Cable Compendium: a guide to the week’s submarine and terrestrial development
Government of Belarus considering various options for 5G
A1 resumes 4G services in Pinsk
MTS Belarus boosts 4G coverage in Minsk and other main cities
Life:) Belarus expands 4G coverage in 32 areas
MTS’ Armenian, Belarusian units report strong Q2 performances
A1 Belarus rebranding finalised
MTS Belarus switches on 2600MHz 4G services in 36 locations
MTS Belarus improves 3G communication along major rail links
VELCOM (A1) receives additional frequencies at 2100MHz
A1 brand introduced in Belarus
MTS Belarus plans 50% capacity increase on 4G network
VELCOM finally kicks off LTE services using beCloud common network
VELCOM snaps up Minsk ISP Belinfonet
beCloud boosts network capacity on life:) network by over 50%; announces 2600MHz switch-on
Minsvyazi: 3.2m broadband and 11.6m mobile subscribers at end-September 2018
life:) 4G LTE now available in all regional centres
MTS Belarus switches on LTE in all regional centres across Mogilev
Beltelecom doubles fastest tariff to 200Mbps
MTS Belarus’ 4G rollout now covers all regional centres in Grodno region
beCloud boosts on-air base stations by 30%; extends 4G coverage to six new locations
MTS Belarus expands 4G to eleven cities/towns in Minsk and Gomel regions
Beltelecom signs up two millionth GPON fibre customer
MTS Belarus reports over 220,000 passengers using free Wi-Fi at railways stations
Belarusian altnet VELCOM says fibre-optic network now passes 1m households
MTS Belarus increases 4G coverage in the regions
OAC, beCloud and Turkcell to develop 4G/5G in Belarus
MTS Belarus makes commitment to boost mobile communications along main rail links
Cosmos Telecom launches 200Mbps service in Minsk for BYN1 a month
MTS Belarus extends 4G LTE footprint in Minsk region
Belarusian cellco life:) unveils USD4 unlimited mobile internet tariff in three regions
Belarusian start-up confirms 115 free Wi-Fi hotspots in Minsk; plans regional network ‘Free Wi-Fi BY’
MTS Belarus switches on LTE in twelve more cities/towns
Minsvyazi deputy minister says 5G test zones expected in 2019
MTS Belarus’ 4G expansion takes in another 28 settlements
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
beCloud reports that it has deployed more than 1,000 base stations in Belarus
MTS Belarus extends 4G to new cities in the Grodno region
VELCOM completes acquisition of 97% stake in Garant
BeST expands 4G coverage to eleven new areas
MTS expands 4G LTE coverage to new cities in Minsk region
Start-up launches ‘Free Wi-Fi Minsk’ service with more than 100 hotspots
VELCOM moves to snap up regional ISP Garant
VELCOM switches on VoWiFi in Belarus
A1 Telekom Austria Group has EUR1bn to spend on acquisitions
Beltelecom sets 1Q19 deadline to complete GPON switchover in Minsk
VELCOM targets regional expansion and possible acquisitions
BeST foot forward? Government considers sale of shares in mobile operator
BeST (life:)) boosts 4G coverage in Belarus
Minsvyazi proposes raising fixed line tariffs
Beltelecom publishes 2017 network update; GPON users top 1.7m
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MTS Belarus to launch LTE in 80 new cities/towns in 1H18
Beltelecom hooks up 200,000th GPON subscriber in Minsk region
beCloud to launch 5G test zone in Minsk early next year
beCloud to double 4G BTS in 2018
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MTS Belarus adds Petrikov, Zhitkovichi and Krichev to 4G footprint
velcom targets 180,000 households passed by GPON next year
Atlant, TeleSat and velcom consolidated into unified enterprise, VELCOM
life:), MTS Belarus add more areas to 4G network; velcom starts GPON rollout in Minsk
MTS Belarus lights 4G in five more cities/towns
MTS Belarus extends 4G in ten cities and towns
life:) adds 20 more towns/cities to 4G network
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
MTS Belarus lights up 4G in 19 new towns and settlements
MTS Belarus increases 4G coverage in Minsk and Minsk region
life:) switches on 4G services in Brest region
Minsvyazi targets 4G in all regional centres by year-end; GPON connections top 1.39m
