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Tenerife-based Hemisphere Cable Company (HCC) has revealed plans to deploy the WASACE 1 submarine cable, which will directly link Europe and Latin America. This new system will connect Fortaleza (Brazil),... more
The government of Papua New Guinea (PNG) will uphold its agreement with China’s Huawei Technologies for the deployment of a domestic submarine cable project aiming to connect 15 coastal provincial... more
Cable vendor SubCom, which was acquired by private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management earlier this month, has reached an agreement with Diamond Link Global to construct a submarine cable system... more
Incumbent operator Mauritius Telecom (MT) has revealed that the Mauritius and Rodrigues Submarine Cable System (MARS) aiming to link Mauritius with the island of Rodrigues has landed in La Prairie... more
The Portuguese government is planning to start work on developing new submarine cables to connect Portugal to the country’s autonomous regions in 2019. The Jornal de Negocios writes that the... more
The INDIGO consortium – comprising Superloop, Telstra, SingTel, Google, Indosat Ooredoo and Australia’s Academic and Research Network (AARNET) – has completed the landing of the INDIGO-Central submarine cable at Coogee... more
Peace Cable International Network and Huawei Marine Networks have announced that the Pakistan East Africa Cable Express (PEACE) cable aiming to link South Asia (via Pakistan) and East Africa (via... more
Internet giant Google is collaborating with Orange Group on a new 6,600km trans-Atlantic cable named Dunant, which will link Virginia Beach in the US to France. As the French landing... more
Telstra has secured an AUD8.2 million (USD5.8 million) contract to land the Coral Sea Cable System (CSCS), which will link Australia to Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands, at its... more
Chilean watchdog the Department of Telecommunications (Subsecretaria de Telecomunicaciones, Subtel) and the Ministry of National Assets have signed an agreement to work together to facilitate the deployment of telecoms infrastructure... more