VEON Armenia upgrades fixed infrastructure with VDSL in Sari Tagh
VEON Armenia rolls out 100Mbps fixed internet service
PSRC to allocate MNOs more spectrum to achieve blanket LTE-A coverage
Armenia’s PSRC gives green light to sale of Rostelecom Armenia to VivaCell-MTS
VivaCell-MTS kicks off network refurbishment and modernisation
VEON Armenia switches on VDSL in Stepanavan, Lori province
Karabakh Telecom plans EUR11m investment in Artsakh; telco may lose its monopoly
Rostelecom boss rekindles rumours of GNC-ALFA sale
VEON Armenia extends 4G roaming to 39 new countries
Armenian minister tips Nokia to help build countrywide 5G network
U!com launches commercial VoLTE solution
VEON Armenia completes widescale mobile network upgrade
Beeline rumoured to be interested in Rostelecom Armenia buyout
Armenia’s U!com targets 88% LTE-A coverage before April 2018
MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments
Beeline deploys 10Mbps ADSL in Aragatsavan, Aragatsotn province
ArmenTel Beeline modernises fixed lines in Gyumri, Shirak province
Ucom launches 100Mbps with 145 TV channels special offer
ArmenTel announces major wireline networks modernisation in Yerevan and regions
ArmenTel (Beeline) embarks on major mobile network modernisation
Beeline expands 4G roaming
ArmenTel (Beeline) extends VDSL services to residents of Abovyan and Artashat
Ucom Armenia extends triple-play broadband services to five more towns
VivaCell-MTS acquires Armenian Datacom Company (ADC) assets
VivaCell-MTS changes company name to MTS Armenia
U!com claims largest 4G+ coverage in Armenia
Ucom announces USD36m investment plan for 2017
VivaCell-MTS says planned 4G expansion will boost coverage to 52.5% of the population
ArmenTel (Beeline) expands 4G network; launches 4G roaming
MTS Q3 group turnover, profits down 1.3%, 12.8%; users up 2.5%
Armenia’s Ucom doubles broadband speeds for U!Net Lite subscribers
UCOM Armenia selects Calix to deploy NG-PON2 solution
Ericsson deploys U!com’s 4G+ network in Yerevan
ArmenTel unveils own-label Beeline Pro4 smartphone
ArmenTel makes beeline to 4G with Yerevan LTE pilot
Beeline launches 450MHz fixed-wireless network across Armenia
Beeline Armenia launches Giga mobile internet
UCOM Armenia selects Astellia to help improve 4G deployment
UCOM, Ericsson Nikola Tesla sign second LTE expansion deal
Armenia’s UCOM invests USD62.7m in network upgrade
Armenian regulator puts onus on fixed line operators to publish network updates
UCOM confirms plan to drop Orange name from April
UCOM inks 4G LTE supply contract with Ericsson
UCOM readies Orange Armenia re-branding
Armenia’s UCOM looking to launch LTE; Beeline upgrades Lori network
Orange to deploy VoLTE, Wi-Fi Calling across Europe
VivaCell-MTS boosted LTE coverage to 46.6% in 2015 as CAPEX topped USD20m
VimpelCom to introduce ZTE’s NFV solution in five markets
UCOM completes merger of Orange Armenia
ArmenTel (Beeline) enters into IPTV joint venture with CTV
Rostelecom unit offers six months free OTT in Armenia
UCOM to ‘pledge’ 100% of Orange Armenia with local banks
ArmenTel (Beeline) to upgrade fixed line network in Shirak province
Beeline to launch new triple-play offer; unveils ‘smart’ mobile tariff
Rostelecom’s GNC-ALFA aims to double Armenian subs base this year
Beeline improves mobile coverage in Yerevan and Aragatsotn
Armenian cellco VivaCell-MTS reports 9.2% rise in 2Q sales
PSRC authorises UCOM’s Orange Armenia buyout
ArmenTel continues FTTB rollout across Yerevan
Orange Group agrees sale of Armenian mobile unit to UCOM
GNC-ALFA sets out stall to develop infrastructure in Abovyan
Orange Group begins talks to sell Armenian mobile unit to UCOM
ArmenTel includes ‘free’ DLD calls in users’ bundled plans
VivaCell-MTS investment totals more than AMD183bn; now boasts two million subs
K-Telecom expands mobile network from Stepanakert to Armenia, paper says
ArmenTel launches unlimited pre-paid call offers
ArmenTel (Beeline) extends FTTB coverage in Yerevan
Beeline to build Armenian LTE network before end-2015
ArmenTel (Beeline) revenues decline 3% in Q1
ArmenTel expands Beeline fibre-optic service availability to Norashen
Orange Armenia unveils new pre-paid service
ArmenTel unveils ‘Next’, a low-cost service for making calls to Nagorno-Karabakh
ArmenTel (Beeline) boosts GSM/3G coverage in Yerevan
