EUR250m to be spent on rural networks in Slovenia and Croatia
Croatia seeks universal service provider
HT begins Optima sale process
Never mind the Balkans, it’s the Baltics for Tele2
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Three incumbents chase 2.6GHz spectrum in Croatia
HT prepares for 5G with ENT and OiV
Croatia calls for 2.5GHz bidders
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
EC tells Netherlands, Croatia to hurry up with 700MHz plans
Vipnet and to become A1 Croatia next month
HT says all customers will have minimum 20Mbps connection
HT claims Croatia’s first 5G test
VIPnet to become A1 Croatia
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Croatia approves rural broadband project
A1 Telekom Austria Group has EUR1bn to spend on acquisitions
HT launches 1Gbps internet using TeraStream
HT calls on Croatian government to help telecoms sector
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
HT outlines investment plans
Croatia’s Optima and H1 complete merger
HT upgrades billing system with Netcracker
VIPnet unhappy with Optima and H1 merger
Optima and H1 merger approved; HT extends management contract
Croatia’s HT chooses Comarch for OSS
EC approves Croatia’s NGN project
Regulator extends deadline for Optima-H1 decision
VIP treatment: VIPnet completes Metronet buy
Optima shareholders give H1 thumbs up
VIPnet’s Metronet move gets green light
H1 Telekom turns tables on Optima
Telekom Austria announces another Croatian buy
Competition authority to study Optima-H1 merger
T-HT trials and 4.5G in Croatia
T-HT plans HRK2bn fibre spend to help meet 2020 goals
Croatia sets new termination rates for 2017
Optima plans H1 merger; T-HT looks to extend management deal
Tele2 Group takes Nokia’s Cloud Packet Core solution
VIPnet to test DOCSIS 3.1
T-HT launches Magenta 1 packages in Croatia
T-HT trials for 415Mbps broadband
Tele2 Croatia launches 4G with 90% coverage
IP freely: T-HT completes network migration
Croatian government to reduce its stake in T-HT
Tele2 Croatia plans LTE in Q1 2016
VIPnet, Novi-Net apply for Croatian 1800MHz, 3.5GHz leftovers
Telekom Austria gets green light in Slovenia for Amis buyout
Telekom Austria buys Amis in Slovenia and Croatia
Croatia defines IP interconnect terms, eases broadband regulation
Croatian regulator opens universal service tender
Croatia’s Optima Telekom begins share sale
Telekom Slovenije signs first LTE roaming pact
Tele2 Croatia announces network upgrade
Croatia’s 2GHz band now technology neutral
T-HT doubles 4G network speed on new frequencies
T-HT and Tele2 awarded 1800MHz frequencies
T-HT required to provide minimum 1Mbps connection
Optima Telekom reports pre-tax profit
VIPnet’s takeover of Bjelovar cableco approved
T-HT hands Ericsson five-year managed services contract
T-HT’s EBITDA falls 10% in H1
HAKOM produces guidelines for fibre rollouts to shared buildings
T-HT mulls Ericsson outsourcing
CERP selling 3.49% of T-HT
Multi-sector regulator HAKOM officially established
T-HT takes control at Optima Telekom
VIPnet announces completion of NFV trial
T-HT hikes tariffs as mobile spectrum fee rises
T-HT’s Q1 revenues drop 6.2% on economic, regulatory factors
Tele2 protests against spectrum fee increases
Government adopts amendments to merge telecoms, rail regulators
T-HT’s Optima takeover approved by competition authority, subject to conditions
Metronet secures pre-bankruptcy settlement
T-HT expands LTE to new towns
T-HT’s complaints against regulator dismissed in court
New service provision framework improves users’ rights
KKR, EBRD complete SBB/Telemach takeover
DT reshuffles T-HT ownership via Dutch holding
VIPnet’s coastal, islands 3G rollout first in Europe with Psi Coverage solution
OiV begins open access broadband project; integrating seven fibre networks
T-HT’s revenue down 6.8% in 2013
HAKOM launches fourth rural broadband tender