Minsvyazi dusts off MTS Belarus sale documents, yet again
life:) adds Shklov and Bobruisk to 4G footprint
MTS Belarus to switch on 4G in a further 49 areas
life:) launches 4G services in Gomel, Mozyr, Kalinkovichi and Dobrush
Minsvyazi publishes brief 1H17 telecoms development update
MTS Belarus marks 15th anniversary; reports one million 4G subscribers
velcom provides ‘Comfort’ with unlimited 3G calls plan
Beltelecom, China Telecom sign telecoms cooperation agreement
velcom uses UMTS-900 to help boost 3G network coverage to 95.2%
velcom to deploy GPON fixed internet services in Minsk and suburbs
Belarus looking to ramp up 4G rollout
Minsvyazi: LTE now available to 60% of Belarus' population
Nobody home: Beltelecom shuts down Homebody WiMAX service
velcom kicks off GPON rollout in Belarus
beCloud, Huawei hit 2Gbps speeds in 5G test
IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly digest
Beltelecom’s triple-play service marks 200,000th subscriber milestone
life:) expands 4G network coverage in Belarus
MTS Belarus extends 4G to Drogichin and Luninets
MTS Belarus offering free Wi-Fi at railway stations in major cities
Midweek M2M: IoT and machine-to-machine developments
MTS Belarus extends 4G LTE to eight more regional centres
MTS Belarus extends LTE footprint to Mozyr, Kalinkovichi, Lida and Pinsk
MTS Belarus’ LTE base tops 520,000; urban coverage at 75%
Beltelecom: 3.06m broadband and 1.51m IPTV subscribers at end-2016
velcom reports rising revenue, EBITDA in 4Q16
Midweek M2M: IoT and machine-to-machine developments
MTS Belarus extends 4G to Baranovichi, Navapolatsk
Belarus government: 5G plans will be developed in H1 2019
velcom completes 3G modernisation programme
velcom, ZTE claim world first with ‘commercial fully virtualised core network’
MTS Belarus extends LTE coverage
Beltelecom to shutter dial-up from 1 February
beCloud expanding 4G/4G+, plans 5G trial; talks continue with velcom
velcom outlines plans to expand Atlant Telecom network, including IPTV upgrade
Beltelecom signs up 100,000th triple-play customer
TAG completes Atlant Telecom, TeleSet takeover in Belarus
velcom seeks licence to launch its own 4G LTE network
MTS Belarus targets LTE in regional centres by year end
Beltelecom connects its one millionth GPON subscriber
Beltelecom GPON subscribers top 956k at end-Sep as broadband base passes 2.3m
velcom rumoured to be in market for domestic ISP Atlant Telecom
velcom boosts Grodno region 3G coverage to 98.8%
Ericsson Nikola Tesla confirms second phase LTE contract with beCloud
life:) to double 3.5G speeds; velcom extends UMTS coverage along M1 highway
Belarus enforces new regulation of VoIP
MTS Belarus to upgrade 2G,3G networks in five regions
life:) unveils details of new 4G tariffs
life:) goes live with LTE in Minsk
ANLIM.BR launches LTE-based wireless broadband in Minsk
velcom boosts 3G geographical coverage to 69.3%
Beltelecom signs up 800,000th GPON subscriber
Belarusian cellco life:) to launch LTE in July
velcom UMTS-900 rollout takes in Gomel; Brest to follow
ISP Atlant Telecom reportedly up for sale
Govt ‘no plans’ to divest MTS Belarus stake in 2016
Belarus’ cellcos velcom and life:) cleared to launch LTE this month
MTS Belarus rolls out 200Mbps residential broadband service
Belarusian cellcos plan to cover 97% of territory with UMTS-900 by year end
Belarus announces VAT increase from 1 April; move will impact mobile and fixed line service providers
beCloud reports 4,500 users on new LTE network
MTS Belarus rolls out UMTS-900 to ‘almost all’ of Minsk region
Minsvyazi discusses raising VAT on cellcos, Beltelecom to 25%; critics warn cost could be passed to users
Belarus round-up: Beltelecom lays out four-year fibre transformation programme; Atlant Telecom introduces budget Ethernet; Home Network launches unlimited tariff plans
Velcom launches UMTS-900 technology in Belarus
MTS Belarus’ 4G network goes live in Minsk
Huawei and Beltelecom ink smart home contract
MTS Belarus to hold official 4G LTE launch tomorrow
MTS Belarus to launch 4G in Minsk on 19 December?
