to accelerate its fibre investments in France, Portugal
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
SFR to replace Numericable brand, Virgin France will be phased out
Altice Group 3Q15 revenues drop 2.9%; EBITDA up 13%
Quartet authorised to bid in 700MHz spectrum auction
Orange Group raises FY2015 outlook on solid 3Q15 results
Arcep to hold 700MHz spectrum auction on 16 November
Competition regulator to review Numericable’s fibre commitments
ANFR authorised 18,600 4G sites by 1 October
Arcep authorises Orange to trial ‘5G’ in France
Four companies apply for spectrum in 700MHz band
Arcep awards additional 1800MHz spectrum to Free Mobile
Arcep rules in Free, Orange backhaul dispute
Iliad reports healthy revenue, subscriber growth in 1H15
Bouygues Telecom sues Numericable-SFR for EUR53m
Arcep adopts shared fibre access decision
MVNO Monday Q&A – JOi Telecom
France launches 700MHz spectrum auction
Arcep authorises SFR, Orange to refarm 1800MHz spectrum
Altice completes sale of Reunion, Mayotte mobile units; acquires 1.28m shares in Numericable-SFR
Orange Group reports revenues of EUR19.6bn in H1 2015
Altice Q2 revenue dips 2% y-o-y to EUR3.91bn
Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent merger cleared by European Commission
Numericable-SFR extends 4G to 1,370 areas in west France
France adopts Arcep’s 700MHz auction proposals
Bouygues’ Board of Directors rejects Altice’s offer
Altice offers EUR10.1bn in cash for Bouygues Telecom
Arcep submits plans for 700MHz tender
Plans to end Orange branding in Israel prompt political backlash
Orange interested in acquiring smaller European telcos
Numericable-SFR wants a review of fibre sharing agreement with Orange
FTTdp to be trialled in France in the coming months
Arcep submits draft decision on shared fibre access to EC
Orange France launches FTTH network in Saint-Malo
Iliad reports 7% increase in revenues in 1Q15
Numericable-SFR fined EUR51.6m
Bouygues Telecom revenues down by 2% in Q1 2015
Sales slow at Altice, though EBITDA on the up
Numericable-SFR, Altice acquire Vivendi stake
Numericable-SFR shareholders approve buyback programme
Numericable-SFR suspends liquidity contract with Exane BNP Paribas
Orange reports ‘almost stable’ revenues, EBITDA in Q1 2015
French companies to develop LTE multicast solution
Altice selects Cisco’s converged cable access platform
Orange France wants to cover all underserved rural areas this summer
French government approves amendment mandating rural mobile expansion
Orange France aims to offer 100% FTTH coverage in nine cities by 2016
Nokia to acquire Alca-Lu for EUR16.5bn
Nokia confirms talks to acquire Alcatel-Lucent
Free Mobile has met its 3G rollout obligation
Arcep to launch 700MHz auction in July
Bouygues Telecom to launch IoT network in June
Numericable-SFR’s FTTH network passes 288,000 households in Loire Valley
French telcos asked to address 2G/3G rural coverage gaps within 18 months
Orange unveils new strategic plan, Essentials 2020
Iliad reports strong revenue, subscriber growth in 2014
Altice to sell Reunion, Mayotte mobile operations to Hiridjee Group
Altice sees pro forma revenues and EBITDA fall in FY 2014
Numericable-SFR revenue down 5% in 2014 despite subscriber growth
Vivendi agrees to sell its Numericable-SFR stake
Orange interested in a deal with Telecom Italia
Bouygues Telecom’s revenue down 5% in 2014
Numericable-SFR publishes reference offers for access to its fixed infrastructure
Altice offers to buy out Vivendi’s 20% stake in Numericable-SFR
‘Loi Macron’ to strengthen Arcep power
Orange Group achieves all 2014 financial targets
Altice mulling Bouygues Telecom takeover
SFR expands LTE-A footprint to cover Marseille
SFR launches LTE-A in Lyon
Bouygues achieves 300Mbps with three-band CA
Orange interested in Bharti Airtel, MIC’s African assets?
Outremer Telecom cancels mobile tariff hikes in Reunion, Mayotte
Orange establishes African ‘hothouse’ investment programme, Orange Digital Ventures
Anti-trust watchdog to investigate Numericable’s mobile tariff hikes in Reunion, Mayotte
Covage secures second FTTH contract in Seine-et-Marne
France assigns the 700MHz band to CSA, Arcep
French court rules in favour of Bouygues on 4G licence fees
Free Mobile awarded LTE spectrum in the 1800MHz band
Free Mobile to meet 3G coverage obligations prior to deadline
Arcep consults on 700MHz spectrum for ultra-high speed broadband services
Free Mobile to offer 3G/4G services on Paris metro
Orange, Ericsson trial live FDD LTE-A in 3.5GHz band
France to allocate 700MHz frequencies in December 2015
Numericable-SFR Group launches 800Mbps broadband in Paris
EC approves Arcep’s draft decision on fixed and mobile termination markets; questions SMS termination
SFR plans to extend 4G to 70% of population by end-2015
Numericable closes SFR deal; Virgin Mobile France takeover approved
Bouygues accuses Free of ‘misleading commercial practice’
Hauts-de-Seine Conseil puts FTTH infrastructure up for sale
Altice interested in acquiring Bouygues Telecom
Numericable to finalise SFR takeover on 27 November; Virgin Mobile acquisition underway
Carlyle and Cinven to offload USD422m stake in Altice
Cost savings help push up EBITDA at Altice
Bouygues Telecom acquires corporate ISP 1913
Bouygues Telecom's 9M revenue down 5% y-o-y
SFR reports improved revenue growth trend in 9M14
Iliad Group reports rising revenues, subscribers in 3Q14
SFR, Bouygues 4G network sharing pact underway
Numericable-SFR deal could disrupt fibre rollouts
18,087 LTE BTS now authorised in France
Free plans to cover 95% of French population with 3G by 2016
Orange France signs fibre agreement with Angers Loire Habitat
Bouygues Telecom to offer 1Gbps FTTH from 17 November
Numericable launches EUR4.7bn capital increase
France grants conditional approval to Numericable, SFR deal
Sequalum loses Hauts-de-Seine contract
Orange Group reports slower revenue decline in 3Q14
SFR debuts LTE-A in Toulon; adds three new fibre markets
Orange Group considers flotation of MEA units, report says
Arcep adopts decision on fixed telephony markets
Iliad has no immediate plans to provide access to Netflix
SFR expands LTE footprint; Netflix now available to Red subscribers
Arcep publishes results of FTTH network access pricing consultation
Orange signs fibre agreement with Vendee Department
Orange France to launch LTE-A in the capital in October
Orange France jumps on the Netflix bandwagon
France’s 700MHz auction expected in 2015
State-owned bank sells 1.9% stake in Orange Group for EUR584m
Alcatel-Lucent sells Enterprise unit to China Huaxin
SFR launches fibre services in Saint-Quentin
Competition watchdog refuses to suspend SFR-Bouygues sharing deal
Arcep initiates proceedings against eleven operators
Arcep consults on termination rates for the 2014-2017 period
Bouygues Telecom to offer Netflix from November 2014
Iliad reports 10% rise in H1 sales, but profits edge down
SFR’s revenues down 4.7% in H1; sale price for telco falls
Bouygues Telecom 1H14 revenues drop 5% to EUR2.2bn
Altice deploys DOCSIS 3.1 with Teleste
Arcep officially regains its power to sanction
Telecom Italia, Vivendi reportedly in talks over possible ‘alliance’
Altice Group EBITDA up 8.5% to EUR383m
Bouygues: no takeover bids received for telecoms arm
Covage up for sale; owners seeking EUR200m
Autorite de la Concurrence to perform in-depth investigation of SFR-Numericable deal
Orange Group revenues drop 3.4% to EUR9.8bn in 2Q14
Arcep settles two disputes
Arcep launches public consultation on use of open spectrum
Altice acquires a 34.6% stake in Numericable from Carlyle and Cinven
SFR to compensate users following network outage
Orange deploys LTE-A in Strasbourg and Toulouse
Arcep consults on standardised processes for FTTH network sharing
French companies aim to participate in 5G standardisation process
Arcep instructs SFR, Free to revise 4G coverage maps
Arcep permits extension of VDSL2 to all lines in Orange local loop
Orange will not pursue consolidation of the French market
Bouygues Telecom launches low-cost 400Mbps fibre plan
Numericable agrees to acquire French MVNO
Arcep said to be concerned about Bouygues-SFR network sharing deal
Altice in USD1.24bn share sale to help fund Numericable buy
Orange tops Arcep’s QoS survey in 1Q14
Conseil d’Etat validates Bouygues' refarming of the 1800MHz band for LTE services
Numericable, SFR sign merger agreement
Orange to launch commercial LTE-A in July; SFR to follow suit by end-2014
Bouygues Telecom launches LTE-A in six cities
Bouygues set to implement 400Mbps fibre upgrade by end-June
Bouygues Telecom unveils transformation plan
Iliad’s bid for Bouygues Telecom said to be insufficient
Altice France ups its direct stake in Numericable to 40%
Orange hires banks to assess bid for Bouygues Telecom?
ANFR authorised 15,689 4G sites by 1 June
Arcep launches five inquiries into 3G rollouts, QoS
Bouygues Telecom chooses Ericsson for VoLTE upgrade
Numericable in exclusive talks to acquire Virgin Mobile France
Iliad’s revenue tops EUR1bn mark in 1Q14
Bouygues Telecom's revenues, EBITDA drop 5%, 23% in 1Q14
Orange, Bouygues open to potential consolidation in the market
Vivendi net profit up by 20.1% to EUR161m in 1Q14
Bouygues Telecom to adopt austerity plan?
