Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
You're the RAN that I want: cellcos demand easier 5G rollout
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Govt unveils ‘Digital Matrix’ development plan
TDLC hears arguments on spectrum holding limits
Subtel opens consultation on 5G spectrum sale
Entel profit surges to CLP10bn
Hughes launches satellite service in Chile
Entel plots USD600m investment plan
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
TDLC postpones hearings on spectrum cases
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Chile looks to end roaming charges in Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Colombia
Subtel to lower Movistar fixed termination fee
Legal battle over spectrum return drags on
Subtel announces 5G auction plans
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Court agrees to stay on spectrum return order
Entel Q4 revenue dips by 1%
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Subtel extends deadline for device registration
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
WOM launches VoLTE, VoWiFi nationwide
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Supreme Court and TDLC to consider challenges over spectrum
Brazil and Chile to eliminate roaming fees under new FTA
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
TDLC orders trio to comply with SC ruling and return spectrum
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
WOM demands return of excess spectrum
Subtel signs agreement to simplify access to public land for infrastructure
Subtel hands spectrum plan to TDLC for approval
Chile looks to end roaming charges with Brazil
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Entel losses grow to CLP23.6bn in 2Q18
Subtel opens consultation on 5G plan
Entel, Claro take Subtel to court over 3.5GHz suspension order
WOM reaches four million subscribers milestone
Entel and Ericsson complete 24Gbps 5G trial on 28GHz band
GSMA and ASIET criticise Subtel, Supreme Court decisions on spectrum
Supreme Court orders trio to return spectrum
Movistar launches commercial VoLTE services
Chile, Peru to end roaming charges; Chile looks to tax OTT firms
Subtel suspends use of 3.5GHz band
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Subtel consults operators on elimination of Argentina roaming fees
Minister pushes investment drive to end digital divide
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Chile and Argentina take steps towards elimination of roaming charges
China Telecom expands international reach with Liquid partnership; mulling investment in Chile
Liberty agrees USD23bn Vodafone deal; hurricane impact continues to drag down LLA top line
Subtel working on rules for secondary market for spectrum
Regulations on interior networks come into force
Subtel orders cellcos to remove term ‘unlimited’ from tariff plans
Entel challenges WOM over marketing stunts
Subtel instructs cellcos to ensure transparency over ‘unlimited’ offers
Sernac takes trio to task over ‘unlimited’ plans
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
WOM eyeing 25% market share by 2023
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Subtel drafting measures to simplify changing ISP
Claro lines up USD300 million investment plan
Claro Chile, Nokia stage 5G lab trial using 27GHz band
Peruvian unit continues to drive revenue growth at Entel
Entel extends Ericsson partnership for network upgrade
Parliament approves minimum internet access speed bill
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Entel swings to net loss in 2Q17 despite strong performance in Peru
Movistar rolls out 3G to remote areas of Atacama
Entel pledges to double LTE investment
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Movistar Chile tests 4.5G technology
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
WOM inks new national roaming deals with Entel, Movistar
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Entel books 3% revenue growth amidst ‘challenging’ conditions in domestic market