beCloud 4G LTE network currently in live ‘test mode’ in Minsk
Beltelecom to add Kokhanovo, Tolochin district to GPON footprint
Beltelecom deploys GPON in Rogachev
Minsvyazi reports 2.1m byfly broadband users for Beltelecom
Currency fluctuations hit Velcom’s H1 revenues as user base continues to fall
MTS Belarus confirms Minsk region 2G network upgrade
Velcom hopes free trial of mobile Voka TV will prove a tonic
Belarusian telcos to pay 1.5% of revenue into MoCI’s universal service fund
MTS Belarus hikes Ethernet prices from 1 April
MTS Belarus reports 1.7m 3G subscribers at end-2014
Plans on the table to deploy LTE to Minsk and state capitals this year; life:) reports 1.4m subs
Belarusian communications minister looking to monetise Skype, Viber type services
Beltelecom internet base passed two million mark in 2014, paper says
Belarus dusts off MTS sale proposal document, yet again
Belarusian cellco life:) to hike prices from 11 February
Beltelecom connects 300,000th GPON customer
Belarus expects DTT switchover to be finalised on 15 May
Belarus operator life :) holds prices for 2015
MoCI says Belarusians may see 5G within next decade
Beltelecom to connect 100,000 Minsk apartments to GPON by 2015
Belarus reports 15-fold expansion in its international internet gateway since 2010
beCloud to launch LTE in Minsk in 2015
Velcom dips toe into fixed internet arena; Beltelecom to connect one millionth IPTV user
Belarus’ Cosmos TV offers 100Mbps for all
Cosmos TV deploys Teleste’s DOCSIS access hub to bring IP services to Minsk users
MTS Belarus extends Ethernet coverage in Minsk and other regional centres
MTS Belarus extends Ethernet coverage in Minsk and other regional centres
MTS Belarus deploys 3G technology on Minsk subway
MTS to upgrade more than 1,000 2G base stations in Minsk
ADN’s ‘Atlant Telecom’ brand connects 100,000 residential subscribers
Beltelecom to hike broadband internet prices from 23 June
Russian company ‘wants to buy’ MTS Belarus stake, ambassador says
Belarusian telco extends DVB-T coverage, paper says
Beltelecom says net profit reached USD84.2m in FY13; not planning to alter the cost of internet access this year
MTS Belarus secures fourth channel to boost 3G bandwidth
Belarus government fails to sell MTS stake at auction
BelCel to lose wireless spectrum
Beltelecom sums up 2013 achievements
Government cuts cost of MTS Belarus stake to USD863m
Belarusian cellco BelCel plans to relaunch on LTE-450 network, director says
MTS Belarus reports solid Q3: subscriber base up 3.7%, as 3G users top 1.2m
Belarus govt confident of raising USD800-900m through MTS sale
Belarus expands international internet gateway to 450Gbps
Beltelecom, Cosmos TV launch DVB-T2 services
MTS Belarus launches new fibre broadband offering
Belarusian govt once again sets its stall to sell MTS stake
Belarus’ mobile users top 10.94m in September, ministry reports
beCloud to test LTE-A
MTS Belarus kicks off implementation of IPv6 in its Ethernet network
MTS Belarus to add HD voice on 3G network
MTS Belarus plans FTTB rollout in Belarus, report says
Beltelecom sets 19 September date for presentation to sell state’s 51% stake in MTS Belarus
Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan eye end to roaming rates
Bandwidth boost at Beltelecom
beCloud to be only LTE network operator in Belarus
Velcom expands DC-HSDPA coverage and 3G capacity
MTS Belarus pushes ahead with DC-HSDPA upgrades
MoCI licenses new Belarusian telco, beCloud
MTS Belarus reports 5.26m subscribers at end-June
Belarus to get second national provider in shape of beCloud, paper says
MTS Belarus installed an additional 58 base stations in Q2 2013
MTS Belarus sale: govt will try again in 2014, sticks with USD1bn valuation
Beltelecom to deploy an additional 500 Wi-Fi hotspots ahead of 2014 Hockey World Cup
MTS Belarus breaks new ground with ‘unlimited mobile apps’ download service
BeST unveils network modernisation programme
Sale of MTS Belarus stake once again fails to attract interest
MTS Belarus extends mobile internet to 62 new localities
MTS Belarus says more than one million subscribers now use a smartphone
Velcom says CDMA service cut off in parts of Belarus due to partner switch-off