SFR, Vodafone extend global strategic agreement
Bouygues, SFR to bid for Virgin Mobile; Arcep rules in Orange, Omea Telecom tariff dispute
Vivendi finalises Telindus France takeover
Orange France logs complaint against Bouygues, SFR network sharing deal
Orange Group reports fall in Q1 revenue to EUR9.8bn, restated EBITDA dips 3.8%
Numericable expects SFR's revenues to decline until 2015
Virgin France launches LTE over SFR, Bouygues networks
Competition watchdog to conduct ‘thorough’ examination of SFR-Numericable merger
Orange signs agreement to offer FTTH services in Ain
Orange unveils international partnership programme
Numericable secures EUR11.64bn debt financing to bankroll SFR acquisition
Iliad in discussions to acquire Bouygues Telecom
Vivendi agrees to sell SFR to Numericable; takes 20% stake in combined company
Carlyle, Cinven acquire roughly 20% stake in Altice Group
Bouygues clarifies that both its SFR offers remain valid
Arcep updates its March 2012 decision on net neutrality
Bouygues looking for investors to improve SFR bid; Vivendi will ‘examine the offer with rigour’
Vivendi calls for improved offer from Altice
Carphone Warehouse looking to divest stake in French MVNO; co-owner Virgin Group considers future plans
Not giving up: Bouygues Telecom raises SFR offer
Numericable reveals details of proposed merger with SFR
Bouygues Telecom covers 69% of population with LTE
Vivendi in exclusive negotiations with Altice over SFR sale
Arcep regains power to sanction; indoor FTTH installation regulations clarified
Auchan Telecom unveils 4G offer
Bouygues Telecom revises SFR bid
Bouygues, Alca-Lu to collaborate on three projects
Numericable 2013 revenues rise marginally, while profit plunges
Altice Group: not planning to raise its bid for SFR
Vivendi seeking final offers for SFR by 12 March
Iliad reports 49.5% surge in mobile revenues to EUR1.3bn in 2013
Bouygues Telecom to sell parts of its network to Iliad, if SFR bid successful
Vivendi receives two offers for SFR
Orange posts 5.8% sales drop, but profit jumps
Bouygues moves forward with SFR takeover plan
Numericable said to be mulling USD15.2bn cash bid for SFR
Bouygues mulls potential alliance with SFR; introduces low-lost triple-play offer
Orange France to pay EUR51m to SFR for ‘abuse of dominance’
Bouygues Telecom reports 11% decline in revenues in 2013
Vivendi confirms Altice approach for SFR deal
Vivendi reports 9.1% decline in net profit in 2013
Bouygues to commercially deploy LTE-A in June
Numericable in talks with Vivendi to buy SFR
SFR deploys LTE in Alpe d'Huez, Chamonix and Les Houches
Orange LTE-A trial authorised by Arcep
Vivendi to acquire Telindus France; Numericable plans to make an offer for SFR
Orange launches contactless mobile payments in Strasbourg and Caen
Arcep opens consultation on FTTdp
Numericable fibre network passes five million home milestone
Vivendi seeking EUR7bn for SFR spinoff
Numericable to offer LTE access to fibre-optic subscribers
Arcep to analyse SFR, Bouygues network sharing agreement
French watchdog to regain power to sanction operators
Arcep adopts decision to help facilitate FTTH network rollouts
Altice acquisition of Numericable approved by comptroller
SFR, Bouygues close to finalising network sharing deal
Vivendi considering offloading SFR to Numericable
French government to impose tougher obligations for 700MHz auction
Alca-Lu to upgrade SFR’s broadband network
Concerns raised over 700MHz spectrum sale deadline in France
ANFR authorised 12,525 4G sites by 1 Jan 2014
French government wants Arcep to intervene in the price war
SFR to launch a low-cost 4G RED plan; Bouygues will cut its fixed broadband prices next year
SFR and RATP launch 4G on Line A of the RER
Orange to cover Paris metro, RER with 3G/4G; LTE on Sosh plan from 9 January
Iliad provides smartphone lease deals to subscribers
Numericable ordered to pay EUR6m to Free
Bouygues, Orange respond to Iliad’s 4G challenge
Bouygues will compensate subscribers after network outage
Virgin Mobile signs 4G agreement with SFR
French Competition Authority refuses to intervene in network sharing agreement
French LTE price war in full swing; Free provides 4G access for just EUR2
'Price war' expected as Bouygues responds to Free Mobile 4G launch with free LTE
Numericable, SFR agree MVNO deal; Iliad re-finances EUR1.4bn loan
Ministers express concerns over Free’s 4G offer
Iliad adds low cost 4G to its service portfolio
Paris court orders telcos, search engines to block 16 video steaming sites
Iliad asks to join SFR, Bouygues network sharing talks
Vivendi’s supervisory board backs demerger plans
Numericable, SFR merger still a possibility
UFC-Que Choisir denounces operators for degrading 3G network
Altice to raise Numericable stake to 40%; cableco to be consolidated by Altice Group
Arcep launches public consultation on FTTH rollouts in small buildings
Vivendi reports 14.8% decline in profit in 3Q13
Iliad (Free) reports 23% growth in revenue to EUR2.8bn in 9M13
Bouygues Telecom reports 13% decline in revenue to EUR3.45bn in 3Q13
Numericable’s IPO ten times oversubscribed
French consumer watchdog files a complaint against Orange, SFR
Bouygues seeks EUR53m in damages from Numericable
Arcep to reconsider universal service costs
Numericable, Valvision sign merger agreement
SFR, Orange ink FTTH agreement with Lille
Security agency prompts overseas operators to strip out Chinese equipment
Orange Group reports 4.0% drop in revenues to EUR10.2bn
Arcep to adjust list of ‘very densely populated areas’
Alca-Lu close to securing a deal with ‘major domestic telco’
China Telecom, Orange launch ‘CTExcelbiz’
SFR completes ‘first LTE-A trial in France’
Vivendi loses EU court appeal against Orange France
Orange France launches VDSL2 service
Bouygues Telecom to conduct LTE trial in 800MHz band in mountain areas
Numericable kicks off ‘investor education’ ahead of IPO
SFR dismisses complaint against Bouygues’ 4G advertising
Vivendi appoints banks ahead of SFR listing
Orange France postpones copper switch-off in Palaiseau until 2018
SFR launches 4G LTE in Nantes, Saint-Etienne and Toulon
BT launches fibre network in Paris
ARCEP accuses Free of misleading customers
Bouygues Telecom confirms 1800MHz LTE launch on 1 October
Numericable unveils IPO plans; 20% to 40% of its capital to be listed
Orange taps Ericsson for M2M platform
Virgin to offer 4G services over Bouygues’ network
Orange France selects AIRCOM for LTE network planning
Numericable prepares IPO for early November
Smartphone tax postponed until 2015
SFR: 84% of Paris in 4G LTE by end-September
Vivendi plans to demerge SFR from its media businesses
Numericable upgrades FTTH speeds to 200Mbps in Nantes
French MVNO Auchan sold to EI Telecom
Orange’s 4G network now covers 390 towns
ANFR authorised 7,896 LTE-enabled BTS by end-July
Xavier Niel sells 3% of Iliad Group to private investors
Free (Iliad) reports 78% surge in profit
Numericable, Completel to merge ahead of IPO
SFR extends its 4G coverage in Paris
SFR reports 11.3% drop in revenues to EUR5.1bn
Bouygues Telecom reports 15% drop in revenues
Orange Group, SFR sued by rivals for abusing dominant positions
Orange Group 1H13 revenue down 4.5% to EUR20.6bn
Arcep opens consultation on universal service costs
SFR and Bouygues negotiate infrastructure sharing
Arcep rules on Free-Google traffic dispute
Omea Telecom’s revenue up 8%
France Telecom Marine rebrands as Orange Marine
SFR signs FTTH agreement with Aubervilliers
EC raids telecoms operators over antitrust concerns
SFR launches 4G LTE in Strasbourg
State Council rejects Free’s appeal against Arcep’s decision
State Council confirms Arcep’s power to observe net neutrality
Auchan Telecom might be up for grabs?
Orange France to deploy 5,000 VDSL2 exchanges
France to amend law on Arcep’s power to sanction
Orange France signs FTTH agreement with Brittany region
EU’s Court of Justice rules against EC in French telecoms tax dispute
France plans to allocate 700MHz band to telecoms in 2015
Alca-Lu announces major corporate reorganisation – The Shift Plan
Orange France and Nantes Habitat ink agreement for FTTH rollout
Orange launches Joyn
Rothschild to lead Numericable’s IPO
SFR rolls out 4G LTE in Toulouse
Free joins FT-Orange against Bouygues’s 4G authorisation
Bouygues to offer VDSL2 from November 2013
SFR launches ‘Red’ quad-play bundle to quash ‘Sosh’
Gores Group acquires FT-Orange’s Etrali
FT-Orange files an appeal against Bouygues’ 4G authorisation
Bouygues Telecom confirms nationwide 4G launch: 1 October 2013
Free upgrades to VDSL2 in Dordogne, Gironde
SFR upgrades FTTP to 300Mbps; launches pilot 1Gbps network in Paris
ARCEP reports 22% annual growth in high speed broadband subscriptions
The future is Orange for France Telecom
One, two, Free – Iliad improves wireless offer for existing customers
SFR rolls out 4G LTE in Lille
ARCEP publishes the contributions to PMR systems’ consultation
Iliad revenue triples to EUR907.2m
Bouygues Telecom reports near 74% tumble in profits to EUR28m
Orange-France launches LTE in Cannes
Vivendi’s profit slumps to EUR672mn
SFR launches FTTH in Saint-Priest
Vivendi says IPO of French telco SFR possible
VDSL2 nationwide launch set for autumn after Committee approval
Bouygues to launch LTE in six cities on 6 May; four more to follow in June
Orange France relies on 4G to increase profitability
Bouygues launches BBox Business Enterprises
FTTdp nears commercial deployment
FT reports a fall in first-quarter revenues, earnings as mobile price war bites
Orange uses vectored VDSL to increase performance of Livebox Play home gateway
Buyout groups weigh Numericable IPO
Ericsson expanding, upgrading Orange 4G/3G/2G network
EC dismisses SFR complaint against Orange and Free
FT-Orange, SFR strike FTTH deal covering all of Ile-de-France
Arcep’s LLU consultation begins
Xavier Niel plans to ‘surprise’ market if Iliad enters 4G sphere
Bouygues Telecom CEO says LTE will go live within weeks
Reliance integrates Hawk with global network
Orange France targets 30% LTE coverage by end of 2013
Cellcos to run tests into 800MHz LTE and DTT interference
France’s Numericable reports 1.1% rise in FY 2012 revenues
Iliad net income slips on higher D&A
Arcep gives green light to Bouygues for 1800MHz LTE
Arcep outlines 1800MHz refarming plans
Identify yourself, Arcep tells Skype
Competition watchdog says Iliad should end roaming deal by 2018
EC abandons mobile networks standards collusion probe
FT-Orange distances itself from Maroc Telecom speculation, outlines expansion plans
SFR to close 150 stores according to report
Mobile launch sends Iliad revenues soaring
Bouygues reports 41% drop in FY12 net profits, as telecoms arm weighs heavy
SFR selects Cisco Systems for mobile internet network
Vivendi beats profit target despite SFR’s performance; delays GVT sale
Numericable to table cash offer for SFR?