Pension fund expands T-HT holding
T-HT ups consumer FTTH speeds to 100Mbps, reaches 22 cities/towns
HAKOM intends to cut mobile frequency fees by 30%
VIPnet, upgrade cable internet to 120Mbps
DT restructures Croatian shareholding
VIPnet, T-HT granted 800MHz leftovers
Optima Telekom’s restructuring plan approved by creditors
T-HT and ETK in infrastructure sale and lease negotiations
T-HT’s 9M, Q3 revenues down 8%, 12%
T-HT and VIPnet bid for remaining 800MHz blocks
Optima's creditors vote on restructuring on 5 November
VIPnet launches VDSL, other altnets doing same
SBB, Telemach sold to KKR
Amis up for sale
Amis adds VoD, catch-up to multi-screen service
VIPnet buys Istarska Kabelska
HAKOM announces auction for leftover digital dividend
T-HT expands LTE network to nine additional areas
Third rural broadband tender launched
H1 Telekom makes pre-bankruptcy filing
Competition Agency overrules T-HT’s Optima takeover plan
T-HT and Optima Telecom choose strategic partnership as lifeline for altnet
HAKOM awards three companies broadband subsidies; VIPnet rumoured eying H1 Telekom
Ten state entities, OiV onboard national fibre project; management agreement by end-July
VIPnet buys Metronet’s residential infrastructure, plus two cable networks
Quartet submit bids for rural broadband grants
T-HT ordered to raise internet, IPTV prices
VIPnet launches own-brand DTH
Telekom Austria Group launches 100Gbps transport network in Croatia, remainder of CEE footprint to follow
Optima’s pre-bankruptcy hearings start 6 June
T-HT’s fibre broadband campaign full-blooded at last
Optima restructuring options emerge
Optima submits pre-bankruptcy documents
Telekom, VIPnet to offer Vodafone consumer services in respective markets
HAKOM chastises T-HT for delaying wholesale access; issues call for universal service standards project
VIPnet buys satellite TV operator
VIPnet near-doubles cable internet speeds to 60Mbps
Telenor rumoured to be eyeing Tele2 Croatia
T-HT’s revenues, profits dented by economy
Tele2, Metronet developing converged fixed, mobile business packages
T-HT to offer ‘Croatia’s largest’ Wi-Fi network with Fon
T-HT finalises trade union deal, sheds 403 workers
Optima’s Tornado OTT VoIP service built on CounterPath’s software
Infrastructure minister kicks off shared fibre-optic expansion project
T-HT adds 800MHz LTE rural coverage to 1800MHz service
HAKOM reports progress of T-HT’s IMS migration
Spectrum fees dropping 20% in 2013
HAKOM issues Q3 broadband market stats
Optima reduces net losses in 9M12
T-HT blames economy for Q3 slump
VIPnet, T-HT win digital dividend licences
Cellcos cleared of collusion by competition authority
VIPnet confirms 800MHz application
T-HT's 3G expanded for smaller communities in east, central areas
Out in the sticks fix: HAKOM grants remote broadband funds
T-HT grabbing its slice of dividend, hopes to be icing on 4G cake
HAKOM issues public call for digital dividend 4G licences
Amis expanding fibre in capital
Croatian IPTV users pass 350,000 at end-June, broadband lines 1.2m
Telekom Austria Group selects Ericsson to deploy multi-standard radio networks for A1, VIPnet
Four bids for remote broadband rollouts
Mobile broadband helping drive growth at VIPnet, Si.Mobil
VelaTel says Balkans project on track
T-HT’s first-half revenues fall 6%
Mobile tax abolished as of 9 July
State proposes removing mobile tax next month
H1 Telekom to launch MVNO next month
VIPnet claims ‘world record’ 4.3Gbps cable broadband
VelaTel finalises WiMAX expansion plans in Croatia, Montenegro
HAKOM extends broadband tender to August
4G digital dividend licensing confirmed for H2
Optima sees 47.7%, 16.2% IPTV, DSL growth
T-HT’s sales down 4.7% in tough climate; pushes new LTE data packages
Regulations on unbundling T-HT’s fibre local loop upheld
VIPnet’s LTE web access free until mid-year
VIPnet launches LTE: second or first in Croatia?