Beltelecom, AzTelekom to cooperate on direct communication channel
Belarusian minister confirms plans for LTE-A tests in 2013
Belarus continues quest to find suitor for MTS stake
MTS Belarus offers smartphones on instalment plans
MTS Belarus, beCloud mull joint LTE development plan
Beltelecom offers discount incentive to new byfly broadband subscribers
Velcom reports 15.4% rise in FY12 revenue
Beltelecom reveals more plans for internet capacity upgrade
Beltelecom to launch ‘Skype-like’ option; expands international gateway
Beltelecom and MTS ‘prolong permission’ to sell state’s stake in MTS Belarus
MTS Belarus switches on third 3G/3G+ frequency channel
Velcom begins implementation of third 3G frequency channel
ADN chief executive says Beltelcom’s ‘cheap’ broadband is a bar to investment
MTS Belarus reports 1.5m mobile internet subscribers in 2012
Belarus national PTO to raise broadband, IPTV rates
Beltelecom announces internet gateway capacity increased to 350Gbps
Velcom says 3G/3G+ network available to 100% of the urban population
Kazakhstan scoffs at suggestion it is interested in MTS Belarus
MTS planning fixed line launches in Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia
Beltelecom announces hike in international call rates
life:) ups international/roaming rates; MTS Belarus increases charges by 10%
MTS Belarus reports 13% rise in 3Q revenue; govt auction announcement expected soon
Turkcell linked with possible MTS Belarus bid
Beltelecom to up internet gateway capacity to 360Gbps
Govt refuses to budge on MTS Belarus asking price
MTS Belarus reports 800,000 3G mobile internet subscribers
MoCI may license third ISP to handle rising demand for international internet traffic
GTS to roll out DWDM network to Minsk, via Beltelecom partnership
Govt sets 2 November date to launch MTS auction process
MTS Belarus launches new smartphones and unlimited internet offer
Regulator to auction off state’s 51% stake in MTS Belarus this year, report says
Telecom regulators from six east European nations form new association
MTS Belarus reports 16% y-o-y dip in Q2 revenues
MTS Belarus launches low-cost ‘3G Lite’ service
life:) loses 600k subscribers in 1H12
Beltelecom targets two million Byfly and IPTV subscribers by September
MTS inaugurates ADSL service in Minsk
Belarusian operators announce ‘convergent cooperation’ plan
MTS Belarus marks ten years in business; signs up five-millionth subscriber
MTS rekindles interest in buying government’s MTS Belarus stake
BelCel to end WiLL tie-up with Beltelecom, considers LTE move
Scartel to quit Belarus on 11 June, reports claim
Beltelecom increases Russia, Ukraine call rates
No day of rest as Yota Bel sets Sunday launch date for LTE
Minister reaffirms it has no urgent need to divest MTS stake
Velcom increases revenues on back of Teradata solution
Russia’s Yota rushing to sell Belarusian business, report says
Beltelecom picks Huawei for commercial 100G WDM rollout; launches VoD
Belarus to launch national communications satellite system, paper says
Velcom owner selects Procera for Belarusian fixed and mobile deployment
2011 not the best for BeST, but subs base continues to grow
Belarus targets 1Q14 launch for new communication satellite
Telekom Austria: USD390m impairment charge in Belarus will impact ‘significantly’ on 2011 income
Belarus government clamps down on foreign website access
Beltelecom reports 1.15m byfly users, 430k IPTV subs
Beltelecom: no rise in internet traffic costs in 2012
Yota announces LTE rollout covering major regional centres of Belarus
MTS opts out of buying state’s 51% stake in MTS Belarus
Beltelecom, Huawei test 100G services in WDM network
MoCI invites 50 foreign firms to bid for MTS Belarus stake
Beltelecom’s byfly broadband base breaks 1m barrier
Authorities plan event to advertise sale of MTS stake
PTO launches new services on IMS
State to offload its 51% stake in MTS Belarus
MDC (Velcom) reports 27.2% rise in income; customers up too
Government to curtail Beltelcom’s monopoly on international traffic routing this year
Belarus home to 10.45m mobile users by end-June, Ministry says
Beltelecom to remain in state hands
Polkomtel interested in BelCel purchase?