France to plough EUR20bn into fibre broadband networks
FT writedown hits bottom line, warns of tough 2013
France sees strong subscriber growth
Arcep to consult operators on 1800MHz refarming
FT-Orange sees LTE as tariff-raising opportunity as SFR eyes Paris launch
French MVNOs receive green light for 4G services
Lycamobile's French subscriber base passes one million milestone
Free Mobile hits five million subs mark as coverage reaches 50%
Bouygues may have to wait for regulatory approval
Orange seeks new horizons
Antitrust regulator warns against mergers
Court rejects Free’s claims of ‘unfair and misleading practices’ by SFR
Numericable records 40% broadband subscriber growth
FT-Orange determined to enter additional African countries
FT-Orange restricting streaming video access in peering dispute
Free upgrades monthly call packages to include overseas territories
SFR to invest up to EUR1.6bn in 2013
Free Mobile bags new 900MHz spectrum, as watchdog opposes mooted merger with SFR
FT-Orange plays an ACE
FT-Orange and China Mobile begin NFC collaboration
Bouygues hoping to be allowed to use 1800MHz for 4G
Competition authority fines FT-Orange, SFR for abusing market position
Bouygues unhappy with Free Mobile’s smear tactics
SFR may drop its IPTV service in favour of Canal+ offering
Free Mobile shakes up the market again with improved offer
Bouygues and SFR resume network sharing discussions
856 jobs to go as SFR looks to cut costs
SFR to cut around 10% of its workforce
Bouygues sells towers
Orange launches LTE in four cities
Auchan Telecom to drop triple-play services
SFR on Weather radar; French consolidation also a possibility
Free Mobile continues strong subscriber growth
Virgin Mobile France sees customer numbers slip but focus now on post-paid sector
Vivendi Q3 results highlight continuing woes at SFR
Numericable sees 0.9% increase in Q3 revenues
Mobile user base continues to grow in France, though SMS is proving less popular
Vivendi sets EUR7bn price-tag on GVT
FT-Orange sees 2012 sales at EUR44 billion
French competition authority to look at Free Mobile roaming deal
Newspaper claims SFR and Iliad are in talks over tie-up
FT-Orange reports lower revenue and EBITDA; slashes dividend
French lobby group warns against higher taxes
French government may oppose SFR deal
SFR and Numericable merger could be on the cards
Iliad’s Free roaming deal does not come cheap
Vodafone rumoured to be interested in SFR
France to get new MVNO with Joe Mobile from SFR
FT-Orange bucks trend with plan to hire 4,000 staff by 2015
FT-Orange sees 4G as vital to improving ARPU
Infosat Telecom allowed to trial Super Wi-Fi
SFR to launch NFC mobile payment card
Free Mobile still making waves in French telecoms market
French ISPs to have service quality measured
SFR plans LTE launch in late November
French local authorities will not rest in peace with RIP
Cellcos secure deal with Paris authorities to deploy LTE masts
French cellcos agree a 4G deal with Paris officials
FT-Orange likely to slash 2012 dividends
SFR, Verizon and others form Network Team alliance
Bouygues in tower sale talks
Iliad posts strong first half results
France Telecom approaches rivals over 3G network sharing
Revenues and profits fall at Bouygues Telecom
Iliad secures loan from EIB for broadband improvements
Arcep reports strong increase in mobile subscribers in Q2
Arcep to cut Iliad's termination rates advantage
Tough competition at home hits FT-Orange results
Iliad sues SFR over subsidies
Government hopes to limit job losses
Bouygues says French market is in 'self-destructive spiral'
Orange apologises for network failure
SFR and Bouygues looking to cut costs as competition hits
SFR to deploy 3G and 4G for Parisian train users
Levy out as Vivendi mulls major corporate shake-up
Orange unveils SIM-based NFC contactless payment plans
Vivendi plans further cuts at SFR
SFR and Verizon partner to serve multinationals in France
FT-Orange lights Marseille 4G network
Huawei signs device MoU with France Telecom-Orange
Bouygues Telecom to drop Simyo pre-paid brand in France
Virgin Mobile France books GBP390.2m revenue in 2011
China Telecom to build European MVNO base
Free Mobile looking to build on good start
Free Mobile network coverage still doubted
FT shareholders say ‘non’ to dividend cut proposal
Orange France expects mobile ARPU to be down 10% this year
Alcatel-Lucent partners with French cellcos for mobile profile service
Orange gets off to a flying start with NFC
Bouygues loses 379,000 subscribers as competition bites
SFR loses 620,000 mobile subscribers in frantic first quarter
Free Mobile gets off to flying start
Arcep reports strong increase in mobile subscribers in Q1
Virgin Mobile France reports 20% jump in Q4 sales
Bouygues buys French reseller Darty Telecom
Bollore Telecom defends WiMAX position
Competition at home hits FT-Orange results
Vivendi break-up on the cards?
Virgin Mobile France signs full MVNO deal with Orange
Iliad extends FreeWiFi access to mobile customers
Free Mobile roaming deal could generate EUR2bn for FT
EC queries French MTRs
SFR and Bouygues considering rural network sharing scheme
FT-Orange CEO against dividend cut
SFR chief says customers beginning to return after Free launch
FT-Orange employees propose dividend cut
Virgin Mobile France set to take on Free in quad-play and mobile markets
Free Mobile and Orange roaming deal questioned
Vivendi’s SFR prepares ‘urgent’ review to tackle Iliad threat
Orange may block Free roaming traffic to ease peak-time congestion
Free Mobile has 2.2m subs says Bouygues
FT-Orange plans to roll out LTE across EU markets by 2015
Bouygues Telecom reveals LTE plans
Free Mobile suffering from congestion
FT-Orange transfers to single TV software platform
Regulator sets MTRs for trio of French operators
Bouygues fights back in French mobile price war
FT-Orange invests in venture capital partnership
Iliad’s Free Mobile to up FY12 network spend
Iliad posts 4.1% sales growth in 2011
SFR could cut jobs to offset losses from Free Mobile migrations
France Telecom in line for Free payday
Vivendi chief criticises Orange/Free Mobile roaming deal
Vivendi reports slight decline in sales for 2011, but profits are up 9.4%
Free Mobile meets network rollout requirements
Bouygues sees sales rise in 2011, but expects declines this year
Orange and Facebook collaborate on mobile internet development
FT-Orange to launch entry-level smartphone
FT-Orange reports slight decline in sales
Orange admits over a million defections since launch of Free Mobile
FT network creaking under weight of Free Mobile users
Free Mobile is too cheap say resellers
Iliad hit with fine for throttling
Bouygues selects Ericsson for 2G, 3G and 4G equipment
France Telecom-Orange to double fibre investment this year
Arcep looking to boost MNP capacity to meet surge in demand
Arcep to check Free’s mobile network after rivals call foul
FT publishes new 2012 reference offers, regulated wholesale tariffs
Free Mobile launch hitting MVNOs hardest, paper says
Free Mobile said to be signing up 100,000+ new users per day
France Telecom-Orange, Bouygues ink deal on fibre deployment
French mobile war hotting up: Orange, SFR to cut prices
France Telecom-Orange announces US placement of USD900m in 30-year notes
Iliad’s odyssey underway as Free Mobile finally launches
France raises EUR2.64bn in 800MHz 4G auction
Arcep slaps EUR5m fine on Numericable
KPN to sell French Simyo business to Bouygues
Alca-Lu increases FT’s network capacity with Paris-London link
Four line up for France’s second 4G licence auction
Arcep clears Iliad for mobile launch
France Telecom-Orange launches ‘Fibre Pro’ for professionals
Competition watchdog favours lower termination rates for MVNOS, paper says
European court rules against FT in state aid appeal case
Arcep reports strong fibre growth
KPN contemplates offloading ‘difficult’ French asset
Orange France passes one million ‘Open’ quad-play users mark
Regulator to trim FT’s unbundling rate from 1 January, paper says
Arcep warns seven WiLL licence holders for failing to meet rollout terms
Early Xmas cheer as Free Mobile hits coverage target
Numericable corners four-fifths of fibre market, Arcep says
Orange to host MVNO Ortel Mobile on its French network
Bouygues Telecom reports 3% rise in 9M sales
SFR 9M revenues down on VAT and MTR cuts
France Telecom-Orange, SFR strike agreement to roll out fibre to less densely populated areas
Iliad (Free) reports 5% rise in Q3 sales
Bouygues Telecom picks Alca-Lu for IP upgrade
Covage wins Nantes’ metropolitan fibre contract
FT and Publicis Groupe launch venture-capital fund to boost development of the digital economy
FT sees Q3 results slip
FT Congo deal nears close; Iliad founder tipped as Swiss bidder
FT and DT launch procurement joint venture
WiMAX coverage obligations unfulfilled
Arcep allocates 4G 2.6GHz spectrum; deadline for 800MHz applications 15 December
FT, China Telecom ink partnership agreement
Bollore Telecom could lose WiMAX licences, report says
Greater Paris region to invest EUR15m per annum in fibre, paper says
Bouygues Telecom to deploy 42Mbps on 3G+ network
French LTE auction nets EUR936m for government
SFR and Nokia Siemens Networks test LTE in Marseille
Sistema enters into asset swap talks with France Telecom
Arcep receives four bids for 4G 2600MHz mobile spectrum
FT to drop corporate brand name in favour of Orange by summer 2012
NRJ mobile inks full MVNO deal with SFR
France Telecom poised to lose appeal over USD1.55bn tax break
Court dismisses Iliad’s call to halt 4G mobile licence auction
FT mixes it up with low-cost Sosh mobile brand; issues USD2bn in notes
Arcep: broadband and ultra-high speed market topped 22m in June
Iliad posts healthy results ahead of mobile launch
Bouygues Telecom says sales up, profits down
SFR posts first half figures
Iliad (Free) petitions courts over 4G licensing terms
French telcos consider capping ‘unlimited’ web access
France: mobile market climbs to nearly 66m in June
Regulator to cut fixed termination rates from October
FT revenue up in H1 but profit drops on UK sale
France Telecom and Free to cooperate on rural fibre deployment
B&You: Bouygues tackles the internet generation
IPTV subs jump 20% to 11.4 million
Lycamobile est arrivé!