suRed enlists Mimosa for fixed-wireless network rollout
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
GTD expands Peruvian holdings with Netline Peru acquisition
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Entel completes nationwide LTE-A rollout
Midweek M2M: IoT and machine-to-machine developments
Telefonica selects Comarch to assist with LatAm network optimisation
Entel books USD52m profit on the back of Peru growth
Movistar to pay USD14m in damages for 2007 infraction
M2M Monthly: a guide to recent machine-to-machine and IoT developments
WOM, bam, thank you ma'am! Upstart cellco notches 2m users
Telefonica inks network deals with Ezentis in Peru, Chile
Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial developments
Entel Chile plans 90% LTE-A coverage by year-end
Claro Chile deploys its LTE-A network
WOM accuses trio of abusing market dominance
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Chile launches intermodal number portability
Entel launches LTE-A in Valparaiso
Chile sets date for intermodal number portability
Movistar launches 700MHz LTE in Magallanes region
Chile opens 700MHz band for commercial services
Movistar to plough USD500m into fibre networks in 2016
Entel sets out five-year USD3.5 billion investment plan
Tower Talk: a guide to the week’s major cell site developments
Entel to raise CLP350bn through share issue
Entel deploys ‘fibre-like’ satellite backhaul to Easter Island
Minister warns cellcos not to use the term ‘4.5G’
Movistar sets launch date for 700MHz LTE
WOM reaches one million subscribers, plans USD200m investment
Entel gearing up for LTE-A launch
Financing costs deepen Entel losses, despite revenue growth
Subtel paves way for intermodal number portability
WOM completes 4G rollout
Subtel prepares new rules on handset sales
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Claro Chile launches fixed line replacement service over wireless network
Chile's WOM launches LTE
Entel, Ericsson test LTE-A CA solution
Movistar launches pre-paid 4G
Chile to allocate 700MHz spectrum shortly
Entel profits drop 96.2% on operating, finance costs
TDLC throws out 700MHz spectrum hoarding case
WOM launches in Chile, plans 4G by year-end
O3b announces six capacity deals in Pacific, South Atlantic
TDLC ‘lost opportunity’ to rule on secondary market for spectrum
Operators request six-month delay on intermodal portability
Nextel unveils new WOM brand to be launched in July
Chile to introduce minimum connection speed rules
Conadecus threatens to take case to Supreme Court
Entel outlines USD2.1bn investment plan
Subtel begins 700MHz award
Nextel hoping to swap spectrum with regulator
Telefonica deploys Cisco routers for metro Ethernet; IP backhaul
Claro hits coverage target, launches ‘new phase’ of rural expansion
Movistar picks Huawei for 700MHz LTE rollout
Subtel cuts Movistar fixed line tariffs
Entel teams up with Ericsson for LTE-700
Movistar Chile postpones residential VoIP launch until 2019
FNE launches investigation into handset sales
Expansion in Peru steadies Entel topline
Who’s Next? Chilean cellco changes hands for second time in less than six months
Movistar and GTD refuse to sign guidelines over ‘last-minute’ addition
Telcos agree to open access guidelines
700MHz licences due in next six months
Court rejects Telestar appeal, clearing way for 700MHz allocations
Cellcos predict 500,000 4G users by year-end
Ericsson/Entel complete APT700 live test
Parliament approves interior network sharing rules
Subtel granted USD40m budget for 2015
Former Subtel chief warns of network ‘collapse’ if 700MHz allocation delayed further
ATELMO proposes USD26bn ten-year investment programme
Profits fall 90% on the back of Entel Peru launch, MTR cuts
MVNOs spark 76% drop in call charges
Subtel to launch USD2.3m rural internet project
NII Holdings sells off Nextel Chile as bankruptcy looms
Entel to spend USD218m to hit rollout targets
Subtel to lower roaming rates with Argentina, Peru
Subtel opens talks on MVNO regulations
NII set to agree sale of Argentine, Chile units?
