Global Enterprise Networks

TeleGeography’s Global Enterprise Networks details the international enterprise network services offered by 116 service providers and analyzes trends in enterprise service availability and pricing. Service offerings covered include MPLS IP VPN, Ethernet, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), and private line services.

Global Enterprise Networks is a powerful tool for service buyers who need to compare service providers’ offerings, and for carriers seeking to benchmark themselves against rivals.

Market Analysis

Market analysis details the features of the most widely available enterprise data services, carriers’ geographic coverage for on-net and services offered through partnerships, and WAN service pricing trends in 166 cities throughout 103 countries.

WAN Services Review

  • Overview of MPLS VPN and Ethernet implementations
  • Analysis of the most commonly available WAN service features including network monitoring, classes of service, and Ethernet transport technologies

Geographic availability

  • Availability of MPLS VPN and Ethernet services by city, region, and country for on-net and services offered through partnerships
  • Comparison of service providers’ network service offerings and coverage
  • Matrices comparing service providers’ WAN service offerings by region, by county, and by city.

Any Service: Accra

Any Service: Accra

Enterprise Services Pricing Analysis

Global Enterprise Networks analyzes the extensive WAN pricing data compiled in TeleGeography’s Enterprise Networks Pricing Service and Ethernet Pricing Service to highlight trends in WAN service pricing. Pricing analysis includes:

  • Regional MPLS IP VPN port pricing trends, including price variations by service provider
  • International Ethernet pricing trends by geography, capacity and transport technology
  • Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) pricing trends by region and capacity

Median T-1/E-1 Port Price Declines in Major Cities, Q3 2010-Q3 2013

Median T-1/E-1 Port Price Declines in Major Cities, Q3 2010-Q3 2013

Enterprise Carrier Profiles

Carrier profiles, which are updated quarterly, detail the international enterprise network offerings of 116 international carriers, from AT&T to Zayo. Profiles provide descriptions of carriers’ service offerings, target performance metrics, and their geographic availability for both on-net and services offered through partnerships.

IP VPN service profiles include

  • Product name and technological standard
  • Availability of managed services
  • Classes of service
  • Capacities offered
  • Target performance metrics, including availability, packet loss, jitter, and latency

Ethernet service profiles provide

  • Ethernet topology, protocol, and product name
  • Capacities offered
  • Classes of service
  • Availability of customer portals and customer portal features
  • MEF certification and if certified, under what standards
  • Target performance metrics, including availability, latency, jitter, mean time to repair, and packet/frame delay