Court of Appeal Court backs Arcep on fibre access
Bouygues cries foul on government’s 4G licence plan
Vodafone signs off on USD11bn sale of SFR stake
Arcep kicks off 4G auction
Free Mobile could launch in October, paper says
Bouygues breaks one million broadband subscribers barrier
Arcep asked to step in as fibre disputes escalate
Virgin Mobile parent inks ‘full MVNO’ deal with SFR
Broadband market reaches 21.8m connections in 1Q11
French LTE auction imminent
FT outlines strategic, financial goals for 2011-2015
Regulator launches public consultation on 3.5GHz WiLL services
Iliad (Free) taps bond markets
FT to review European assets; spotlight falls on Austria, Portugal
FT predicts further European consolidation
French hope to raise USD3.5bn in 4G auction
SFR revenues down on sales taxes and regulatory changes
EU throws out legal challenge to fourth 3G licence award
Arcep announces mobile call rate cuts for 2011/13
Regulator says French telcos need to up investment significantly
Industry minister says 4G auction will kick off by end-May
FT’s first-quarter results ‘in line’ with guidance; cites ‘difficult conditions’ in Egypt and Cote d'Ivoire
FT and DT forming joint venture for procurement
Free requests more time for LTE auction, paper says
Arcep to start 4G auction by May 2011
French cellcos meet government’s 3G coverage targets
Vodafone sells SFR stake to Vivendi for USD11.3bn
Arcep notifies EC of planned mobile termination cuts until 2013
SFR ownership rumours continue
Arcep hints at FT breakup plan, paper says
Iliad posts 4.3% rise in 2010 revenue
Arcep reports 21.3m fixed broadband connections
Orange France, Free Mobile sign 2G roaming deal, agree to include 3G
Bouygues Telecom reports full-year 2010 results
Vivendi units report 2010 results
FT’s 2010 EBITDA down 1.3% despite broadband subscriber gains
Orange and DT considering network collaboration plan
Bouygues goes for BoostEdge to optimise 3G
Orange makes IPTV service even juicier
Competition bites: French telcos opt against hiking mobile prices
Arcep: mobile base climbed 4.6% last year
FT commits to far-reaching FTTH rollout plan
French cellcos, Atos Origin establish online payment business
Regulator to allow overseas operators to reuse GSM spectrum for 3G
FT, SFR emerge successful in ‘antitrust’ appeal
FT signs up to five-year EUR6bn credit facility
FT to acquire 49% of Dailymotion
Sacre blur!! EU to pore over French regulatory amendment
Bouygues to absorb VAT increase; only ADSL customers affected
SFR announces unlimited mobile calls plan
Iliad founder Niel to sell about 1.3% of group’s capital
French MVNO M6 signs up 1.9m subscribers
Virgin Mobile, TDF postpone French mobile TV project
More telcos raise prices to offset VAT hike
SFR signs HSPA+ enhancement deal with NSN
That’s Nice! Commercial rollout of mobile contactless services paves way for national deployment
Arcep gives backing to SFR, Bouygues joint fibre rollout plan
Virgin in talks over ADSL tie-up
Telecom Italia Sparkle and Cyta launch Israel-France high speed sub-system
Vodafone enters end game as it looks to sell SFR stake
France to auction 4G frequencies in 1H11; predicts 99% coverage by 2025
French high speed and ultra-high speed base up 360k in 3Q10
Arcep calls for shorter, fairer mobile contracts
Vivendi wary of paying too much for SFR if Vodafone wants out
Arcep provides guidelines on FT duct access pricing
FT closes tender offer; selling 2021 bond
Completel gains Altitude and reaches for the sky
SFR backing new Evolution triple-play package
Arcep backs FT in cable duct dispute
Free brand drives Iliad’s third-quarter growth
Vivendi’s Q3 beats expectations on Brazil telecom and gaming
FT to replicate UK mobile network sharing deals next year
FT looking to champion rural access across Africa
Bouygues reports 5% rise in 9M10 sales
Arcep extends metro MTR price caps and sets new caps for DOM territories
Arcep says French mobile base reached 62.59m at end-Sep
France Telecom 3Q performance boosted by new Open offering and smartphones
Country cousins SFR, Orange, Bouygues sharing rural UMTS-900 network
National Assembly approves VAT rise on triple-play
FT to slash cost of domestic fixed line services
State Council rejects request to rescind Free’s 3G licence
France Telecom's quad-play packages under scrutiny
Arcep publishes net neutrality report
FT to increase ADSL availability to more than 99% of households
Vodafone poised to sell SFR stake to Vivendi, paper says
Telcos say prices will have to rise if government hikes taxes
Arcep notifies EC of draft on wholesale voice MTRs
French tax hike could hit triple-play providers
Bouygues selects Ciena for DSL aggregation platform
FTTH subs climb 14.5% to 38,700 by end-June
FT to raise USD1.4bn through bond sale; looks to repay debt
FT dismisses suggestion of merger with German counterpart
Vivendi's first half boosted by telecoms units
La Poste seeks MVNO venture with SFR
Hike on triple-play VAT to appease EC?
Orange builds integrated portfolio with purchase of Alsy
EC challenges France Telecom state aid decision
FT to launch quad-play service this month
Iliad 1H10 revenues up 4.6% to USD1.35bn; ADSL subs continue to rise
FT 1H10 revenues dip 2.2%, profits boosted by one-time gain
Bouygues contracts Alca-Lu for mobile backhaul solution
SFR commits to EUR1.5bn annual spend on networks
FT unveils five-year action plan: ‘Conquests 2015’
Covage picks Ericsson for GPON fibre rollout
FT said to be considering 'four or five' deals in the MENA region
Competition authority gives FT green light for quad-play
Iliad secures USD1.7bn credit line ahead of mobile rollout
FT, Alca-Lu ink agreement for new 17,000km ACE submarine cable
FT wins appeal in USD11.3bn state aid case
Arcep awards 2100MHz frequencies to SFR, Orange
Incumbents refuse to play ball with Free on 3G network access
Acquisitions and gaming help fuel Vivendi’s 1Q10 revenues, profits
Bouygues Telecom performs well, but group sales dip 2% in Q1
Arcep receives three bids for ultra-high speed mobile frequencies
FT explains MobiNil ownership dispute resolution fee
Orange extends iPad partnership plans to France, Spain, Switzerland, UK
France welcomes new MVNO in Lebara Mobile
Numericable owners say 'non' to exit plan suggestion
Orange to have quad-play offer before September, report says
FT first-quarter sales, EBITDA in line with forecasts, confirms outlook
Arcep launches public consultation on local loop access rules
Virgin Mobile France to break deadlock with mobile TV launch?
Orange, SFR accused of data bottlenecks in La Defense, paper says
Net neutrality: French telcos hope to gain from new web traffic rules
Media regulator CSA authorises 13 for DVB-H licences
FT chief executive hints at EUR7bn spend in Africa, Middle East
Ortel Mobile launches French MVNO with Bouygues
Iliad reports rising 2009 profits on strong subscriber gains
Vivendi once again in hunt for full control of SFR
Arcep publishes preliminary data on 4Q broadband market growth
Postal operator to launch MVNO service
Bouygues reports solid FY2009 results
Vivendi surpasses markets expectations on telecoms, gaming
France sets 3G frequency lots at EUR120m each
FT reports 26% drop in net profits for 2009
French cellcos ink 3G network-sharing deal
SFR awards NSN three-year network contract, including LTE piloting
Bouygues picks picocell firm ip.access
Alca-Lu, Orange complete first phase of LTE tests
Iliad’s mobile unit selects NSN for core network
Orange ramps up mobile HD voice rollout in Europe
SFR awards major 2G/3G expansion deal and LTE trial contract to Alca-Lu
FT to invest EUR2bn in fibre by 2015
Orange, Alca-Lu to pool resources and R&D to boost ‘open’ innovation
French mobile base climbs 3% in Q4, up 6% y-o-y
FT’s new CEO targets joint ventures, but rules out major purchases
FT: Lombard to stand down following employee suicides
FT to increase networks access fees
Bouygues buoyed by BBox bonanza
Is France Telecom nearing crisis point? Newspaper says ‘Oui’
EC rules French telecoms tax ‘illegal’
Arcep to sell off remaining UMTS frequencies
Broadcasters, cellcos lukewarm on mobile TV
Huawei inks mobile equipment deals with SFR, Bouygues
Orange France ups HSDPA speeds to 14.4Mbps
Arcep concludes formal award of 3G licence to Iliad
Virgin Mobile chooses TI Sparkle
Iliad interested in additional wireless spectrum
New year, old chestnut
Bollore Telecom complete national WiMAX coverage
France considering 'Google' tax
Lombard says no plans to buy big in 2010
Iliad’s odyssey begins as it finally secures 3G licence
3G auction statement expected Friday
Sarkozy unveils EUR4.5bn government investment in ultra-high speed broadband
Bouygues Telecom picks Alca-Lu for LTE trials
Iliad launches French broadband offensive
European court throws out FT’s appeal on back taxes
Bouygues says ‘non’ to rumoured Orascom sale
Sawiris interested in Bougues Telecom, report says
Iliad (Free) in frame for fourth mobile licence; 17 Dec mooted as possible date for announcement
France to pump up to USD6bn into high-tech fibre projects, reports say
Bouygues mobile TV set to blow up with C4
Bouygues: strong subscriber growth in Q3, sales up 3%
Vivendi’s third-quarter EBITDA and net income rise; confirms outlook
Arcep says French mobile base up to 59.66m at end-September
Iliad reports 21.8% rise in 3Q revenue bolstered by Alice acquisition
Openwave inks network optimisation deal with Bouygues
Iliad confirmed as sole 3G licence bidder
FT reports 3Q dip in revenue and EBITDA
Iliad bids for fourth 3G licence
Arcep hints at possible pre-Xmas 3G licence award
French legislators to clamp down on illegal file-sharers
Arcep cautions Orange, SFR over 3G coverage
Numericable, Virgin bow out of French 3G auction
Bouygues submits complaint over fourth licence bid price
FT suspends restructuring plan following latest suicide
Carphone’s Virgin Mobile France unit acquires Tele2 France
Orascom opts out of fourth licence bid
Orascom in talks with Numericable, Virgin over fourth 3G licence, report says
FT appoints new deputy CEO as Louis-Pierre Wenes quits
Budget Telecom introduces purADSL plan
FT reels after another employee commits suicide
Bouygues breaks ten million mobile subscribers barrier
French president hints at 3G licence reservations
Caisse des Depots to invest EUR750m in FTTx
Vivendi posts solid 1H09 results, SFR ups market share
Bouygues 1H09 net income down 13%; sales up 6%
Iliad: net profit down 13% in 1H, confirms full year target
Bollore to team up with Orange, SFR to deliver WiMAX, paper says
French mobile base reaches 58.905m in June
Iliad (Free) reports 40.1% rise in 1H revenues
Government launches fourth licence process; FT to contest asking price
FT stays upbeat despite tough first half
FT fined for market abuse in French overseas territories
Arcep set to launch fourth mobile network licence tender, paper says
Zain turns down Vivendi offer
Alvarion and Bollore Telecom launch 4G Mobile WiMAX pilot
Vivendi in talks for controlling stake in Zain Africa
FT announces capacity upgrades on SEA-ME-WE4 and TAT14
French competition body questions FT pay-TV plans
Alca-Lu forecasts 8%-12% drop in global equipment market
SFR reports positive subscriber growth in Q2
Virgin linked to possible bid for fourth mobile licence
FT balks at multi-fibre plan: puts brakes on rollout plans
France to get new MVNO in HITS
France Telecom offers USD2.5bn in notes
Alca-Lu wins LTE backhaul network supply deal with DoCoMo
Arcep to award fourth 3G licence in Jan 2010, paper says
French regulator backs Iliad's fibre-optic plan
Arcep backs FT on wholesale rates
French agency to recommend raising fourth 3G licence fee to EUR240m, paper says
Vivendi named as possible Celtel buyer
Zain considering Celtel sale?