Subtel rules against free access to social media
Nextel looks to launch MVNO
Virgin Mobile LatAm attracts new investor ahead of planned Mexico, Brazil launches
Peru operations boost Entel Chile sales in Q1
Entel to invest USD2.85bn in Chile and Peru
Entel launches LTE a week ahead of deadline
Netline seeks damages over MVNO issues
Liberty takes full control of VTR
Trio receive 4G licences
Subtel prepares to introduce new consumer protection legislation
Telsur to roll out submarine cable to connect southern cities
Consumer group calls for suspension of 700MHz tender
New markets help boost Entel revenues by 17%
Change of leadership to add more bite to watchdog’s bark
Bill for new regulator passes first hurdle in Senate
Movistar aiming for 200,000 LTE subscribers in first year
Liberty to fund new LatAm division through USD1.4bn bond issue
VTR abandons mobile network for MVNO model
Subtel drops MTRs by 73%
Three bids for 700MHz licences
Liberty considering LatAm spin-off
Entel to launch 4G in March; still considering brand name for Peru
Barriers still hampering MVNOs
Movistar and Entel suggest compromise on access fees
Movistar bolsters infrastructure to support LTE and IPTV bandwidth demands
Subtel considering 80% drop in MTRs
Movistar launches LTE
Claro enlists NSN for Concepcion expansion
Former Movistar chief looking to launch MVNO
VTR to keep mobile network open
Lawmakers unanimously pass law to eliminate DLD charges
Subtel to consider revoking licences after study of spectrum usage
Chile reveals imminent 700MHz tender
Entel to deploy FTTH network
Entel geared to expand mobile and IT market shares in Peru
FDT to hand out USD15m for Wi-Fi project
Chile revamps customer complaint rules
VTR begins move towards full MVNO status
Subtel opens consultation on QoS measures
Claro to launch rival to Netflix, signs up 1,000 LTE users
Falabella to launch Chile’s third MVNO next month
Subtel gives go ahead for telesales to resume
Movistar loses out from number portability
Claro launches first LTE network in Chile
Entel calls for 700MHz sale
New regulator bill gets green light
Entel looking at opportunities in Colombia
Entel denies interest in Nextel Chile acquisition
Sernac accuses trio over advertising messages
NII confirms Peru sale
Entel to snap up Nextel for USD500m
Entel risks regulator’s wrath over 4G doubts
Entel inks 4G deal with Ericsson
Claro 4G rollout reaches trial stage
NSN to deploy LTE base stations for Movistar
Claro to launch 4G within weeks
Subtel launches tenders for network expansion
Subtel sets out plans for 700MHz
Movistar shells out USD1.5m for internet blackout
Subtel alters QoS from national to regional standards
VTR passes 150,000 mobile users
MNP leads to 25% fall in tariffs
Subtel reveals number portability statistics
Entel eyes Nextel for Peruvian expansion
Watchdog proposes institutional reshuffle as part of 2013-2020 plans
Entel and Falabella team up for MVNO
Subtel fines Telsur for service outages
Entel's third quarter boosted by mobile unit
New regulator due in early 2013
Subtel to eliminate DLD charges by 2014
Claro to spend USD500m in 2013
Chile internet penetration more than a year ahead of schedule
Third MVNO to enter market
GTD expands into Colombia
Virgin Chile gets IFC funding for MVNO project
Nextel Chile gets PTT over 3G
NII counts cost of 3G evolution
Entel profits slide 16.5% as revenue growth fails to offset rising costs
Subtel allocates 4G spectrum
Virgin MVNO hits 36,000 subscribers
New Tower Act to regulate urban infrastructure
Entel to launch satellite TV before the end of year
VTR launches mobile services, will use existing customer base to drive growth
Subtel and Entel complete rural connectivity project
Subtel receives three proposals for LTE, Entel comes out on top
Nextel aims to carve out 5%-12% of market by 2017
Entel sees little change in Q1 income
Entel reveals pay-TV plans
Subtel to make more spectrum available for LTE
Entel trials 3.5GHz LTE
Virgin launches MVNO in Chile
Subtel establishes price comparison service
Entel’s fourth quarter profit falls 36.1% y-o-y
Subtel launches MNP, 1,190 ports in first day
Entel, GTD merger called off
ATC snaps up more of Telefonica’s infrastructure
Subtel orders unlocking of all handsets
Competition watchdog to impose conditions on Entel/GTD merger
Authorities move to improve interconnection
NP goes live in Arica; MNP due in January 2012
Subtel announces 4G tender
Chilean operators to merge
Changing roams; Entel splashes out on makeover for cell towers
Chile's 4G auction to begin next week
Chile to get new regulator with greater powers; domestic long-distance charges ended
Virgin to launch MVNO in Chile
Nextel launches 3G pilot
Virgin gets MVNO approval in Chile
Chile to get lower tariffs and 4G auction
Rural rollout reaches second stage
Growth in customer base fuels 22% increase in net income for Entel
Telcordia chosen for MNP in Chile
Subtel enforces net neutrality
Entel brings HSPA evolution to Latin America
Chile aims for MNP by end of the year
Chile to speed up legislation for mast construction
VTR Mobile launch delayed until 2012
Movistar to launch HD IPTV
Claro Chile to invest USD2 billion over next four years
Govt, Entel and Ericsson to connect rural areas to broadband
End to roaming fees in border zones in sight?