T-HT launches LTE in four cities
HAKOM holds tender for remote broadband rollouts
T-HT’s revenues fall 3.6%
Croatia begins public debate on LTE
Parliament reinstates mobile tax
H1 Telekom IPTV now nationwide
New government looking to reinstate mobile tax
450 leave T-HT in Q1
VelaTel snags 75% stake in Balkan WiMAX duo
Mobile broadband users up 7.2% to 332,000; IPTV nears 350,000 subscribers
Croatia ditches special mobile tax
T-HT’s 9M revenues slide 3.6%; broadband and IPTV growth continues
Parliament considers scrapping mobile tax
H1 Telekom joins IPTV market
VIPnet trials 1800/800MHz LTE
T-Mobile selects customers for LTE trial
Optima Telekom reports revenue, EBITDA increases in 1H11
Level 3 connects Slovenia and Croatia to Tier 1 network
H1 Telekom to launch IPTV service bought by VIPnet
T-HT’s sales, EBITDA and profit all fall
VIPnet demos 800MHz LTE, earmarks 10% investment for 4G platform
Optima Telekom reaches nationwide ADSL coverage
T-HT’s revenues hit by harsh economy in 2010
Optima-Tele2 merger rumours untrue
Rumours, rumours: Optima, Metronet seeking Swedish, Austrian partners
War veterans to surrender T-HT stakes to banks?
T-HT augments pay-TV with Eutelsat
Telekom Austria’s VIPnet looking at Metronet, other altnets, say papers
Croatian anticipation for Optima’s capitalisation, H1 covering nation
VIP’s Very Important Platform upgrade is the Dual in its crown
Government retires its last shares in T-HT
Optima set to double spending in 2011
Optima breaks 100,000 ULL user barrier
T-HT’s 9M net profit slumps 15% y-o-y
VIPnet tests LTE
Tele2 Croatia upgrading to 21Mbps HSPA+ in December
T-HT to invest USD130m in 4G; showcases LTE to public with Huawei
State to sell 3.5% T-HT stake by year-end
OiV returns WiMAX licences
T-HT’s profit, EBITDA down 24.7%, 10.5%
Tele2 Croatia chooses ENT as supplier for the future
T-HT reports 1Q results; IPTV users up 66%
Government lines up sale of 3.5% stake in T-HT; telco changes registered name
VIPnet claims to hold nearly 60% of mobile broadband market
T-HT sales, profit and EBITDA down; IPTV customers reach 236,000
VIPnet began 2010 with 2.6m active SIMs, 137k mobile broadband subs Croatia says 2009 results exceeded expectations
VIPnet expands HSPA+ to Osijek
Government transferring USD6.4m in T-HT shares to pension fund
T-Hrvatski Telekom’s ADSL lines up 22%; announces formal fixed/mobile merger
Optima Telekom to launch IPTV next month
T-HT happy with results in weak economy
Tele2 easily fastest mobile broadband in Croatia, study shows
Quaestus sells 7% of Tele2 Croatia
30% of T-HT managers to lose jobs on 1 July
T-HT to integrate fixed and mobile divisions
T-HT's profits up 6.4%
T-HT aims: 50,000 FTTx users, 1m broadband capacity by year-end
T-HT's Iskon launches IPTV
T-HT has 150,000 IPTV viewers
T-HT profits down 6.6%
VIPnet sales, operating profits down
WiMAX Telecom launches commercial Croatian broadband service
NEC completes PASOLINK microwave installation for Optima
Tele2 Croatia customers up by nearly 50%, EBITDA remains negative
VIPnet tests DVB-H TV, HSPA+, HSUPA 5.7
Optima to launch IPTV in March
T-Mobile forced to give MVNO access
H1 Telekom and Metronet merger rumoured
Optima Telekom losses worsen
State’s T-HT stake down to 3.6%
Croatian alternatives grab 21% of market
Belgian investor plans takeover of Metronet
T-HT’s 1H net profit falls 15.6%
Optima Telekom second-quarter sales up 59.3%
Foreign investors size up Metronet
T-2 to expand triple-play to Croatia
T-HT employees only take up 64.6% of shares on offer
Tele2 and Ericsson Nikola Tesla sign GSM, UMTS deals
Metronet ups capacity through DWDM upgrade
T-HT staff grab their share
T-HT’s profit down 3.8%
Croatia offers broadband subsidies