Arcep reports 660,000 net broadband additions in Q1
Iliad expands network with Cisco routing technology
Arcep to hold public consultation on plan to cut MTRs
French cellcos taking part in m-payment trials
Orange announces ‘new vision and brand campaign’ in Africa
Vivendi revenues up 24%, driven by 31.5% rise in sales at SFR
Bouygues Q1 revenues climb 6%
FT: Bouygues considers adding weight to Vivendi/Iliad complaint
Numericable considering move for mobile frequencies
Alca-Lu's losses widen as sales fall in core markets
Iliad 1Q revenues climb 42% y-o-y on broadband gains
Arcep: electronic communications revenues pass EUR11.3bn in Q4
France postpones 3G tender to review terms and conditions
Council confirms fourth 3G licence plan despite Bouygues’ objections
FT: Q1 net profit down on TV-related costs
Orange teams up with Wikimedia Foundation to forge mobile and internet partnership
FT revamps business segment reporting, implements IFRS 8
Telkom, Orange ink network services partner agreement
Arcep audit shows GSM coverage maps 96.5% accurate
Arcep publishes decision on 3G infrastructure sharing
Regulator opposes FT functional separation plan
French ultra-high speed subscriber base reaches 170,000
French regulatory round-up: FT, Bouygues walk away with bloody noses
Numericable’s 2009 focus: fibre expansion and improved services
FT rejects rivals’ network charges accusations
Iliad hopes for Homer run in mobile licence bid
Vivendi calls for FT network spin-off, report says
Iliad (Free) and neuf Cegetel offer free access to Canal+ channels
Arcep to license fourth 3G licence in June
FT’s 2008 profits slump 35.4% to USD5.1bn
Bouygues posts 9% rise in net income but lowers 2009 forecast
Iliad (Free), Vivendi file complaint to EU over FT
Vivendi posts FY2008 results, says goals achieved
Canal Plus files complaint over Orange France’s TV service
Alice purchase drives Iliad’s Q4 revenues up 43%
Altitude picks WiNetworks Solutions to help drive French expansion
French mobile base tops 58m at end-2008
Cellcos to launch user trial for new multimedia communication services in 2H 2009
Arcep publishes 3Q08 market report; telephony subs top 40.2m, broadband accesses hit 17.2m, IPTV base reaches 5.64m
Iliad (Free) offers EUR210m for fourth 3G licence
Appeal court upholds ban on Apple’s iPhone deal with Orange
Carrefour targets m-payments trials by year-end
Verwaayen explains thinking behind retaining ailing mobile gear division
MVNO collective Libre Choix warns government to choose wisely on fourth 3G licence
SFR opts for OCTEON solution to service NGN triple-play gateways for FTTH service
Orange France introduces satellite internet service
France to split fourth 3G licence into 5MHz lots
Iliad (Free) terminates Alice’s Budget Telecom contract
KPN introduces no-frills MVNO service in France
Orange and Canal+ ink deal to broadcast content via Astra satellite
Bouygues deploys Verimatrix video content system for IPTV
Numericable, Orange and SFR sign deal for fibre deployment in France
Competition Council tears up Orange iPhone exclusivity deal
Orange partners ACE, a new submarine fibre-optic cable that will connect 20 African countries to broadband internet
Alcatel-Lucent to wield axe as part of business revamp
Bouygues CEO: thumbs down to Free’s bid for fourth 3G licence
Regulator opens 3G network sharing consultation
Bouygues to deploy Starent solution to provide UMTS multimedia services
Arcep announces decision to cut MTRs
EU Commissioner welcomes Arcep plan to cut MTRs
Bouygues selects StreamWIDE for convergent messaging solution
Covage picks Infinera to deploy nationwide network in France
Bouygues 3Q results buoyed by construction, telecoms
Vivendi's Q3 net profits dip 13% on higher operating costs
FT offers GBP500m bond
Alice France purchase helps Iliad post sharp rise in Q3 revenues
Senate votes for new anti-piracy bill
Mobile base expands 6.3% y-o-y to 56.41m
FT to fall short of 2008 FTTH target
FT: 3Q sales rise 2.3%
SFR unveils HSPA-enabled MIDs thanks to Option tie-up
Arcep calls for 30% cut in mobile wholesale charges
FT eyes expansion in Southern Africa
Minister announces ‘France NumErique 2012’ digital economy plan
Bouygues launches IPTV service
France to auction fourth 3G licence in 1Q09
French regulator to renew overseas licences
Bouygues selects Teradata for enterprise data warehouse platform
FT acquires stake in HITS Uganda, creates Orange Uganda
Orange, SFR broaden fibre-optic agreement
France keen to restart mobile frequencies tender
Arcep presents initial guidelines for fibre deployments
Alca-Lu deploys Hub Telecom broadband network
EU court dismisses Bouygues’ 3G bid case
Bouygues inks WAP agreement with Jentro Technologies for mobile navigation and search solution
KPN to launch French MVNO with 20:20?
SFR unveils new logo, plans to drop neuf Cegetel brand
EU legal advisor backs FT in anticompetitive behaviour appeal
Orange launches BlackBerry Bold 3G+ smartphone
FT, SFR ink new fibre agreement
Arcep announces plan for fourth 3G licence tender
FT casts eye over Africa once again
Numericable’s fibre service tops 100,000 mark
Bouygues targets 20 October for triple-play launch
Bouygues announces MVNO deal with KPN
Orange launches 3G/UMA handsets
FT trials e-newspaper with Le Figaro and Le Monde
Regulator to open public consultation on mobile rates
French broadband user base tops 16.7m at end-June
Canal Plus, SFR boost Vivendi earnings
Iliad reports profitable first half; cruising to full-year broadband targets
Telecom Italia completes Alice France sale
Orange beefs up IPTV service
Bouygues Telecom reports first-half sales up 7%
French mobile base topped 56 million by end-June
Iliad’s 1H revenues up on subscriber gains
Tele2 Mobile closes in on 500,000 subscriber mark
France Telecom’s 1H profits down 19% on tax; proposes interim dividend
Regulator calls for level playing field for MVNOs
Alca-Lu CEO and chairman both stepping down
Telecoms and broadband drive Vivendi’s Q2 sales
France calls for SMS price cut
Razor-sharp Orange to launch BIC phone in France
FT signs MoU with Etisalat
Iliad two weeks away from securing financing for Alice buy
neuf Cegetel contracts Alca-Lu for Paris FTTH expansion
MVNOs ask to be made exempt from telecoms tax
FT launches in Niger
FT sets sights on Vietnam, Ghana, Algeria in wake of failed TeliaSonera bid
French government to tax telcos to finance public TV
Arcep to review state of play of WiMAX rollouts
SFR increases neuf Cegetel ownership to 96.41%
Bollore Telecom buys eight WiMAX licences from TDF
French cableco to offer ADSL services via Completel
Motorola selected for French WiMAX deployment
FT lifts bid deadline in an attempt to keep TeliaSonera interested
NOMOTECH to deploy Redline products for French WiMAX networks
Arcep considers new options for fourth 3G licence
TeliaSonera not moving until FT increases its bid, paper says
Iliad holds exclusive talks to buy Alice France
France Telecom close to walking away from TeliaSonera proposal
Arcep issues 3G spectrum for overseas departments
TeliaSonera board dismisses FT’s informal offer
Bouygues Q1 operating profit up 14%
Iliad odyssey remains fourth mobile licence
FT appoints advisor as it looks to progress TeliaSonera bid
French broadband base climbs by 675,000 users in Q1
FT approaches banks for EUR10bn loan prompting fresh rumours of a possible TeliaSonera bid
Government aims for ubiquitous broadband access by 2012
FT to invest USD316m on TV content this year
FT forms mobile internet joint venture with Nokia
NRJ Mobile moves to Orange network
FT to cover 98% of French households with Orange TV
SFR launches neuf Cegetel buyout offer
Vivendi Q1 net income down 9.6% on lower video game sales
SFR could launch neuf buyout by mid-May
Credit Mutuel-CIC acquires stake in MVNO NRJ Mobile
FT reports third consecutive quarter of sustained revenue growth; EBITDA up 2.8%
Mobile market reaches 55.731 million at end-March
TI postpones Alice bid deadline for a second time
Government mulls fourth licence options; could offer spectrum to more than one bidder
neuf Cegetel reports rising first-quarter sales, driven by Club Internet purchase
Alca-Lu cuts market outlook on flat Q1 performance
Alice bids expected Friday, papers say
SFR submits buyout offer for neuf Cegetel
Orange to slice cost of Apple’s iPhone
Free, neuf Cegetel to test interoperability of fibre-optic networks
Mobile operators reject Free’s ‘unbundling’ offer
Altitude to double number of base stations
SFR gets le feu vert for neuf Cegetel acquisition
FT denies share buyback reports
Government says no decision taken on fourth 3G concession
SFR denies job cuts planned
Fourth mobile concession plan to be scrapped?