Beltelecom holds tender to expand internet gateway to Russia
Beltelecom signs up 300,000th IPTV subscriber
Beltelecom picks ZTE for national GPON broadband project
Beltelecom extends ZALA IPTV to regions
Beltelecom CEO targeting strong broadband subscriber growth
Beltelecom goes Universal with triple-play offer
Government widens list of regulated services
MTS Belarus’ 3G network now covers 60% of population
Lukashenko slaps USD1 billion price tag on MTS Belarus stake
Minister claims Yota does not have LTE licence in Belarus
Ministry provides update on telecoms sector development
Beltelecom reports on business progress; reveals five-year strategy plan
Velcom expands 3G network
MTS Belarus’ 3G users topped 130,000 in September
Regulator grants BeST permission to test LTE
President Lukashenko will not take Beltelecom private
Telekom Austria acquires remaining 30% stake in Velcom
BelCel (Diallog) launches new C-motech CDMA router
MTS launches 3.5G network for 39% of Belarusians
Beltelecom announces full launch of new VoD library
Belarusian mobile base tops 9.9m
Beltelecom, Synterra ink transit deal
MTS Belarus hits 4.56m subs
Minister outlines Belarus’ targets for broadband growth in 2010
Beltelecom to launch DTT
Beltelecom launches mobile WiMAX network in capital
ITU provides financial support to Belarus
Velcom launches commercial UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+ network
Beltelecom ups internet gateway to 37Gbps
Secret services allegedly snooping on cellcos’ databases
TA to snap up remaining Velcom shares by year-end
life:) reports 200,000 3G subscribers
ADN signs deal with Alca-Lu to offer Ethernet broadband solutions
Velcom receives nationwide 3G licence in Belarus
Belarus tightens noose on internet access
Velcom subs base tops 4.1 million, announces 3G launch plans
Beltelecom plans to more than double Byfly base in 2010
life:) breaks one million user barrier
life:) launches 3G network, claims a first for Belarus
Beltelecom, BelCel connect 100,000th WiLL user
Belarus approves MTS, Velcom 3G licences, report says
Beltelecom included in state’s 2009 privatisation plan
Beltelecom to be incorporated as JSC?
Do or do not, there is no try; Yota to deploy mobile WiMAX network in Belarus
Beltelecom unveils USD125m network development plan
MTS marks seven years in Belarus
Beltelecom to use Verimatrix content security for IPTV
Cosmos TV hits 50k broadband user mark; begins its shift towards digital broadcasting
Velcom launches 3.1Mbps mobile broadband service
Internet user base tops 3.1 million
Velcom EDGEs speeds up 20%
Ericsson Nikola Tesla wins Belarusian network expansion deal
Kosmos has 40,000 cable internet users
Cellcos to raise call rates, reports say
ISPs get green light to offer Wi-Fi
Broadband user base tops 250,000-mark in 2008
BeST: Turkcell aims for 30%-plus market share by 2010
Minister targets 1.7 million fixed broadband users by 2010
Ministry hints at September 2009 date for 3G licences
Velcom reports 3Q results
Beltelecom international monopoly will be revoked by 2011
Belarus passes new amendments on telecoms law
Beltelecom’s byfly broadband service tops 100,000 subscribers
Velcom adds 169,000 new subs in 2Q
Turkcell inks deal to acquire 80% of BeST for USD500m
Beltelecom introduces Minsk IPTV service
Belarus begins first hearing on amendments to telecoms law
Belarus to issue tender for 3G licences
Belarus ups internet gateway capacity to 4.5Gbps
Government sets USD500m price tag on BeST stake
Beltelecom: communications investment to reach USD150 million in 2008
Turkcell to buy majority stake in BeST?