Movistar inks deal with NSN for HSPA+
Chile confirms LTE auction to launch in December, conclude by June
Broadband demand is soaring in Chile
Wholesale telecoms infrastructure provider to boost competitive service environment?
Number portability bill approved by lower house
Entel reports 2Q results
Chile to hold LTE auction in March 2011
Antitrust tribunal orders Telefonica to unbundle broadband
NII selects NSN for network managed services in Latin America
Telefonica Chile net profit dips almost 10%
LTE spectrum auction in train
Entel net profit rises 2%
CorpGroup To Buy VTR Stake For USD333m
Mobile broadband predicted to boost Chilean wireless sector in 2010
Entel PCS begins LTE field testing
GTD buys Telsur for USD115 million
Entel reports 9M results
Movistar to offer handsets with Japanese digital TV standard
Liberty Global offers USD260 million for outstanding shares in VTR
Telefonica Chile reports 9M results
Quinenco seeks partner or Telsur stake sale
Claro aims for LTE launch by mid-2011
Nextel Chile and VTR win 3G spectrum
Entel awarded VoIP licence
Government takes first steps to number portability
Telsur owner seeks strategic investor
Entel 2Q earnings drop 6%
Two pre-qualify for 3G spectrum after technical tie
VTR to bid for 3G concession
3G licence auction put back five days
Telefonica launches ‘free’ broadband service
VTR to invest USD155 million in 2009
Entel: 3G priority for 2009 CAPEX
Telefonica Chile posts 17.1% rise in Q1 profit
Chile to get number portability by the end of 2010
Subtel launches 3G tender
Inverca bags rural WiMAX concession
Inverca makes highest bid for rural WiMAX network contract
Telefonica price cap removed
Telefonica releases prelim results; cleared of monopolistic practices
60MHz spectrum limit for 3G auction set by court
Entel reports year-end results
Regulator commits to 2009 auctions despite dispute
Telefonica completes tender offer; ups stake to 97.9%
Subtel proposes cut to mobile connection fees
Telefonica to control 96.75% of Chilean subsidiary
Telefonica Chile shareholders approve Telefonica offer
Telefonica Chile’s net profit slips 4.48% in 3Q
Supreme Court to rule on 3G spectrum issue
Telefonica ups Chile offer by 10%
Government to pony-up USD70 million for internet projects
Telefonica Chile shareholders block buy-out
Shareholders likely to reject Telefonica Chile buyout offer
Movistar deploys SpinVox’s voice-to-text service
Pension funds to reject Telefonica offer
Telefonica makes play for 100% control of Telefonica Chile
Cellcos dispute NP condition pre-3G auction
Telsur posts half-yearly results
Entel reports 2Q results
GTD Manquehue selects Alca-Lu to deploy FTTH network based on GPON technology
Rising inflation hits Telefonica Chile's bottom line
Mobile firms can bid for 3G frequencies; MNP on its way
Tariff liberalisation plans divide opinion
Subtel publishes VoIP regulations
Telmex Internacional files preliminary prospectus ahead of listings
Entel PCS becomes Vodafone Partner
Entel targets 150k WiMAX subscribers by year end; reports 1Q results
Telefonica Chile: Q1 profit falls 8.2%
Telefonica Chile deems Telmex lawsuit 'inappropriate'
Entel to increase 2008 CAPEX