Orange reveals iPhone sales less than 100,000
Orange France to offer broadband users web TV from next month
Equity group completes EUR1.1bn Numericable, Completel investment
Numericable confirms Telecom Italia France (Alice) bid
FT signs deal to supply 800,000 homes with fibre
neuf Cegetel unveils Landline and Mobile Internet Pack
TI plays cards close to its chest on Alice France bids
Dreyfus group to get EUR66m if Vivendi fails in neuf Cegetel takeover bid
Free Mobile CAPEX would not exceed EUR1.2bn, says Iliad
Orange to offer 7.2Mbps downlink connection to corporate users – a French first
neuf Cegetel to sign fibre deal with YPSO/Numericable
Iliad (Free) reports rising profits, revenues in 2007
neuf Cegetel 2007 profits climb 23% on internet gains
Orange launches new ‘all-in-one’ broadband offer
TI to take offers for Alice France from 25 March, paper says
France’s broadband base climbs 22% in 2007
Alternative operators in talks over fibre-optic rules
Arcep approves Orange France, SFR to offer UMTS at 900MHz
Arcep slams EC’s ‘super regulator' plan
Canal+ reports 250,000 mobile TV users
Council ruling opens door to new mobile licence tender
neuf Cegetel picks Italtel for VoIP platform
Bouygues’ 2007 revenues beat forecasts
Orange and Nokia sign MoU on mobile VAS
neuf Cegetel IPTV base tops 750,000-mark
French anti-trust body not ready to pursue France Telecom - yet
Alca-Lu selected for 13,000km France, India submarine link
Iliad sales climb on broadband in 2007
Neuf Cegetel reveals full year sales growth
FT reports ‘very good’ performance in 2007; net income up 52%
Arcep reports two million net new mobile additions over Xmas
FT hints at Orange Business expansion
French mobile TV trial extended until April
Bouygues takes a look at Telecom Italia's Alice unit
Vivendi reports 8.5% rise in 4Q revenue; SFR up 8.7%
YPSO/Numericable interested in Telecom Italia’s Alice France unit
Mobile operators back Sarkozy’s tax, but only if fourth UMTS licence plan is dropped
Orange to launch French satellite TV service
neuf Cegetel selects Ciena for backbone network boost
Orange France to offer broadband users free music service with Lagardere
Vivendi confident of buying Vodafone's SFR stake
FT to drop fixed line call charges from 17 January
Broadcasters forge major alliance to expand mobile TV segment
neuf Cegetel interested in Alice, but TI confirms no talks as yet
Iliad sets sights on fourth 3G mobile licence
TI puts Alice up for sale
Orange iPhone sales top 70,000 in first month, broadly in line with target
French ministry issues note of caution on excessive mobile use
Carphone sells TalkTalk France to Budget Telecom
Vivendi to buy neuf Cegetel in EUR4.5bn deal
SFR, Vivendi in talks to acquire full control of neuf Cegetel
France in second push for fourth mobile licence amendment
neuf, Numericable, Eiffage win Paris suburb fibre contract
neuf, Numericable, Eiffage win Paris suburb fibre contract
FT signs VoD deal with MGM
Cinven to offload part of Numericable, paper says
Telecom Italia France (Alice) launches free music download service
FT disappoints after conservative 2008 objectives announcement
Orange France sells 30,000 iPhones in first week
neuf Cegetel inks deal
FT forecasts up to 500,000 iPhone sales in 2008
Arcep calls for greater power over FT network access
Alca-Lu rolls out Bouygues's 3G/HSPA network
Senate amends fourth 3G licence terms
NSN awarded GSM contract by Bouygues
Neo deploys Juniper Ethernet routers
Bouygues, NEC France sign HSDPA optimisation contract
Ministry may modify fourth 3G licence terms, relax payment schedule
Supernet picks Sloka Telecom for regional WiMAX network
Bouygues selects Sierra AirCard for 3G launch
Vivendi Q3 EBITDA up on Canal Plus, SFR earnings flat
Bouygues Telecom surprises with 5% rise in 3Q sales
TI boss hints at French withdrawal, Iliad watching closely
Neuf Cegetel reports 3Q results
FT argues that EU break-up plan detrimental to investment
French cellular penetration hits 84% in September
Alca-Lu reports third quarterly loss, says more job cuts needed
NETGEAR inks deal with YPSO/Numericable
FT places EUR755 million in escrow following ECJ ruling
Broadband drives Iliad’s revenue in Q3
SFR’s triple-play offer now comes with added 3G
France Telecom reports 3Q results
Iliad (Free) calls for France Telecom split
FT offers to open ducts to competitors to speed up fibre-optic rollout
Government to appeal EU ruling on illegal state aid
France ordered to recover illegal state aid from FT
Motorola deploys pilot WiMAX network in Paris
Orange’s Apple deal all peachy again - French users to get iPhone kumquat may
FT fined EUR45 million for abusing dominant position
Telecom Italia France (Alice) to deploy fibre in Paris
Iliad (Free) says quest for fourth 3G licence not over yet
Iliad’s financial plan is its Achilles’ heel: Arcep denies 3G bid
Redback wins FTTH order from neuf Cegetel
Alcatel-Lucent wins contracts with France’s SFR and neuf Cegetel, and NTT in Japan
France Telecom and VNPT sign cooperation agreement
Has Apple’s Orange deal already gone rotten?
TEN founder to join FT management team
Bouygues selects neuf Cegetel for ADSL
FT gets IPTV
iPhone available via Orange from November
Bouygues in hunt for JCDecaux’s Bouygues Telecom stake
Orange deploys Lyon HSUPA trial
EC welcomes Arcep decision on mobile termination rate cut
Pressure mounting on Alcatel-Lucent CEO Russo
Orange considers taking a controlling stake in MVNO TEN
Sorry Sawiris, Bouygues not for sale
Egyptians eye Bouygues Telecom; mulls partnership with Iliad for 3G licence
Orange to take Ten
Bouygues picks Miyowa’s IM solution
neuf’s H1 profits dips
Vivendi looking to up SFR stakes, but no talks as yet with Vodafone
Bouygues beats expectations
Cinven/Altice to take over Completel
Numericable’s fibre base tops one million
FT faces EUR60m fine for abusing position in ADSL sector
Orange in talks over possible iPhone deal
Iliad's Free jumps on the free unlimited music bandwagon
Orange to trump neuf Cegetel on free music downloads
Orange seeks arbitration on Iliad fibre dispute
neuf Cegetel to offer unlimited music downloads
Orange and Apple make a good pair?
KPN hints at French MVNO venture
FT facing EUR376m payment to direct marketing firms
Strong first half results reported by neuf Cegetel
Bouygues reports revenue growth but warns on slower second half
FT signs deal with Iljin for nano projector
French mobile market grew 1.2% in second quarter, regulator says
BT looks for some va va voom
Iliad’s Q2 total sales up 30.8%, telephony revenues in ‘Free fall’
FT’s net profits exceed expectations in 1H, confirms outlook
Iliad sole candidate for fourth UMTS concession
Iliad on fourth licence odyssey
M6 Mobile breaks one million subscriber barrier, a year ahead of target; plans 1.5m customers by end-08
Numericable signs MVNO agreement with Bouygues
Vivendi’s 2Q sales rise 7.4%
Arcep unveils new plans for mobile termination cuts
Arcep calls for sharing of cable networks
Rivals see red over Orange
neuf Cegetel, FON to launch new Wi-Fi FON service
EU approves SFR’s Tele2 France buy
Orange France inks deal with Option for supply of 3G USB modem, PC data cards
Bouygues’ 3G rollout not running to plan
SFR, neuf select Alcatel-Lucent for WiMAX joint venture
neuf raises full year sales growth target to 60%
FT wages war over Paris’ free Wi-Fi networks
Bouygues to launch national ADSL service; launches wholesale tender
FT confirms purchase of GTL divisions
FT hints at private equity partnerships to boost foreign expansion plans
Morgan Stanley appointed to study Completel sale
neuf’s Jacques Veyrat says market consolidation inevitable
Arcep approves plan to allow 3G at 900MHz
Bouygues tight-lipped ahead of EU ruling on 3G fees
Anti-trust authorities rubber stamp neuf’s T-Online France acquisition
Supreme Court upholds fines on leading French mobile operators
neuf inks Wi-Fi deal with SNCF
Government to cut FT stake
TF1 inks content, advertising agreement with Alice
Bouygues and Completel in fixed-mobile cooperation pact
Orange France sells over 250,000 Wi-Fi phones
FTMSC rebrands as Vizada
neuf Cegetel extends Cisco IP NGN infrastructure
SFR confirms internet in Debitel’s French MVNO venture
FT’s fibre-optic investment could top EUR4.5 billion over five years
Alice and Orange hold talks over possible acquisition of MVNO Ten, paper says
Bouygues Télécom reports first quarter results
Sawiris considering bid for Bouygues Telecom
FT workers walk out to protest planned job cuts
France broadband users top 13.5 million mark at end-March
neuf Cegetel inks FTTx agreement with Paris estate agents
neuf Cegetel snaps up Wi-Fi specialist Ozone
neuf Cegetel to snap up telecoms wholesaler TradingCom Europe
neuf Cegetel ramps up unlimited international calls offer
FT on the acquisition trail; CEO hints at Asian expansion
French cellcos braced for new MNP regime
FT accuses Canal Plus of anti-competitive practices
Vivendi reports strong Q1 earnings, SFR’s revenues and EBITDA down
Bouygues Télécom Q1 sales up 5%
MVNO market share inches up to 3.42%, says regulator
Arcep mulls 3G at 900MHz plan