ArmenTel reports rising mobile subs in 2014 as data revenues climb
ArmenTel (Beeline) switches on FTTB service in Yerevan
UCOM exceeds 75,000 FTTH subscribers aided by Calix
ArmenTel (Beeline) to expand wireless broadband coverage to 376 rural locations
K-Telecom mired in illegal mobile calls dispute; secures improved roaming deal with ArmenTel
PSRC grants additional mobile frequencies to Orange Armenia
VivaCell-MTS expands 4G LTE coverage to 45.7%
GNC-ALFA expects decision on data processing centre in 2015
VivaCell-MTS launches 4G offer at 3G prices
Analogue (all I want)? Armenia says no as DTT bill sent to parliament
ArmenTel (Beeline) expands GSM, UMTS converge in Yerevan and the regions
ArmenTel digitises fixed network in Gandzak; K-Telecom to launch low-cost call offer
ArmenTel (Beeline) unveils ‘non-stop’ service for PAYG users
Orange Armenia launches 42Mbps MyFi; cuts cost of H+ mobile internet services
Orange invested USD251m in Armenian mobile business over five years
Armenian incumbents stump up USD94m in taxes in 9M14
UCOM to launch Yerevan LTE pilot in 2015
Orange Armenia extends DC-HSPA+ coverage
ArmenTel network digitisation continues apace with Maralik upgrade
PSRC says 3G networks now cover 97.7% of Armenia’s territory, with 2G coverage at 100%
Rostelecom boss buoyed by development prospects in Armenia
GNC-ALFA extends network coverage to 80% of Yerevan
ArmenTel kicks off PSTN digitisation programme in northern Armenia
UCOM picks Alcatel-Lucent to upgrade Armenian fibre infrastructure
Beeline announces latest 2G, 3G network expansion
ArmenTel launches new ‘Let’s Talk’ service for AMD990 per month
UCOM to boost internet speeds this summer
GNC-ALFA launches AMD1 Wi-Fi offer
Armenian cellcos’ mobile internet subs top 1.56m in Q1
ArmenTel CEO reports 30% increase in mobile internet users
ArmenTel (Beeline) extends 2G, 3G coverage in Yerevan and six regions
GNC-ALFA strikes deal to access ArmenTel network
UCOM to build mobile internet network in Armenia
ArmenTel to digitise PSTN in Aragatsotn province
PSRC confirms more than 4,000 subscribers use MNP in first month
PSRC slaps ArmenTel with AMD1m fine for delaying GNC-ALFA cable request
ArmenTel makes a Beeline for Armavir and Kotayk provinces
ArmenTel (Beeline) receives just 1,642 MNP applications in first month of new regime
ArmenTel (Beeline) unveils new unlimited mobile internet tariffs
ArmenTel launches IPTV service with SPB TV; plans mobile TV
MNP launched in Armenia as networks attain 100% coverage
Trio of Armenian ISPs warned over internet billing
VivaCell expands LTE network to four new markets
VivaCell-MTS expands DC-HSPA+ coverage to 86% of the population
Orange Armenia expands DC-HSPA+ to 315 towns
PSRC grants Orange Armenia additional radio frequencies to expand 3G network
Rostelecom to invest USD10m into GNC-ALFA in 2014
ArmenTel commences fixed network upgrade in Aragatsot, Lori regions
Armenia’s VivaCell-MTS announces latest details of 2G, 3G network rollouts
Orange Armenia extends mobile voice/internet coverage to two more villages
PSRC awards additional 3G frequencies to Orange Armenia to expand network coverage
ArmenTel doubles broadband speeds for Hi Line subscribers; announces latest 3G expansions
VivaCell-MTS to install more 2G/3G BTS in Armenia
Orange Armenia reports a 17% in third-quarter profits
UCOM to spend ‘millions of dollars’ in mobile network build-out
UCOM awarded Armenia’s fourth mobile licence
ArmenTel slapped with AMD20m fine following Orange complaint
Orange Armenia releases update on network improvements/extensions for Q3
K-Telecom extends its over-the-air wireless network to reach more villages in Nagorno-Karabakh
Armentel (Beeline) increases mobile broadband speeds
GNC-ALFA owner to boost Armenian internet coverage by 2017
GNC-ALFA targets IPTV launch in Armenia
Orange Armenia adds Ararat to 42Mbps network footprint
Orange Armenia positive about MNP implementation plan
ArmenTel expands mobile network to border villages
Orange Armenia CEO assesses cost of MNP
UCOM plots Karabakh expansion; offers free Wi-Fi in Tsakhkadzor
Orange Armenia makes high speed internet more affordable by slashing modem fees
ArmenTel to launch IPTV ‘soon’; owners set long term goals
Orange Armenia rolls out mobile voice and internet services in Kachachkut
Karabakh Telecom launches 3G in Artsakh