Quaestus to invest a further USD20m in Metronet
Bank buys chunk of H1
WiMAX Telecom signs contract for Croatian network
Dubrovnik Telekom launches WiMAX
T-HT net income up 11.6%
VIPnet EBITDA up 10.3%
15 new operators form a (fixed) line
T-HT’s VoIP service suspended
T-HT versus city
T-HT places IPTV order with Ericsson
Telekom Austria Group releases year-end subscriber figures
Tele2 Croatia awarded new GSM frequencies
Austria’s Bewag selling cable assets
Optima announces listing details
VIPnet launches pre-paid mobile broadband packages
Optima Telekom’s IPO plan approved
T-Mobile Croatia forges local partnerships
T-HT employees to get 7% of telco
Tele2, T-Mobile ink roaming deal
Portus now called H1 Telekom
Optima upgrades ADSL2+, VoIP network
Tele2 ups stake in Croatian unit to 93%
Recapitalisation reduces local equity fund’s stake in Tele2
T-HT IPO price set near lower limit, attracts 350,000 citizens
IP IP hooray for Vip
T-HT’s IPO stake upped to 32.5%
IPO stake in T-HT may increase merger completed
T-HT IPO gets green light
20% of T-HT to be sold off in September
TelCro, Zaba become first Croatian MVNOs
Inquam buys WiMAX Telecom
Croatia to sell up to 23% of T-HT
Iskon raises ADSL speed to 10Mbps for USD18 per month
Fixed line prices drop
T-HT share sale by October, says government
DCM to enter voice market
Optima expands ADSL presence
T-HT plots triple-play campaign
T-HT’s IPO to be delayed
Regulator issues WiMAX licences for four counties
Mobilkom upgrades to HSPA with Ericsson
VIPnet launches HSPA
Revenues up and down at T-Mobile Croatia, T-HT
T-HT ready for IPO by June, says government
Optima optimistic in the long term
Tele2 Croatia signs up 300,000 subscribers in first year
VIPnet expands HSDPA coverage to Split
VIPnet aims tomato at low-end users
T-HT workers threaten strike
Optima makes an impact
T-HT buys ISP Iskon Internet
H1 partners Samsung to bring WiBro to Croatia
VIPnet launches HSDPA in three cities
Four new WiMAX licences awarded in Croatia
Tele2 inks Croatian 3G deal with Ericsson
Portus orders ADSL2+ triple-play system
Mobilkom Group signs HSDPA upgrade deal
VIPnet’s 4Q achievements
Alternative telcos team up against T-Com
T-HT threatens regulator with court action over ULL tariff reductions
Regulator reduces wholesale ULL prices
Tele2 begins commercial GSM services
Yet more fixed line concessions up for grabs
VIPnet gets wireline licence
Cellcos reach 30% 3G coverage
Syriatel fails in Croatian licence bid
T-Mobile gets network monitoring solution
Zagreb to get IP broadband network
VIPnet looking to expand into wireline market
Croatia to have 1.37 million online by year end, says study
Tele2 begins network trials; pencils in September launch
T-HT told to cut interconnection fees
Croatian government plans wireless broadband network
Croatia ramping up competition in flourishing mobile market
Portus contracts NetCentrex for IP services
Portus beats Optima to launch as three more operators are licensed
Alternative operator prepares to break T-HT monopoly
VIPnet launches video calling
Portus conducts field tests over new H1 network
Siemens to supply 3G network for T-Mobile Croatia
KPN to sell Euroweb stake
VIPnet launches 3G - ahead of schedule
T-Mobile to switch off analogue network
Mobilkom Austria acquires 100% of VIPnet
Tele2 awarded GSM/UMTS licence in Croatia
Optima asks for fixed line concession
HT to become T-Hrvatski Telekom
Kylie concert cancelled as staff protest at HT’s priorities
15 companies interested in GSM licence
Government to hawk around third licence
VIPnet has a very happy birthday
Western Wireless to sell VIPnet stake to Mobilkom
Croatian regulator to bundle UMTS and GSM concessions