Beltelecom awards IPTV contract to ZTE
Minister of Communications: Belarus has 170,000 broadband users
Government: no plans to liberalise the telecoms market anytime soon
Deputy minister forecasts half a million broadband users by 2010
Government predicts mobile user base to top eight million by end-2010
MTS Belarus reports strong growth in 2007
Telekom Austria Group releases year-end subscriber figures
Beltelecom launched 105 Wi-Fi hot spots in 2H 2007
Beltelecom reviews progress in 2007
Government: no plans to sell BeST shares
Telekom Austria completes purchase of MDC stake
Cosmos TV to provide 24/7 internet service
BeST deploys Alca-Lu and Amdocs support systems
Beltelecom to deploy NGN for multiservice data networks
Telekom Austria buys Belarusian cellco MDC
Telekom Austria edges closer to Velcom acquisition
Synterra, Beltelecom to build trans-border fibre link
Telekom Austria remains tight-lipped on possible Belarus mobile purchase
Velcom is Telekom Austria’s target, says paper
Telekom Austria eyes Belarus
Ministry to launch internet access tender for ISPs
Velcom sold to Cypriot-based SB Telecom
BeST’s network investment reaches USD200m mark; reports 156,000 subscribers
Beltelecom begins Wi-Fi tests
Belarus’ universal service tender fails to attract interest
MTS content with the status quo in Belarus
Beltelecom lights fibre-optic node on Belarus-Russia border
Ministry launches 2007/08 universal services tender
Beltelecom cuts internet access rates
Velcom introduces pilot 3G network in Mogilev
Beltelecom and BelCel to launch Belarusian WiLL network
Velcom investments total USD402 million
Beltelecom launches Ethernet equipment tender
Beltelecom calms fears over possible price rises
MDC to invest USD140 million in 2007; BeST hits the 62,000 subscriber mark
Belarus publishes ‘health check’ on state of telecoms industry
Beltelecom, Rostelecom complete cross-border fibre tie-up
MDC reports 2.56 million subs at end-October
MTS Belarus reports revenues of USD138.1 million in 1H 2006
Government approves communication development programme for 2006-2010
BeST announces network expansion plan
MDC unveils USD100 million investment plan
MTS launches EDGE in capital
State Committee on Radio Frequencies will be attached to the Security Council
BeST plots network expansion
Ericsson wins in Belarus
BelCel launches EV-DO network in Minsk
President calls for market liberalisation
MDC reports 2.21 million subscribers as at 1 June
BeST reports 8,500 subscribers at 1 June
Belarusian communications minister seeks investors for wireless internet development
MDC reports 2.14 million mobile users
Beltelecom to open data centre in 2Q
Velcom investments total USD310 million
Belarusian cellcos test 3G
MDC sets up trial 3G network
BelCel completes migration to CDMA-450 network
Belarus to get full DVB coverage by 2015
Ministry bans home internet access
Ministry to increase international capacity to 8Gbps by 2010
MDC subscriber base tops two million mark
Ministry plans to build new broadband internet backbone
Velcom rolls out additional base stations to boost coverage
Ministry announces plans to license Wi-Fi
BelCel to up capacity to 260,000 numbers in 2006
MDC ups 2006 investment by 30%
Newcomer BeST targeting low-end users
4.09 million mobile subscribers in Belarus
Alcatel China opens Belarus office
Third GSM operator will launch on Wednesday
International numbering plan introduced
Velcom’s customer base rises to 1.7 million
Beltelecom to expand fibre-optic reach
Belarus to test 4G
Pilot WiMax to be launched by end-2005
Belpochta launches 40 new PIAPs
‘e-Belarus programme’ behind schedule
Mobile users grow 48% in 2005
BeST contracts Alcatel for new equipment
Internet users increase 50% in 2004
MTS contracts Alcatel
Government completes VoIP investigation
Beltelecom contracts Ericsson for modernisation
MTS gets new director
MTS selects Siemens
New Law on Telecommunications
Belcel outlines 2005/06 priorities
Velcom inks second deal – this time with Siemens
Velcom awards Ericsson GSM expansion contract
BeST and Siemens sign MoU for WiMax
MTS celebrates third birthday
BeST selects Alcatel for GSM expansion
Beltelecom and Intersputnik create satellite company
MTS splashes the ca$h
Country boasts two million internet users
New radio communications law
BeST selects potential suppliers for GSM rollout
Minister predicts four million mobile users by end-2005
No improvement in internet market
Velcom launches free MMS
BeST launches equipment tender
The state of play in Belarus
Lukashenko reveals plans for mobile sector
Fixed line market to be liberalised in 2007
BeST awarded GSM licence
Belpochta to launch 40 PIAPs
Cosmos TV to expand reach
Government increases BelCel share
Mobile price reductions will occur in 3Q
BeST applies for GSM licence
8% rise in GSM users in two months
No more NMT-450 for BelCel
BelCel celebrates two-year anniversary with 100,000 CDMA users
Wireless subscriptions double in 2004
Wireless players see widespread network expansion
Beltelecom network modernisation under way
Velcom places Siemens order
Third GSM licence attracting interest
Siemens wins USD200 million deal from MTS
Mobile TeleSystems boosts customer base to 15.24 million
Mobile TeleSystems boosts customer base to 15.24 million
Mobile TeleSystems boosts customer base to 15.24 million
KGB arrest cellco management
Belcel launches 3G under Diallog banner
Velcom achieves major milestone