Orange Armenia welcomes amendment to telecoms law; MNP could follow in Jan-14
Orange Armenia ups maximum upload speed to 5.76Mbps
UCOM to double internet speeds; expands footprint to Gyumri
Orange Armenia offers unlimited AMD20 talk plan, ‘With each other’
UCOM expands network coverage to Vanadzor, Lori
ArmenTel cuts cost for connecting to its fixed line network
UCOM inks deal with Caucasus Online for internet capacity
Orange Armenia upgrades fibre backbone to cater for mobile broadband surge
ArmenTel (Beeline) reports slump in fixed, mobile revenue
Pretty Fli for a Wi-Fi: Orange Armenia launches 21Mbps MyFli device
Orange Armenia posts 46% rise in FY12 turnover
ArmenTel connects to TeliaSonera backbone network
Orange Armenia to extend network coverage to rural areas
GNC-ALFA to spend USD12m to expand Armenian footprint
Orange Armenia welcomes MNP decree
MTS planning fixed line launches in Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia
Telecom regulators from six east European nations form new association
Armentel scotches Vimpelcom fixed line sale plan
Orange Armenia aims to be in the black by end-2012
GNC-ALFA claims national coverage for fixed telecoms services
Armenian telecoms revenues climb 4% y-o-y in Q1, NSS says
Armenian internet subscriber base topped 1.8m last year
UCOM targets full Yerevan coverage by year-end; national coverage to follow in two years
ArmenTel launches Hi-Line Optic FTTB service
ArmenTel reports rising mobile, broadband subscribers
ArmenTel slashes internet prices for corporate users
UCOM extends broadband coverage to Achapnyak, Yerevan
Rostelecom acquires 75% minus one share stake in Armenia’s GNC-ALFA
Armenian communications services generated USD408.5m in 2011
GNC-ALFA adds four more cities to Armenian footprint
Orange’s Armenian investment tops EUR250m; plans new services for 2012
Orange Armenia launches DC-HSPA+ network in three cities
Russian group Rostelecom eying GNC-Alfa acquisition
Armenia’s VivaCell-MTS switches on 4G/LTE network
ArmenTel cuts internet prices
ArmenTel to offer customers ‘alternative’ fixed line tariffs from next year
Change in methodology sees Armenian mobile bases contract in Q3
ArmenTel extends 3G footprint
Orange Armenia extends GSM network; Beeline details 3G expansion
PSRC issues ban on outgoing international VoIP
Orange Armenia reports 555k subscribers; plans 3G capacity expansion
Government poised to launch tender for national high speed network
ArmenTel adds more towns, cities to 3G network
Armenia had 2.77m mobile lines at end-10
ArmenTel cuts wholesale internet tariffs
VivaCell-MTS targets Feb 2011 for full commercial LTE launch
UCOM completes tests; ready to launch fixed telephony services
NSN upgrades Orange Armenia network to HSPA and HD voice
ArmenTel 3Q10 operating revenue down 5.3%
VivaCell-MTS pilots Wi-Fi Hotspot service
Orange Armenia receives additional radio frequencies
PSRC allocates LTE frequencies to VivaCell-MTS
VivaCell-MTS in frame to receive spectrum for LTE rollout
ArmenTel Hi Line 2048 users to benefit from bandwidth doubling plan
Orange (Armenia) reports 45,000 mobile internet subscribers
ArmenTel 3G network now covers 1.9m people
Cornet trumpets WiMAX in Tsaghkadzor
UCOM to invest USD5.3m over three years
Ericsson wins ArmenTel contract
Armenia’s VivaCell-MTS unveils plans for LTE launch
ArmenTel revenues fall 6.5% in 2Q10
ArmenTel rolls out HSUPA; triples 3G network capacity in Yerevan
VivaCell-MTS subscriber base tops 2.1m in June
VivaCell-MTS launches improved mobile internet tariff
Orange targets 95% pop coverage by end-2010
Orange Armenia improves upload speeds with HSUPA upgrade
ArmenTel targets mid-2011 to fully digitise Yerevan PSTN
ArmenTel offers instalment payment plan for new fixed line customers
CallNet expands WiMAX to Kajaran
ArmenTel demonstrates internet services at open zones
UCOM reveals fixed line aspirations – targets summer launch
ArmenTel hopes to triple 3G capacity
Vimpelcom to roll out LTE network in Armenia
VivaCell-MTS subscriber base breaks 2.1m barrier
Ministry reveals high speed broadband network plan
Orange unit receives more frequencies; PSRC sets interconnect tariffs
Armenia’s telecoms industry reports strong performance in 2009
Orange start-up breaks 200k subscriber barrier
Beeline extends 3G coverage
Orange Armenia breaks 100k subscriber barrier