Telmex to sue Telefonica for ‘delaying tactics’
Government to discuss VoIP
Entel releases 2007 results
CTR selects Redline for broadband network expansion
Telmex completes 98% WiMAX coverage
Entel PCS selects Ericsson for network expansion and upgrade
Claro and Entel PCS launch video calling
Entel reports 3Q results
Telefonica Chile sees third quarter net profit slide
Telmex launches mobile WiMAX
Entel bemoans lack of frequency
Government to plough USD80 million into internet
Third MVNO licence awarded by Subtel
Dotcom receives MVNO licence
Subtel finalises 3G auction plans
Blue Two Chile to enter mobile market
Entel reports 3% profit fall
NII to invest USD80 million in expanding Harmony
2Q results show big drop in profits at Telefonica
Telmex expands WiMAX to Calama
Telsur expands network to Coyhaique
Chile mobile subscriber base up 14% year-on-year
Analyst dampens VTR/Entel merger rumours
Debate continues over supervisory body plan; WiMAX to Chiloé
Telecoms sector grows 13.9% in first quarter of 2007
Entel PCS expects to increase subscriber base by 10% in 2007
Subtel to launch further universal access projects and plans three legal changes
VoIP operator RedVoiss expands coverage
Entel’s Q1 net profit rises 22%
Class action lawsuit filed against Movistar
VTR selects Motorola to deploy 802.16e WiMAX network
Entel plans strong sales growth in 2007
Telmex launches WiMAX service
VTR to up investment
Cooperative plans fibre link with Chile
Alcatel-Lucent to build WiMAX network for Telmex
SR Telecom sells CTR stake
Entel net profits rise 38% to USD183 million
Telefonica Chile profits down 9.2%
Telmex begins WiMAX deployment
VoIP regulation due early 2007
Entel PCS awards Ericsson HSPA deal
Nextel launches Chilean operations
Chile to reinstate local fixed wireless licences
Entel net profit increases 57% in 3Q06
TDLC fines CTC for broadband access restrictions
Nextel Chile to launch by year-end
Entel outlines NGN investment plans
Claro may open network to MVNOs
Ericsson wins Claro deal
Subtel: MVNOs need to negotiate network access
Regulator head expects MVNOs in near future
Entel launches Chile's first commercial WiMAX network
Telefónica Chile targets half a million broadband subs by year-end
Copper rustling costing telcos dear
Chilean minister wants increased rural investment
Cellcos object to MVNO request
Claro plans 3G launch for 2007
Entel posts ‘better than expected’ 1H results
Telsur first half earnings rise 8.8%
1H CTC results show blip in net profit
GTD harbours MVNO desires
Deputy President criticises Movistar spectrum sale
MTC to publish regulatory changes soon
Chilean mobile market forecasts
Nextel receives green light in Chile
Smartcom to switch to GSM and be known as Claro
Entel to deploy national WiMAX network
Entel to deploy national WiMAX network
Broadband connections up 50%
Entel reveals strong first quarter financials
Almendral to keep hold of Entel
Entel Chile to spend over USD200 million in 2006
América Móvil to buy Entel?
Smartcom wins Movistar spectrum
Movistar spectrum auction on hold
Entel to sell Americatel USA
Entel plans USD10 million investment in local telecoms
VTR to bid for Movistar frequencies?