Iliad records strong revenue growth on back of records ADSL net additions
Neuf Cegetel results boosted by ASDL growth
Arcep report illustrates VoIP’s growing popularity
Bouygues’ HSDPA goes live, paper says
Maroc Télécom’s new Morocco-France link completed
FT announces Q1 EBIDTA rise, Orange UK CEO Ahuja to leave
neuf Cegetel linked to Club Internet talks - again
Vivendi rumoured to be considering buyout of Vodafone’s SFR stake
neuf Cegetel says no deal signed for Club Internet
neuf looks set to take control of Club Internet, paper says
Iliad, neuf Cegetel and Noos line up to acquire Club Internet, paper says
SFR selects Alcatel-Lucent for UMTS/HSPA
SFR to return to fixed broadband market
neuf Cegetel finalises Erenis acquisition
NRJ Mobile cements position in buoyant French MVNO market
FT nears completion of DSL rollout
Tele2 says sale of French unit to SFR to be investigated again by EU
French MVNO M6 Mobile selects Pantech UMTS phone
Rumour mill links Free to sale of fixed line unit Onetel
Bouygues dismisses telecoms unit sale rumour, but TF1’s future less clear
Iliad moves to acquire Club Internet
EU throws out France Télécom appeal concerning market abuse ruling
Fourth 3G licence tender gets under way
neuf Cegetel reverses loss in FY2006
FT’s profits slump in 2006; reiterates guidance for 2007
More than two million subscribers left FT in 2006
Alcatel-Lucent to roll out urban Wi-Fi network in Paris
Arcep prepares to adopt 3G at 900MHz
neuf Cegetel signs deal to take stake in Paris FTTx operator Erenis
Kudelski to supply YPSO/Numericable with VoD solution
FT to kick off FTTH deployment on 1 March
Alcatel-Lucent to cut French workforce by 12%
Bouygues Télécom FY sales up 2%
Nokia, SFR conduct W-CDMA 900MHz voice call
Arcep reports 3.8% growth in French mobile users in Q4
neuf Cegetel reports 5.4% revenue growth in line with forecasts
FT net income falls following write-downs
MVNO tops 300,000 subscriber mark
FT breaks one million VoIP users barrier
FT unveils Orange Labs network
SFR to appeal EUR220 million ‘collusion’ charge
FT facing EUR500 million lawsuit from Iliad
Numericable-Noos unveils plans to open network to ISPs
SFR beats 2006 target for 3G/3.5G users
Alcatel-Lucent acquires Nortel’s UMTS mobile access business
Orange France has 3.5 million 3G/3.5G and EDGE customers
FT warns EC to rethink mobile roaming plans
Arcep to investigate FT’s fibre-optic access plans
FT hopes to sidestep regulatory issues by giving rivals access to FTTH
Orange plans deployment of FTTH broadband
Court upholds mobile fines totalling more than USD700 million
Iliad (Free) picks Cisco to deploy widespread French FTTH network
British and French firms look to re-write EU mobile roaming plan
Nokia to work with FT on ‘Mon PC a Distance’ service
Higher marketing costs hit Bouygues Télécom bottom line
Telecom Italia disputes French ministry’s decision to sanction TPS/CanalSat merger
Ultra high speed broadband launch gives Numericable-Noos an edge
French broadband base topped 11.8 million users in September, says Arcep
Orange Business Services teams up with Nortel on SIP
Maroc Télécom to launch Mobisud mobile venture in France
Arcep to sell fourth UMTS licence next year
Nokia supports Orange France HSDPA launch
Bouygues opts for Sierra Wireless PC card
Iliad in the hunt for France’s fourth UMTS mobile licence
Bouygues tests NFC technology to turn mobile phones into train tickets
Bouygues hints at selling telecoms arm to fund Areva purchase
French mobile users will be able to switch provider and keep number in the Spring
FT gets into the film biz
neuf Cegetel reports accelerated growth in 3Q 2006
French mobile subscribers close in on 50 million-mark
Pantech inks UMTS handset deal with Orange France
KKR in takeover bid for Vivendi
neuf Cegetel picks Nortel for fixed-mobile convergence solution
neuf Cegetel shareholders SFR and Louis Dreyfus announce call option pact
Authorities clear neuf purchase of AOL France
Ericsson to install Bouygues’ 3G Network
Iliad reaches two million subscribers
France Télécom reports 3.5% rise in EBITDA in Q3
Iliad to acquire Citefibre
neuf Cegetel IPO two-times oversubscribed
Microsoft, Orange announce plans to link PC and mobile messaging
FT announces sale of 54% stake in PagesJaunes to KKR
neuf Cegetel provides details of IPO
Consumer group seeking damages on mobile price fixing
Retail group Auchan introduces mobile service
neuf Cegetel sets indicative IPO price range at EUR19-EUR22.08 per share
FT to complete sales of PagesJaunes to KKR by end-Oct
FT abandons US mobile plan
Tele2 offloads its French fixed, broadband operations to SFR
neuf Cegetel plans to get 'technophobes' online
Orange France unveils Unik converged fixed-mobile phone
neuf Cegetel agrees USD365 million deal for AOL France
Arcep calls for 20% cut in mobile termination rates from January 2007
SFR ups neuf Cegetel stake to 40.66%
Option to supply HSDPA products to Orange France
Orange France supremo Quillot quits
SFR in talks for Tele2 France
neuf Cegetel plans Euronext flotation
Iliad (Free) to roll out FTTH in Paris
Bouygues’ 1H net profit up 39% on success of Neo, Exprima offers
neuf Cegetel assesses interest for October IPO
SFR set to buy Tele2 France's fixed line operations?
Belgacom to sell neuf Cegetel stake to SFR
Iliad offers flat-rate broadband + telephony package
Bouygues Télécom selects Nortel for 3G/HSDPA
neuf Cegetel ups the ante in battle with France Télécom
Bouygues Telecom 1H sales stagnate
neuf Cegetel in ‘exclusive talks’ to acquire AOL France
Broadband drives Iliad revenues in 2Q
FT in exclusive talks with KKR over PagesJaunes stake
Iliad (Free) offers 28Mbps service
Vivendi posts 4.8% rise in profits on pay-TV/games, but price cuts affect SFR
FT’s 1H profits plummet 24.1% as fixed line falters
ARCEP calls for further tariff cuts
FT net income expected to fall 29%
Alcatel wins tender to lay EASSy cable
FT and government in hot water over alleged preferential treatment
Vivendi walks away from PagesJaunes offer, cites high price
Carrefour to launch MVNO operation over Orange network
PagesJaunes: deadline for bids today
De Villepin announces E1-a-day broadband to close digital divide
EU rubber stamps Cinven’s acquisition of UPC France
Arcep issues regional WiMAX licences
Appeals court upholds EUR80 million fine for FT
Microsoft, Bouygues to collaborate on music service
Arcep considering plans to issue fourth 3G licence?
French retailer Fnac to launch mobile service in July
FT, Ericsson sign licence agreement
Orange to invest in Moldovan unit
AOL France CEO says company not for sale as neuf Cegetel expresses interest
Nokia deploys SFR’s HSDPA network
Low cost mobile IP calls mark France’s changing telecoms landscape
Club Internet announces plans for triple-play launch
France Télécom in a hurry to offload directories business
FT to divest directory division
FT unit to supply mobile satellite services to Thuraya in Algeria
neuf Cegetel inks broadband expansion contract with Redback Networks
FT looks to acquire assets in North Africa, but only if the price is right
FT joins China 3G standard alliance
Orange to launch French HSDPA service in the summer
Bouygues selects Option’s GlobeTrotter FUSION+ 'HSDPA Ready' PC data card
FT plans dual-mode phone launch in 2006 as fixed-mobile convergence intensifies
Vivendi dismisses investor's approach and break-up plan
AOL France picks Axiom for OSS solution
SFR overlays W-CDMA network with Siemens’ HSDPA solution
neuf Cegetel selects Ciena for broadband equipment
FT calls for complete EU deregulation
AOL to sell underachieving French/German businesses
Government launches consultation on national fibre network
Alcatel: Fixed line sales up, net profits down
FT reports 6.7% rise in Q1 profits, sticks to full-year forecasts
neuf Cegetel looks to mobile as losses hit EUR129 million in 2005
Iliad shares surge on launch of Wi-Fi mobile
Vivendi Q1 sales rise 5.7%; SFR revenues up 3.4%
FT loses close to a million fixed line subs, reports Arcep
Fujitsu, FT test ‘grid computing method’
Bouygues Télécom says its small size threatens its future
Iliad’s IFW unit to offer WiMAX access to Free users
FT’s ‘Livebox’ sales top two million mark
Maroc Télécom eyes MVNO opportunities
Bouygues begins belated drive to 3G
Virgin birth in France
Slowing mobile growth to hit France Télécom
Orange unveils new mobile TV portal
Liberty Global to offload UPC France to Cinven/Altice One
French retailer Darty eyes broadband venture
Orange conducts HSDPA trials with Nortel
FT to launch wholesale telephone subscription offering on 1 April
Iliad net profits up 69%, driven by triple-play
Orange France embarks on HSDPA trial
Competition watchdog favours cuts to wholesale SMS costs and access for MVNOs
TI France selects Verimatrix content security solution for IPTV
Bouygues Télécom selects NEC for i-mode video streaming service
Netcentrex, France Télécom boast 1.1 million VoIP customers in five countries
TI poised to sell neuf Cegetel stake
Vivendi announces 55% rise in profits, offers increased dividend
China’s Amoi to supply Orange with 3G phones
neuf Cegetel plans September IPO?
