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Submarine cable operators Seaborn Networks and AquaComms have agreed to create ‘a new, next-generation subsea route between South America and Europe’ by linking their respective undersea cables. The enlarged infrastructure... more
Maltese telco GO has announced plans to invest EUR100 million (USD118 million) over the next five years. The Times of Malta says the firm is currently upgrading two cable links... more
The government of Equatorial Guinea has reportedly signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with China-based operator China Unicom and Cameroonian state-owned telecoms provider CamTel to join a consortium aiming to... more
French Polynesia’s Council of Ministers has revealed that a grant of XPF367 million (USD3.63 million) will be required from the Exceptional Investment Fund (Fonds Exceptionnel d’Investissement, or FEI) for the... more
The physical work to manufacture and lay the MAREA submarine cable across the Atlantic has now been completed, with the system scheduled to enter commercial operations in early 2018. The... more
Comoros-based mobile operator Telma Comoros, which is registered under the name Telco SA, has had its access to the international submarine cable Eastern Africa Submarine System (EASSy) suspended for non-payment... more
US-based Seaborn Networks has revealed that the 10,800km Seabras-1 submarine cable system is now ready for service (RFS). The six-fibre pair network – which has design capacity of 72Tbps and... more
Mauritius-based IOX Cable Ltd has announced that its planned submarine cable linking South Africa with India, via landings in Mauritius and the autonomous outer island of Rodrigues, will also connect... more
Puleleiite Tufele Li’a Jr., the chairman of the board of the American Samoa Telecommunications Authority (ASTCA), has revealed that American Samoa will join Samoa’s project to deploy the 1,693km Tui-Samoa... more
Uruguayan state-run telecoms operator *Antel* has announced the completion of the Tannat fibre-optic cable linking Maldonado in Uruguay with the city of Santos in Brazil. The Uruguayan telco disclosed that it... more