VivaCell-MTS and GNC Alfa ink backbone network
Orange launches Armenia’s third mobile network
VivaCell-MTS to deploy LTE in 2010
iCON extends internet service coverage; ArmenTel plans 3G expansion
Fibernet announces 12%-30% cut in wholesale internet rates
ArmenTel cuts wholesale internet prices; plans additional fibre, 3G investment
Orange revolution: French cellco prepares for Armenian launch
iCON Communications extends service coverage
VivaCell-MTS; now with convergent post-paid, pre-paid billing
VivaCell-MTS expands 3G roaming
ArmenTel targets 100% digitisation by 2010
iCON signs up more than 500 WiMAX customers
ArmenTel rewards 500,000th video-caller
VivaCell launches 3G/HSPA network
ADC launches new internet products for SMEs
That’s capital! iCON launches WiMAX service in Yerevan
PSRC awards fixed line licence to Kornet-AM
ArmenTel rolls out Hi-Line internet service to regions
VimpelCom, Amdocs deploy consolidated billing platform for ArmenTel
FT to launch Armenian venture in autumn 2009
Armenia gets new VAS provider in Playfon
MTS picks Huawei for VivaCell’s 3G network
VivaCell awards Intracom USD25m mobile expansion deal
Comstar launches Armenian WiMAX network
Alca-Lu to roll out iCON’s WiMAX network in Armenia
ArmenTel seeks uninterrupted internet access via Turkcell
Orange in pole position to win Armenia’s third mobile licence
Armenia puts three names forward for third mobile licence
K-Telecom sets 3G launch date of early 2009
ArmenTel fined USD1m for abusing dominant position in broadband market
Third mobile licence to be awarded in December
Armenia to launch tender for third mobile operator
Comstar deploys Armenian WiMAX network
Vimpelcom spells out ArmenTel plans; rebrands to Beeline
Government to launch third mobile licence tender in May, paper says
ArmenTel selects Ericsson for IMS-based network
Comstar to build Armenian WiMAX network
Armenia to offer third mobile licence next year
VivaCell now comes with extra MACH power
MTS receives 3G frequencies in Armenia
ArmenTel receives 3G frequencies
ArmenTel to invest USD127m on network development
MTS acquires VivaCell for USD400m
MTS casts eye towards K-Telecom
ArmenTel launches pre-paid GPRS
AmenTel monopoly to end on 1 October 2007, or will it?
Fattouch Investment has no plans to sell VivaCell network
MTC poised to block ArmenTel’s request for hefty hike in phone tariffs
VivaCell unveils new pre-paid card system
New rules on voice telephony market postponed until December
ArmenTel to give up ‘monopoly’ on IP telephony by end-2007
ArmenTel launches GPRS-Packet service for post-paid users
New market entrant ADC promises faster, cheaper services
Vimpelcom completes acquisition of outstanding ArmenTel stake
ArmenTel announces imminent launch of GPRS services
Vimpelcom to acquire outstanding ArmenTel stake
Government to slash internet fees
Armenian Datacom Company inks IP/MPLS deal with Alcatel-Lucent
Vimpelcom announces NGN rollout plan for ArmenTel
Comstar to begin ‘large-scale advancement of WiMAX’ in Q3 2007
ArmenTel to shut down illegal VoIP operators
Commission revokes ArmenTel’s monopoly on international internet services
State OKs Vimpelcom’s ArmenTel purchase
Government considers selling its remaining 10% in ArmenTel to VimpelCom
VimpelCom announces ArmenTel takeover
ArmenTel has not been sold – it’s official
ArmenTel selects ZTE for DSL rollout
Etisalat denies it has bought stake in ArmenTel
Government baulks at ArmenTel price hike plan
Deadline for ArmenTel bids set for 18 September
ArmenTel clamps down on illegal VoIP providers
ArmenTel selects ZTE for CDMA WiLL network
Russian news agency announces ‘winner’ of ArmenTel tender
Four pre-selected to bid for ArmenTel
Eight now in hunt for OTE’s 90% stake in ArmenTel
VimpelCom declares interest in Armentel
Armentel sale imminent?
Russia’s Sistema eyeing ArmenTel
OTE seeks Armenian exit
ArmenTel to introduce new prices from 1 February
Fury as ArmenTel’s wireless network enters third week of outage
K-Telecom struggles to get off the ground
Incumbent near-doubles wireless subscribers and revenues regardless of ongoing legal battle
OTE settles wrangle with Armenian government
Azeri ministry flexes muscles over Karabakh region
Incumbent set to lose monopoly in May
ArmenTel aims for 200,000 new users by March ‘04
State mulls end of telecoms monopoly