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Nokia and Facebook have claimed to more than double the capacity of existing fibre on a 5,500km trans-Atlantic subsea cable in tests with Nokia Bell Labs’ new probabilistic constellation shaping... more
Ezecom’s wholly owned fibre-optic subsidiary Telcotech has revealed that it has completed the construction phase of the 1,300km Malaysia-Cambodia-Thailand (MCT) Cable system, with the network expected to enter commercial services... more
An international intergovernmental treaty for the deployment of a submarine cable – called Manatua – linking the Pacific Islands of Niue, Samoa, the Cook Islands and French Polynesia has been... more
US-based Seaborn Networks has revealed that it has completed the first beach landing (at Wall, New Jersey) for its trans-oceanic fibre-optic cable Seabras-1, which is aiming to connect New York... more
Guyana’s Minister of Public Telecommunications Catherine Hughes has pledged that the nation’s telecom sector will finally be liberalised by the end of May this year, with the relevant regulations to... more
Telefonica of Spain has reached an agreement with global investment firm KKR Group for the sale of up to 40% of its infrastructure unit Telxius, for a total amount of... more
Vietnam’s CMC Telecom has begun the construction of a VND200 billion (USD8.81 million) nationwide cable system. The 2,000km system will be routed through 20 cities and provinces across the country,... more
Monwar Hossain, Managing Director of state-owned Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Limited (BSCCL) – the company in charge of the Bangladeshi portion of the SeaMeWe-5 project – has revealed that commercial... more
Orange Group’s CEO Stephane Richard has revealed that his company will deploy a new submarine fibre-optic cable linking a number of French overseas territories (departements d’outre-mer, DOMs) in the Caribbean,... more
Djibouti Telecom has announced that it will invest in a new direct submarine link connecting Australia, the Middle East and Africa, following the inking of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)... more