Orange to launch HSDPA in 2H 2006
Bouygues, TF1 and VDL select Samsung for DMB phones
FT to shed 17,000 jobs
Iliad adds 149,000 ADSL subscribers, revenues up 41%
FT/Canal Plus offload Ypso cable assets to Cinven/Altice
Bouygues Telecom inks deal with NEC for video streaming on i-mode EDGE handsets
SFR underpins Vivendi financials, but music and games disappoint
SFR selects SDC’s digital rights management solution for mobile music service
FT expects profit rebound in 2007
France Télécom reaches 200,000 IPTV subscribers and launches 'Le Bouquet TV'
France Télécom plans FTTH rollout
FT fixed line users hang up in their droves
FT lowers forecast, says slowdown will continue into 2006
SFR reports one million 3G users, aims for 2.5 million
Bouygues adamant: mobile unit is not for sale
Orange claims one million UMTS/EDGE users
FT to lower charges
FT moves up in DSL rankings
Regulator slashes call prices
FT to sell satcom arm
neuf Cegetel predicts 200,000 TV-over-ADSL users by end-2006
Mobile ops face EUR534 million fine
Mobile ops could face hefty fines
Regulator warns against fibre monopoly
Shares rise on FT dividend rumours
SMS costs lowered
SFR readies video service
FT to fight broadband fine
Sales up at Bouygues
MVNOs on the up
New solution for Orange business customers
Healthy growth for Iliad
FT sees slow growth
Virgin, Carphone Warehouse to launch French MVNO venture
One to watch
High speed interest
Bouygues introduces flat-rate wireless internet
Alcatel DSL shipments top 70 million lines - and counting
FT closes EUR2bn offer
French cellcos agree to make life easier for customers
Orange to launch ‘laptop-style’ phone for business users
Good first half for Bouygues
SFR signs up 300,000 3G users
FT shows off VDSL2
FT to invest EUR1 billion on network
Eutelsat planning IPO
Converged services for SMEs
FT cuts contract period
Iliad gains Altitude
France Télécom deploys Atrica’s VPLS-TE solution
FT to fund Amena deal through EUR3 billion share sale
FT plans EUR3bn share sale
Investigation result due later this year
Cellcos deny collusion
Shareholders give thumbs up to neuf Cegetel merger
Bouygues sees sales rise
Mobile and broadband help FT beat analyst expectations
Tele2 plans EUR100m spend
Mobile market still growing
France Télécom assesses possible Amena bid
FT mulls ditching spending cap to go after foreign assets
SFR, Bouygues agree Wi-Fi roaming
FT goes Orange
SFR signs MVNO deal
France Télécom scotches C&W takeover rumour
Tele2 prepares French MVNO launch
France Télécom considers switch to Orange brand name
Sonaecom and FT extend partnership agreement
State raises EUR3.4 billion from FT sale
T-Online plans assault on France and Spain
State plans further FT sale
Orange brings EDGE to consumer market
SFR claims 100,000 3G customers; plans HSDPA in 2H 2006
Orange on the cutting EDGE
Bouygues launches EDGE
SFR deploys new push e-mail solution
Regulator gives Bouygues until April 2007 to meet 3G coverage target
Kingston offloads French networks business
More details of French merger
Cegetel and 9 Telecom prepare to merge
FT to be barred from Bezeq tender?
FT files first quarter financials
Sales up at FT
Paris-Brussels passengers get on-board Wi-Fi
Good e-neuf
FT stays on the eastern acquisition trail
TI plans EUR350 million spend
Tele2 inks MVNO deal in France
Cegetel goes for triple-play
Orange to spend EUR200 million on EDGE
Call for more mobile competition
Telecom Italia buys Liberty Surf
Orange begins TD-CDMA trials
Orange 3G goes indoors
Telecom Italia to buy Tiscali France?
ZTE chosen as global ADSL supplier to France Telecom
France Télécom launches DSL licensing program
Orange pushing mobile broadband in 2005
Alcatel and ZTE climb into bed
France Télécom’s annual group profits decline, but H2 net income more than doubles
Alcatel results fail to please
SFR Cegetel posts solid performance in 2004
BT beats off France Télécom in GBP35 million Thales deal
European support given to Airbus mobile phone system
FT to buy out Equant shareholders
Equant strikes deal with P&O Nedlloyd
Handset sales boost for Sagem
Sagem making gains in Latin America
Orange launches long-awaited 3G service
T-Online seeking growth in France and Spain
SFR expands 3G network
Maroc gets go-ahead to float
Orange on track for year-end 3G launch
Cost cutting and higher sales driving Alcatel profits
FT upbeat about Q3
FT fined for ‘uncompetitive’ behaviour
Government considers mobile jamming
FT denies TeliaSonera bid, DT denies Cesky Telecom interest
neuf claims unbundled lead
Télécom boosts Bouygues
FT to gain control of shares
French government to lower Télécom stake
New MVNO on the way?
France Télécom wins licence payment case with SNCF
FT in talks to sell cable business
Sagem gets help for first i-mode handset
Alcatel and Siemens confirm vendor revival
France Telecom results in line with expectations
Bouygues shareholders gain windfall
Equant suffering from loss of SITA input
FT told to repay tax breaks
EC case against FT falters
Orange France inks MVNO deal with The Phone House
Eutelsat buys Europe Online
UGC completes Noos purchase
France Télécom begins directories IPO
Alcatel merges satellite operations with Finmeccanica
Alcatel merges satellite operations with Finmeccanica
France rapped by EU for discrimination over cable telephony
France to allow MVNOs
Bouygues targets one million i-mode users by year end
FT ordered to compensate Tele2
Vivendi narrows Q1 loss
FT facing EU accusations over ‘phantom’ subsidy
Alcatel and Pirelli agree submarine asset deal
Alcatel and Pirelli agree submarine asset deal
Cegetel revenues up thanks to Vodafone Live!
T-Mobile and Orange board commercial 3G bandwagon
T-Mobile and Orange board commercial 3G bandwagon
Orange breaks the 50 million barrier
Orange breaks the 50 million barrier
Sales down, profit up at Alcatel
Flat Q1 for France Télécom
FT shareholder offer could reduce government stake to below 50%
Orange gives shareholders sell-out deadline
Cégétel merger brought to a standstill
Court says FT’s Orange buyout is OK
FT reorganises
Trujillo bids adieu to Orange
Alcatel and Intel sign agreement to develop WiMAX
Yahoo! in for Kelkoo
Orange ramps up VAS
Big two get off lightly in licence renewal requirements
Consolidation sweeping the cable TV market
Alcatel and FT sign MoU
Vivendi cuts losses, predicts growth
SFR partners in disagreement over company status
S&P give Lucent and Alcatel first upgrades since market collapse
S&P give Lucent and Alcatel first upgrades since market collapse
ART approved 3G delay
UGC mulls Noos acquisition
Orange and SFR up in arms at new licence renewal levies
Bouygues’ bottom line boosted by telecoms unit
Orange makes 3G plans known
Orange makes 3G plans known
Breton looking to bring Wanadoo back into the fold
Tele2 France hopes to become MVNO
Boingo and Visacom sign WiFi deal
Siemens and FT sign accord
Siemens and FT sign accord
SFR plans 3G launch for May
Alcatel merges cable businesses with Dutch rival
Alcatel merges cable businesses with Dutch rival
Alcatel narrows 4Q losses
France Télécom full-year sales fail to excite
Nexans wants Alcatel’s fibre-optic business
FT speeds up ADSL rollout
ART reports 41.7 million mobile users
Completel to expand network
FT to shed 15,000 staff
Orange pushes to (walkie) talk
Orange pushes to (walkie) talk
France Télécom’s oversubscribed bond issue prompts borrowing increase
Mobile pushes Bouygues profits upwards
Poland to sell TPSA stake to FT by end-2003?
Poland to sell TPSA stake to FT by end-2003?
Cegetel and Infonet forge IP VPN deal
Orange shares resume trading
SFR still a priority of sorts for Vodafone
SFR still a priority of sorts for Vodafone
Vivendi shareholders reap first rewards of asset disposals and focus shift
Vivendi shareholders reap first rewards of asset disposals and focus shift
Orange buyout delayed by shareholder lawsuit
ART approves FT interconnect tariffs
Orange signs up for video streaming
Orange signs up for video streaming
FT outlines financial expectations
FT to exit cable sector
Bouygues to sell bond
The tale of two vendors
The tale of two vendors
Mobile and internet prop up France Télécom’s disappointing 3Q results
Small gains in near-saturated mobile market as Bouygues continues turnaround
Wanadoo enjoys buoyant 3Q
Bouygues to use sale proceeds to up stake in Bouygues Telecom
DoCoMo gives Paris a taste of FOMA
DoCoMo gives Paris a taste of FOMA
Sagem targets Latin America
Sagem reports strong profits growth in Q3
FT prepares Orange share buyout
Vodafone and Vivendi agree to simplify SFR ownership
Vodafone and Vivendi agree to simplify SFR ownership
France Télécom to launch VoIP to businesses
FT says buyout deal will not impinge on Orange growth
Telecom Italia enters French broadband market
Telecom Italia enters French broadband market
Nortel wins rail network contract
Cegetel and Maroc help narrow Vivendi losses, whilst disposals cut debt by half
Orange selects 3G trio
France Télécom to launch TV-over-ADSL in December
Orange buyback begins tomorrow
Bouygues Télécom lifts Group performance
Vodafone monitoring Cegetel situation
Vivendi and NBC in ‘exclusive talks’
Vivendi and NBC in ‘exclusive talks’
FT to acquire final slice of Orange
Liberty Media drops out of Vivendi asset bid
Bouygues reports double digit revenue growth
Alcatel’s debt rating upgraded to ‘stable’
France Télécom close to privatisation
Equant’s Q2 revenues flat
Alcatel surprises market with 2Q profitability
Orange and Wanadoo help bolster otherwise flat returns from FT
Texas Instruments deal prompts Sendo to drop suit against Orange
Texas Instruments deal prompts Sendo to drop suit against Orange
Quid pro quo: EADS and Nortel exchange holdings
Quid pro quo: EADS and Nortel exchange holdings
M.G.M.- “Moving Gobs of Money”
M.G.M.- “Moving Gobs of Money”
ART to open 3G rescheduling discussions
Vivendi asks for more from GE
Tiscali acquires another
Tiscali acquires another
Equant bags USD12 million government deal
Equant bags USD12 million government deal
Orange to join mobile alliance and boost earnings
i-mode success can’t prevent Bouygues slipping into the red
Liberty looking to finalise bid for Vivendi entertainment assets
Liberty looking to finalise bid for Vivendi entertainment assets
Orange facing lawsuit over smartphone contents
Orange looks into joining mobile alliance
Webraska receives EUR4.5 million investment
Alcatel acquisition marks new confidence in equipment market
Vivendi reports revenue gains: justifies telecoms focus
Vivendi reports revenue gains: justifies telecoms focus
Ratings upgrade for France Télécom
Paris goes wireless
Vivendi to refocus on telecoms
Subsidiaries boost FT 1Q revenues
Alcatel narrows losses thanks to heavy cost cuts
Vivendi Universal to sell US assets
Vivendi Universal to sell US assets
EC threatens FT with legal action
Orange France: Sales up, subscriber growth down
DT sells Siris to LDCom
Vivendi reports biggest corporate loss in French history, but remains upbeat
Write-offs lead to record debt
Equant reports stable 2002 results
Wanadoo posts first ever profit; beats expectations
Orange France unveils WLAN network plans
Cegetel performance buoys Vivendi results
Alcatel posts full-year loss: predicts gloomy 2003
France Télécom bullish ahead of earnings forecast
Bouygues to raise stake in eponymous cellco subsidiary
Strong demand for France Télécom bonds
France Télécom chooses bond sale over government loan
Alcatel: back in black by year end?
Vivendi’s Hungarian telco up for grabs
Vivendi’s Hungarian telco up for grabs
Bouygues sends list of complaints to the EC