Entel posts 2005 results
Movistar names 9 February for spectrum auction
CTC posts net profit of USD47.9 million
CTC objects to WiLL licences
Movistar offers frequencies for USD30 million
VTR ups investment by 50%
Telmex Chile and VTR to deploy nationwide wireless IP networks
Entel to launch first WiMAX services in Chile and Peru
Movistar’s spectrum proposals thrown out
Movistar complies with spectrum sell-off ruling, sets price at USD30 million
CTC lays out broadband investment plans
Telsur boosts profit
Entel reports rise in turnover driven by mobile growth
CTC’s nine-month revenues up
Telmex introduces ‘broadband on demand’
Telsur to invest USD20 million in Las Lagos broadband
Movistar Chile sticks with Nokia
Four bidders for Chilean WiLL licences
Chilean companies invest heavily in triple-play networks
América Móvil looking to migrate Smartcom’s users to GSM
Telmex confirms strong interest in WiLL
Movistar expects 20,000 SMEs to push-to-talk
VTR obeys TDLC by divesting satellite TV asset
VTR-Metropolis pulls off 10Mbps broadband coup
América Móvil buys Smartcom from Endesa in USD472 million deal
Chile’s broadband base grows over 10% in 2Q
Entel’s half-year profit up 27%
Chile: ten million cellular users and counting
Telefónica CTC Chile doubles half-year profits
Three suitors line up for Smartcom
Chile reaches 600,000 broadband connections
Entel launches BlackBerry service
Convergia embarks on Santiago network project
Telmex Chile deploys 10Gbps metropolitan network
WiLL auction back on track
“Sell sell sell”: smart money in cellular sector says Spanish sizing up South American subsidiary Smartcom’s single strategic sell-off scenario, scheduled shortly (shelving share sale scheme for smallest cellco on Santiago stock exchange)
Entel says it would consider buying Smartcom
GTD hopes to acquire corporate services rival
Spaniards put Smartcom up for sale
VTR triple play expansion rolls on
Smartcom aims to boost top-end handset sales
Telmex offers ‘nationwide’ IP services
Slim chance to throw Mexican hat into Chile
Telefónica moves to annul ruling to return spectrum
Telcos ignore government plea to reduce broadband tariffs
Chilean mobile users talk 20% more in first quarter as fixed calls decrease
Entel’s profits up 30%, driven by mobile and broadband expansion
CTC won’t expand fixed network
VTR and Metropolis merger completed
Telefónica serves up McChile Wi-Fries
USD10 million earmarked for Interlink’s VoIP project
‘New’ Movistar units to invest heavily this year
Telsur hones its broadband strategy
Telespazio agrees Argentine-Chilean satellite tie-up
Entel’s majority stake sale completed
VTR to merge with Metropolis by 2006
VTR’s turnover reaches USD300 million
Telefónica del Sur sees 10% profit drop but broadband revenues rise
Polar region attracts Magnet
CTC tries to capture budget broadband market
Broadband could surpass dial-up in 2005
Telecom Italia to cut debt by offloading Entel stake
Merger expected to get thumbs up
Telmex to enter Chile’s fixed line sector in 2006?
Smartcom expands network
TEM/BellSouth acquisition closed
TEM/BellSouth merger approved
Subtel assesses wireless market
Telmex eyes 3.5GHz licence
Broadband on the up in Chile
VTR expects LAN use to rise
Smartcom launches 3G in Santiago
Cisco says broadband growth slowing
Chilean government announces broadband tender
Liberty to invest heavily in Chilean ops
CTC improves bottom line despite flat revenues
CTC maximises flat revenues; reassures investors of fixed line profitablity
Shareholders approve CTC sale
CTC shareholders to vote on TM sale
Telefónica Móviles agrees USD1 billion deal for Chilean mobile unit
Rise in interconnection fees receives mixed response
CTC shares skyrocket on back of better than expected rates decree
TM Chile contracts Nokia for GSM expansion
Entel ups capex provision for 2004
Poor Q1 for Telefónica CTC
Telefónica Móviles launches buyout talks with CTC shareholders
Chile hails 6,000 payphones in ten years
TPI to up its stake in Publiguias to 91%
New structure eases Entel’s position
CTC reports profit of USD17.4 million for 2003
IFX goes Wi-Fi
BroadBand Telecom to invest USD10 million in 2004
Telefónica announces launch of EDGE
Telefónica Móvil Chile launches EDGE
Chilesat raises USD25 million
GTD enters ATTL auction
CTC free to introduce variable access fees
CTC boosts 1H03 profit on the back of strong wireless and broadband growth
Entel doubles profit from small sales gains
Electricity utility to use national grid for telecoms
Red is the new black: CTC posts 2002 results