About the Logo

TeleGeography 1992

The TeleGeography “globe phone” logo first appeared in our TeleGeography 1992 study. At that time, international communications was largely the purview of national monopolies, mobile phones were, at best, luggable phones, and fax machines still seemed kind of cool. The Internet (which we covered in that 1992 report) was interesting, but not yet particularly useful to most people. Our surveys of the international telecom market were conducted by mail, by telephone, and by fax.

Communications technology and the telecom industry have changed at a breathtaking pace, and, as our research coverage expanded in the early 2000s, the logo disappeared from our site and our products. However, our mission remained unchanged—to rigorously document and quantify the communications networks and traffic flows that connect people around the world.

We have a soft spot for old technology, and we always did like the original TeleGeography logo. When we were designing our new website, we thought it would be fun to bring back the phone to underscore TeleGeography’s history, and the continuity of our mission.