Global Bandwidth Forecast Service

TeleGeography’s Global Bandwidth Forecast Service provides detailed forecasts of bandwidth demand, supply, prices and revenues. Every quarter, subscribers receive a concise written summary of the market outlook and a comprehensive forecast spreadsheet.

International network supply and demand

The Global Bandwidth Forecast Service provides two types of forecasts:

Country and region forecasts detail TeleGeography’s projections of international bandwidth demand for 171 countries and 7 major world regions (Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Oceania, U.S. & Canada, Latin America & Caribbean).

Submarine cable route forecasts present 7-year forecasts of international bandwidth demand for 7 major submarine cable routes (trans-Atlantic, trans-Pacific, intra-Asia, U.S.-Latin America, Europe-Middle East & Egypt, Europe-Asia, and Europe-Sub-Saharan Africa).

Wholesale prices

The Global Bandwidth Forecast Service projects prices on 11 key subsea and terrestrial routes. Products in TeleGeography’s price forecasts include monthly leases and IRUs for 10 Gbps and 100 Gbps wavelengths.

The following routes are covered in the Global Bandwidth Forecast Service:


  • London-New York
  • Los Angeles-Tokyo
  • Hong Kong-Tokyo
  • Miami-Sao Paulo
  • London-Mumbai
  • Chennai-Singapore
  • London-Johannesburg
  • Fujairah-London
  • London-Singapore


  • London-Frankfurt
  • New York-Los Angeles

Revenue forecasts

The Global Bandwidth Forecast Service projects wholesale revenues for lease and IRU sales for the following submarine cable routes:

  • Trans-Atlantic
  • Trans-Pacific
  • Intra-Asia
  • U.S.-Latin America
  • Europe-Middle East & Egypt
  • Europe-Asia
  • Europe-Sub-Saharan Africa

Trans-Atlantic Revenue, 2013-2020

Trans-Atlantic Revenue

Quarterly updates

TeleGeography’s forecasts are updated quarterly. Forecasts are adjusted each quarter on the basis of a range of factors, including:

  • Broadband subscriber growth
  • Wholesale pricing trends
  • Capacity utilization
  • Carrier network deployments

Customized forecasts

TeleGeography’s analysts can develop customized forecasts to meet clients’ specialized business requirements. For more information about customized forecasts, please call 202-741-0020, or write to .