Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial development
ETECSA signs up 110,000 home broadband customers, enables 4G for pre-paid users
ETECSA to expand 4G trial to provincial capitals this year
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Cuban home broadband users exceed 70,000
ETECSA officially launches 3G internet for Cubans
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Cuba opens up mobile internet access to select customers
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Cuban mobile customer total reaches 5m
Cuba to extend broadband access to 52,000 homes this year
ETECSA prepares for national 3G rollout
ETECSA signs satellite connectivity agreement with SES Networks
ETECSA introduces per-second billing for mobile calls
Cuba permits sending SMS to the US
ETECSA cuts internet access charge, plans 4G trial
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Cuba’s pilot 3G service expanded to Camaguey
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
ETECSA launches 3G pilot in Santiago de Cuba
ETECSA plans to extend home internet service, enable 3G for Cubans
Cuba unveils tariffs for home broadband access
Cuba launches home internet trial, lowers public internet access charges
ETECSA expects to launch home internet pilot by year-end
ETECSA, Ericsson strengthen mobile connectivity partnership in Cuba
Cuba increases number of public Wi-Fi hotspots
AT&T and Cuba’s ETECSA sign interconnection, roaming deals
Google seeks to improve internet access in Cuba
Cuba inks direct interconnection deal with Verizon
Cuba plans 500,000 new mobile lines for 2016
Cuba to pilot home broadband connections, increases Wi-Fi spaces
FCC facilitates US-Cuba telecoms services
Sprint becomes first US cellco to sign direct roaming agreement with ETECSA of Cuba
Verizon first US cellco to offer Cuban roaming
Cuba broadens internet access with new public Wi-Fi service
Cuban mobile phone users exceed three million
SMS Cuba debuts direct text messaging service between US and Cuba
Boost Mobile launches pre-paid plan for calls to Cuba
Cuba aiming to boost access to telecoms, US says
US telecoms delegation visits Cuba for talks
IDT begins handling direct ILD calls to Cuba
ETECSA and IDT Telecom strike deal ILD calls between US and Cuba
Cuban mobile users can now register up to three lines
Cuba activated 565,000 new mobile lines in 2014
ETECSA to allow Wi-Fi access for Cubans by month end
US allows telecoms firms to export, provide services to Cuba
ETECSA set to launch new Wi-Fi service?
Cubans may now have up to three mobile lines
ETECSA extends validity period for pre-paid mobile recharges
Cuban mobile subs up by 300,000 since end-2013
Cuba embarks on digital TV rollout
Cuba permits internet access for co-ops
ETECSA expands network to cope with increased demand
Cuba launches mobile e-mail; pre-paid cellular subs exceed 2m
Cuba sets maximum rate for mobile internet
ETECSA offers reduced rates for international mobile calls, SMS
Launch of mobile internet services planned for H2
Fixed telephony bills can be paid online by relatives abroad
ETECSA modifies fixed line business tariffs
Cuba permits agents to sell ETECSA services
ETECSA upgrades, expands mobile network
Mobile subs to hit two million by year-end
Cuba to expand internet access to homes in 2014
Cuba broadens public access to internet
Jamaica branch of Cuba-Venezuela cable goes live
Cuba renames, restructures communications ministry
CWC pinpoints Cuba, DomRep, Puerto Rico for expansion
Cuba confirms first submarine cable is active
Cuba’s first submarine cable shows signs of activity
ETECSA cuts mobile telephony rates
CPP system introduced for mobile phone users
ETECSA calls for subscribers to update fixed line contracts
US govt plans submarine cable link to Guantanamo Bay
Cuba cuts mobile telephony charges
Over one million Cubans hooked on mobile
Close but no cigar: Cuban cable lands; launch not until July
Cuba mulls introduction of island’s first telecoms law
TI offloads ETECSA stake for USD706m
TI to show ETECSA clean pair of Cuban heels
Havana laugh? Cuba-Venezuela cable delayed until ‘July at the earliest’
Telecoms firms urge US to ease trade restrictions on Cuba
ETECSA mobile subs to top one million by year-end
New Jamaica-Cuba cable deal inked
Angola and Cuba sign telecoms cooperation agreement
TeleCuba to lay first US-Cuba fibre-optic cable
Post offices to offer international e-mail
Cuba extends international calls promotion
State report shows low levels of access
VINA-OFC delivers fibre-optic cables to Cubatel
Report: Telefonica prepares ETECSA bid
US to implement new telecoms policy towards Cuba
ETECSA to increase teledensity in Havana
ETECSA records 60% increase in wireless subscribers
TI holds informal talks with Telefonica over ETECSA sale - reports
ETECSA to expand coverage
Wireless take-up hampered by high costs
Venezuela-Cuba undersea link to be lit in 2010
US lifts Cuba handset ban
ETECSA reports 7,400 new accounts
Investment in Cuban infrastructure
Cuba to allow ordinary Cubans to go mobile
Telecom Venezuela and Transbit form new company for undersea link
Venezuela-Cuba cable set for 2009
CVG signs Cuban cable link deal
ETECSA ups digitalisation
ETECSA plans telecoms development project
Cuba recovering from Hurricane Dennis damage
C&W signs roaming agreements
Telecom Italia invests in Etecsa
ETECSA to expand GSM capacity
Sherrit exits Cuba