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Telstra has launched its ‘4GX-lite mobile satellite small cell’, a smaller, lower-cost version of a standard mobile base station which it describes as ‘a new solution to help people living... more
The Italian broadcaster Mediaset and media group Cairo Communication have filed a pre-emptive appeal against the terms of the Italian government’s planned 5G spectrum auction. According to a report from... more
Alexander de Croo, Belgium’s Deputy Prime Minister, has unveiled plans to reserve an allocation of 5G-suitable spectrum for a fourth mobile network operator (MNO) ahead of next year’s frequency auction.... more
Cable and Wireless Communications (CWC), part of Liberty Latin America (LLA), has assured customers that it is preparing for this year’s hurricane season, following the devastating impact of hurricanes Irma... more
Orange Poland has launched a ‘commercial pilot’ of an LTE-M network in the Polish capital Warsaw and three other cities: Gliwice, Myslowice and Tarnow. Orange is inviting established companies and... more
Mobile network operator (MNO) Belarusian Telecommunications Network (BeST life:)) has introduced a new promotion for customers in the regions of Brest, Vitebsk and Grodno, offering an unlimited mobile internet plan... more
Pakistan’s Supreme Court has suspended the collection of an ‘exorbitant’ tax on pre-paid mobile top-ups, having previously described the deductions as exploitation, the Express Tribune reports. The decision refers to... more
The Authority of Posts & Telecommunications Regulation (ART&P) in Togo has issued 4G mobile licences to the country’s two incumbent mobile network operators (MNOs), Togo Cellulaire (Togocel) and Moov Togo,... more
Mexico is set to complete the liberalisation of spectrum in the 614MHz to 698MHz (‘600MHz’) spectrum band by the first quarter of 2019, according BNAmericas, citing information from the Federal... more
Slovak Telekom says it has deployed 256 QAM functionality on its 4G LTE-A network to boost peak speeds to up to 500Mbps, from the previous peak of 375Mbps. The upgrade... more